Dark wanted to run, to be far far away from this place, this person, so cruel. He wasn't allowed. Even if that person would have stopped embracing him, pulling Dark's slim form against him. He still wouldn't be able to distance himself. Magic spells wound themselves around the room, around his body, around his very being.

That person moved slightly in the big bed, his arm strengthened his grip around the purple haired figure and buried his nose in the purple strands.

Then again, it was done almost lovingly, the grip surprisingly tender, unlike his normal behavior. Their legs entangled, the blanket had slipped of the bed, and was long forgotten since they used each others body heat to keep the other warm. Dark was trying his hardest to keep, in this position, the distance between them as big as possible, an incredible feat considering the circumstances.

He still wasn't quit sure of what the other wanted, but by now tiredness was taking over and his eyelids were steadily dropping. Finally the purple irises disappeared completely and Dark allowed himself to snuggle closer to the heat. His head found the juncture between the others neck and shoulder and stayed there.

The others eyes opened, irises of pure gold appeared, a satisfied glint in them as Krad looked down on the still figure in his arms. Possessively, but with the utmost care, an incredible feat for him, he tugged Dark even closer. The slightly smaller man murmured in his sleep, but didn't wake up. Krad shifted in a more comfortable position for the both of them and, finally, felt asleep.

End 30-06-2006