Authoress: Moondalian
Editor: Mystic Dodo
Summary: Yami's life has been one bad thing after another. As Yuugi appears in it htough, things seems to go better, and Yami slowly warms up to the world he'd blocked out to prevent anymore hurt. Why are there demons after him though?
Pairing: Yami x Yuugi

Hello there people. I haven't posted anything in a while due to a writing contest – NaNoWriMo if anyone knows it – and this is the story that came out of that contest. I hope you all enjoy, and R&R!

--: Prologue :--

Lightning flashed through a darkened sky as rain pounded down on everything in sight. Thunder boomed loudly to wake up sleeping children that cried for their mothers. People tried to run to their homes as fast as they could so they wouldn't get too soaked; a useless action as the storm currently raging could soak anyone in mere seconds.

In houses, lights burned to try and keep the darkness out of their houses, as people tried to ignore the loud rain that seemed to want to break through the windows.

Domino, Japan, in one of her more brutal storms.

In one of the many houses shone one of the many lights to keep the storm out, but it seemed the atmosphere inside wasn't much different from outside. Silence rang though the small house, only broken by the news report on the TV. Although at first sight there seemed to be nothing wrong, you could feel tension thick enough to cut when standing in the house. This household was the Atemu household.

A man and woman, both around their mid-thirties sat in the living room. The man, Atemu Yoru, had his ocean-blue eyes trained on the TV, seemingly very interested in what the news reporter had to say. At a piece of bad news, a heaved a sigh of frustration passed the man's lips as he ran a hand through his dirty blonde hair, making it even more messy than it had already been. He didn't seem to notice the storm raging around the house, too absorbed in the news.

The woman, Atemu Kireira, was sitting comfortably on the couch. In her hands she held a book of some kind, as a small smile graced her features. Her emerald green eyes shone with mirth as she read on; it seemed something good was happening in her book. A stray lock of ebony black hair fell into her line of vision, and she absently tucked in behind her ear again, her book too interesting to give a lot of attention to it.

A loud boom, the loudest one so far, snapped Kireira out of her story for a second as she looked out of the window. Her smile grew slightly as she listened to the rain hitting the window; for some reason it had always given a strange feeling of security to hear a storm outside while she herself was inside.

Her eyes drifted back to her book so she could read on, but the soft opening of a door made her look up again to see a small boy hesitantly opening the living room door.

The boy couldn't have been older than 10, probably a bit younger. His wild spiky ebony-black hair was tipped in crimson, as golden blonde bangs framed his face, some of the blonde shooting up in lightning shaped streaks into the spikes to stop just below the crimson. The boy's crimson-red orbs held a tinge of fear to them, as well as hesitation to come further into the living room. It was already past 11 o'clock after all, so he should be sleeping.

Both Kireira and Yoru looked at him, though both with different expressions. Yoru seemed annoyed by his appearance, as Kireira looked more worried why her son wasn't in his bed anymore.

"What is it, Yami?" Kireira asked softly as she laid her book down and patted her lap to invite the child to come sit in it.

Yami's eyes lit up and he quickly ran to his mother, crawling into her lap and hugging her, "The storm," he said softly as a flash of lightning shot through the sky. Yami quickly hid his head in his mother's chest, obviously frightened.

Yoru snorted, "You're 9, Yami. A measly storm like this shouldn't scare you anymore." His voice held disdain to it, and Yami just buried his hear further.

Kireira gave her husband a quick annoyed look, before she tightened the hold she had on Yami and smiled down at him, "Don't worry sweetie, the storm can't hurt you as long as you're inside." Another disapproving sound came from Yoru.

"You have to stop mothering him so much. No wonder he's such a wimp." Yami cowered, afraid of his father's rage. He shouldn't have come downstairs, but he'd been too panicked to think straight. Now his parents were going to fight again, and a fight with his father only led to one thing.

"Yoru, he's just a child. You can't expect him to be brave all the time." Yami stole a quick glance at his father to see his reaction. As he had feared, his father looked angry. He no longer had any attention for the TV, his eyes locked with Kireira's. Yami bit back a sob and held back his tears, before slowly pulling away from his mother a bit.

