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Sunburn Blushing, Sexual Flushing

Sasuke couldn't believe it. In fact, he chose not to believe it but he had no choice but to believe it. Besides it was hard to ignore the burning sensation emanating from his shoulders and his cheeks.

Sasuke was sunburnt.

And there was no way to hide it.

As soon as he had woken up that morning in pain that was unlike a pain he'd ever experienced before, he'd gone to investigate in his bathroom mirror. He'd been shocked to say the least. His cheeks were a rosy red, his nose peeling and his lips slightly chapped. His eyes widened as he realised that he looked exactly like Hinata did: a bushing adolescent.

"Damnit…" he muttered as he continued to run towards the bridge where he was to meet the rest of Team 7.

He'd also looked at his shoulders, noticing that they were also red. He'd spent so long gawking at himself that he didn't have time to have his routine morning shower. He'd quickly dressed and had left, grabbing an apple to munch on the way.

He hissed as his Uchiha top rubbed against his shoulders uncomfortably.

Sasuke had no idea on how to treat it. He'd never got sunburn in his entire 16 years of his life. He'd thought that his skin was invincible: he'd been in strong sunlight countless of times and had always remained pale.

He'd never woken up red and in pain before.

He knew that he shouldn't have stayed out in the sun all day training without a top on due to the intense heat Konoha was receiving.

He moved quickly towards the bridge, hoping that no one noticed the redness of his face. He remained hidden behind his long, dark bangs. He'd thought of using genjutsu over his face to hide the redness, but Sakura would see through it straight away and that would cause even more humiliation. He had to have pride and stand up to the fact that he did have sunburn. However, Sasuke had even considered secretly borrowing some of that concealer stuff that girls always wore before he had shook his head, muttering to himself that 1: he was not vain and 2: he was not a girl adn 3. he would not follow in his brother's footstep (he wore nail varnish).

He only hoped that Kakashi would just ignore it, Sakura would stay quiet and Naruto would be his usual self and not even notice.

Well, Sasuke was wrong.

He was the last one to arrive at the bridge and he casually walked up to the other two, listening as Naruto talked about Ramen as usual. He leaned against the bridge and all was okay until…

"Sasuke-Teme, is…is that sunburn?!"

Sasuke bit his tongue, his eyes widening before his facial expression was passive again. He looked towards the source of the voice, seeing that Naruto was quite close to him, staring at his face with wide sea-deep blue eyes, his mouth slightly parted. He was wearing a black t-shirt and orange shorts because of the heat.

Sasuke instinctively felt like taking a step back, but his back was already against the railings of the bridge. Not that he didn't appreciate the close proximity to the blonde shinobi: it was just that his hormones were buzzing again.

He'd noticed it a few months ago that his body responded to his best friend in a way that it really shouldn't. Sasuke had first put it down to his adolescence and that because Sakura was annoying him constantly, his teenage hormone's attentions had turned to Naruto: he'd turned to boys instead of annoying girls.

But he'd realised that it was just Naruto that got a reaction out of him. It hadn't been helped by a shocking but extremely pleasant wet dream that he'd had about the blonde shinobi. It wasn't all boys: it was just him. It had surprised him to say the least, that he had sexual feelings for his best friend who he cared about and he wondered if he felt anything more than that. It was a foreign feeling to him, but he couldn't deny that he didn't want him. He enjoyed their training sessions and taunting the younger shinobi, seeing what reaction he could pull out of him.

He didn't care that his sexual preference were boys. You couldn't really change what you wanted or preferred after all. As he looked at Naruto now, he could see why he was attracted to him. He was tall, though Sasuke was taller. His bright blue eyes combined with a mischievous mouth on a face that had lost its baby fat. His body was typically a teenager, lean and lanky in the awkward stage of growth, though with the muscles of a shinobi.

He was sure that Naruto did not share his sexual preference as he still asked Sakura out everyday and pestered her for a date. Nor did Naruto know what Sasuke thought about him, even though they were best friends. Sasuke was still confused about his feelings and didn't know whether to be sad, hurt or ignorant that Naruto did not feel that way about him: that he didn't want to jump him at any given moment. And Sasuke did think that it was perhaps just a passing faze; that within a couple of months, his hormonal attentions would turn elsewhere.

