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Chapter 1
Over the Rainbow

Somewhere, over the rainbow
way up high
birds fly over the rainbow
why then oh why can't I?
-Judy Garland (Dorothy Gale), The Wizard of Oz


The New York skyline was reflected brilliantly in the rounded surface of the crystal ball. Even though the spherical glass distorted the image slightly, the tiny pin-like lights of towering office buildings and five-star motels shone back with clear, steady glow. It looked quite romantic to anyone who had never seen the undersides of the city; the more grimy elements that New York had to offer. In the ball, it all faded away behind the glitter and sparkle of those lit windows.

" Oh, its sooo darling, isn't it?" A voice asked herself, finishing it in a bright twittering giggle that was more accustomed to a schoolgirl. " Elphie's just too lucky."

A soft rustling of multiple skirts and crinolines broke the silence afterwards, as the young women who'd eyes were trained on the ball shifted in her chair. The image dimmed a bit, and the colors swirled together as if somebody had reached in and twirled it with a stir-stick, and during the break, the prestigious women corrected a few mused golden curls from her face with and airy flick of her hand. Her bright blue eyes narrowed, her bottom lip pouting out into a little moue of concentration, as she made sure everything was just so. One would have though she was primping herself for more than the few winged primates that stood sentiment at the room's only door.

The scene opened onto a different part of New York. Lower, and, by the looks of it, somewhere quite near broadway. Large, colorful billboards proclaimed that Phantom of the Opera was once more playing at the Apollo theater, and the reopening of Sweet Charity would be in a few weeks.

"Oh, she wouldn't be anywhere near here!" Glinda Upland scolded the ball. "Elphie's never been one for such... Culture. I'm sure you could do better."

The ball went dark.

"I didn't mean anything!" Slightly panicked now, Glinda rested her lily-white hands on the crystal, her perfectly manicured nails clicking on the slick surface. " Just find her, alright! I just want to see her... your' re too temperamental! No wonder she liked to use you so often, you're both alike!"

The ball brightened once more, though the lack of bright lights was quite evident. It was still New York, but a very different place; more shadows and less sparkle. Bildings were dark, or lit with flickering candlelight. A dirlect man was laying against a stone building, a brown-bagged bottle held tightly in his hand,

"Still nothing!" She cried, and resisted the urge to dash the bloody thing against the wall. "When are you going to understand what I want, you stupid piece of dishware! I want to see Elphaba! Elphaba Melena Thropp!"

And, as if it were a security camera taking a different angle, the ball moved down the street, stopping abruptly on a shady group of people.

A dark-skinned women and a lighter one stood with their arms around each other. The ball, focusing closer onto the lighter one's face, showed that, although no sound could be heard, the women was laughing as she rested her head on the jacketed shoulder of the other and nuzzled her like a cat begging for attention. Glinda was a little shocked, for the sharp jaw line and dark, glitter eyes were a mirror image of her school friends'. The silky cascade of black hair was the same, too, though it was pinned strangely and was obviously better taken care of. The women was even wearing makeup! But there was one definite change that improved her friend's appearance.

She wasn't quite so... Well... She wasn't quite so green.

"Elphie?" Glinda asked the figure in the ball; the Elphaba-who-wasn't-quite-Elphaba. Of course, there was no answer The girl in the glass simply snuggled with the dark, skinned women (who mildly reminded Glinda of a Winkie) and her lips moved without making a sound. Glinda stared at the women in shock, then a smile broke out across her carefully painted crimson lips.

" Elphie, you look fabulous!" She squealed, beaming at the thought that perhaps, just perhaps, all her helpful tips she'd given the pitiful green girl back at Shiz had finally sunk in. She pointed a pink nail at the ball, giving an unseen thumbs up. " Love what you've done with the skin!"

The image slowly faded, as Elphaba hooked her arm around the other's waist and pulled her closer, even though she'd begun moving down the street. Glinda, however, had lost her concentration and was onto a different point of business. In a swirl of blossom pink and shining silver, she moved deftly over the uneven cobbles of Elphaba's old residence, the castle of Kiamo Ko. Now that she'd seen her friend, there was much more important things to get to.


