It was Christmas Eve and Dr. House was in his office getting ready to leave when Dr. Wilson came in.

" How is she?" Wilson asked referring to House's patient with sincere interest.

"She'll be home for Christmas" House responded trying to sound cheerful

"I take it you're not going to the party tonight" Wilson asked as if he didn't already know.

"Nope. Big plans tonight."

"Big plans tonight?" the younger doctor said with a sad tone, trying not to sound needy.

House sighed and sat back down in his chair, he knew that his friend was alone and he knew how much he hated being alone.

"Well I was thinking, that if you didn't have any plans you could come over and have a beer", Wilson tried to sound casual.

"No" House said mechanically "Oh" Wilson tried not to sound hurt as he started making his way to the door, "Have fun with the Hookers" he said with pain and annoyance in his voice.


Wilson turned around to look at his friend

"Jimmy" He said once again "you're an idiot"

"What?" Wilson said growing angry and frustrated.

" You know how much I hate your apartment" the older doctor said getting up to leave.

"I'll see you at mine in, oh let's say 10 min.?" Wilson looked at the older doctor as he made his way past him.

"Should I bring anything?" he yelled across the hallway as the elevator doors started closing, House managed to stop them with his cane " Yeah …Bring the Hookers"

The last thing Wilson saw was his friends smirk as the elevator doors closed completely.