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Brother no…what the hell are you doing…stop…

Naruto groaned in his sleep and sandwiched his head in between his pillow. He wished his brother would stop whatever he was doing so he could go back to sleep already!

Itachi…what have you done Itachi…mother and father…why?!

He rolled some more until his back met the wall. His feet kicked the blanket from his body, groaning loudly. He had had many nightmares in the past but he had never had them when he was awake! Especially ones that sounded like Sasuke!

Mother and father…killed mother and father…killed them all…so much blood…so much…NOO!

Naruto screamed and catapulted from his bed to land gracelessly on the wooden floor in a tangle of his sheets. He shook and writhed on the spot as the images and the voices continued to pass before his mind's eye until they died abruptly. Emphasis on the word died.

He sat up and nursed his spinning head, his tacky nightcap held on for dear life. What the hell was that?!

When he didn't get a response, he frowned and thought louder.

Hey I'm talking to you stupid fox! Don't make me go in there and kick you in the hairy ass!

Grumbling echoed within the hollow of his mind. "And how could you possibly punish me more than being trapped in your hollow skull? Rattle my cage? Don't make laugh brat."

It was Naruto's turn the grumble, he was obviously not the only one who had been woken up. His weary blue eyes wandered to the clock on the wall, the one that matched his nightcap. The moonlight was just enough that he could see a shorter paw pointing to twelve while the longer paw pointed to one. It was a minute past midnight!

So? You ready to tell me what the hell that was? He scratched behind his neck and sat on the bed after freeing his legs of the blankets.

"What was what stupid brat?" The fox inquired petulantly.

What do you mean 'what was what'? The voices dammit! The voi-ces! His mind drawled each syllable. You know? The ones that woke us up and I fell off the bed! Don't tell me you didn't hear them too!

"You were simply having a nightmare brat so don't make a big deal out of it." The statement was followed by a giant yawn. Or a growl. That works too.

Naruto was far too stubborn to even think about the Kyuubi's explanation. Oh yeah? Then how do you explain what I saw! A man and a woman bleeding on the floor! I've never even seen those people before! To an onlooker, Naruto seemed very silly waving his arms and puffing his face while not really saying anything. Even for a twelve year old with a funny nightcap.

"I assure you you bubbleheaded imbecile, I did not hear any voices so just let me rest!" Kyuubi muttered about annoying parasites, forgetting he was one too.

What do you mean you didn't hear them?! You live in my freakin' head! How could you not-

Damn. Another nightmare. It was even more vivid than the last one.

Naruto immediately sprang to his feet, his mouth agape and his head swiveling everywhere. See?! Did you hear that?! God you have to be stupid to miss it!


Gotta boil myself some milk or else I'm never getting back to bed. Stupid memories…wish they'd just go away.

Naruto ran to his closet and threw it open. A mountain of dirty orange clothing fell in an avalanche which he had sidestepped. There was no one in there. He hurriedly looked under the bed, nothing but dust and ramen bowls. Out of the window, only an owl greeted him. Dammit you fox! Say something! Someone's out there! What the voice had said suddenly dawned on him and he rushed to his refrigerator to check on his milk.

Naruto's such a dobe…

His hand froze before gripping the handle and his eyes shakily looked over his shoulder, nothing but the darkness of his sparse living room. As agile as a ninja, his hand gripped the kunai stowed in his pajama pants and spun around. "Teme? If you've got something to say then say it to my face you bastard and quit hiding! This isn't funny dammit!" His voice was wavering, there was really no way to be sure that it was Sasuke. Could be one of the villagers throwing their voice to taunt him.

I wonder what he's doing right now. Knowing that idiot he's probably drooling on his pillow. Wish I could see him…and how long does it fucking take to boil milk?!

Naruto's kunai holding arm slackened at his side. He was royally stumped. Why was there someone in his apartment with Sasuke's voice talking to him in the third person? Fox? Why is there someone in my apartment with Sasuke's voice talking to me in the third person? If you know what's going on you seriously better to tell me or I will rattle your cage!

A deep and soft chuckle ascended into a creepy laugh of hysteria within his own mind.

Damn it you stupid furball! This is all because of you isn't it? Why couldn't you have waited to torture me in the morning instead of midnight?! God I hate you!

