'A Twist of Fate'

Summary: A 'Postwar' H.P fic with a difference. What happens when after defeating Voldemort, Harry is murdered? And A new Dark Lord takes over?

Author's notes: Hey y'all, I've decided to start posting a new Harry Potter fan fic.

Basically, I've been reading fan fics and have gotten a little bored with all the fluffy 'Post War' and 'Next Gen' fics out there. Whist I love a little romance, it's become tiresome reading the same old fics about Harry and Ginny and Ron and Hermione getting married and having loads of children (no offence to people whose fics are like that).

Therefore, to remedy this I've written my own 'Post War' fic, but it's a little different.

It's only gonna be about four chapters long, but it's just a little idea I wanted to explore.

And for those of you who still care, I am planning on continuing 'Family Betrayal'(ID:), I've just bean a little busy with my wrestling fic.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Harry Potter books or any of the characters, events, places or situations represented within, they are all the property of J.K. Rowling. If this story is similar to another story, I apologise, as it was purely accidental.

In addition, I'd like to thank my awesome beta, Kaz (IMissPadfoot) for all her help. Check out her fic 'Marauders and Mudbloods' (ID:3158019)

Chapter One: The Master Beckons.

A hot tear ran down the dirt-covered face of the redheaded girl. She still could not fathom that he was dead. Harry Potter, the boy who lived, her one true love, the chosen one, the saviour of the wizarding world was gone. Dead. Perishing, like so many other people in the war. Just like her parents and her brother, Charlie had, just like every other brave wizards who had given their lives to save the magical world.

Just like all hope of peace and freedom.

As Ginny Weasley tried to move in her magical binds - that were now cutting her ankles and wrists - she heard footfall on the stone floor.

The sound echoed in the dampness and solitude of her prison cell. It reinforced the loneliness and loss she felt in her aching heart.

Knowing it was a minion of her captor, come to torment her again, the girl wished for an escape.

However, there was none. No help would be coming, as everyone she knew was also confined in the dreary prison cells.

Any survivors of the war that had been on the 'good' side, were taken here on the day of Harry's death.

Her brother Ron and her friend Hermione lay sleeping in the chamber opposite Ginny, Neville Longbottom just a little further along.

Remus Lupin, who had once been in the cell next to her, had been taken by a robed follower earlier that day, to Merlin knew where.

As the chamber opened and the sound of the heavy iron door reverberated around her, Ginny saw the menacing face of Draco Malfoy sneering down at her.

"Look at you now, Weasley. In the dirt where you belong," he taunted, his cold grey eyes showing no feeling, no emotion.

"I'd rather be here, than in your position," Ginny spat back, hatred rising up in her body.

Malfoy just looked at her mockingly and dragged the young woman to her feet.

With fast wand movements, he swiftly unshackled Ginny's feet and she felt the blood rush back to her toes. However, the chains on her wrists remained firmly in place.

"My Master wishes to see you now," Malfoy informed her, his voice cold and not giving a hint of anything way.

Ginny tried to struggle, as Malfoy tightened his grip on her. However, it was no use and she knew it was not worth being Crucio'd over.

His grey orbs penetrated Ginny and she knew Malfoy would love to be given just one reason to torture her.

Malfoy's hot breath bore down on Ginny's neck and she felt sick from the feel of it.

After everything he'd put her through, her family through, she wished him dead. Taunting her and Ron at school wasn't enough for Malfoy. Even joining the Death Eaters hadn't satisfied the Slytherin male. No, it was when he had killed her parents, with two swift, emotionless Avada Kedavra curses that Malfoy finally let an eerie, maniacal laughter escape his sullen features.

The black robed wizard dragged his female captor along the silent stone passageway, not speaking another word as to where he was taking her or what his Master wanted.

Neither Ron, Hermione nor Neville stirred as Ginny and Malfoy passed them. However, when they realized the young woman was gone, they'd soon work out where she'd been taken to.

Malfoy looked down on Hermione and Ron with malice and contempt etched into his face, and he spat on their feet as he passed them.

Ginny wanted to shout at him, rage at him, and curse him into oblivion for his insolent action. However, she thought better of it.

Their footfall echoed off the dirty bricks, as their pace quickened and Malfoy neared the main iron door of the prison.