All in all, confused and unsure how to handle it all.

Sasuke turned away from Naruto's questioning eyes, seeing that it was useless in thinking that Naruto would not notice and that it would be stupid to lie anymore, "Say a word and I'll hurt you, Dobe."

Sasuke did not like the way in which Naruto's eyes gleamed before he burst into laughter.

"Bwahahahahahaha. This is rich!! The pale Uchiha red as a lob- OWWW! What was that for Sasuke?!"

"Don't say I didn't warn you."

Their eyes locked, ebony black and bright blue as a staring match began. Meanwhile, Sakura was looking at Sasuke's face with wonder and amazement. She immediately smiled and before Sasuke could even spot her, had latched herself onto his arm.

Sasuke jolted out of their staring match to peer down to his left to see candyfloss pink hair against his shoulder, green eyes looking at him empathically.

"Sasuke-kun," she spoke, "poor you! It looks sore, do you want me to rub it better?"

Sasuke frowned, thinking how on earth she could say something like that so openly to him. He did not want anyone to touch his face.

"I'm fine Sakura."

"Suuuuuuuuuuuure he is, Sakura-chan," began Naruto, jumping up and down on the spot and smiling widely, "who'd think that we'd ever see Sasuke like this? It looks quite bad as well, so I bet he's in pain."

Sasuke tutted and folded his arms, "You'll find your face even redder than mine in a moment if you continue, Urusakontachi."

Naruto was about to retort when Kakashi appeared in a puff of smoke between the three, "Yo. Sorry I'm late but I was jumping among the trees when I saw…are you sunburnt Sasuke?"

Sasuke growled, feeling his Sharingan threatening to take over his eyes as Naruto burst into laughter, Sakura stared at him and Kakashi smiled behind his mask.

He chose to say nothing, wanting nothing more for their training day to start so that he could pummel Naruto.

The day passed quickly, the sun just as strong as the previous day, which meant that Sasuke's sunburnt face grew worse towards the end of the day. Around 5pm, Kakashi halted their training session.

"You've all done well today. Sakura, Tsunade-sama wants to see you. Naruto, make sure you eat a bigger breakfast tomorrow morning so that we can go through at least two hours of training before your stomach wants lunch. And Sasuke, don't come out tomorrow without at least factor 60 sun cream and make sure you treat that tonight. It'll only get worse."

There was a smile to his face before he disappeared in smoke once more.

Sasuke sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose in frustration at the burning pain of his face and shoulders. At least he had taken it out on Naruto. He turned to look at Naruto who was stretching, his black t-shirt rising slightly to show tanned skin. Sasuke looked away from the unknowing tease.

"Come on, Sasuke, let's go."

Their homes were in the same direction so they set off together side by side. It was quiet until:

"You should really take care of your sunburn tonight Sasuke. Kakashi's right, it will only get much worse and more painful."

Sasuke turned to meet his gaze before he nodded, looking away in thought. One problem though: he was unsure how to treat something as severe as sunburn. Yes, it was severe. He was aching all over, and he was sure that he was slightly feverish.

'What to do…' he thought as Naruto suddenly stopped beside him.

Sasuke stopped too, taking a second to admire the way that the setting sun cast a golden hue over Naruto's face. He wondered why he had stopped.

"You don't know how to treat it, do you Sasuke?"

There was no hint of mockery in his voice and Sasuke found himself dumbly nodding before he realised his action, adding, "Naruto, I'm fine."

The blonde shinobi seemed to be contemplating something, biting his lower lip, before he smiled, his eyes glinting bright blue, "I know, come home with me and I'll treat it for you."

Sasuke stood still, unable to move. There was a weird look in Naruto's eyes and his own ebony eyes widened slightly as Naruto took a step forward and lifted his hand to rest his palm on Sasuke's forehead before stepping back just as quick.

