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Sunburn Blushing, Sexual Flushing - part 2/2

Sasuke was unable to react as Naruto opened the bottle of lotion again and squirted some on his fingers. Naruto then sat closer to Sasuke.

"Ne, Sasuke, are your cheeks sunburnt as well?"

Sasuke moved his face back slightly as Naruto leaned in close, brushing his after-sun lotion covered fingers over his cheek gently.

The distant thoughts of 'Why is the Dobe being so nice to me?' and 'Can this be anymore embarrassing?' crossed his mind.

The lotion was cool against his cheeks, soothing too, but he knew that it did nothing to hide the rising blush on his cheeks that lingered and grew hotter as Naruto leaned in even closer, his pink tongue sticking out of his mouth slightly in concentration. Sasuke was aware that his eyes were locked on that mouth of the blonde shinobi's, noticing not for the first time, that it was enticing.

Naruto's fingertips were just ghosting over his skin, so gentle that Sasuke could hardly feel it, but it sent quivers and tiny tremors down his neck as Naruto moved his fingertips over his nose.

He was still; unable to move until Naruto's mouth moved into a mysterious smile. He leaned back, brushing blonde spikes out of his face, his eyes gleaming as if admiring his handiwork. Sasuke's cheeks were still burning.

"There, all done! I've done your back and your cheeks. You'll feel better as time goes on."

Sasuke gulped nervously, trying to work out how to act in this type of situation. It was foreign: he was not used to getting help (well, this kind of help anyway) from Naruto.

He'd just been massaged and had enjoyed it much more than he had expected too. Damn those hormones! As much as it was a distraction from his usual brooding thoughts of his brother, anymore of it and he felt as if he would possibly implode.

"Thanks…" he managed feebly, wondering how on earth a Dobe like Naruto could reduce him to mumbling.

He was still unsure how on earth he had ended up at his house, using his bathroom and having cream applied to him by Naruto. His body's nerves were in overdrive.

Naruto just seemed to make things happen.

The blonde shinobi was looking at Sasuke curiously, he noticed. It looked almost mischievous.

Sasuke had had enough. Anymore torture and he was sure that his groin would explode. Thank God for Naruto's baggy combats and his own tight boxers. He needed to go home and jerk off.

"I'm going home."

He stood up awkwardly but just as he as about to walk towards the door, his wrist was grabbed by Naruto's, stopping his movement. Instant dread choked his throat for an unknown reason.

"Not so fast, Saaaaaaaaaasuke…"

Sasuke stopped, looking down as Naruto looked up at him, blue locking with ebony black. There was something about the way that Naruto had said his name. The way in which its first syllable was drawn out, his voice husky, sent immediate delightful shivers through his nerves. It sort of frightened him in a weird way.

He knew that Naruto was up to something but before he could even comprehend what it was, Naruto had given his wrist a sharp tug using his immense strength and Sasuke found himself half straddling Naruto's lap, half on the floor, his eyes wide as Naruto leaned in, his warm breath fanning out on his cheek, his hand holding him by the chin.


Blood rushed to his groin through their extreme close contact, images of erotic dreams he had had surfacing in his brain.

His eyes were a bright blue, though hazy with something that Sasuke couldn't grasp. It looked a lot like hesitancy mixed with confidence.

Naruto spoke, his voice low yet tense, "Don't you know that lips get sunburnt as well?"

Sasuke's eyes widened, "What?"

It was the only thing that tumbled past his lips before he felt soft lips touch his softly, almost chastely, before they began to move against his slowly and hesitantly. Sasuke immediately froze, feeling Naruto's lips kissing his. He found himself frozen, his mind hazy, his hormones bubbling at the surface. He gazed into Naruto's open blue eyes, wondering what the hell was going on, still not responding when the blonde pulled back slowly, their lips separating with a small smooching noise.

There was silence, expect for their breathing. Sasuke was dumbstruck, though his hormones were in overdrive. The sight of Naruto's slightly red lips, Sasuke's body still half in his lap told his mind one thing:


Realisation hit Sasuke that Naruto had thought about kissing him since he had first arrived at his home, perhaps before. Sneaking a look at him in the shower, giving him a massage, his teasing voice. Sudden lust spread through Sasuke's body like wildfire.

Sasuke watched as a flush rose to Naruto's cheeks, disbelief in his blue eyes as he spoke hurriedly, "Sasuke, I…um…you should just g-"

"Kiss me again."

Naruto's eyes widened, his hands pausing from their action of pushing Sasuke off of him. Sasuke hadn't even heard himself say the words until they had past his lips, but he didn't care.

