Viva Las Vegas

I've been working on this for a few months. And by that I mean it's been floating around in my head and I finally got the motivation to put it in writing. Hope you all like it.

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Summary:CS Eddie Willows owns a popular club and hires Sara Sidle to sing there nightly. What he didn't expect was that Sara and his wife Catherine would become fast friends and then start falling for each other. Femslash and if that ain't your thing, then whatever.

Catherine's 26 and Sara's 21.

Chapter 1- Sara's First Day

"Ok, so basically, you get here round 9:00 for sound check, we open at 10:00, you do your thing—uh, what kinda music you do again?" Eddie Willows asked as he lead Sara Sidle, the brunette he hired to fill in the gaps between guest bands, out of his office and over to the stage area of his nightclub 'Dice'.

Sara followed close behind while letting her gaze fall all around the club. Honestly, when her friend told her about this gig she wasn't exactly ecstatic about taking it. After all, Eddie had a reputation, the kind that suggested he didn't exactly take care of sick puppies and garden in his spare time. "Um, I do a little bit of everything really."

"You DJ?"

"…Except that. I played around with it a little in high school but never really got into it." She admitted, stepping up onto the stage- instantly remembering why she took this job in the first place. Her love of music. She didn't really care for all the attention it usually got her, being the reserved person she was, but if that meant singing for a living-a steady paycheck- then she could definitely handle it.

"Eh, no big deal. I can hire one." He turned around and gave the brunette a once over before looking over her shoulder and clenching his jaw.

"Dammit Catherine! Get off your ass and go get ready for work! And put that beer down! That thing has too many calories and lord knows you haven't worked out in a week!"

Sara turned around to see who Eddie was yelling at and found herself staring at a strawberry-blonde sitting at the bar looking rather irritated at the man ordering her around. 'I don't blame her. And what the hell is he griping about calories for? She's beautiful..'

The woman narrowed her blue eyes at Eddie before practically chugging the rest of her beer- almost as if she wanted to piss him off more, before slamming her bottle down and storming off.

"Wives," Eddie muttered under his breath. Sara turned back around and raised a skeptical eyebrow.

"She's your wife?"

"Sometimes I wonder…I'm pretty sure she's sleeping around on me. But I guess that's fine. See, we have a little arrangement." He shot Sara a suggestive glance and she tried to resist the urge to either throw up or slap the bastard for being so forward. She flashed him a 'no thanks' smile instead.

"So, where does…Catherine, work?" She quickly changed the subject and followed her new boss over to the bar and sat down on a stool.

"Four nights a week over at the strip club next-door, other three it's here bartending, she's not exactly the best at mixing drinks, but hey, it's cheaper than hiring someone else to do it."

They sat there for the next half hour going over other details before Eddie finally finished and told Sara she could leave. She was already turning to walk out before he called her back.


"This is just something I tell every new employee. A formality really, it's pretty much the one rule I'm serious about keeping…"

"What's that?" Sara asked quizzically, waiting for him to say something stupid like 'always knock three times before coming in my office cuz I might be otherwise engaged.'

"No hitting on my wife."

Well, she hadn't expected that. Especially after what he said about their 'arrangement'.


"Yea, I didn't think I'd mention it to you because I don't think you're funny like that. See, I don't mind guys comin on to her at her other job or anywhere else for that matter. Just as long as I'm not around. But here…this is my place of business and I'll be damned if I just sit around and let some lil bastard valet or sound guy drool all over her. That ain't how it works. Although I know she'd just love to fuck one of em right on the bar just to get under my skin."

He chuckled like the whole thing had been a joke, but Sara knew better. He threw an arm around her shoulders and started leading her to the door. "But, like I said; you ain't funny like that, are you?"

'funny like what?' She wanted to ask. Then it clicked. He wanted to know if she was gay…well, she was, but she wasn't about to tell him that and give him a reason to watch her like a hawk every time she walked in. Besides, it wasn't any of his damn business anyhow.

So she shook her head.

"Good," He said once they got outside of the club. Sara pulled her jacket on, trying to shield herself from the cold Las Vegas night air…well that and give her a reason to pull away from Eddie.

"Not that I got anything against gays." He added.

Sara just nodded before her curiosity got the best of her. "Just for argument's sake, what happens to people who go flirt with Catherine?"

"Well, first, I'll fire you. But that's a cake walk compared to what'll happen after that. You know who Sam Braun is?"

"Sure, the casino mogul."

"Yea, well, I'm close personal friends with him and he just happens to be like a father to Catherine. So, you take that information and run with it. It's just not a happy ending for whoever's stupid enough to actually go against me."

Sara felt a lump form in her throat and she swallowed hard. She didn't know what she had to be worried about. After all, she'd never mess around with a married woman. A married straight woman at that. It just wasn't her style. Even if Catherine was drop-dead gorgeous and Eddie didn't deserve all the chances in hell to be with her.

"Good to know,"

Eddie nodded. "Well, see ya tomorrow night Sidle. Have a good night." He said cheerfully before leaving Sara in the dark parking lot.

Sara got in her truck and drove away. She passed the strip club Eddie said Catherine worked at and was tempted to go in just to see how she danced, but decided against it and opted for just going home taking a long shower, then finally getting to bed.


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