Glinda, or -as was her new politically correct title- Glinda The Good, had not been so excited in the months before her viewing in the Crystal ball. In fact, she was the closest one with Glinda's natural cheery disposition could get to depression. She'd spent her time skulking around her manor house, her hair unraveled, and was only changing her dresses twice a day rather than her usual six. The bubbly blonde had been this way ever since the death of the Wicked Witch of the West and the departure of her murderer, Dorothy Gale.

Many thought it odd that the women would act this way when there was such a happy feeling overcoming the rest of Oz. The Munchkin's were free from the opressive reign of the Wicked Eastern Witch Nessarose, the winkies free of terror for her sister, and the Wizard, who by know everybody had realized was actually a humbug, gone on his own accord. Yet Glinda had even walked around in public in a mope, and not even shopping could perk the spirits of the fluttery women.

It had been months before the women would even leave the confines of her home. When she did nowadays, though, it was in a subdued fashion, and in great secrecy. Once, a gillikin street urchin swore on Lurline's name that she'd seen the esteemed good witch bustle out from her home and out of the Southern Gates of Oz, looking more than a tad flustered. Other's swore that she was seen loitering around the old palace of the wizard. Some believed them, others did not. After all, other's had proclaimed similar things about the infamous Elphaba Thropp loitering around pubs in the district closest to Southstairs. So who could be trusted?

One though was the same all around, however. Most now knew the gossip going about that Glinda had known Elphaba and her sister closely in school. They'd even been friends, and close ones at that. Some though that, even though they had both been undeniably wicked, Glinda was upset over their deaths. Which, in some way, was true. But they came to another conclusion to go along with the first.

Glinda was rumored to be absolutely out of her tree.

It was a quiet day, approaching Lurlinemas, when Glinda's carriage breached the city gates of Oz in the early morning. It traveled along the yellow brick road, only pausing when one of the wheels had broken in a pothole and needed to be replaced. The lady herself had not been seen, however, until the carriage stopped three days later on the borders of the Free State of Munchkinland, near a disrepaired graveyard, and dressed curly-haired-head to delicate toe in black mourning garb.

From then on, she'd been left alone by her courtiers, and passed out of sight behind the iron gates where blue flecks of paint were peeling off and littered the grass around them.

She'd heard rumors, of course. That, some Unnamed god-fearing Munchkin's had at least attempted to burry Nessarose. After Dorothy had left, the silver slippers had been found and buried in remembrance, as there was not much left of Nessa's body. They were buried separately, however, because nobody quite remembered where the first bits of the Witches' body was buried (nor, of course, did they care). The shoes themselves had been buried here. At it was this place which Glinda had chosen to come.

The grass was overgrown, and on many of the cracked wood and stone markers many birds (or Birds) had left they're more unsavory regards. The newest grave, the shoes', was very small, and it took Glinda very look time to find it without reaching down on hands and knees.It was a small wooden cross, which was badly painted blue with messy black writing which was already beginning to be scrapped off by weather despite being sheltered by a gangly oak. But all the same, words could be made out on it if you shifted away a couple of briars and overzealous knot grass;

Nessarose Thropp

May she rest in peace
and never come back.

. Somebody had thought it cute that they crossed out the word ' peace' and replaced it with 'pieces'. So it wasn't all that secluded. All the same, Glinda bent down, and, as she'd been raised to do, finally paid her last respects to one of her old friends, though she spoke, mentally, to two.

"Nessie, Elphie. I miss you guys. I hope you rest happy, wherever you are, and are happy, Elphie, about me now. You always said I dressed like a overprimpted doll. What do you think now, eh?" It was a little odd to hear the simpering voice of Glinda speak in such a manner, but, as she'd told Elphaba before they'd parted for the last time, she did learn many things from her.

"Give me a sign why don't you? Something to know that you're still watching. Rain down fire and brimstone if you must."

Fate happens in strange ways, it seemed. For something rained down, alright. It was nothing like fire or stone, but effective none the less.

At first, Glinda had thought it'd begun to snow. Reaching up, however, to pluck a falling piece from the air, she found that it was not wet nor cold. Instead, it felt a lot like, well, alot like paper. She flipped it over in front of her eyes, to read an tidy scrawl on it, proclaiming the letter 'I' in bold.

As soon as it had begun, however, it stopped, leaving Glinda with no idea how the scraps had gotten there in the first place. Curiosity, she felt, had always been below her, but she did dearly like puzzles, and putting the papers together would certain be similar, wouldn't it. What could it hurt?

