Okay, how many of ya'll were peeved that we didn't see Liv's dream? I sure was!! So, here's my take on it...

This story is dedicated to EO shippers everywhere!!

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As the cop brought the baton down over my head, I closed my eyes and gave into the blinding darkness.


When I open my eyes, I'm lying on a sandy white beach, surrounded by crystal clear water. The white sand is warm under me, and I look to my right, only to find the biggest surprise of my life.

"Hey, Liv," he whispers, his cerulean eyes meeting mine.


He nods, and before I can respond, he wraps his arms around me, nuzzling his face in my neck. I wrap my arms around him, and it's all I can do not to cry as the familiar scent of his subtle cologne surrounds me.

"I've missed you so much, Liv."

"I missed you too, El. More than you know."

His lips brush against my skin, and I inhale sharply, but I don't stop him. Slowly, ever so slowly, he begins to kiss his way up my neck, his tantalizing kisses burning my skin. Finally, his lips find mine, and I close my eyes, allowing the amazing sensations to swallow me. His kisses leave me breathless, and as his lips continue to ravage mine, his hands travel to my shoulders, continuing up until they're buried in my hair. My hands suddenly have a mind of their own, and they travel up his chest. I smile as his muscles tense and relax under my touch, and a sigh escapes my lips as his hands continue to roam over my body.

Suddenly he releases my lips, and I let out a strangled cry of protest at the sudden loss of his warm and soothing touch.

He moves quickly, pinning me beneath him. And yet, I'm not afraid. This is Elliot. My Elliot. I know he'd never hurt me. It's almost as though he's reading my thoughts.

"You know I could never hurt you," he whispers in my ear, sending thrilling shivers down my spine. His lips capture mine again, and I close my eyes, running my hands over his powerful back. Then he begins to kiss my neck, and I shudder and moan in delight.

"Elliot... Elliot... Elliot..."

I open my eyes, and I realize disappointedly that I'm not on a beach with my Elliot. I'm in a hospital, and a girl is looking at me with a sly grin. I close my eyes again, willing the sweet dream to return, but it does not.


The end.

A/M: Okay, what do you guys think? Totally plausible, right? Right?? (looks nervous)