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Chapter 1:

I really thought my mum wanted to kill me. I know it's scientifically proven that it's impossible to die from embarrassment but I'm deadly serious (pun intended) that I did. Die from embarrassment, I mean.

Andy had upheld his offer of that Sunday dinner. That following Sunday, Jesse arrived about an hour before dinner (something I have to say pleased my parents- wait, parent and step-parent- thoroughly). Little did I know that in little less then 2 hours I would be running from embarrassment at the hands at my loving mother into my room that, much to my jargon, was not as empty as when I left it.

Mum and Andy had become accustomed to Jesse's appearance at the house ever since I brought him back. Jesse's job had been going well. He seemed to have a knack for getting through to people, and I guess his cough first hand experience cough might have had something to do with it. While he technically wasn't enrolled as a student at the mission, Father Dom had thought it that it would be beneficial to Jesse if he studied "in an environment that could provide him with all known resources at his disposal." Whatever that's suppose to mean..

I can't believe my Mum didn't see the need to rush me to the ER right then and there when I first noticed Jesse. I'm serious, as soon as I walked down stairs, my heart literally stopped and I swear I could hear my heart beating about a hundred times a minute. I just stood there for what seemed like 5 minutes, regaining control of my body, something that I seemed to be doing more and more ever since I brought Jesse's body back. It still renders me breathless every time I see him. This time was no exception.

"…And then the president gave this highly publicized speech denying how the government was never affiliated with them, saying that…" Doc was rambling about his newest conspiracy theory to Jesse, when I finally came down stairs. I know Jesse was trying his hardest to be polite and look like he was giving David his fullest attention but his eye contact was most definitely on me.

David dried up as soon as I came down and Andy yelled that dinner was served, something I was both thankful and anxious for. After all, my mum had talked to me about Jesse but I was still weary of what she would do.

Still I guess I can't blame her. I mean, she had been so prepared for a popular teen-queen daughter, one that would have a never ending supply of boyfriends. She even managed to convince herself (for my entire teenage years!) that I was a late bloomer and was merely bidding my time. She now (this making two of us) had everything she wanted.

"Hello Querida." Jesse came over to me on his way through the kitchen to the dining table and gentle put his arms around me.

I carefully leaned up, making damn sure I had as much as my body pressed against him in the process thank you very much, and kissed him softly on the lips. I was rewarded with a low moan that I'm sure no one but my self would have been able to hear but we were interrupted by a loud call from the kitchen. Seeing Jesse almost made me forget about dinner. He had a bad habit of making me forget almost anything in his presence.

We walked to the dining table together and sat down, but not before Jesse had pulled back my chair so I could sit down. I snuck a peak at the rest of my family, curious to see how they reacted to this little maneuver that I had become pleasantly accustomed to.

A look of complete admiration was pasted on my mother's face. I could almost hear her thinking, "Awwww, how cute…" Andy looked a little surprise but managed to cover himself fairly well. Dopey just looked absolutely disgusted and snorted into his roast. Sleepy, in his true fashion, didn't seem to notice.

"So Jesse, how has the job at the local historical society been going?"

Trust mum and her news reporter instincts. But I guess that I seemed like reasonable small talk to Jesse, who seemed more then happy to answer any of her questions.

"It's going extremely well thank you Mrs. Ackerman." Jesse replied. He's always so polite.

The conversation pretty much went along those lines for the rest of the meal. (Beef Fajitas, One of Andy's best) My mother continued asking the question with Jesse politely answering. I was starting to relax. I mean everything was going pretty much to plan. That is, until mum dropped the bombshell…

"Now, Jesse. I trust that the age difference between you and my daughter won't be an issue. We have discussed this with Susannah and we believe you are good for her…"

I couldn't believe this!

"MUM! Stop. What are you doing???"

"…but we have to make sure that your intentions…"

I started to seriously blush at that. "Oh My God, mum…"

"Are, well, pure and that she…"

"All right, everyone done???" With that, I began to clear the table, even though it was Dopey's night to do so. I grabbed all I could possibly carry and made my way to the kitchen. I hoped that that would be enough to holt my mother's interrogation. I really hated leaving Jesse alone in there but I could not believe that she actually said that. I was blushing that much my face felt like it was on fire.

I placed both my hands on the sink, resting my head on my chest. In…out…in…out. Breathe. My therapist once told me that this was a good exercise to do when ever I felt overly angry or upset. I'm not sure she meant when I was suffering from extreme embarrassment, but hey, whatever works right! I continued this way for a couple of seconds and I really was starting to calm down.

That was, until I heard a slight shimmer behind me. I inwardly groaned…

Not again….

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