Amethyst Skies

Part 1

By Dog-Demon-Emiko

Chapter 1: Celebrations of Change

(AN: Hello and welcome to my new story. This is my first Twilight fic so sorry if I don't get some things right. A few quick things- I have yet to read New Moon, I'm waiting on the library to get the book in. So none of this story has anything from New Moon in it expect in part two and I'm tyring to find someone to help me with that. The Volturi and Jacob will be OOC. Another thing- This story will change POV's but I'm usually good at making the reader understand who's narrating the story. I'm writing this story to help develop myself as a writer so tell me if there is anything wrong like grammer, spelling, or even Twilight facts, etc... I will greatly appreciate it. This story will be written in two parts and so far it wil be around 35 chapters long, but my mind constantly changes so it may be longer. So, without further ado, enjoy!)

I was more than nervous; my face was as red as a tomato as I paced back and forth through the crowded room. Arms snaked around my waist and pulled me to a stone hard chest.

"Relax," came a deep musical voice. Chills ran up my spine as the breath of the love of my life floated over my ear. My heartbeat increased slightly, and I could feel the smirk on his lips.

"I hate it when you do that," I whined, not really hating it at all. His chuckle vibrated through me.

"It's not that big of a deal," he smiled. I crossed my arms and pouted.

"For you, you've done this before!" I whispered. He chuckled again and kissed my pouty lips.

"Just relax. You don't want to trip and fall up there, it's being recorded". Oh gee, thanks Edward. I gave a bit of a growl and clenched my jaw, a habit that I think I got from him.

"It's not very threatening when a human does it," he chuckled some more. "It's actually kind of cute." I blushed and sighed, gaving up my fit as the principal called us out from the waiting room. We filed out in alphabetical order and took our seats.

"It now comes to the time when we have to say goodbye to our graduates. I wish them all good luck as they pass into the world of college and hope that they make good decisions. For life is not a game, but is a chance to make something of ourselves..." I drowned out the rest of the principles speech for the sheer aggravation of the situation. About six rows up from me were Alice and Edward whispering to each other. From being around them for so long I know when they are doing things that other humans wouldn't notice. I could see the slight twitch in Alice's ear that signaled she was listening to something that was available to vampires only. My jaw clenched again, clearly showing my impatience.

Edward promised me that I would be turned after graduation, something I can't wait for. My only fear now is that he'll either back down or something will go wrong about the turning. I have no fears about him drinking my blood, but things never tend to go right with me.

"Cullen, Edward!" The principal shouted. Applause was not allowed between callings during graduation due to the amount of things they had to announce, and that fact that the ceremony was being held outside- Mother Nature often throws sudden showers at Forks. Edward shook the principals hand and gave her his famous crooked smile. The principal was dazed for a bit and I bit back a smile. "Cullen, Alice!" she shouted after remembering what was going on. Alice glided up to the stage and shocked the principal with a tight hug. I tried to bite back the laugh that wanted to burst out. I looked to the sidelines of the unused football field where the graduates were supposed to be walking back to their seats. I found Edward as the last one and saw that he was close to laughing also.

The rest was a blur until it came to my name. I was blinded by the dramatic lighting on the stage and nearly stumbled...or I thought I did. But as I walked across the stage I didn't fall once! Charlie and Renee were in the audience, beaming like never before. I stepped off the stage and nearly tripped on my gown the last step but I survived. It wasn't until I was walking back to my seat that I realized what was in my hands. I flipped open the little pleather book and nearly screamed for joy. My high school diploma - I couldn't believe it.

Soon enough the ceremony was over, and I put a hand on my cap along with the rest of the class. "It's been great and I hope to hear about all of you making something of yourselves somewhere if I haven't retired by then," the audience snickered for a moment. "So, without further ado, parents, say hello to the class of 2005!" There was a huge roar from the crowd as the caps flew into the air and all over the field. Graduates began hugging others, wishing them good luck before running off to their parents for pictures. I looked around the audience for the familiar faces of my own and spotted them talking the Carlisle and Esme. Beaming, I ran over to them, careful of my footing, and was caught off-guard as someone scooped me up from behind and ran the rest of the way for me. Edward laughed at the look on my face as we stopped in front of my parents. He set me down and I threw my arms around them, kissing them both on the cheek as they congratulated me. I then turned to Carlisle and Esme who congratulated Edward and I also. Emmet's large hand ruffled my hair, as Rosalie and Jasper threw me small smiles.