Naruto grabbed Sasuke by the wrist before pulling him along, "You've got a slight fever. I've got plenty of remedies at home…"

Sasuke pulled harshly, getting Naruto to stop. The last few actions had happened far too quickly, "Dobe, stop. You're…"

"Just admit that you need my help, Sasuke. Look, I'll treat you and then we can share the beef stew that Sakura brought round to mine last night and then, well, we can have some fun together…" he trailed off.

"Fine…" Sasuke found himself saying.

He really had no idea what he was letting himself in for.

"Right," started Naruto as he closed his front door, "first things first: drink plenty of water."

Before Sasuke could even comprehend what Naruto had said, he had taken his shoes off and was being dragged into the kitchen by one hyper blonde. He noticed that Naruto's home was much cleaner than he remembered it, and was that a new couch?

The kitchen was clean as well. Sasuke watched as Naruto quickly filled up four large glasses with cold water from the fridge. Hold on a second; four?

"Naruto, what are you do-"

"Quick, drink them all up!"

Sasuke frowned, taking the glass from Naruto's hands, "All four?"

Naruto nodded enthusiastically, "Yes, it'll help to bring your fever down."

Sasuke had no reason to doubt his words so began to drink them all down, gulping them quickly. He could feel Naruto's eyes staring at him, but he said nothing. As Sasuke picked up his third glass, his stomach feeling like slosh, he noticed that Naruto was no longer in the room. As he finished his last glass, he saw Naruto exit from his bedroom, holding a few items.

Sasuke put the glass down with a clack.

"Here you are, Sasuke," Naruto said as he handed Sasuke the items in his hands, "here's a towel and some fresh clothes. My bathroom's that door over there. Take your time!"

Sasuke looked puzzled, "You want me to shower?"

"Yes!" Naruto replied, taking Sasuke by the arm and pulling him towards the bathroom, "a cold shower. It'll cool down your sunburn on your face and shoulders so that it'll have less chance to peel."

"W…wait a second, Dobe…"

"Be gentle with the soap and don't scrub too hard."

Naruto let go of his grip on Sasuke and before the dark haired shinobi could utter a word, the door was shut and all he could see was the wood of the door with Naruto on the other side. He sighed and realised that there was no way to argue against Naruto at the moment.

'Well, I guess a shower will make me feel better.'

It was the first time he had been in Naruto's bathroom and he saw that it was a nice size. The shower was a nice decent size with the sink and mirror beside it and the toilet beside that. He deposited the clothes Naruto had given him, thanking the heavens that they were black and not bright orange, and set the towel over the rack.

He stripped quickly, looking at himself in the mirror and grimacing as he noticed that his sunburn on his cheeks and nose had got worse. His back was red raw as well. He sighed, running his hand through his bangs before sliding the shower door open and stepping inside.

'The Dobe better not come in,' he thought to himself as he slid the door shut and turned the shower on, cold water instantly sending a huge shiver down his back.

He ignored the coldness of it, willing his body to get used to it before he allowed a breath to escape his mouth. He winced audibly as the cold water sent pain through his shoulders and down his back.

As he washed with the lavender soap, still wincing, he mused. The amount of cold showers he'd had over Naruto as he tried to calm his racing hormones down in his own home and now, he was having a cold shower in Naruto's shower. He groaned to himself, rubbing his eyes harshly.

After a few more minutes, he had exited the shower, dried himself up and had tugged on his own boxers followed by the pair of Naruto's combats. He frowned, realising that Naruto had forgotten to give him a t-shirt to wear.

He opened the bathroom door and turned to Naruto.

"Urusatonkachi, you forgot to give me a…what the hell are you doing?"

Sasuke was dumbstruck as he witnessed Naruto sitting on the floor where his coffee table had been not too long ago, straightening out the creases of a futon which was rolled across the floor, a variety of bottles beside it.

Sasuke didn't know what to think, his heart thumping in his chest as Naruto turned to look at him. Naruto stared at him for a few seconds as if in a trance before he shook his head slightly and placed an attractive smile on his face.

"You were quick Sasuke. Well, why are you standing over there? Lie down so that I can give you a back massage," Naruto said, shaking a bottle of lotion titled after-sun cream.

Sasuke suddenly wished that he'd had a colder shower.

