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Summery: Bakura, the young Thief King, comes across an unusual slave. He makes a deal with him. Bakura would buy the boy's freedom, and the boy would become his new partner in crime. However, the boy has a hidden past, and together they will go on an adventure of surprises, betrayal, friendship, and even love. Casteshipping. AtemuxBakura.

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Bakura awoke to the sound of riders getting closer. He opened the door to see two figures on horses, with another being dragged behind. Bakura knew who these two were. Slavers. And walking behind them was the slave. His hands were tied in front of him with the rope attached to the horse, so he wouldn't try to run away. Curious, Bakura tried to see the slave. He stared with wide eyes.

The boy appeared to be about twelve. He had beautiful crimson eyes that were surrounded by thick, black lashes. He was of average height, and his build was lean. His hair was an extraordinary mixture of black, with red edges, and golden streaks and bangs shaped like lightning bolts. Bakura somehow knew that this boy wasn't meant to be a slave.

Walking up to them, Bakura asked one of the slavers, "How much does that slave cost?"

The man sneered. "Ten gold pieces." He said, obviously thinking Bakura couldn't afford it. Ten gold pieces was a lot of money.

Little did they know, they were talking to the King of Thieves.

Almost lazily, Bakura took out a bag, and counted out the wanted amount. He offered it to the man.

Scowling, the man snatched it. He had hoped to shake the peasant off, then auction the slave off for more in the next city. But a deal is a deal. If he refused the smirking boy now, he could get in trouble with the law.

He turned and nodded to his companion.

The second rider jumped off his horse and untied the end of the rope that was attached to his saddle. Gruffly, he thrust it at Bakura.

Bakura smirked again, and led the boy back into his small house.

Once inside, he locked the door. Turning to the slave, he saw defiance. Not fear. Yes, he defiantly wasn't meant to be a slave.

Slowly and cautiously he untied the ropes.

"You can sleep over there." He said, pointing to a small stack of blankets on the floor. "My name is Bakura, by the way."

The boy said nothing, but went over and sat on the blankets.

Bakura shrugged, maybe the boy was mute, and went over to his own little cot. Soon he fell asleep.

Atemu lie awake in his new bed, thinking. How could this have happened? Why did it happen? Atemu closed his eyes, and went over the events in his mind.


Prince Atemu was in his rooms reading a scroll, when a shadow was cast on the papyrus. He blinked and looked up at the shadow's owner.

"Hello, Uncle."

Priest Akhenaden smiled.

"Greetings my prince. I was wondering if you'd join me on a little adventure. I have a surprise for you."

Atemu's eyes lit up. Everyone knew about the young prince's endless curiosity. Many said it would be his undoing. They didn't know how right they were.

"Of course!" Atemu replied.

"Excellent. Here, put these on." Akhenaden handed his nephew a pile of peasant's clothes. "We're going to be in disguise. I'll come back when you're finished." With that he left the room.

When he was done dressing, Atemu studied himself in a mirror. The clothes his uncle gave him were identical to the ones he wore when he snuck out of the palace to visit his friends in the city. No one knew he was gone, except Mana, and none of his friends knew he was the prince. They just assumed he was a scribe from the palace and that that was why he was educated. He also had a false name in the city. His alias name was Yami.

Atemu was shaken out of his thoughts when Akhenaden knocked on his door.


"Are you ready to go, your highness?"

Atemu nodded.

As they were about to mount Akhenaden's horse, the young royal asked, "Where are we going, Uncle?"

His uncle shook his head. "I told you, it's a surprise. Now hurry, we wouldn't want to keep the others waiting."

End Flashback

Now Atemu mentally smacked himself for not asking more questions.


When they finally came to a halt, Atemu looked around, confused.

"Uncle, we're in the middle of nowhere."

"Nonsense, Atemu. We're not in the middle of nowhere. We're in the middle of the desert."

"What's the difference?" Atemu muttered. "Hey, where are you going?"