He wanted Naruto and nothing was going to stop an Uchiha. Fair enough, Naruto had taken the first move, but nothing was going to stop Sasuke from taking it the whole way. Why only give a hormone stimulated boy a tiny lick of the candy when he could be sucking it dry?

And if Naruto wanted to play, Sasuke sure was going to take up the offer.

He took Naruto by the chin just as he had done with him, and leaned in close, their noses brushing as Sasuke whispered, "My lips are still sunburnt, Dobe…"

Naruto immediately moved forward, their lips once again connecting and Sasuke was sure a sound of bliss escaped his mouth as the blonde shinobi moved his lips intensely against his, their eyes closing. He returned the kiss back eagerly, unlike before when he'd been stunned, reaching his other hand to grasp Naruto's shoulder. He licked his tongue over Naruto's lower lips, wanting entrance into his mouth, controlling their kiss. Naruto groaned, opening his mouth enthusiastically and Sasuke immediately pushed his tongue into the blonde shinobi's mouth, pulling him closer. He drowned in his taste, something sweet yet with a hint of ramen, as he ran his tongue over his teeth and lips, stroking Naruto's tongue sensually with his own. He let his instincts take over.

Sasuke felt Naruto shifting as close as possible, pulling him firmly into his lap. Sasuke cupped Naruto's cheek, their chests in complete contact as Naruto kissed back fiercer than before, nibbling Sasuke's lip gently before licking it better, one hand pulling Sasuke's hair and the other around his shoulders. He squeezed him slightly and Sasuke immediately broke the kiss with a little hiss as a sharp burning pain shot across his back.

"Dobe! Watch it!" Sasuke hissed as he stared into blue eyes.

Naruto smirked before smiling through his harsh breaths, "Oops, sorry! I thought a man could take it rough…"

Sasuke grinned, "You have no idea how rough I like to play, Naruto. Just think of one of our training sessions and triple it."

He decided that he liked the flush his teasing words brought to the blonde's cheeks.

Panting hard to get his breath back, he smirked once more before leaning in close again, his thumbs touching Naruto's whiskered marks, "Was this what you meant when you said that you'd heal me?"

Naruto looked to the side before rejoining their gaze, shifting so that Sasuke fell more into his lap, their groins brushing harshly, hisses of excitement escaping both of their mouths as they clutched each other. He grinned awkwardly, "Um…kinda. I…couldn't help myself."

"You're hard," Sasuke stated, brushing their groins again, feeling dizzy at the look of utter contentment on Naruto's face.

"Mmm…so are you Sasuke."

Sasuke pushed Naruto's shoulders so that he was lying on the futon on his back with Sasuke on top, their legs tangled together, Sasuke's arms on either side of his head and their foreheads touching.

"You don't know how long I've wanted this, Sasuke…" whispered Naruto as the dark haired shinobi closed the gap between their lips again, their kiss growing in intensity fast, their bodies arching into each other's.

"Damn, I want you…" breathed Sasuke, his senses overloaded on everything that was Naruto, as he kissed his way up his jaw, untying his Konoha headband with his hands before finally threading his hands into all of the blonde spikes on his head. Sasuke heard Naruto gasp as he nibbled on his ear lobe, feeling him untying his own headband before he heard it clang along the floor.

Sasuke gasped as Naruto arched into him, sparks sizzling in his groin, his hormones buzzing. He needed to get closer to him and fast but it seemed that Naruto was just as eager, as he felt warm hands glide up his chest under his t-shirt. His skin quivered at the touch as he sucked and kissed on Naruto's collarbone, determined to leave a mark.

He suddenly found himself being shoved and rolled over, his back hitting the softness of the futon as Naruto straddled him. Naruto smirked, pulling his t-shirt over his head, exposing his chest and abs, the Kyuubi tattoo faint on his navel. He then pulled Sasuke's trademark Uchiha top up, where the dark shinobi helped Naruto by lifting up his arms and then throwing the top to the floor.

"Sasuke," said Naruto, "Your nipples are sunburnt too."

Sasuke furrowed his eyebrows, "No they're not…argh, Naruto…"

Sasuke's eyes widened as Naruto lowered his mouth to his pale chest, taking his nipple between his teeth, nipping at it softly before sucking at it eagerly. Sasuke buried his hands into blonde spikes, gasping as Naruto continued his ministrations, his other tanned hand flicking the other nipple.

