Keitaro watched as the truck of the girl he promised to meet again in Tokyo U took a dive out of the bridge to the waters below it. He didn't know what he cried at that time. He was just a young kid.

But he remembered that he shouted. He remembered her face as she waved back at him before the impact. He remembered the tears. And he remembered the promise that would just stay as a dream.

Leyline Flush

The Beggining of Codename K2: Keitaro Urashima

The man walked towards his office. It was dark, and he was feeling good. He just made a good deal with the prominent Aoyama family, and was now enjoying his success. As he entered, he sat down on his desk, and opened the light. He gasped as he saw a face in one of the chairs hidden in the dark.

"You know, H doesn't mind you selling information for money… as long as it isn't information that compromises missions."

The man breathed. "Keitaro…" He smiled after saying his name. "They sent you… how funny."

"It's not as funny as giving Aoyama's important information on targets so they have a lead before us," Keitaro muttered. "We have been trying to get into friendlier terms with Heaven, and you sold us out."

"Oh please," the man said hoarsely. "We both know if H was so sure of my betrayal, she'd have sent K-New… not some rookie ninja that just graduated from their ninja school. Heck, you haven't killed anyone yet."

"I killed your contact," Keitaro said with a slight grin. "And you're next."

The man opened the drawer of his desk, only to find that the gun that was supposed to be there is now empty.

"Its no use," Keitaro said as he showed the man his gun. "I know where you keep your gun."

The man looked surprised, but later on, smiled a bit. "How did my contact die?"

"He didn't feel pain," Keitaro said. "And neither will you."

With that, he took out his own gun, and shot the man in the head. The silencer muffled the sound, and his target dropped down dead on the floor.

"God speed," Keitaro muttered as he left.

Japan, Tokyo

2 days later


"What is it, Nako?" Keitaro whispered to his hand close to his mouth.

"Target's moving."

"I can see that," Keitaro muttered as he looked at his target. Very white hair… almost transparent, with skin that also felt like it… her wings, only seen with special glasses like the ones Keitaro was wearing, were like clouds. She was far away, but for some reason, unknown to him, it kept clicking on his head that he recognized her before.

"What's the plan?"

"Wait until she's out of heavily public area, and then make your presence known. We'll trap her in the alleys," Keitaro muttered.

"Over and out."

Like any good U agents, K-New knew how to follow orders… even if she was more experienced and the senior of the two, she didn't mind following Keitaro's orders even if he just received his code and rank. After she went out of the crowd, she put a small burst of energy that made the erring target turn around, spot her, and run, trying to escape.

K-New followed and tried to chase after her, passing a dead end alley where her target was hidden in a trash can. Her footsteps began to sound weaker, and the target slowly poked her head out to see if the coast was clear. When she spotted and felt no one, she jumped out of her hiding place. She was about to turn and run, when she saw him, pointing the silenced gun at her.

"Don't move," Keitaro ordered. "Get on your knees, hands above your head."

She didn't say anything, but for a moment, was glowing. Keitaro pulled the trigger twice, aiming at her thighs before she could invoke her spell. The rune bullets loaded in his gun hit their marks and his target screamed as she was forced to go down on her knees.

"Please… don't…" she muttered, begging. "I don't want to go back there! They just keep me in the lowest rank even after all years of obedience…"

"I don't care about what you did," Keitaro muttered as he took out his rune handcuffs. "We're here to capture you."

She didn't listen as she started crying. "It was an accident… I never really meant to harm anyone… I mean, yes, I overstayed, but only to get to that demon… I wasn't supposed to harm anyone, it was an accident. I didn't notice the truck in the bridge as I threw my prey…"

Keitaro's body went rigid. The scene of the big accident flashed on his mind. And now, this time, he got more details. The winged demon hit the truck after he was thrown by an Angel as they battled in the sky.

K-New was behind Keitaro now, as he was shaking as the angel continued to babble about the 2 souls went straight to Heaven, and even then, she was punished. "Taro… you okay?"

Keitaro didn't answer… but took the barrel of his gun, and like an axe, he suddenly swung it towards the angel.

"TARO! What the HELL ARE YOU DOING!" K-New grabbed him before he could take another swing. She was forced away.

"Get away from me Kanako!" Keitaro swung again, this time, getting her in the eye. "She… she killed her!!!" His eyes widened with anger and rage. "She's responsible for KILLING HER!!!"

