Author's Note: This is a short, one-shot I did a while ago. A drabble and a half.

After Dean parked, Sam stepped out of the Impala and walked into Blockbuster.

Dean walked into the store behind him. "I don't get why you suddenly want to watch a movie," Dean said as Sam slowly walked through the aisles, glancing at movie covers. "I don't buy your 'Let's take a break tonight' excuse. I mean, I can come up with other ways to have fun."

Sam smirked. "We've been busy lately. Don't you want a night off?"

Dean nodded as he read the back of a case. "Sure, but, sitting in a hotel room watching a movie? Come on."

Sam walked to the next aisle. "It can be fun," he said over his shoulder.

"Yeah…" Dean sighed as he turned into the next aisle.

Sam stood there waiting for him. "How about this one?" he said, grinning.

Dean looked at the video in his brother's hand. "Ghostbusters? You've gotta be kidding."