"You damn tease, Naruto…" he breathed, his voice hitching, as said shinobi kissed his way up Sasuke's chest, collarbone and jaw and finally sealing their lips once more, their lower body movements against each other harsher than before.

Sasuke took it as his chance to flip Naruto over so that he was straddling him, their lips still locked. They broke part breathlessly once more and Sasuke took the chance to let his eyes roam over Naruto's figure, from his hazy, lustful eyes to his swollen lips to his heaving tanned chest, hard abs and swirling seal to the bulge in his pants that Sasuke grinded into, enjoying the sensation and the sounds it produced from Naruto's mouth. He was sunlit perfection.

"Sasuke…" Naruto groaned as he lifted himself up into a sitting position and kissed Sasuke fiercely, forcing him to properly grind into him, the flush on Sasuke's face and the look in his eyes making him boil over in excitement.

Sasuke suddenly felt hands on the waistband of his combats and then Naruto was cupping him through his boxers, a moan escaping his lips as he nibbled the blonde's ear lobe. He then felt a hand fully enclose him and begin to stroke him hard and fast. His breathing was harsh and he felt so close to ecstasy.

Incoherent mumblings were tumbling past his mouth and he desperately wanted to touch Naruto in the same way, who was panting at his ear, grinding himself into his knee. Sasuke moved his hands southward down Naruto's chest, enjoying the softness of his skin, but just as he reached the waistband to the blonde's shorts, intense pleasure clouded his eyes as he reached his sudden peak, gasps of Naruto's name falling past his lips as the blonde shinobi stroked extra firmly and squeezed gently, Sasuke's forehead falling onto Naruto's shoulder, his breath coming out in fast pants, his entire body shuddering uncontrollably from his release.

As he quickly recovered, he felt Naruto still breathing harshly and still grinding into his knee in their sitting position. Sasuke nipped his ear playfully, tweaking his nipple and reaching with his other hand to grip Naruto's ass firmly, making him grind harder. Naruto moaned, his head falling back as he neared his peak.

"Dobe…" smirked Sasuke against his neck. He was surprised by how fast the Dobe had made him peak. The real thing beat his own hand any day. But foremost, it turned him on even more with the fact that the blonde had extracted such an intense reaction out of him.

"Calling me 'Dobe' doesn't count…when you…argh…came first…" breathed Naruto as he clenched his eyes shut.

Sasuke sucked his collarbone, still tweaking his nipple, smirking at Naruto's words. He wanted to see him release desperately.

"Baka, you didn't even give me a chance…" Sasuke breathed as he pulled Naruto as close as possible, "…Naruto-chan…"

Naruto cried out, his eyes rolling shut, grasping Sasuke and vocalising his name a few times as he peaked. He then collapsed against Sasuke, breathing deeply into his shoulder, and Sasuke pulled him close, inhaling his scent. It was so warm.

A few minutes later, they were just resting against each other on the futon, Naruto's head lying on Sasuke's chest. Sasuke breathed deeply, running his fingers through Naruto's blonde spikes, soft to the touch, enjoying the feeling of peace that had settled over him. He could hardly believe what had just happened between them. Neither had said a word since, just content to lie down.

He felt Naruto move and then his eyes were locked with bright blue ones as Naruto leaned over his face with a small smile on his face.

"Damn, I'm so happy," he said.

The words sent an unfamiliar ache to Sasuke's chest and he recalled Naruto's earlier words of wanting this to happen for so long. His own confusion came back to him.

He knew that he lusted after his best friend, but now, he wasn't so sure as to say that there was nothing else: no other feelings involved. Sasuke remembered thinking that he wouldn't care whether or not Naruto had the same sexual preference as him or if Naruto actually wanted him as well. To be honest, it had come as a shock to think that Naruto had wanted him as well; that they shared the same sexual preference. But now, just thinking of Naruto going on a date with Sakura, of Naruto turning away and saying that this shouldn't have happened, sent dread through his mind and body.

They were both so alone in the world, both in their own way: both misunderstood. Sasuke trusted Naruto with his life: the first person he had trusted in any way since his own brother years ago. Seeing the blonde shinobi now, his hair damp and messy, his eyes bright and joyful, and his lips swollen from his kisses and knowing that Naruto's touch could evoke such intense feelings within him, such closeness, and that he could get the same reactions out of Naruto, made Sasuke forget about all hardships that he had been through and still had to fulfil. Naruto made him happy. Naruto understood him. Naruto trusted him, even with the secret of the Kyuubi. Naruto made sense. Sasuke wanted him again.

Was this…love?