Akhenaden's only answer was, "Stay there."

Atemu watched as the old priest went to talk to two figures in the distance. He blinked. Why hadn't he seen them before? Their clothing looked familiar.

He watched as his uncle pressed some gold into one of their hands.

Crimson eyes widened as the figures walked around Akhenaden and toward him.

He involuntarily took a step back, looking around frantically. Now he knew why they met in the desert. There was nowhere to hide. If he ran, he wouldn't survive. He had no water, let alone food.

Still, he put up one hellova fight against his attackers.

He lost.

They tied his wrists together with one end of a rope, then tied the other end to one of the horse's saddles.

His uncle was deaf to his pleas for help.

However, just before he was out of earshot, Atemu heard his uncle say to himself, "It's for the good of the kingdom. Atemu would have doubtlessly been a good Pharaoh, but my son will be even better."

End Flashback

Atemu vaguely wondered if his uncle knew that talking to yourself is the first sign of going insane. Or that, in order for Seth to be Pharaoh, he'd have to be dead himself. After all, the succession went like this: If Pharaoh Akhenamkhanen died, Atemu would take his place. If Atemu died, or was thought to be dead as the case may be, Akhenaden would be Pharaoh. And only when Akhenaden was unable to rule, would Seth be able to take the title.

'Of course,' the ex-prince thought grimly, 'If Akhenaden does take the throne, I wouldn't put it past him to go power hungry, and forget all about Seth.'

That was his last thought before he fell into unconsciousness.

Atemu awoke to the delicious aroma of food.

"Good morning." Said Bakura when he saw the younger boy was awake.

Atemu merely nodded.

"Here, have some bread." The thief offered.

Atemu took it gratefully.

When they were done eating, Bakura decided to break the awkward silence that hung between them.

"Look, I know you're technically mine now," he said hesitantly. When he saw the boy flinch, he hastily went on. "But I don't really believe in slavery. Thieving? Yes. Torturing? When necessary. Killing? If they deserved it. Slaving? It's for people who're too lazy to do their own work. So I have a proposition for you."

The tri-colour haired youth looked up at him, curiously.

Seeing this, Bakura smirked.

"You be my partner in crime, and I'll free you. All you'd have to do is help me on my expeditions every now and then, and I'll even give you a share of any treasure you help me steal."

The ex-slave raised an eyebrow.

"You expect me to believe that Bakura the Thief King needs help? Let alone my help."

Bakura's smirk grew wider. So, the boy wasn't mute after all.

"I see my reputation proceeds me. If you must know, I need another person to help me, incase there's something I might miss. Not to mention, two people can carry more gold than one."

Bakura stuck out his hand,

"So, have we got a deal?"

The younger one studied him for a moment, before firmly place his hand in the offered one.


"Great. I'm Bakura, the King of Thieves."

"I'm Yami, the new partner of the King of Thieves."

The next morning, they were awakened by a pounding on the door.

"Bakura? Bakura, are you in there? Answer me!"

Grumbling, Bakura went over and opened the door. A boy with sandy blonde hair and lavender eyes entered the house.

"About time." He muttered.

"Hello to you too, Malik." Bakura said.

Malik then noticed Yami. He blinked.

"Who's this?"

"This is Yami," replied Bakura. "He's my new partner."

Malik's eyebrows rose.


Bakura shrugged innocently.

"He's a bit young, don't you think?"

"I'm twelve!" Yami protested.

"Really?" Malik said, surprised. "You look younger. So then, that makes you a year younger than me, and two years younger than Bakura."

Bakura nodded.

"So, Bakura," Malik continued. "Why did you choose him?" He turned to Yami. "Are you any good at thieving?"

"I don't know." Yami admitted. "I've never stolen anything before."

Malik and Bakura traded identical grins.

"Then your first test shall be tonight."

