Laws of Stupidity

I'm not stupid.

Really, I'm not. I have an IQ as high as my sister's. A shorter attention span, sure. But I'm not stupid. I know it already.

See, everyone calls me clueless. My friends. My family. Even people I barely know.

They think I can't see it. They think I don't know it.

But I do.

I know she likes me.

God. That sounds so juvenile. But I can't say that she loves me. I don't know it, and I can't pretend to see into her heart.

But I know how I feel.

I know I like her.


I know that I love her.

I know I do. I think I always have, even from when we were kids. I'm only seventeen. We all are, but we're not kids anymore. We haven't been kids in years.

Kids don't have the safety of the world resting on their shoulders. Kids don't have to choose the greater good over a single life.

My life.

If I live to see eighteen, I'll be lucky. I already know that my days are numbered. It's just a matter of time until some ghost comes along and beats me.

Kills me.

Or tries to kill her.

I'll die before I'll let that happen.

See, I'm not stupid. I already know.