"Hey, where's-" Before I could even ask I was being tackled to the ground. Alice's laughter filled my ears as she lifted me up and shook off Edwards warning stare.

"Oh congratulations Bella!" she laughed hysterically. The other Cullens giggled slightly too at Alice's insanity.

"Say, why don't we all go out to eat to celebrate?" Charlie offered. Rosalie was the one who spoke up first.

"Thank you Mr. Swan, we would, but Emmet and I are leaving for Spain tonight. And Alice and Jasper have a lot of packing to do." Thank you Rosalie. It would be hard to explain why only three people out of ten were hungry.

"That's alright," Charlie recovered.

"Dad, you remember what I told you right? About going to the Cullens?" I asked. I had been telling him for a week now. He nodded and glanced to Renee.

"Mom?" I asked hopefully. She smiled ad hugged me closely.

"I can't believe your growing up," she whispered. "Promise you'll visit me?" I nodded in her embrace. She squeezed my tightly for a second before letting go.

"I'm going to run home and pack a bag. Edward, can you-"

"No problem." he smiled. I could swear that he was able to read my mind sometimes. I gave a small smile back, trying my hardest not to smirk as he took my hand and led me through the crowd at the center of the field to his car.

For some reason I felt like a giddy school girl, as if my life was now mine to control. With an extra spurt of energy and a prayer to the Big Man upstairs that I wouldn't fall, I squeezed Edward's hand tighter and took off at a run. He looked at me with a bit of surprise and kept up with me easily. From the glint in his eye I knew he wanted nothing more then to put me on his back and run at his speed.

We reached the car within a minute, and if I wasn't hunched over from the run I would have patted myself on the back. I had run across the football field and halfway through the parking lot without falling! I looked up, my face bright, to see Edward's smiling face just inches from mine. I tried to stop breathing so heavily, knowing the effect it had on him, but I failed miserably. I felt my face grow hotter and my eyes grow wide. Excitement sparked in his eyes as he brushed his lips against mine, eyes never leaving my own. It took me a second to notice that I had accomplished my earlier task of not breathing when I heard the passenger door pop open. I looked up to see him smiling at me, his eyes still sparking and his crooked smirk cocky. Quietly I stumbled into the car; not two seconds later I heard the drivers door open and close and the engine start.

The drive didn't take long, it never did with Edward driving. I had grew used to his speed, but I still scolded him about keeping his eyes on the road. Just because he didn't swerve didn't mean that something wouldn't jump in front of the car.

We arrived at my house within ten minutes according to the clock, it felt like ten hours in my head. He got out and opened my door for me, taking my hand and leading me up to my front door. Before I could move he handed me my spare key. I gave a grateful smirk and turned the knob, popping the door open. When your father is the chief in town and theirs not many neighbors not many people try to break in. Kissing my hand he let me walk through the door first and then closed it behind him. I walked up to my room, not wanting to waste a moment of time, and pulled out a large black duffel bag packed to the fullest. I had packed three days ago and it took me two days to do it. I kept changing the clothes that I wanted to bring over and over because of Alice. No doubt she would try to take me shopping even though I tell her not to. But it's typical Alice, you can't tell her no.

Edward had been waiting downstairs for me as I dragged my heavy bag down the steps. Seeing my struggle, he came and lifted the heavy bag in one hand.

"Show off," I muttered, earning me a gentle chuckle. I went into the kitchen drawer to pull out a note pad and pen I usually use to leave Charlie a note.


Just wanted to remind you I'll be at the Cullens for a bit, maybe a week or so. Don't worry I'll be fine. I'll call you to check in every once and a while. I love you and I'll miss you,


She read the note over and over again, making sure it didn't sound to final. She didn't want her dad suspecting anything about her. She noticed her hands shaking as she put her note on the kitchen table. She only hoped that Edward didn't sense her nerves as they went into the car, her bag in the back seat.