Mana was worried. Her best friend, Prince Atemu, went missing. The palace went in an uproar, everyone was, and still is, searching for the prince. Mana herself was currently searching their childhood hiding spots, but so far, she wasn't having much luck.

Mana vaguely wondered if maybe Atemu snuck into the city to visit his other friends, but she immediately discarded that idea. Atemu would have told her first, she was sure. After all, they were best friends.

"Greetings, Mana."

The magician-in-training spun around to face the speaker.

"Greetings, Master Mahaado. Priest Seth."

"Any luck?" Mahaado asked.

Mana shook her head sadly.

"No, Master. Nothing."

Priest Mahaado sighed.

"Well, keep searching. He's got to be around here somewhere."

Seth nodded. "And when we find him, he's going to be in a lot of trouble."

"All right, first thing's first." Malik said. "We'll have to do something about that hair."

"What's wrong with my hair?" Yami said defensively.

"Nothing." Bakura said hastily. "It's extraordinary!"

"That's the problem." Malik nodded. "It's too extraordinary. You'll be way too easy to track down. All the guards would have to do is ask around for a boy with tri-colored hair. Come to think of it, you've both got pretty weird hair colors." Malik added thoughtfully, looking at Yami, then at Bakura.

"This coming from someone whose hair always looks like it's just been in a sandstorm?" Bakura retorted.

Malik scowled.

"Ha ha, I forgot how to laugh." He said sarcastically.

"Now you know how we feel." Bakura replied. He sighed and turned to Yami.

"Unfortunately he's right, we'll have to get you a wig."

"I'll do it." Malik offered.

Without waiting for a reply, he strode out the door, leaving behind two slightly confused boys.

"What just happened?"

"I think Malik's going to go buy you a wig."

"Yeah, well as long as he doesn't get anything too bad."

An hour later Malik came back with a black wig in his hand. After they managed to press down Yami's spikes, and get the wig on his head, Bakura gave Yami a small hand-held mirror.

Yami blinked. The wig resembled Priest Kalim's hair. Yami examined his reflection a bit sadly. He had always been proud oh his hair. It was unique.

Then again, it did cause a lot of problems. When Yami snuck into the city, he always had to where a hooded cloak, so that he could hide his hair if he saw someone who might recognize him. Also, when a servant in the palace noticed it, even if they'd never seen the prince before, they would immediately start bowing and scraping. That's why Mana was pretty much his only friend in the palace. She treated him like an equal.

Yami sighed. His cousin Seth, and Mahaado were forever trying to pound the meaning of stature into his head. Seth probably would have died if he knew his precious little cousin had been sneaking out to mingle with commoners since he was seven. Yami just believed that, in order to be a good Pharaoh, he had to know the people and their problems first hand. Not from the reports of a biased Priest.


"Well?" Malik asked impatiently. "What do you think?"

Yami grinned up at the two thieves.

"It's perfect."

Seven hours later, Malik, Bakura, and Yami were sneaking toward an expensive looking house. It probably belonged to a nobleman.

"Alright Malik, once I pick the lock, you go make sure the coast is clear, and knock out any guards you might see. Then Yami, you and I shall go and loot the place. But remember, be quiet. If you do happen to wake someone up, try to knock the out, or something. Just make sure they don't scream. Otherwise, we'll have a bunch of guards on our tails faster than a sandstorm in the desert." Bakura ordered.

Once Yami and Malik nodded, Bakura went to work on the lock.

Luckily for them, there weren't any guards. Soon the three split up to look for any valuables worth taking.

Yami quietly crept into what seemed to be a living quarters. Probably for guests since it was empty. Looking around, Yami spotted an expensive looking pair of earrings laying on the dresser.

Grinning, he padded over to them, and picked them up. Holding them to the torchlight, he admired the baubles. They were finely made, plain, but elegant. Not bad for his first try.

The door slammed open, and Malik came running in.

"We've got to get out of here! Now!"