He was under the impression that the toothy fox was currently wiping a tear from his eye. "This isn't my fault brat. I'm just greatly amused by what the voices actually are!"

Naruto grit his teeth in the middle of his tiny kitchen, the fox was still laughing. If you know what they are then just-

Great. Now I have to wait till my bladder is full. I hate having to wake up in the middle of the night just to pee.

Naruto's left eye twitched, these voices were getting really annoying! "Could you at least tell me if there's anyone in here!" He said that out loud.

"No. The voices are coming from somewhere not very close by. You are safe, physically. Now go to bed so I can explain this to you."

Naruto complied with a grumble and padded heavily back to his room and plopped back down on his bed. He was secure as long as he wasn't in any danger. But still… "So? What are they? Is it really Sasuke? And if it is why does it sound like he doesn't know I can hear him? Has his house been bugged or something? I knew his fangirls would resort to that someday."

"No. It's nothing mechanical. You are the only one who can hear him. Telepathically."

Naruto was shocked for the most part. "You mean…I can read his-"

"Exactly. You're not as dense as people say brat."

"B-but how? Why me? How is this possible?" His mind had a hard time getting around the fact that he was obviously hearing Sasuke's. He didn't know what emotion he should feel.

"My guess is a jutsu. It shames me that I wasn't able to sense it when it was cast."

"Yeah you should be ashamed! But this stuff is like temporary right? No jutsu lasts forever!"

"Brat, look at your stomach if you're still so sure."

Curiously, Naruto lifted up his shirt and gazed at the black swirl around his navel. Comprehension dawned on him and he laughed in embarrassment. "Oh yeah, right. Almost forgot that you're pretty much stuck for life. Hehe…" His grin disappeared when he added the numbers together. "No wait! Don't tell me this one is the same! I don't want to spend my life knowing what Sasuke thinks about everyday! I don't want to become an asshole!"

"Calm down brat and let me think. This particular jutsu is pretty low level so even a gennin like yourself will have no trouble using it. It's supposed to be temporary-"

"Thank God!"

"I'm not finished! Anyway, that would be the case, if it weren't for the time."

"…time? What is it that you mean by time?"

"I estimate that the spell was cast at exactly midnight today, when you saw his nightmare. Today is Friday the thirteenth, as all jutsus cast at the first minute of this day are exceptionally more powerful."

Naruto sunk lower into his bed, digesting the information the fox had given him.

"The only sure fire way to annul the jutsu is to confront the one who cast it."

"And whose the bastard who did that eh?!"

"No idea. You will have to find out for yourself. Probably someone who despises you."

Naruto sighed loudly. "Great! I only have the entire village to choose from. And if the jutsu is weak then anyone could have done it! This freaking sucks!" He pounded a pillow in frustration, more at the fact that someone took the time to pull some strange and elaborate prank on him than actually being mentally connected to his arch nemesis. "Well, this isn't so bad, I haven't heard anything for awhile. Maybe he hasn't been thinking. I knew he wasn't that smart!"

What to wear. What to wear. Should I take my blue high-collared shirt? Or my indigo high-collared shirt? I'm glad nobody knows that I actually give a shit.

"…what the fuck?" Was that really all that dwelt in Sasuke's mind?

"Sometimes you hear them sometimes you don't. But the jutsu will get more powerful from here on. Soon you will be able to see what he thinks, and eventually you'll even be able to see what he sees! It can be very powerful over time. But you better be prepared for a lot of background noise." The fox snickered gruffly. He wasn't too thrilled, for he was to hear everything the Uchiha thought as well.

Naruto's head slammed back on the pillow, staring at the ceiling. If it were months ago he would have been glad to hear his rival's every thought and then use it against him. But now…he could honestly say that he liked Sasuke…despite the asshole that he was. His mind reveled in the silence that would be his for the time being, mentally debating on which shade Sasuke looked better in. Kyuubi chipped in from time to time. They decided on blue.

Guess I'm ready to go back to sleep. I actually want to wake up tomorrow, not so much that it's gonna be our first real mission. I just want to see Naruto. And annoy him and criticize his wardrobe of course. Not like I know how else to talk to him.

Naruto rolled his big blue eyes. Great. Looks like chicken head has a crush on me. Who would have thought? Well obviously Sasuke. This is all in his head after all.

I hope I dream about him. I'm tired of seeing my brother's face every night. Goodnight Naruto…

"…We're not gonna be able to sleep are we?"