With a swish of his wand, Malfoy unlocked the main door and it flew open.

Ginny hoped this may be her chance at freedom, but after hearing what had happened to Katie Bell just two nights before, she didn't hold out much faith that it would be.

Her eyes stung as Malfoy pulled her through into the courtyard of the confinement. She hadn't seen the light of day in almost two weeks.

All around her lay filth and grime, rats scurried into dark corners and the walls were falling to rubble. It broke Ginny's heart to see her former home turned over to such ruin and destruction.

Hogwarts had once been a beautiful and magical castle, now it was little more than an empty shell.

Everywhere lay evidence of a battle that had ended badly. Blood still stained the floor- a harsh reminder of those she'd lost.

The castle windows were all smashed and only one light illuminated the once majestic building.

Still holding Ginny firmly, Malfoy dragged her through the oak front doors that now hung from their hinges. Past the ruined Great Hall and up onto the spiral staircase he led her.

Once again, the interior gave away the signs that a bloody war had taken place within the castle walls.

Almost every door was now gone and the former classrooms were turned upside down in destruction.

Ginny noticed a hole in the wall, where a curse had missed McGonagall in the chaotic fight.

Up and up the two people walked, in hate-filled silence, until they reached the seventh floor. The floor that housed the former headmasters of Hogwarts office.

Ginny felt revolted as she saw a Slytherin banner draped over the stone gargoyle.

It's silver serpent taunting her, mocking her.

Dumbledore- their former headmaster would be turning in his grave if he could see what low levels of depravity his much-loved school had reached.

But of course, his memory too had been defiled. In the moments that had followed Harry's death, as his lifeless body fell to the floor, some putrid Death Eater had over turned the white tomb belonging to the greatest wizard who had ever lived.

Aghast, the onlookers had found the grave empty. However, the whereabouts of Dumbledore were forgotten as the final impact of the war had set in.

Their footfall echoing off every step, Malfoy dragged Ginny to the doors that led to the headmaster's office.

Inside, everything looked different to how it had once been.

Gone were the portraits of the former headmasters of Hogwarts. Forgotten were Dumbledore's magical belongings or the perch of his beloved phoenix, Fawkes.

The sorting hat and Gryffindor's sword had been destroyed on the night that Hogwarts had been over taken and Voldemort had come to confront Harry.

Stepping forwards into the room, Malfoy pulled Ginny with him. His wand was pointed at her throat and the magical binds on her wrists were still firmly in place.

Ginny thought about running, trying to escape, but it would be of no use now. Even if she did get past Malfoy and out of the castle, there would be others to stop her. On the off chance that there wasn't, she'd still be trapped.

She had no broom and no one could Apparate within the castle grounds. During their happier school days, Hermione had made sure everyone remembered that fact.

His voice sounding out around the room, Malfoy spoke.

"Master, as you requested, I have brought the Weasley girl to see you," he said simply.

With the Master's chair still facing away from them, he replied.

"Very well, Draco, you may leave us now," came the cold whispered voice Ginny knew so well and hated so much.

Without another word from either person, the door slammed shut and Ginny was left alone in eerie silence with the Master.

Slowly, the regal chair turned and in the shadows of the room, the Master faced Ginny.

His features were obscured by his black hood, something Ginny was glad of. If she had to look into his penetrating eyes, feel him trying to read her miserable thoughts, she'd scream.

Ginny didn't want to face the Master; she didn't want to look into the eyes of the monster who had murdered Harry. She felt nothing but hatred for the man who had condemned the wizarding world to slavery and pain.

His laughter echoed around the room, as the Master read Ginny's thoughts, as he looked into her soul.

The pain she felt over the loss of Harry, her parents and other loved ones amused him.

He delighted in the anguish and torment his actions had caused her.

She, Ginny Weasley, who had defied him, taunted him, mocked him, deserved no happiness.

With the moon light falling through the window, the Master lowered his hood. Ginny wanted to look away, but she couldn't. Some magical force held her head in place, forcing her to watch as he revealed himself to her.

As his long, thin white fingers pushed the black material of his hood away, Ginny felt sick.

She hated the man who sat before her with every fibre of her being.

Slowly, a skeletal hand pushed away a lock of greasy black hair and as the light of the moon cascaded down, Ginny found herself face to face with Severus Snape.