I was once again nervous, but to make it worse I was anxious. My lip kept twitching and I played with the ends of my hair. Is it getting hot in here? I rolled down my window just a bit, ignoring the roar of the wind. Tonight was the end of my life, tonight I would die, and be reborn. I was happy that it was happening, Edward and I will be together forever. But I was nervous, what if something went wrong? What if Edward backed out of it? I chanced a glance over to my undead boyfriend to find his golden eyes watching me intently. I tired to throw him a smile but I don't think it came out the way I planned it.

"I know your nervous, just relax," he smiled. He knows me to well. I tried to fake a smile again but he only laughed at me. "You chew on your tongue when your nervous Bella," he pointed out. Yes, he definitely knew me to well. He offered me his hand as we came to a stop. We were in front of his house, where my life would change forever.

We entered to find the large house empty. I looked to Edward who only smiled as he grabbed my hand and lugged my heavy bag up the stairs to his room. "Are you hungry?" he asked as I settled onto his bed. I shook my head. With all the butterflies in my stomach there's no way I can keep anything down. "You sure?" I nodded. He sat down in the bed next to me and ran his fingers through my brown hair. He looked me straight into my eyes with all the love in the world. "Your sure you want to do this Bella, you know there's no going back from here?" I nodded with determination.

"I'm positive Edward." I stated. He nodded, his eyes still conflicting. I put a reassuring hand on his cheek. "I want to be with you forever, and I don't want you to be alone when I die. And I definitely don't want to die a virgin," I added while reminding him of why I wanted this. He chuckled as the love in his eyes became slightly murky with lust.

"Well we're going to have to fix that". He laid me back and loomed over me with all his scary but oh-so-sexy glory. My blood began to tingle and heat as he kissed my neck and massaged my body. I moaned, groaned, and pleaded with him to hurry. I wasn't the most patient person in the world all of the sudden and his slow pace was making me crazy. I flipped us over with unknown strength and smiled at his look of shock. Somehow our shirts were already gone and he was working off my bra.

I was seeing dots after a while, and the blackness outside filled the room. I cried a tear when my virginity was torn due to the size of him but he waited for me, just like he promised. Sounds escaped my mouth that I had no control over, and suddenly my world was of bright lights and undescribable sensations of upmost pleasure. There was a roar from Edward that shook the room, then something warm inside of me, and after pain on my neck. Finally, there was nothing but black.

I could scarcely remember any pain, the only one being something sticking me in my arm. I could remember someone whispering to me but I don't know exactly what. I was floating in my own world of darkness but I wasn't afraid. It wasn't like the time with James where I was drowning. Something was carrying me this time- it felt like feathers. For a second I could swear that I saw butterflies.

I woke up fully after what seemed like forever. I squinted to allow my eyes to adjust to real darkness instead of the darkness behind my eye lids. I took a deep breath and coughed, who sprayed so much air freshener?

"She should be awake, it is the third day after all," she heard Alice's impatient voice. It sounded distant but yet it was so loud.

"Shut up Alice," I muttered. My head was still murky and my thinking hadn't come back yet. I heard a chuckle behind me and my pillow bounced a bit.

"Alice is downstairs love, it's vampire hearing, get used to it." I tilted my head up to see Edward behind me. A tiny hint of a frown on his lips. I picked up my arm and traced it lightly with my finger, feeling him shiver below me.

"Is it over?" I asked. The frown deepened a bit.

"Yes," he trailed off.

"Then what's wrong?" I asked. I picked my head up from his chest, but he only crushed me back to him.

"It was...uncomfortable, hearing the transformation and seeing it. You were in a lot of pain, and Carlisle kept you on a high dose of morphine. The worst part about it was hearing your heart stop and feeling your body grow cold." I smiled and kissed his lips.

"I'm fine now." Suddenly I felt a wrenching pain through my stomach, and a rumble sounded through the room. I sat up fully and grabbed my stomach. Edward movied around to the front of me and pulled my face up to look into my eyes.

"Get dressed, you need to hunt. I told you, you should have ate before your transformation," I still growled but nodded and nearly blushed at the fact that all I was wearing was one of his shirts that barley covered my butt. Out of the corner of my eye I could see him smirking at me, his eyes on my body. I purposely avoided his gaze and went over to my duffle bag. I dragged it into his large walk in closet and sorted through my clothes. I chose a simple green cami tank with a pair of old jeans. I was putting on my shoes when my stomach did that awful lurching thing again. Another roar ripped from me and saliva poured over my teeth. My mouth developed a tangy taste from it and I realized that it was not saliva, but venom.

