Facets of Me

Facet Eleven: Geode

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Warning: Sexual situations involving two boys. Cross-dressing.

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It's Wednesday, June 19, and I'm curled up under my blanket when I should be at tennis practice. I'm always a bit depressed on June 19, but it's been years since it's affected me this badly.

It's all because of that stupid creative writing project. No. No, I'm to blame, not the assignment. It's actually a very interesting way to work on characterization. I shouldn't have poked at memories best left tucked away in the back of my mind.

I was able to keep myself under control for most of the day. Then I went to tennis practice. Momoshiro was acting even more like Tashi than usual, and it hurt. It hurt even more when he called me Mamushi and tried to pick a fight with me, once again proving that the biggest difference between them is that Momoshiro is a jerk.

Instead of fighting with him, I just hissed half-heartedly at him and grabbed my things, leaving without even bothering to ask for permission. I would be in trouble because of it, but I didn't care at the time. I still don't. I had to get away from there. Had to get away from him.

And now I'm curled up on my bed, hugging my knees to my chest and hiding under my blanket like a child afraid of monsters. Unfortunately, the monsters are within me, and the legendary magic of the all-mighty blanket is unable to protect me from my own emotions.

My cell phone rings, drawing me from my thoughts. I would ignore it, except the ring tone is the first few bars of The Mad Scientists' Ball, and I feel a stab of guilt. I should have paid attention to the time and called Inui-senpai once tennis practice at his school was over.

"Senpai, I'm sorry," I immediately say into the phone. "I left school early and went home."

"Are you okay?" he asks in concern.

"…Yeah." I don't sound very convincing.


"Can I come to your house today, Senpai?" I blurt, cutting him off.

He's silent for a moment. "Of course. You usually come by anyway to see Kageko."

After I hang up, I go to my closet and stare at the blue and lavender dress near the back. Glancing around the room as if someone might spontaneously appear, I grab the dress and carefully fold it into a shopping bag.

I slip quietly out into the hall, looking around. I don't want my mother to catch me with the dress. She'd either be upset or, even worse, she'd have me put it on and go into crazed makeover mode. She has a lot of photos of me in dresses and skirts tucked away under her bed. It's kind of freaky and makes me wonder if maybe she was happier for the year or so when I insisted I was her daughter.

I make it out of the house without being seen and quickly jog to Inui-senpai's building. When I knock on the apartment door, Inui-san opens it. She's dressed up and has her purse, which means she's about to head out.

"Kaoru-kun!" she chirps happily before looking over her shoulder. "Sadaharu! Your adorable little friend is here!"

I blush and duck my head. My peers might think I'm weird looking, but older women always seem to think I'm cute. This is a good thing, I guess, but I have the lurking suspicion that most of them would really like to stuff me into a pink bunny suit or something just as nauseatingly cute.

"You boys have fun and play nice," Inui-san says, patting me on my bandana-clad head as she leaves. Inui-senpai's mother is a strange woman and sometimes acts like we're ten or something.

Inui-senpai is standing behind the couch. It's hard to tell because of his glasses, but I think he's looking at the shopping bag I'm holding.

"It's been a month and a week since your birthday," he says quietly. It's today, isn't it?"

I nod, and Inui-senpai comes over to me, taking my arm and gently dragging me to the bathroom. Then he pushes me inside and closes the door behind me. I stare into the mirror for a few seconds before changing into the dress. It looks disturbingly good on me.

Inui-senpai knocks on the door, only coming in after I say it's okay. I blink at him in surprise. He's holding the box he usually keeps hidden under his bed. Why is he bringing that in here? We usually only use the stuff in the box when Inui-senpai wants to collect data of an… erotic nature.

My cheeks heat, and I force myself to think of something else as my body begins to react to the memories associated with that box. The dress is much better at hiding that sort of thing than pants. Why do girls get to wear them when they'd be so much more useful for boys?

Inui-senpai sets the box down on the toilet lid and pulls out a small makeup bag. "There was an eighty-five percent chance that you'd wear that on the anniversary of Tashi's death, and a ninety percent chance that you'd be more comfortable doing so here than at your own home," he explains, pulling out a dark blue eyeliner pencil. "I didn't want my mother to wonder what I was doing with makeup, so I hid it in the box."

He takes a step toward me, and I try not to blink or pull away as he uses the eyeliner. Then he applies a light dusting of blush to my cheeks before producing a tube of pink lipstick. He finishes up with lavender eye shadow, then steps back to take a look.

He seems tense, like he's fighting the urge to do something. I swallow nervously, wishing I could see his eyes. Then again, maybe it's good that I can't. I'm sure I look ridiculous. He's probably trying his hardest not to laugh at me.

Inui-senpai suddenly pulls me against him and presses his lips to mine, his hands warm against the side of my face as he kisses me like he wants to devour me. He doesn't break the kiss until we're both panting for breath. I stare up at him, my surprise and hormone-fogged mind vaguely noting that there's pink lipstick smeared across his mouth.

He wipes it away with the back of his hand and carefully reapplies my lipstick before moving behind me and turning me toward the mirror. I don't look like a boy in drag. I look… pretty. Like a young lady who cleans up well, but isn't afraid of getting her hands dirty with an honest day's work.

"I'm not a girl," I mutter, mostly to myself.

Inui-senpai is also looking at my reflection in the mirror, and I can tell he really likes the view. He's pressed tightly enough against my back that I can feel his growing arousal. I'm not sure how feel about that. Is he turned on because I look like a girl, or just because I'm me and am looking really nice right now?