"Not a chance."

As it turned out, Naruto was right, and Sasuke didn't get what he wanted. Image after image of burning corpses wracked his sleep like a bloody sledgehammer. He seriously needed to ask the teme why he had such psychotic dreams. As for the thoughts, they came, a lot! He noticed that they always seemed to emerge when he least expected them, which was surprisingly often. Kyuubi growled at his short attention span. A lot of Sasuke's thoughts were about him actually, which was a lot creepier than they were flattering.

The blond leaned on the rail of their familiar meeting spot, his head falling and going back up as he dozed and woke up repeatedly. He didn't notice Sakura glancing at him on occasion on the other side of the bridge. What he did know was that Sasuke was on his way, and close by. His thoughts alerted of him of his location at all times. As if the things that Sasuke thought about in the shower weren't scary enough.

His head went straight up when a picture of him leaning on the rail passed his mind. He grumbled and sank back down, Sasuke had arrived, eyes on him apparently.

He was seriously gonna beat up the ass who did this to him.

Sasuke smiled slightly upon arriving at their meeting spot, but frowned when he took in the blonde's morose appearance. Even his orange back seemed tired. That wasn't very good form for their first mission.

I wonder what's wrong with him. Well, I decided to wear indigo. Hope he likes it. if he actually notices…

He didn't notice the shake of Naruto's head as he leaned on the rail beside him with both arms folded. "What's up usurantonkachi?"

Naruto didn't respond, just looked wearily down at the water.

Dammit. Why do I have to be such a jerk to him? Sometimes I just can't control it though. But what the hell am I supposed to say? I know you loathe me like a virus but I like you a lot, wanna be friends?

When Naruto didn't even bother with a comeback, Sasuke cursed himself darkly and glared at the stream, suddenly hating the day. Naruto regarded him sadly before imitating the raven's posture once more.

A loud pop behind them ushered the arrival of their sensei, one eye grinning. "Sorry for being late kids, I realized that I boarded the soul train without a ticket and-"



All eyes went to Naruto who was still leaning on the rail, seemingly unaware that he wasn't alone.

Sakura dropped the arm that was pointing at Kakashi and stared at Naruto with disbelief. Sasuke was also gaping beside him. Kakashi frowned under his mask but it disappeared when he gripped the blonde's shoulder. "Oi Naruto! Why the face? I thought you were excited that you were finally getting your first C-rank mission?"

Naruto felt the heat on his shoulder and turned around to face Kakashi. A grin was tacked on his cheeks and he scratched his neck, Sasuke's frown intensified. "Y-yeah. Sorry Kakashi-sensei. I didn't get much sleep last night cause I was, you know, really excited!"

Kakashi looked him in the eyes a while longer before letting it go with another pat on the shoulder. "Good. There wouldn't be any point going at all if you don't feel up to it."

"Yeah…thanks sensei."

Sasuke just kept glaring at Naruto's side. The blond seemed to be avoiding eye contact with him. You might have that dumb Jounin fooled but there's no way you're fooling me! Naruto visibly tensed as he thought those thoughts.

Kakashi asked them to group closer together so he could brief them in. Naruto kept as far away from Sasuke as possible, on Sakura's other side. "As you already know, we will be escorting our client to the wave country. And the only trouble we'll be facing will be against thieves on the path which is nothing to worry about." Kakashi bobbed his head to a man they just noticed standing at the end of the bridge.

The old man had a long gray beard and carried quite a load on his back. Though he seemed ancient, he appeared strong. He could hold his own to some extent.

"This is Tazuna, and you will be protecting him for the extent of the mission."

The old man regarded them skeptically before looking up to Kakashi. "Are you sure I can trust my life with these…kids?"

Naruto wanted to yell at the man, but he really wasn't up to any outbursts at the moment.

"Don't worry. They are fine Gennin of Konoha, you're life is safe in their hands."

The man just huffed and pushed passed them, heading to the gates. Kakashi took that as a cue to begin the mission. He winked at his team and took out a little orange book before catching up with their charge. The three young shinobi trailed behind them.

Sasuke just wondered why everyone was acting so strange that morning. Even Sakura was weirder than usual. She wasn't clinging to him or flirting with him which was the norm, just humming some tune with a spring in her step. She seemed…pleased.

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