Remembering Freedom's Price

When life becomes a burden,
all hope has faded into sorrow,
and the world seems to halt in its motions,
I think of what we had.

A flick of a dagger and you were gone.

The very heart was torn from my chest,
by the blade of an Englishman,
and life's light forever left my eyes.
Revenge boiled in my veins,
hatred filled every atom of my body,
Strength came to me then,

An adrenaline, rushing down to the soul.

Every battle that I fought
was in your glorious memory.
Every tear that I cried
was shed for the loss of your life.
The imprints that you left
never vanished from my rumination
Or the people of Scotland's
For the sale of our lives bought their freedom.

I'll love you and no other, forever,
and until the foundation of the Homeland crumbles,
every house in the fields are burned,
the very people exterminated,

We will be remembered.