"Sasuke, you look uncomfortable."

'The understatement of the century,' Sasuke concluded to himself. Who wouldn't be if they were lying down on their stomach on a soft futon about to receive a back massage that would soothe his aching skin and probably turn him on as hell as he received it from the teen he was lusting after?

"I'm absolutely fine, Naruto."

Sasuke was unsure why he had even agreed to the back massage. His back was aching, but perhaps it was the prospect of being touched by Naruto that had made him lie down without saying a word.

That and Naruto saying that he would set the fangirls on him by telling them about his sunburn. Sasuke then realised that Sakura had probably told them all by now anyway.

He rested his head on his folded hands and heard a squirt from beside him and then hands being rubbed together. It made him think of other things.

"Yeah right. You were wincing when you were showering," replied Naruto.

Sasuke let the sentence register before he felt a flush across his face "…You came into the bathroom while I was showering?!"

"Well, it is my bathroom and I really needed to get these lotions and well, does it really matter if I see you?"

Sasuke's words were cut off as he felt cool hands begin to move across his shoulders, wishing everything would hurry up so that he could go home, "W…whatever Dobe…"

The lotion was cold on his skin, but Naruto was staying away from his burnt shoulders. He wondered why when he felt Naruto's hands leave him and then he felt a weight on his lower back, his eyes widening as he looked over his shoulder, his face burning up even more, "Why are you sitting on me Naruto?!"

Naruto grinned cheekily, but Sasuke noticed a slight flush on his whiskered cheeks, "I can't reach you properly from the side. Now, do you want me to treat your sunburn or what?"

Sasuke drew his eyes over Naruto, his weight actually quite comfortable and sighed to himself, flopping his head back on his hands and groaning inaudibly. He felt lotion covered hands travel up his spine and the moment they feathered across his burnt shoulder blades, Sasuke thought he was going to melt.

He instantly sunk into the softness of the futon, his entire body relaxing as Naruto's hands sunk into the flesh of his back, moulding his lotion covered fingers into the aching muscles and circling his thumbs in lazy patterns.

Sasuke bit his lip to keep a moan that was threatening to escape from his mouth. Who knew that Naruto could be so talented at massages? Every sweep of his hands up Sasuke's spine made him want to arch up into the touch. It sent quivers down his sides and he swore quietly to himself when he felt blood rush to his groin.

Every time Naruto touched his burnt shoulders, cool delightful shivers would resonate through his body as if he was being touched by ice. He unknowingly let a groan escape his lips, flexing his shoulder muscles as Naruto moved his hands down the side of Sasuke's back ready for another sweep up his spine.

Sasuke felt just as hot as he did before he had had the cold shower, his wet hair already half dry. Another moan mixed with a hiss escaped his lips before he could stop it and he flushed as Naruto knead his palms in between his shoulder blades.

Anymore of this and Sasuke was sure that he was going to turn around, tackle Naruto to the ground and take him then and there on the futon. His groin was already heated and strained against the hardness of the floor beneath the futon. Didn't Naruto realise what an effect his movements had on him? Didn't Naruto realise how sensual this was all getting and fast?

Suddenly, Naruto stopped and Sasuke let go of the breath he had been unknowingly holding with a low hiss before feeling Naruto get off him, stuttering, "T…Teme, your b…back's all done…"

Sasuke didn't dare move until he was confident that he had controlled his hardness to the point where it wasn't visible and hidden in the confines of the loose combats he wore.

"Thanks," he muttered, sitting up and putting on the black t-shirt that Naruto gave to him in silence.

He could still feel his hormones raging, his face flushed as he straightened out his hair and flexed his back. The lotion was soothing.

Sasuke slowly raised his ebony eyes to lock with bright blue ones. He felt a rush of emotions run through him, the look in Naruto's eyes one of slight embarrassment and then mischief. He heard Naruto sighing as if to reassure himself.

He was unable to react as Naruto opened the bottle of lotion again and squirted some on his fingers. Naruto then sat closer to Sasuke.

"Ne, Sasuke, are your cheeks sunburnt as well?"

To be continued...

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