"No, you're not a girl," he agrees, somewhat answering my internal questions. "You look quite fetching in a dress though. It's a pity that people place gender restrictions on articles of clothing. An attractive garment is an attractive garment. Why should it only be socially acceptable for certain people to wear it?

"I think a lot of people would be much happier with themselves is society didn't try to dictate the feelings and reactions of people based on gender. Boys are supposed to be strong, tough, and active. I've known many girls who fit that mold. Girls are supposed to be elegant, beautiful, soft-spoken, and charming. That's a pretty good description of Fuji, don't you think?"

I nod, mostly to prove that I'm listening.

"And it doesn't make him less of a boy. It's just the way he is. The entire purpose of gender is for reproduction. It has only a small impact on our personalities, beyond that which society imposes on us due to it.

"If a female plays a rough sport usually favored by males, she is still female and is thus engaging in feminine activity. You are male," he says, sliding his hand under the knee-length skirt and into my underwear as if to prove a point. "Therefore, whatever you choose to do is masculine, even if you choose to be wearing a dress."

"So, you're saying that gender based personality traits are utter bullshit imposed on humanity by society?" I ask. My voice sounds a bit huskier than usual as Inui-senpai slowly moves his hand up and down while rocking his hips against me.

"Essentially, yes," he says. I moan softly as he nibbles at the side of my neck before continuing. "There is a gender based tendency toward certain behavior patterns, especially in the teenage years, but for the most part, there is no basis for declaring some activities, personality traits, and modes of dress as masculine and others as feminine."

"Gender based tendency toward certain behavior patterns?" I repeat. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Inui-senpai reach into the box and pull out a bottle of lube. "Do you mean mating behaviors?"

I'm still looking into the mirror, and I see his reflection nod. He takes his hand out of my underwear and moves his hips away from me for a moment. He raises a brow in a silent question, and I have a pretty good idea of what he's asking. It seems weird for our first time doing this to be in the middle of a philosophical discussion on the nature of gender, but at the same time it's oddly appropriate and very Inui-senpai-ish.

"Most of the real differences in traits are connected to sex in some way," he says as I lean forward, bracing my hands against the edge of the sink in an equally silent answer to his question.

He flips the back of my dress a little bit and pulls my underwear down. Then he gives a shuddering gasp of pleasure as he pushes inside me.

There's a lot of talk about the first time being painful, but most people who do this are nervous the first time and have absolutely no idea what the hell they're doing. Because of all the times we've played around with the things in Inui-senpai's box, I'm relaxed and pretty much know what to expect. There's no pain, just the incredible sensation of warm, human flesh gliding back and forth along sensitive nerve endings.

"For example," Inui-senpai says huskily, continuing the conversation as he slips his hand back between my legs, stroking me, "while a female would be just as likely as a male to think lewd thoughts about a tennis racket, it is extremely unlikely that a female would ever engage in contemplated tree humping."

A natural blush of both pleasure and embarrassment overpowers the dusting of makeup Inui-senpai put on my cheeks. "You're never going to let me live that down, are you?"

Inui-senpai just chuckles and increases the speed and power of his thrusts. I bite my tongue to keep from crying out. Biting my lip would have hurt less, but I don't want to ruin my lipstick. Makeup induced vanity is apparently one of those things that isn't really gender specific. I say much to Inui-senpai, and he laughs.

The conversation is at a point where it could go on for a while, but I don't think either of us has the capacity for deep thought anymore. All I can really focus on is the caress of Inui-senpai's hand and the movement of his hips.

He suddenly sinks his teeth into the side of my neck, muffling any vocalizations as he rapidly jerks against me in climax. He increases the speed of his hand, and it's enough to push me over the edge.

About twenty minutes later, I'm lazily curled up on Inui-senpai's bed, playing with my kitten while he does his homework. I'm already drowsy from our previous activity, and the soft sound of his voice as he murmurs to himself is almost enough to lull me to sleep. In an effort to stay awake, I think about the creative writing assignment that led to Inui-senpai knowing more about me than anyone other than my brother.

"Senpai, what kind of gemstone do you think I'm like?" I suddenly ask.

He stops mumbling to himself and looks over his shoulder at me, cocking his head slightly as he gives me his full attention. "It isn't a gemstone, but the geological formation that best represents you is the geode. Like you, it has a rough, hard exterior. But if you're able to look inside, you'll find beautiful crystals."

"You… really see me that way?"

He gets up and sits beside me on the bed, smiling absently when Kageko pounces on him. "The crystals in a geode are more delicate than the rock covering and more easily damaged or destroyed. There are many aspects of you that are like that. You keep them safe by hiding them away within the darker, harder aspects of yourself."

"Those darker aspects aren't just a shell," I say quietly.

"I know. The rock and the crystal are both connected parts of the geode. Without the rock, it's just a collection of crystals, and without the crystals, it would just be a rock," he says, wrapping his arms around me in a warm hug. "Thank you, Kaidoh."

I blink at him. "For what?"

He kisses me softly on the forehead. "For trusting me enough to let me glimpse so many of your different facets. It's really meant a lot to me, getting to read the stories of your life. Especially because you didn't have to share them with me."

I pull away from him and study him in silence for a moment. He's a major part of my life, and he loves me for who I am. It seems only right for him to know some of why I am who I am.

I slowly smile at him. "You're welcome, Senpai."

… End ...

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