Edward burst into the closet fully dressed to see me hunched on the floor, propped up on my toes. He came over to me immediately, helping me to stand and led me out the closet. I growled again as we descended the staircase and felt my fangs growing. We passed the living room and I heard Edward growl at his family who were trying to approach me. He put me in the passenger seat and buckled me in. In seconds we were off at 150mph, straight into the camping grounds on he outskirts of Forks.

Pain kept me from bursting out of the car as soon as we pulled up. Edward carried me out of the car and into the woods. He set me down on a fallen tree and pulled my head up so I could look at him. I knew my eyes were black, I had seen Edwards the same many times before. I tried to listen to him and ignore the smells of the forest.

"Bella, you need to use your nose, alright? Just smell and go after what ever appeals to you." He must've seen the tinge of fear in my eyes, for he whispered, "I'll be with you all the way."

I nodded and tuned him out. I turned to the wind which was coming from behind us and sorted through all the different smells there were. There were some I recognized, like wet vegetation and heat, and others I didn't, like wet dogs and other animals. There! One smell had caught my eye -or my nose rather- and my eyes snapped open wide. It was sweet, very sweet, but very musty also. Before I knew it I was on my feet, Edward right behind me. I had run for only a minute when I came to a large hole. Puzzled, I continued to sniff until I heard a thunderous growl from the inside. A badger, one a little smaller than a medium sized dog, came wobbling out, showing all his teeth and stomping his heavily armed paws. I licked my fangs as I smelt it: blood. It must have gotten into a fight, for it's hind leg was twisted in the wrong manner and there was blood soaked dirt in its wake.

I grabbed for it and got one hell of a bite on my hand. Edward was saying something behind me but I wasn't listening. The badger stomped again, giving me a final warning. I snarled and snapped my jaws as I kept trying to grab it. But the stubborn animal still had its vulnerable hind in the hole. There wasn't a way I could grab it without getting bitten. Thinking quickly I jumped high into the air and landed hard on the ground above the badger's hole, making it cave in a bit. I quickly grabbed it from behind as it tried and failed to turn around on itself to attack me. I grabbed its muzzle with one hand, holding it to the ground and put my other hand on it's withers. It struggled beneath my hands and having sympathy for it, I gave it a sharp twist, making it go limp. I couldn't wait a moment longer, so I sunk my fangs into it's neck, sucking out the sweet life giving fluid. I don't know how long it took me to devour my meal but by the time I was done the carcass was severely shriveled. I uncovered the entrance to the den and put the badger back inside before covering it again. I couldn't very well leave it in the open.

For a small animal the badger had more blood than I expected. As far as I know Edward and Emmet fed off of large animals, so I thought that I would need more than one, but that was not the case. I felt content after just one and I looked up and around. Edward was sitting in a low branch of a strong pine tree, his dark molten eyes watching me intently. We shared a brief staring contest before he jumped from the tree and walked to me, his eyes never leaving mine. Unconsciously I shrunk a bit before him, not out of fear but uncertainty. He offered me his hands, and I took them as he pulled me up and into a tight embrace.

"Edward?" I asked, unsure. My stomach was finally settled and I felt more in control as the blood went through my system.

"You have no idea how scary but oddly erotic you looked," he whispered in my ear. I felt warmth spread through my cheeks as he backed up and examined me.

"Glad to see you can still blush," he chuckled. I growled. "Don't worry, it's just the blood working into your system. Who knew a badger could have so much, or that it would be your favorite animal," he shrugged before he added, "Although it does accent your stubborn streak".

Before I could say anything he took my hand and led me deeper into the forest. We came to a small brook where he told me to wash my hands and face off quickly before the smell of blood summons any other predator. My reflection in the water shocked me. My face looked like it had never seen the light of day. It had lost what little I had of an Arizona tan and looked even paler due to the blood streaking down from the corners of my mouth and down to my neck. My hair was shiner and held more volume than it ever had, and my eyes were turning from black to gold. I rinsed off my red hands and splashed water on my face and neck, wetting my tank a bit. I flipped my hair back from my face, making a mental note to remember to tie it up when I go hunting so that it doesn't get dirty.