"Brother, that's ENOUGH!" and this time, she tried to put him on a sleeper hold, only to be elbowed away again.

"DIE!!" Keitaro shouted as he aimed his gun at the angel, and shot her three times to the chest.

She fell down… lifeless, and her energy now fading. Keitaro was taking gasping breathes as he was still aiming his gun where she was. Kanako was on her knees when she saw the whole thing.

"Brother… what have you done?"

Urashima Grounds

A few hours later…

"What a bunch of self righteous pricks," Hina muttered as she walked towards her office.

"They are gods, and it's their nature," Haruka muttered as she took another deep breathe of her cigarette. She gritted her teeth. "But even they got their reasons… what the hell was Keitaro thinking, shooting his target!"

"It was personal for him," Hina reasoned.

"That's no frigging excuse!" Haruka muttered as she opened the door to the office, where Keitaro was waiting. "I told you it was too early to promote him. I told you!"

"Now is not the time to be talking about this," Hina muttered as she walked in the office. She raised her hand as she saw Kanako and Keitaro stand up. "Sit." They both sat.

Haruka looked at Kanako, and frowned. "Kanako, get out."

Kanako nodded, stood and left. She silently closed the door, leaving Haruka, Hina and Keitaro in the room.

"You've got some bloody explaining to do," Haruka muttered as she took another cig and lit up.

Keitaro's head was still down. "Next time… I'll try to make it look like an accident."

"That or shoot your damn self," Haruka went towards the table to grab a bottle of sake. "For Kami's sake, we promoted you to K2, and what do you do for your mission? You shoot the fucking target we needed ALIVE!"

She slammed a folder on the table in front of Keitaro. "See this?! These are inquiries from heaven, asking what we were actually doing! We're getting demands for explanations, and justice. They want answers! And we don't know what to give them! Shit… you were supposed to have some sort of judgment on this sort of stuff!"

"… I did," Keitaro muttered quietly.

"Not personal judgments!" Haruka replied scathingly.

"She was responsible…"

"We didn't know who she was. And we don't care!" Haruka's fist hit the table. "What we do care is we do the missions professionally, unbiased, and unattached."

Haruka settled down, finally with her final breathe. "You better think about your future, Keitaro… because these gods… they want your head. And we're seriously considering giving it to them."

With that, Haruka turned around and left, leaving Keitaro and Hina alone in the room. After a few minutes of silence, Keitaro's face went up to see his grandmother. She was staring at him hard.

"… Will I be given up?" he asked.

"As much as it's more convenient, no," Hina stated. She still had that hard look on her face. "I'm contacting our friends, the Otohime's, and sending you to them. There, you will contact with M.T. for your next mission."

"… I'm being given a mission… already?" Keitaro asked, disbelieved.

"You will get it after she deems you ready. This is considered as a vacation of sorts," Hina pulled out a paper detailing what he should do next. "I want you to cool your head a while. Think long and hard about what you did today. It was a disgrace to the family name, yes, but it doesn't mean you can't learn from it. Dismissed."

As Keitaro left the office, Kanako and Haruka came back in.

"Are you sure about this?" Haruka said.

"You might have been right about promoting him quite early, knowing full well his trauma as a young child. This is the means to rectify that," Hina said. "And if he can't fulfill this mission, then it's over for him."


1 day later

As the hydrofoil began to land in the water, Keitaro's mind was still in conflict. His next mission will be given to him only if his contact, M.T. deems him worthy. But what does worthy actually mean? In his business, it means a lot of mind boggling stuff.

And boggling stuff was the correct term to use as he got of the plane as it stopped in a beach. Since he was the only one who boarded the hydrofoil, the one waiting was surely waiting only for him.

She was a very… curvy. Her eyes were closed, and smiled serenely at him. She wore two piece swimsuit, and her brown hair flying with the wind. She carried a watermelon, wrapped in plastic, on her left hand, and waving at him with her right hand.

"K2? I'm M.T," she said.

Keitaro smirked a bit. "I disagree… I think you're well filled."

"Ara, ara, you're sweet," she smiled. "Well… since you're going to be here for some time, you can call me Mutsumi."

"Keitaro," Keitaro stated.

"Ah… Kei-kun," she smiled. "Well, let's go, shall we?"

She raised her elbow. Keitaro, not missing a beat, took the offer, and both began to walk, arms clinched together.

