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"Warning: contains same sex relationship and uh sexual situations. Hence the M rating!"


The Storm.

At first Ed thought it was the thunder that woke him. It was late and the rain storm that had started that afternoon had become a full blown thunderstorm. From all the noise of rain pounding against brick, cement, wood, and glass and the deep throated booms of thunder Ed guessed the storm had reached its mid point. He sat up and after waiting for his eyes to adjust to the darkness, looked over to the end table that he currently used as a nightstand for his pocket watch.

Flicking it open with his thumb he absentmindedly watched the second hand pass the 10 o'clock mark before sighing and closing it only to open it again as he realized he hadn't actually read the time. 3:23am. Great. He laid the watch back on the table and was about to go back to sleep when he heard that same booming sound, but it wasn't thunder he was sure of it.

As he became slightly more awake he realized that there was someone calling his name in between knocking furiously on his front door. Ed jolted out of bed and haphazardly put on his robe.

"Shit!" he cursed as he stubbed his small toe against the dresser. The banging started again as he hopped around the apartment. "Alright, I'm coming!" he groaned.

Ed fumbled around looking for a match to lit the candle that usually stood at the ready in the hallway. Finding one, he lit the candle and held it above his head to keep the glare out of his eyes. Who the Hell would go out into a storm like this? He thought as he set the candle down on the bureau that rested next to the door. He clicked open the lock and opened the door to find...


Al was in mid knock as Ed opened the door. There were tears streaming down his face though it was difficult to tell the difference between Al's tears and rain.

Ed could tell.

"Brother." Al choked out before falling onto his brother's chest. His cries redoubled as Ed brought his arms around the taller boy's body, holding him close.

"Al, what's wrong?" Ed said hardly aware that his robe was being drenched in his brother's rain soaked clothes and tears. Ed stroked the brunette's damp hair. "Alphonse you're soaking wet. Come in and get changed into some dry clothes and you can tell me why you traveled in this storm. Does that sound okay?"

Al only moaned in reply.

Taking this to mean it was alright, Ed straightened up as much as he could with his brother's weight on him and lead the younger man into the bachelor's apartment. He moved his arm for a moment in order to close and lock the door before returning it to its previous place around Al's waist.

Ed lead the drenched boy to his bedroom and made him sit on the desk chair. Ed was barely aware that Al still had his shoes on until he heard them being kicked off. He bent down and picked them up. "I'll put these by the fire place so they can dry."

Next he went to his dresser to rummage through it for some clothes. He settled on a black and white sweater he'd received from Al the previous Christmas and the matching slacks.

"Here put this on while I go make some tea to help warm you up." Ed said handing the dry clothes to his little brother.

Al nodded weakly and began to take off his jacket.

Ed disappeared into the kitchen and using the candle started a fire for the kettle. He was now sober and wide awake with worry for his brother. There were very few things that could put Al in such a depressed mood and Ed wanted to do anything he could to make his brother feel better. It's what an older brother is supposed do after all, anything they can to protect their younger brother.

The kettle started to whistle and he turned it off and poured the streaming water into the pre-made cups. He placed those onto a tray and carried it to his room.

As he approached his bedroom he turned around so that his back would open the door. "I'm afraid all I have are bags, I hope that is alright?" Ed apologized turning around again to face his brother. Al was bare chest and in the midst of zipping the pants as his brother walked in.

"Oh sorry I thought you'd be done by now." He stammered looking away.

He heard Al make a noise in the back of his throat to signify that he accepted the apology and began to pull on the sweater. Ed wasn't such which apology he'd accepted but didn't think too much of it.

Shifting the tray so that he carried it one handed, Ed moved some papers before resting the tray on the desk. He held out a tea cup to the brunette.

"Thanks," Al said taking the tea. He held it in his hands, his cold fingers soaking up the heat, warming them. Alphonse stared into the cup watching the tea swirl around.

"Are you going to tell me what happened?" Ed asked leaning against the desk. His arms across his chest and the tea lightly touching his metallic eblow.

Al nodded his head but didn't speak.

"Al," he asked softly pulling his brother into his embrace. "Is it mom?"

Al's grip on Ed's arms tightened and he let out a small whimper.

"Oh Al! Please tell me what happened."

Al broke out of the embrace and looked his brother in the eyes. "Brother, I-I told her the truth. . .about me."

He knew that keeping his sexuality from their parents was something that weighed heavily on Al's mind. He remembered how nervous Al was when he told him that he was gay. Ed had been shocked but didn't seem that it was his business who his brother fancied or what they did in bed. He thanked Al for telling him and reassured him that he didn't find him disgusting and in fact he told him that as long as he was happy, then he would be happy.

"Oh Al!" Ed said placing his free hand on Al's knee. "I am so proud of you."