When I was finished I looked to Edward, finding him staring at me probably the same way I had been staring at the badger. He came up to me, his face inches from mine, and kissed me slowly but with aggression on the lips. When he pulled away I was gasping for breaths that I forgot I didn't need.

"As soon as everything is sorted out, you are not leaving my bed until we both pass out," he growled with lust. A shiver ran down my spine as he swooped down to kiss my neck with fevor. My mind was a blur and my knees became weak until he pulled away reluctantly. "Come on, you need to learn more than just hunting and you don't have much time." We went back to his car to drive back to the mansion. The entire time I had to remind him about keeping his eyes on the road instead of my neck.

"What do you mean we don't have much time?" I asked as we took the side rode that led to his home.

"As in we don't have much time. You told your father you'd call him, remember? Well he's been calling since yesterday because you haven't answered. You'd better call him soon, I don't want him coming over before your ready."

"Ready for what?" I asked as he opened my door for me and helped me out.

"To be around humans. You should be fine when your home alone since you've got no neighbors, but you need to make sure your used to everything before you go home with a human in your nose all the time."

"I just ate," I whined "so I should be fine right?" Edward threw me a smirk as he opened the front door for me.

"For now, but you've just been changed. Your rather, unpredictable. You don't know what traits have been amplified and what has been lost. This means that you will need to stay under constant surveillance before I trust you enough." I nodded as he closed the door behind himself.

"So that's why you wanted to wait until after graduation, no human crowds?" Edward smiled and nodded before kissing my forehead. Suddenly my ears tensed and I felt the air shift around me. My head snapped around and instinct made my body jump back a foot to see something pink fly by me. My eyes wide, I looked to see Alice standing about two yards away from me, a scowl on her face. Edward began to laugh hysterically.

"Great, now I don't have to worry about hurting you, I have to worry about actually getting you!" she huffed and crossed her arms. I put my hands on my hips and pushed them to one side.

"Aww, did I spoil widdle Alice's fun?" I teased.

"Widdle? I've got you beat by a whole century!" I started to laugh at the situation also, along with other people. Turning I saw the entire family in the living room, from which Alice just came. They stood as I fully acknowledged them and I looked down shyly as they took in my appearance. Edward suddenly started to growl; when I looked up at him he had stern eye contact with Emmet who Rosalie was glaring at. I felt my cheeks grow hot once more and put my head down, making my hair cover my face. I heard footsteps so light I thought I was hearing things, and then the calming scent of lavender wafted underneath my nose. I looked up to see Esme walking towards me with a smile and open arms.

"Welcome to the family dear," she greeted as she hugged me. I thanked her shyly and felt a shift at my side. I didn't need to look to see who it was before his sweet scent hit my nose. Edward led me into the living room since my feet forgot how to move and I was greeted the same way by Carlisle, Emmet, and oddly enough Rosalie and Jasper.

"So I suppose you've already been hunting?" Carlisle asked as everyone, including Alice, sat back onto the couches. Edward pulled me into his lap with his nose by my neck. I nodded, not trusting myself to say anything. Edward's promise was still on my mind and with his close proximity the fog that only he could produce was starting to sturr. He seemed to know it too for he began to chuckle, hidden behind my hair. With a quick jab I hit him in the ribs with my elbow. Even though it didn't hurt he took it as a fair warning.

"Edward says my dads been calling?" I asked. Carlisle nodded.

"He called yesterday and I told him Alice had took you shopping. He says that since your on your own vacation he's taking one of his own. He's going back to Phoenix with your mother and he wants to speak with you before he leaves." I nodded and chewed on my lip, careful of my much sharper teeth.

"Shopping does sound like a good idea though," Alice said dreamily. She snapped out of her little trance and looked to Rosalie. The two girls looked to me as if I was their next meal. I let a playful whine escape my throat and Edward laughed at the sound.

"Take her shopping later," he rescued me "she needs to learn more first, like running". And my hero just turned out to be another bad guy.

"What if clumsiness is something that stayed with her?" Emmet asked, his eyes full of mirth. I glared at him.

"Let's hope not for all our sake," Edward joked. I laughed along with the rest of them.

We were sitting in the kitchen the next morning and it was a cloudy day. 'The perfect day for running,' Edward had said. I rolled my eyes, me and running in the same sentence meant paramedic. I flipped open Edwards cell phone that he told me to use and dialed my house number. It picked up on the second ring.