With feverish fingers, she turned over the papers, switching them this way and back over...exchanging this one at the end for that one in the middle...and-

Glinda stared at the letters before her, and the word that they made. "How could I have forgotten?" she whispered to herself, caressing a piece of paper with the letter E on it as if it had been an old friend.

For the letters spelled out something familiar to Glinda. Something she hadn't even looked at in over a year and a half.



Kiamo Ko had definately seen better days. Over the month's since Elphaba's absence, it had slowly fallen into disrepair. Thick slabs of stone had fallen from the walls to litter the hallways. The floors themselves, as well as many of the surfaces of the place, were layered with dust and cobwebs except for telltale monkey paw prints and the marks that Glinda's heels had made in the floor. Dishes were unwashed, and the place was in constant chill as the fireplaces had not been cleaned in months and setting fires under blocked chimney's was simply a fire hazard.

Besides, most of the time it was only the winged monkeys who lived here, and they didn't seem to care about hygiene or heating.

The kitchen, for sanitary purpose, Glinda had tried to tidy during her past three days here. She did succeed in ridding the table of unspeakable things, but, as she was not much of a house cleaner and the dust had given her a horrible rash, that was as far as she ventured into the matter. The book sat open in the middle of said table, surrounded by the remains of her breakfast of the past few days. When she wasn't up gazing through that ball, she would usually be down her, looking through that bloody book. One of the notes in Elphie's hand, the last on the back few pages, had been underlined and circled, and had told Elphie exactly where to search. Although, it wasn't until a day or two ago did she decide on what she was actually looking for. Or rather, who.

The untidy scrawled there proclaimed something about a dragon, under which was a rather rough drawing of a clock's face, and a few other words she couldn't quite read. It looked to her as if it were a rough diagram. It had been the few legible words beneath that expecially caught her eye; in particular, Fiyero, and, oddly enough, something about Dorothy (referred to as ' the farmgirl' ). She'd found Elphie's ball upstairs on a scourge of the house, and had nearly given herself a stroke when her idle mention of Dorothy's name had made it light up with a vivid image of the girl she hadn't seen for quite a while, talking to an older women with that infernal mutt of her's tucked under one arm. She later talked of Fiyero, and the image of the man she'd though to be dead appeared.

At first, she'd been content with simply looking at her ex lover, and the place, wherever it was, he now resided. It wasn't until her grew tired that the though of Elphaba had crossed her mind. It was because of that book that she'd come her in the first time. If Fiyero, who had supposedly been killed, was alive, then why not Elphie?

Now that she'd seen her, however, Glinda was a little confused. Elphie looked great...and different. Fiyero, however, had still looked like Fiyero; although he was wearing the strangest clothing she'd ever seen and was a bit thinner. And who was that women Elphie was with? Elphaba had never acted that way with her, or with anybody she knew about.

Something didn't add up, and she said so out loud.

"Added Addled Adolescence." Something answered.

Glinda jumped before she could stop herself. She steadied herself on the table and peered, squinting, into the shadows where the voice had called.


"Checkers." Was her answer, and a strange creature- a snow monkey (or Snow Monkey, Glinda was sure what was correct) with broad wings hopped from the shadows, it's bright button-black eyes fixed on Glinda.

"What did you just say?

"Bedrabbed Dribble." He sighed, cocking his head.

"Not that, I meant- Oh never mind!" She said, flustered. She'd been here three days and she was already downgraded to talking to a deformed pet who probably liked the sound of his own voice.

" Meanings meant, " Chistery replied with a happy chitter, which Glinda took as laughter. At her.

"I said shut up!" She growled through gritted teeth. "I don't need this right now, I need to figure out what is going on..."

" Added Addled Adolescence." The monkey (Monkey) repeated once more, in earnest.

" Oh, why don't you go find yourself a nice banana tree!"

" Banana nice normal nubbin."

" Chistery!"

" Adolescence!" Screeched the monkey, growing in agitation as Glinda did. " Addled Addled Addled !"

In one last ditch attempt to drive the monkey off, Glinda tossed the book at him, nearly hitting the primate and having smack the wall with a strong thwack. Chistery went and picked it up , plunking it down in front of him and opening the front as if he were actually planning to read the book.