He could not remember the feeling well, as his mind had been consumed by hate and thoughts of a dark nature since his brother had taken his clan all those years ago. His love had been forcefully ripped out.

Did Naruto deserve someone like him? Yes, Naruto was not that innocent in the sense that he knew about the harshness of the world and the bitter feelings people could have towards other, but he had never known the horror of bloodshed, that redness that refused to budge from your fingers, instead staining it. They were still only Chunin.

On missions, Sasuke had found that his thoughts drifted to Naruto numerous times. Was he okay? Was he injured? If the Dobe acted unusually out of character, Sasuke would know that something was wrong. He cared for him. He looked out for him. Sasuke wanted him to be safe. And he knew that Naruto did the same too. Were those feelings beyond friendship? Mixed with their obvious want for each other, was that love?

Right now, Naruto's smile sent a flutter to his heart and it made him feel wanted. Naruto was just as alone as he was: wasn't it something that they could erase their loneliness together? The look in the blonde shinobi's eyes was telling Sasuke that he was waiting for an answer; waiting for anything that could tell him what he was thinking.

Sasuke let a smile curl at the corners of his lips, "I'm happy too…"

He was. He was content being this close to Naruto. There was plenty of time to sort out his feelings. Sasuke wouldn't let Naruto go that easily. No way. This was something not to let go off like so many times before with other things.

Naruto grinned, laying his head back down on Sasuke's shoulder, who ran his knuckles through his blonde spikes lightly, "Dobe, how…how did you know to take a chance with kissing me?"

The younger teen flushed, mumbling into Sasuke's neck, "Well, you can only be sunburnt so much before you blush, Sasuke. Besides, nobody can enjoy a back rub that much without thinking about other things…"

Sasuke tutted before suddenly flipping over, startling Naruto who was now underneath him. Sasuke smirked, before leaning down and brushing their lips together. A brief thought of how Naruto knew how to treat sunburn flashed through his mind. He'd have to ask another time.

Just as Naruto was about to respond, he pulled back slightly, "Naruto, your treatment was supposed to cool me down, not make me hotter than before. Urusatonkachi."

Sasuke took pride in the fact that Naruto blushed.

He stood up, pulling Naruto up as well. He realised that it was quite late, the moon already in the sky. He stretched and began to move away from Naruto.

"Where are you going?" Naruto asked.

Sasuke smiled to himself, his hand on the bathroom handle as he looked over his shoulder slyly, "I'm going to shower. I'm sticky, hot and besides, my sunburn still needs treating…"

He entered the bathroom, closing the door, smiling to himself when seconds later, the door opened and closed again, warm breath fanning into his neck.

Neither were going to get much sleep.


Sasuke smirked to himself as Naruto sneezed for the eighth time in the space of 5 minutes. It was the next morning and they were on the bridge waiting for Kakashi. They hadn't really spoken to each other in depth, except for their usual banter.

He watched as Sakura looked at Naruto quizzically, saying, "The day that Sasuke's sunburn is all healed is the day that you, of all people, get a cold, Naruto."

Naruto sniffled and Sasuke smirked, "The Dobe probably spent too much time in a cold shower."

Sakura looked slightly puzzled, completely unaware of the previous day's events, but Naruto immediately flushed. Sasuke laughed to himself silently as he knew exactly why Naruto had been in a cold shower and for so long. It wasn't his fault that he couldn't resist teasing the Dobe in the shower and then not properly drying themselves because they had other needs to attend to.

Sasuke knew full well that the Kyuubi would have it healed perfectly within a few hours, but that didn't stop Sasuke secretly brushing Naruto's lower back with his hand and saying loudly, "Don't worry, Dobe, I know the perfect way to treat it…"

Naruto sent him a flushed look that was filled with lust, but something else too. Sasuke was content with staring into blue eyes for a moment before Kakashi arrived and Naruto joined in with Sakura in telling Kakashi how much of a liar he was.

Mission details were quickly given and as Kakashi and Sakura led the way to the front gates of Konoha, Sasuke following behind them, he suddenly felt his hand being enclosed by another warm one. Turning his gaze to look at Naruto's hopeful face, he saw blue eyes swimming with unspoken words.

It really meant something, right?

Sasuke flushed slightly, looking away somewhat embarrassed, feeling Naruto squeezing his fingers in their grip.

But he squeezed Naruto's hand back tightly, knowing that Naruto understood the meaning behind the contact and all that he felt, before they separated, walking side by side behind their sensei and their other team-mate, their fingers brushing occasionally, warm smiles with secret meanings on their faces.


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