"No, I'll go back to bed." He wanted to stay, wanted to bury himself in his mother's warm embrace, but maybe he could still stop his father's rage. If his father would get too angry, he'd start hitting his mother again… and then he'd start hitting him.

Yes, Yoru was anything but a model father.

"Oh now you want to act brave?" Yami looked down at the ground again, his father's spiteful words hitting him hard as always. A small tear rolled down his cheek, as he only barely managed to contain the rest of them.

"Yoru, leave him alone." Kireira looked at her husband defiantly, her green eyes now holding a fire of anger. She knew what would happen if she pushed Yoru too far, but the downgrading had to stop. She wouldn't let it go on any longer.

Yoru's eyes narrowed, his crimson eyes turning a dark garnet. Yami knew he was too late now; when his father got that look there was no stopping him anymore. He tugged on his mother's blouse in a desperate way. They had to get away before it was too late!

"Don't talk to me like that, woman. I am the head of this household and I will not tolerate a tone one like that from anyone in my house!" Burning emerald-green and garnet-red locked again, but neither of their gazes wavered. Yoru rose from the couch he had been sitting on, and walked towards Kireira and Yami with a dangerous look in his eyes. Kireira simply stood up as well, putting Yami on the ground next to her as she went. Her defiant look never left her face, and fear wasn't visible even the slightest bit, but Yami knew his mother was afraid. Afraid of being beaten once again. Afraid that Yoru would go after him when he was done with her.

"I've had it with the way that you always talk to me! I've had it with that weakling that dares to call himself my son!" Yoru's hand rose and formed a fist in the air. Kireira merely held her arms in front of her, knowing she couldn't do anything. Past experiences had taught her that fighting back only made him more mad. Yoru's fist hit fast and hard, throwing her back a few steps. She held back a pained groan, not wanting to give the man in front of her the pleasure of hearing her whimper.

"Mom!" Yami took a step in the direction of his mother only to be pushed back roughly by Yoru who glared at him. He fell to the ground with a soft whimper, more tears leaking from his eyes.

"You will stay out of this," Yoru's eyes flashed dangerously again; "you'll get your turn next." Yami's eyes widened in fear and he crawled back slightly, though he knew it was no use. Yoru turned back to his wife who had recovered from the last punch. He simply raised his fist again, and hit her in a different place. He always made sure to keep the places out of view, so no one could see it at first sight. He knew Kireira would never try to get away from him or report him, as he was the only financial income they had.

Yoru continued beating, his rage strangely only growing as he went on. Everything she had done wrong in his eyes, every time she had defied him, everything she had ever done to make him angry. It all seemed to come out at the same time, fuelling his anger more and more.

Kireira was by now laying on the ground, writhing in pain and no longer able to keep the whimpers from passing her lips. Tears of pain flowed freely from her usually cheerful friendly eyes, and the gentle look she usually wore on her features had changed into a scared one. Yoru was disgusted to see such weakness and wanted nothing more than to get rid of it. To get rid of her.

In a brief moment of true madness, he pulled Kireira up by the collar of her blouse and threw her against the wall with all his strength. A sickening snap was heard as her head hit the wall in a very odd angle, and she slowly sank to the ground. Yoru watched with raging eyes as blood trickled from the wound on her head and spread into her hair.

As he walked up to Kireira and grabbed her wrist to drag her away from the wall, he suddenly stopped. Her limp body fell to the ground as he let go of the arm with a brief flash of shock showing in his still angry eyes.

No pulse.

Kireira didn't have a pulse anymore.

A smirk came onto his features as he stared into her empty eyes, before a he laughed. He had finally gotten rid of something that had annoyed him for so long he couldn't even remember when it had started. It had been even been before Yami's birth, and Kireira had gotten pregnant after he had raped her. She had refused to put Yami up for adoption, and this had given Yoru a new way to vent his anger; a second person to beat up.

He stopped laughing as he heard sobs coming from the other side of the room. He looked at the other person in the room, and smirked menacingly at the boy. Yami had crawled away further and was sitting against the wall next to the door to the hall. Tears were making their way down his face as he had his face buried in his hands.