"Hello?" Charlie's voice came. I smiled at it for some reason.

"Dad?" I asked, dispite the obvious.

"Oh, hey Bells, how are you?"

"I'm fine," I sat on the counter, the cool surface cooling my flanal pants. Edward walked into the room shirtless and my eyebrows stitched together. He wouldn't walk around half naked if there were other people home. I ignored him for the moment. "How are you?"

"Alright. Hey, I spoke to Dr. Cullen and he said you've been out shopping. Do you need more money?" Edward came over to me and pulled my legs apart, standing in-between them and kissing my neck with his arms around my waist.

"No dad, Alice paid for everything. Most of the stuff we got was for her anyway. She has a huge closet and is giving me some of her clothes!" I lied quickly. I had to sound like I was having a good time. I know my dad, if I sound like I'm having fun he'll call less often.

"Alright, just don't go to crazy,"

"I won't dad, scout's honor!" Edward snorted and rolled his eyes. I had to agree with him, as if I was a scout. Charlie laughed anyway.

"Listen Bells, the station is granting me a much needed vacation, and I should be back in a few days. I'm going to Phoenix with your mom for a bit. She says there are some places there that I'll like. Do you want me to drop off the spare key?" I thought for a second, looking at the unused microwave across the kitchen from me instead of the topaz eyes that were watching me intently.

"No, I have to go back to the house tonight to unpack some things since it all won't fit in my bag with Alice's stuff. I'll take it when I get there."

"Okay hunny, you sure there's nothing else you need?" he asked.

"I'm positive dad, have fun in Phoenix."

"I will hunny, have fun too. Bye."

"Bye dad," I closed the phone and put it down on the counter next to me. I looked hard into the eyes of my undead lover and huffed.


"Can I have a phone conversation without you touching me?" He gave me an innocent face.

"I'm only showing my affection," he purred.

"No, your telling me to hurry and get off the phone so I can go back upstairs with you," I giggled as he poked my ticklish side. Dam, that stayed?

"I wouldn't mind another repeat of last night," he threw me his crooked smile.

"You mean this morning," I corrected. I could feel the blush creep into my cheeks as I recounted last night. He had definitely been...enthusiastic. A smile broke through my barrier and cracked across my face. We both laughed at the same time. "Your going to turn me into some kind of sex fiend," I smirked, he shrugged.

"That's something I could live with," he kissed my neck again and pulled away. After a second I realized that I had been leaning into him and leaned back. He slapped my thigh playfully, not hard, but firm enough to get my attention. "C'mon, I was serious about running." I groaned but followed him out the kitchen and up to his room anyway.

As we were walking up the steps I noticed fading marks across his back. I reached out a hand and traced them, and he looked over his shoulder to regard me without missing a step. "That was your working incase you don't remember. You're a lot stronger then you look now." I muttered a quick apology under my breath. "Don't be sorry, it's not like it hurt."

"Did you like it?" I asked, half humored and half shocked. He didn't answer me, only led me into his closet and grabbed a sweatshirt for himself. "Edward," I asked again, my voice playfully impatient. He gave me a devilish smirk that made a chill crawl up my spine. I took that as my answer and reached into my bag. I pulled out sweats and plain shirt that I would have normally slept in. There was no use getting all dressed up when I'm probably going to fall and ruin the clothes anyway.

We went into the forest surrounding his house and he took my hands. "Try and keep up, I won't go that fast," That's a promise, I thought. You complain that driving 80mph is slow! He began at a jog and then sped up. I kept with ease. We were following the winding path that we had made and in a few minutes we were in our meadow. I smiled and tried to remember how things looked from the run.

"That was faster then a human pace?" I asked. He smirked.

"That was about pro-sprinter limits. Not nearly as fast as we could go."

We ran through the forest over and over again. After a bit he let go of my hand but made me stay close to him. Quick thinking and sharp eyes kept me from falling. I saw things like tree roots and rocks sticking out from the ground, and inhuman reflexes made sure that I didn't trip over them. A girl could get used to this...well, in my case, I'll have to get used to it. It was twilight when we stopped, and we sat in our meadow to watch the sun set over the horizon. Thoughts zoomed through my mind about today with their own emotions. A random question popped into my head, and I asked without hesitation.