"I heard that you are going to give me a mission when you deem me ready," Keitaro said as they walked in the sands. "So… what is the criteria of your judgment that would make me ready to you?"

"Ara, ara, you wanna do all that?" Mutsumi asked. "I was about to just give it you."

People were appearing, as they strove to the beaches. Kids… their parents, they were enjoying the sun. Keitaro knew about making scenes, so he just stopped, grabbed Mutsumi in the hips and stared at her.

"Don't play games, with me," he muttered softly. "I fucked up my last mission, and I'm now here, told to take a test to see if I am worthy of taking a new mission."

"Are you really ready?" Mutsumi smiled at him.

"You decide that," Keitaro stated. "But all I ask is you be serious."

"Alright… since you want to be tested, tell me about your codename," Mutsumi asked. "Why is K2 your codename?"

Keitaro paused a bit. He took a moment to think back about his codename. It's a codename that is written in his files instead of his name to help him hide his identity while remaining quite open. Then he thought about the Otohime's, and their relationship with the Urashima's. Was it safe to break down his codename for her?

"Only if you give me your explanation, first, M.T," he muttered.

"M.T… really spelled as M-TII, derivatives of my name. MuTsumI otohIme," Mutsumi explained at once.

Keitaro nodded. "K2, derivative of K-TU, KeiTaro Urashima," he stated.

"Kiss me then, Kei-kun," Mutsumi ordered. "Now, if you please."

Keitaro took a moment to look at her, and kissed her in the lips. In his training, he knew how to fake kisses, but a few seconds later, Mutsumi seemed to be kissing him for real because he felt her tongue. His eyes widened a bit, and tried to disconnect, but her grip on him was strong.

After the kiss, she smiled at him, "Ara… I forgot that you Urashimas don't use tongues," and she began to nibble on his neck, but then, she also whispered. "Look behind me… see that man with purple spiked hair with strands of blonde?"

Keitaro then began to kiss her in the neck as he spotted what she was telling me. "Yes…"

"That is the demon also known as the Demon Eyes Laharl," she whispered. "He's after an item I posses to sell to his side in hell."

Keitaro took another look at the demon who seems to now be at a store ordering some food. "What is he after?"

"A microchip that has information of energy flows in Japan," Mutsumi said as she let go of her hug, and began to walk again. Keitaro followed. "Otohime's have been looking at the flows of energy in Japan and noticed a sequence, if you will, in the flows."

"And… that is important to the demons because…?"

"If the demons know what we know, they can open portals here in Japan while avoiding detection of both Heaven and earth factions," Mutsumi stated. "They can, literally raise the demon world here in Japan, as a means to conquer Earth."

"Alright then… what do you want? A clean kill, or something that shows warning to others?" Keitaro muttered as he walked beside her.

"We need him alive," Mutsumi muttered. "We need to know who he works for. Information, for Otohime's, are worth more than watermelons."

Keitaro found himself smiling at the odd word Mutsumi used. "Watermelons?"

"Ara, ara, you find watermelons amusing?"

"No… just wondering why you find them worthwhile," Keitaro looked at her chest. "But I can see why they are worth much more than information. I'm enjoying mines now."

"Ara, ara, but you can't have that yet," Mutsumi smiled serenely at him. "But I'll give you something tasty as well."

"Why not give me one now?"

Mutsumi showed her watermelon she was carrying. "Because right now I still would like to hold on to it."

"You're a cruel woman," Keitaro smirked.

"Ara, ara, Kei-kun, I'm giving you our sweetest melons," she smiled back serenely. "I can be cruel… and give you the salty ones, but I don't know if you'd like that."

"Sweet, salty, or sour, luv, I'll still eat them," Keitaro grinned.

"I'm sure you will," she smiled sweetly. "Go to your hotel, Kei-kun, and I'll come back to visit you and tell you the rest of your mission."

Okinawa Inn

Minutes later…

Keitaro checked in, and entered his room, put his bag and the watermelon given to him by Mutsumi. In his bag, he took out his laptop, and a small black box. Putting down the laptop in a desk, and opened it. As it was booting, he flicked a switch in the black box, and began to hum.

With that, he began to move around the room, scanning it with his black box. When he was satisfied, he logged on the laptop, and began to connect to the Urashima page. He entered with his name, and began to look for details on Demon Eyes Laharl, but when he clicked search, a note popped up about being suspended, and having limited access.