Al stiffened at the touch then moved his leg. Ed got the hint and removed his hand. "Al?"

"Don't." He said dangerously. "You don't understand. She said it's your fault for what has happened to me. That you paid too much attention to me when we were kids and never left me alone to grow up."

"We've always been close."

"We're too close." Al said softly.

"I don't understand what the problem is," Ed sighed slightly confused. "So mom thinks you prefer men because I was a big brother, huh? Well there's a theory for you."

"That's not all." Al said. "That's not the worst of it. I-I haven't told anyone, not even you brother. The reason she thinks it is your fault is. . . it happened so fast that it kind of slipped out."

"What slipped out? Al you know you can tell me anything right? No matter how stupid or embarrassing you think it is." Ed carefully prodded. He felt worried and a bit hurt that Al had such a secret that he even had to keep it from him. He thought coming out would have been enough of a secret and he'd shared that with him a year ago.

"I really don't like men." Al said softly not looking at his brother.

"You like women now? Wow, have you meet someone? I'd like to meet the woman who can make men switch sides. Or could it be that there is a guy who hurt you so you've sworn off all men?" Ed said thinking out loud. "If there is I swear to God there isn't a cave or hold deep enough to hide him from me!"

"No Brother! Calm down. You're spilling tea everywhere!"

"Huh? Oh, sorry." Ed apologized placing his half empty tea cup back on the tray. Al set his cup next to Ed's.

"The truth is, I don't like women either." Al watched his brother's brows furrow in confusion.

"Then you didn't like anybody? Don't tell me you and those cats. . .?"

"What? Oh God no! That's sick brother." Al exclaimed giggling into his hand. "Honestly, where do you get these ideas?"

"I don't know, it was the first thing that popped into my head that made sense." Ed admitted scratching the back of his head.

"You mean you we're serious?" Al's eyes opened in surprise.

"No" Ed said in a voice that meant 'yes.'

Al's giggle became a full out laugh. "Brother you are so silly." The brunette was laughing so much that he had to brace his hand on his brother's shoulder in order to keep his balance. "But that's why I love you so much." He sighed after he calmed down.

Ed blushed. He coughed into his hand in an attempt to hide is embarrassment and slightly growing temper. "Well you still haven't told me what you told Mom to make her blame me for you lifestyle."

Al grew quiet again and a blush that matched his brothers appeared across his face. "Never mind. Forget it. I mean I feel much better now, so there's no reason to tell you is there?"

"Al you went through a thunderstorm, in the middle of the night, crying on my doorstep because of something Mom said, and now you say never mind? I'm sorry but I am not buying it. I know that Mom's a bit old fashioned but I doubt she would be so mean to her little boy because he's gay."

"Well she wasn't really upset about that, she actually took it much better than Dad did. You know Mom, the voice of reason. It wasn't until after she had calmed Dad down that she asked me if I had anybody special. You know I was never a good liar, but I tried anyway and Mom could see right though it. So I tried to skate the question by talking about my pervious relationships. I was so relieved that she wasn't mad at me that I just let my guard down and when she mentioned something about your dating life I foolishly said that you would never be with someone like me. I tried to say that I had misspoken, but it was too late. She had figured me out. She was so angry. I have never seen her that mad before. Called me unclean because of the way I feel about you." Al sighed audibly before he continued. "That I am in love with my own brother."

Ed didn't say anything.

"Ed?" Al whispered. "I love you. I want to be with you."

Ed only stared at Al as if he were mute, deaf, and dumb.

"I am sorry that I love you this way. I didn't know it at first or maybe I did but was in denial, but every time I would meet a new guy I would never be able to get comfortable with him and ended the relationship. I wish there was something I could do to change the way I feel but there isn't. I wish I could change that fact that I wish we weren't related, that we share the same blood, so that I could have you."

There were tears starting at the corner of Al's eyes as he continued to confess. "I wish that I didn't imagine it was your hand in mine as I walk into an unknown bedroom. Dream it is your arms around my naked body, your lips on mine, your voice that moans my name in pleasure; your hands that touch me in secret places, your body that wiggled underneath me or thursts on top of mine." Al had buried his head in his hands his sobs echoing throughout the room.

Ed quickly stood the desk bucked into the wall at his sudden movement. His reaction made Al's head snap up his eyes wide in fear and realization that he'd let out his worst secret yet. He fell to he knees and grabbed Ed's flesh hand.

"Oh God no! It's not true Brother! I'm drunk and not thinking clearly! I didn't mean it! I was joking! I'm playing a trick on you. I really don't think of you that way! It was a dare, a double dare! Please, oh please dear God don't think this is real!" His little brother pleaded.

But it was too late.

Ed knew it was real.

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