"Where was everyone today?"

"Carlisle was at the hospital, Esme was out getting things for her garden, Jasper took Alice to a college interview, and Rosalie and Emmet went to look for a new car." I gasped.

"Rosalie's getting rid of her BMW?"

"No, Emmet wants something a little smaller than the jeep," Try a lot smaller, I thought. Emmet's jeep was an off-roading jeep and the monster of the automobile world.


"Speaking of cars," he trailed off. I held my breath, a habit I did when I expected an argument. "what are you doing with that truck of yours?" I knew it, he just couldn't leave my truck alone.

"Nothing," I said stubbornly, "I'm keeping it."

"Your going to want something faster, trust me. I was thinking a Carreara GT maybe,-"

"I don't speak car and driver," I reminded him. Guys and their cars...

"A Porsche," he sighed at my lack of knowledge. My eyes shot open at that.

"Are you crazy? Do you know how much that would cost?" I knew money wasn't a big deal when it came to the Cullens, but spending thousands of dollars on me?!

"Consider it a gift- I think a midnight blue would be good for you," he kept talking as if I hadn't accused his of losing his sanity.

"No Edward, I'm fine with my truck, thank you." He nodded a nod that I could tell he wasn't really listening. A growl escaped my throat and pulled him from his own little world to look at me curiously. I ignored his adorable resemblance to a shaggy puppy and held his gaze. He smiled and pulled me to him, brushing his lips against my cheek. "No car," I said sternly. His tongue flicked out of his mouth and lashed my cheek. I gasped pulled back, staring at him with shock and saw the familiar spark in his eyes. "Your insatable!" I accused. "I'm going to have to have you neutered if you keep this up!" His face dropped to horror so quickly it should have been frightening but instead I found myself laughing so hard I couldn't breath, not that I needed to. If I could still cry, tears would be rolling down my cheeks as I rolled around on the ground.

Getting a bit of control over myself I righted myself and looked at his face. He was staring at me, his face in a mixture of horror and fear. The giggling overcame me again and he scowled. "That's not funny Bella,"

"!!!!" The giggles turned into laughs and I really couldn't control myself. He reached out a hand to grab me and my laughter broke off instantly. With a snarl I lunged on top of him, adrenaline fueling my veins and my fangs lengthen. In a flash he flipped us over, his hands gripping my shoulders and his serious eyes boring into mine.

"Bella what the hell is wrong with you?" he shouted at me over my growls. I tried to push him off of me but he held fast. His eyes were hard and his aura was screaming his dominance. I stopped growling, and let go of him as if I had been burned. My mind was blank and I couldn't get a single thought through.

"I don't know," I said slowly. Did I really just attack him?

"Maybe I scared you," he suggested. "Come on, let's go home." He helped me stand and we walked at a human pace back to the Cullen mansion. What the hell was that?

I sighed as the computer took eternity to load. We were at the hospital using the computer in Carlisle's office. I was sitting on Edwards lap as we searched for colleges to go to, something we should have done months ago. It was fun but frustrating at the same time. After three days of being a vampire I found that the hardest thing to control was my patience. Edward has been watching me since the outburst in the meadow. He's been extra careful to make sure that I wasn't left alone with anyone for to long. I don't know what that feeling was myself. It felt like for a second I wasn't in control.

Edward thought that coming to the hospital would be a good thing for me. It's a place where the smell of blood was a bit faint but enough to help me build an immunity. I didn't think so though, the smell of death and sickness overwhelmed me even more, which is why I was glad that Carlisle's office has central air.

I didn't let Edward know some things though, which is why I am very grateful that he still can not read my mind. For the past few nights I've been feeling sick, like human sick. I feel like I'm going to throw up, I try to throw up, but when its showtime my stomachs gets stage fright.

Last night I had been in the kitchen gazing at the nearly full moon and the nauseousness hit me like a MAC truck. I ran to the garbage can faster then anyone could blink and dry heaved. Edward had been in the shower, and no one was close enough to hear me. I wiped my mouth, feeling disgusted and splashed water on my face. Maybe it's my new diet, after all it's not like blood is Trimspa's secret to success.

There was a knock on the door and Carlisle poked his head though. "Edward, come help me with a patient please? He weighs 200lbs and it will arise suspicion if people see me carrying him myself into his room." He nodded and put me on the chair.