It was only then Glinda realized her mistake. "Chistery?" She asked, steading her voice once more and making her voice light and sweet as it usually was when she wanted something to go in her favor. " Will you give the book back to Aunty Glinda?"

"Griefy Aunty Glinda." He replied, picked up the book, and starting hopping off in the opposite direction with it, to the lower levels of Kiamo Ko.

"Why you little bugger!" Glinda huffed. " You better hope I don't catch you, or you'll be my next feather duster, I swear!" But, for all her threats, Glinda still had to lift up her skirts and chase after the confusing little scamp.

It was highly undignified.

"For the last time, get back here!"

" Troubled teens taking to trailing!"

Glinda made a very violent gesture, the only thing she could really do at the moment, though she wished she could have made it around Chistery's throat. She was very tired, as she did not like running, and she'd been following the damnable thing for hours already, heading through the lower levels of Kiamo Ko. Although she'd been rigid against ever breaking a sweat, she'd failed miserably, and a light sheen of sweat dotted her forehead. Now, she leaned hard against the banister, while Chistery, airborne out of arm's reach, continued twittering nonsensical words as if her were preaching the unnamed god.

"Tarry while winner waits."

" Okay, okay, so you win. S' no fair, any ways, you've never known heels."

" Tocker-Tick waits for tattered tarry too."

"Who are you calling, tattered? You're not even wearing pants?!"

" Ticker-tock." Chistery taunted. " Trickster's clock."

Glinda paused, realizing something. " What was that?"

"Trickster's clock."

The image of the drawn clock face lit up something in Glinda's mind. She figure that, if she couldn't beat Chistery, she could try.

"Elphaba's clock?"

"Mistress talk." Chistery replied, tilting his head furiously as if her had a kink, and abruptly dove towards the lower level.


" Chistery check. Yep."

"Damn monkey!" Glinda cried, and picked up the pace as best she could running down stairs. By the time she reached the last floor, she'd caught one of her heels in a knot in the wooden floor and snapped it off, leaving her with an awkward gait.

Chistery was sitting with the book in front of him, his tail twitching back and forth, his wings folded, and making a noise which sounded oddly enough like humming. Behind him, however, Glinda gapped.

There was a giant dragon's head, carved from metal and wood and painted metallic colors. It's eyes looked nearly lifelike, and she suspected that the snaggletoothed jaws would unhinge themselves and delve down on Chistery, which would be it's afternoon snack for sure. Large wings curved behind it's body in a great are, like a bat's. Claws as long as her arm clutched at the North, South, East and West points of-

- a clock face.

" Mistress's clock." Chistery twitter, pushing the book away from him, towards Glinda, a goofy, but satisfied- well, monkeyish grin-spreading across his face.

" The time dragon?" She asked herself, then, nodded. " The time dragon! Oh, you clever little thing."

"Chatter Chits." Chistery nodded, proudly.

"Yes, yes, whatever." Glinda said, absently, walking lopsidedly towards the great piece of craftsmanship. "Did Elphaba use this?"

" Added Addled Adolescence." Confirmed Chistery.

"Wouldn't know how, would you?"

"Prattling prachetts..."


Glinda stepped closer to the brilliant thing, running her hands along the metal scales of the dragon's forearm as she got close enough. " Wonder how Elphie used this..." She asked herself.

The metal grew hot under her hand, making her pull it back in shock and rub it gingerly. She didn't realize, but Chistery had turned around and was watching her, the book at his paws.

Glinda though for a moment, blowing gently on her hand, trying to sooth the burn. If it grew hot under her hand just by mentioning her friends name, then maybe that was part of the magic. If she could figure out how to do it, correctly, of course.

She took a deep breath, and spoke thoughtfully.

" I, Glinda The Good, born Galinda Upland of the Arduenna clan, command, er, wish to be taken to the place of Elphaba Thropp, The Wicked Witch of the West!"

The metal grew hot underhand again, surpassing her fingertips and passing along through her whole body. As a last though, Glinda screamed out. "And I want to bring the book too!"

Then, the room grew black, and the silence seemed to roar in Glinda's ears. Then nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Chistery blinked, and Glinda was gone.

" Hurry Scurr." He grumbled, looking from where the esteemed lady had stood, then back to the missing book's spot, and simply shrugged his wings out, preparing to take off.

It would be a while until he was needed again, or so he figured. So why heed some old advice and gather up some fellows for a banana raid?