"Someone's triggered the alarms. We must have been spotted sneaking in. Come on! Let's go!"

Yami quickly stuffed the earrings into the pouch Bakura had given him, and ran after Malik. Soon Bakura came barging out of a room to join them.

"Quick, this way!" Bakura ordered, tearing down a hallway. Malik and Yami hastily followed him.

Holding the door open, the Thief King glared at them.

"Hurry up! We haven't got all day."

Malik raced out the door. Yami, however, tripped over something, and crashed into Bakura, knocking both of them down. Since Bakura was facing Yami, he landed on his back with Yami on top of him. Yami blushed furiously as his lips brushed against Bakura's.

Scrambling up, he stuttered an apology.


"Apologize later!" Bakura snapped, though not looking angry. "We've got to get out of here!"

They both ran out of the building to where Malik was waiting.

"Where were you guys?" He demanded. "One minute you were right behind me, and the next, you're gone!"

"We were...distracted." Bakura replied, flushing.

Unfortunately, Malik noticed it. Grinning like a cat, Malik asked, "What kind of distraction?"

"None of your business." Bakura snapped.

Malik shrugged.

"Whatever. I've got to get back. See you." With that, he jumped on his horse, and galloped away.

After Malik was out of site, the other two began the slow walk home.

In the middle of the night, Bakura stirred. Wondering what woke him up, Bakura looked around to see Yami wide awake, curled into a little ball, sitting on his makeshift bed.

"Yami?" Bakura called out softly. "What's wrong?" For something was obviously wrong.

Yami, however, shook his head.


"Oh come," Bakura scoffed. "You can't lie to the King of Thieves, you know."

Yami regarded him for a moment before finally replying.

"Nightmares." He admitted shamefully.

"Nightmares?" Bakura repeated. "Well, that's nothing to be ashamed for...I used to have them. It's true." He nodded when Yami looked up skeptically. "Let's just say, I had some bad experiences when I was little."

"Oh." Yami said, not really knowing what else to say. Suddenly. he became aware of the cold, and started to shiver a bit.

Bakura noticed. He wanted to help Yami, but how?

Yami stirred a bit, before waking up fully. He suddenly became aware of the body pressed against his back, and the arm around his waist. Frantically he looked down, and let out a breath of relief. He and Bakura were both fully clothed. He remembered the events of last night. Bakura had offered to share his bed for body warmth, promising not to try anything. Yami wasn't sure why, but he trusted the young, white-haired thief. He gently twisted to face the boy in question.

Yami stared. Bakura looked so peaceful. He certainly never looked that content when he was awake. Impulsively, Yami reached up and brushed his lips against Bakura's. He was taken by surprise when the arms around him tightened, pulling him closer. He hastily pulled away.

"What's wrong?" Bakura smirked.

"Nothing," Yami replied. "You just took me by surprise, that's all."

Bakura ran a hand through the younger boy's tri-colored hair, surprised at how soft it was. Like silk.

He opened his mouth to say something, when a knock on the door interrupted them.

"Bakura? Open up! It's Malik! Don't tell me you're sleeping in again?"

Sighing, Bakura untangled himself from the sheets, and went to open the door.

"About time," Malik grumbled. "You better not be making a habit of i-"

He registered the fact that Yami was sitting on the Thief King's bed.

"Uh...Am I interrupting something?" Malik asked blinking. "And aren't you two going a little fast? You've only known each other, what, three days?"

"Two and a half, actually." Said Yami, amusement plain in his eyes.

"You being serious?" Bakura said to Malik. "Are you feeling all right? You didn't catch any thing, did you?"

"Oh, ha ha, I forgot how to laugh." Malik replied sarcastically.

"Besides," Bakura added. "We didn't actually do anything. We were cold."

"Cold? Cold? We're in Egypt for Ra's sake! How cold can you get?"

"When Ra isn't in sky? Very cold."

As Yami nodded, Malik simply rolled his eyes.

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