He frowned a bit, and logged off, and began to log on with his aunt's name.

Username: Haruka Urashima


He grinned a bit. He wrote S E T A, and entered. He got access.

Hina Inn

Seconds later…

Haruka was eating lunch with Hina, and the five tenants, when she and Hina's phone rang.

"H, G, K2 is on Okinawa, in the Hotel we put him in," the voice said.

"Yes… so?" Haruka muttered.

"He's accessing our files."

"… didn't we take care of that?" Hina asked.

"He's using H's account."

Haruka's chopsticks broke in half when she heard that. The brown haired tenant looked at her, and wondered… "Haruka, you okay?"

"Its nothing Naru," Haruka replied. "Excuse me a bit."

"I'll accompany you, Haruka-chan," Hina said. "Excuse us, all."

The black haired one bowed, while the younger ones just waved. The short silver haired woman waved, but didn't say anything as she continued to pour her glass with sake.

Haruka and Hina exited the Inn. Putting a cig in her mouth, Haruka lit it and gritted her teeth. "How the hell does he know my password?!"

"He's smart," Hina replied.

"Too smart," Haruka muttered.

They enter the Tea House, and going to the counter, Haruka put her thumb on a small odd wooden square in her counter, and a small compartment opened up in the wall, and began to expand, showing a big screen what files Keitaro was accessing.

The file of Laharl suddenly popped up. Hina and Haruka looked at each other.

"He's beginning his mission," Haruka muttered.

"Let's see how he does it," Hina stated.

Okinawa Inn

Keitaro read the files as he took a bite of the watermelon. Mutsumi had been right… it was sweet.

Laharl… Demon Eyes Laharl. The file on him at the Urashima database has very small information on him. They only put abilities, and some notes. No past works, no current standings, nothing. It was like… he's a ghost.

Like me, Keitaro thought.

Taking a look at his file, Keitaro reviewed his abilities, and tried to guess how he is able to fight this man when his door knocked. Logging out, he closed his laptop, went to his bag, and took out his silent gun and asked, "Who is it?"

"Ara, Kei-kun, we have a date today," the voice on the other side said.

Putting the safety on, he hid his gun as he opened the door to see Mutsumi dressed quite fancily.

"Where to, dear?" Keitaro smirked.

"A nice place, so I bought some clothes you can wear."

She raised her arm, showing she carried a clothe hanger covered in plastic. "Its tailored."

Keitaro took it, and invited her in. Taking a look, he took of the plastic carefully. "Its… quite handsome. Were you sizing me up earlier?"

"Ara, Kei-kun, you were sizing me up too," Mutsumi winked.

"Yes… but not quite enough," Keitaro smiled. Putting his gun down the bed, he went to the bathroom, and began to prepare.

After a quick shower, he began to dress and pamper himself a bit. Leaving the bathroom, he saw Mutsumi checking out his gun.

"Interesting the way your weapons are given…"

"It wasn't given," Keitaro replied. "We make our weapons, with a little help of course."

"Ah… explains the runes…" Mutsumi took an aim at the mirror. "Its all over the gun… one identifies, one protects, and one destroys." She took the clip out. "Bullets are standard issue, using runes that affect general angels and demons… I am guessing you have different bullets for different beings?"

"Yes… we studied runes from the bullet that was left from the Colt," Keitaro began to fix his shirt. He had black trousers with black shoes, with a brown undershirt and a black dinner jacket.

"The legendary Colt that could kill anything?" Mutsumi put the gun down.

"That one," Keitaro went sideways, and looked at the mirror. "How do I look?"

"Very handsome, Kei-kun," Mutsumi stood up. "Shall we then?"


Exiting the Inn, a figure watched as they left together. Taking out his cellphone, he began to dial the phone.


"Laharl here," the figured said. "They are going to the party."

"Check how everything goes before you go in."


Hanging his phone, the figure began to follow behind them, his brownish red eyes looking at them. Time to begin his mission.

To Be Continued…

Next: K2 finally get his mission parameters, but unknown to him, he's also being shadowed by Laharl. What is his role here, and what is he after?

Author's Notes: I know people will hate me for this, but I'm gonna pause HWE for this story. Sin Eater is getting some progress, so guy's don't complain. UNNC will come up soon, and the final conclusion in the Trinity Chronicles.