"I'll be right back, don't move." he commanded. I saluted him like a solider and he smiled at my antics. I had learned a while ago that there was no use fighting his overprotective nature, and to just go with it. I turned my attention back to the computer.

I wasn't sure what I wanted to go in for, I figured building a career is sketchy, since your name will be known for a while. Alice was going to school for a Bachelors's Degree for Interior Design, and Rosalie was going to a modeling school. I wanted something small that I could get over with. Seeing as Edward had been to college a few times already he didn't care much what to go in for. He said he'd do what ever I do. He quickly changed that statement to he'd support what ever I do when I told him that he would look adorable in a School of Cosmetology. Something we had agreed on was that I was going to wait until next year to start college to build up my immunity to humans some. Edward had assured me that it would be easier for me then it was for him because I had never tasted human blood before. But the real test would come when I smelt human blood. He had prayed that my dislike of human blood had remained but I doubted it. When I was human I hated blood period, human or animal. Now I drool over the gooey substance as if it was the best delicacy in the world.

The sudden vision of a bleeding animal crossed my mind, with the blood pouring out from its wound. The nausea hit me again and I leaned over into the trash can next to the desk. Nothing came out, as expected, and I sat up, feeling exhausted but restless. Carefully, I stood from the chair and left the office, forgetting Edwards command. I walked from the MD. wing and down the stairs and into the lobby, away from the patients ward. The wind drafted in and the scents were carried into my constantly twitching nose. I was hit hard with the scent of wet dog and I snorted, almost desperate to get to stench out my nose. I looked up and saw two boys, a tall muscular one with black hair, and a blonde. They were with a girl who had a tan from who knows where. They looked around my age, and rather protective of the girl.

The smell was coming from the three of them and I tried not to make it obvious that they stunk as I passed. They snarled at me as I walked by and I took a seat by the door. It was raining outside and I didn't want to get wet today. The secretary told them to take a seat, and I looked around to see that the only other seats were next to me. I tried to look preoccupied so that I didn't look at them. They sat the girl farthest from me, the blonde boy with hands on her stomach and the black-haired boy next to me glaring down at me.

"Is there a problem?" I asked him, sarcasm dripping from my voice. The boy threw his head and scoffed, water rolling out of his cropped black hair.

"Yea, there is." he growled, and he leaned closer. "You smell everything like them but yet you have a heartbeat. I take it you're a human whore?" he snarled. My eyebrows came together at that one. First off, what if I was a human that didn't know about any of them? Second off, what did they mean heartbeat? Third, did this guy just call me a whore?

"Are you stupid?" I asked "Use your nose." The blonde snorted with disgust.

"Are you deaf? Use your ears bloodsucker, there are six heartbeats in the room." I looked around. There were those three, plus the secretary. That made four. I opened my mouth to correct his math but he added in, "My mate is pregnant." Okay, so that made five.

"That makes five then," I pointed out. The black haired boy rolled his eyes impatiently.

"Did you feed off a mentally retarded child lately? You have a heartbeat." My eyebrows furrowed for a bit and then I made eye contact with the she-wolf who was looking at me with a face of indifference; her hands were covering her belly protectively. Unconsciously, my hands wandered to my stomach. I shot up from my seat, nearly knocking it over, and tried to maintain a human speed as I ran down the hall. Edward would have heard...I would've known...Vampires can't...How is...?

I had made it back to the office without realizing it. I opened the door to see Edward sitting at Carlisle's desk, his eyes hard. They softened a bit when he saw me. "Bella? What's wrong?" I think I'm pregnant stupid! I screamed in my head. It would explain a lot; the throwing up; the mood swings. "Bella!" Edward asked again with more force.

"I went into the patients ward by accident, there was blood...but don't worry I didn't do anything. It's just so hard to get the smell out." I lied. I had to think things through before I jumped the conclusions or listened to some wolves. They were nothing but animals anyway, right?

"You've got to be more careful," he said as he hugged me. "C'mon, Carlisle's shift is over, we're going home." I nodded and followed him silently. As the three of us left we passed by the black haired wolf, the blonde boy and his mate gone. His eyes glared holes into my head and Edward growled in my defense. I only ducked my head down into his chest. How?...What?...

I'm in deep shit...