More weakness.

Yoru hated weakness.

Yoru had to get rid of that weakness, or simply kill the person having that weakness. Killing Kireira felt strangely satisfactory, so killing Yami wouldn't hurt.

Hurt him, anyway.

A strange gleam appeared in Yoru's eyes as he stood to his full length and faced his son.

"She's dead, Yami. Dead." Yami's head snapped up to stare at his father wide-eyed. He looked at the limp body of his mother laying at his father's feat, only to see the lifeless look in those usually sparkling eyes.

"M-mom?" Another sob escaped his throat as his father merely laughed. No, his mother couldn't be dead! She couldn't be!

Yami stood, his eyes still locked with his mother's. He wanted this all to be some stupid nightmare. He just wanted to wake up and find his mother sitting on the edge of his bed with that reassuring smile on her face, telling him everything was okay and that he had to go back to sleep.

"No." Tears steamed freely now as he crumbled back to his knees pathetically. His mother really was dead, and his father just stood there, laughing. How could he?! And would he… be next? Fear gripped at him as his blurry gaze shot back up.

His father calmed down slowly, and then looked at him with that strange glint in his eyes. A glint that sadly enough spoke volumes. Yes, he would be next.

"And now," Yoru took a step in Yami's direction, "it's time for you to say goodbye."

Yami scrambles to his feet panicked, and pressed against the wall fearfully as if it could somehow save him. He had to get away from his father, now!

Quickly the young boy threw the door to the hallway open and ran as fast as he could, stumbling as he tried to run up the stairs. He could hear his father laughing maniacally as he followed, and tripped over the last step in his haste and panic, landing on the ground painfully. His sight was blurry because of all the tears and his knees were shaking. All in all, running wasn't really going well for him but he had to get away.

He scrambled back to his feet as he heard his father at the bottom of the stairs, and ran to his bedroom. If he could make it there, he could lock the door to keep his father out. He'd be safe then…

More footsteps were heard behind Yami and the frightened boy chanced a look back, wishing he hadn't done so after that since he could see his father almost at the top of the stairs. He looked ahead again and saw his bedroom door. Flinging it open, he quickly ran in and threw the door shut again behind him. He turned the key quickly to lock the door, sinking to the ground and panting like crazy after that.

He heard his father on the other side of the door and froze, praying to God that the man wouldn't be able to come in. The door handle moved, and cursing was heard. Well at least he'd stopped laughing now, though this didn't exactly take away any of the creepiness. More attempts at opening the door failed and the cursing grew louder as Yoru banged on the door. Yami crawled away from the door, his eyes still wide with fear and tears once again coming down his cheeks.

The banging on the door stopped, and the cursing could be heard fading away. Loud footsteps descended the stairs and Yami, through his tears, let out a shaky sigh of relief. His father had given up on trying to get in and he was still alive.

But his mother wasn't.

Yami stood up, and threw himself to his bed. His heart was being torn to shreds inside, and his head felt like someone had hit him with a hammer. Normally his mother would come and comfort him. Pull him into his lap and rock him until he fell asleep, telling him it was all going to be alright.

But that would never happen again, never.

A bright flash of lightning lit the room for a second, and suddenly someone else crying snapped Yami out of his depressive thoughts. He slowly raised his head to look at the other bed in the room, more grief ripping at his heart. In the corner stood a small bed with a baby laying in it. The baby had obviously woken up because of all the fuss going on, and wanted to get someone's attention now.

Despite himself, Yami smiled through his tears. A wry smile. Kumiko, his little sister, was so blissfully unaware of what was going on around her, only worrying about getting a little bit of attention so she could go back to sleep again.

Yami slowly stood up from his bed and walked over to his crying sister, rubbing his eyes to get rid of his own tears as he did. He looked down to see the contorted red face of Kumiko, arms trying to reach for something to grab onto. Yami reached down with his own arms and picked Kumiko up, hugging her close to him before walking back to his bed and sitting down.

Kumiko continued to cry, and Yami rocked her like his mother would always do to him, while whispering words of nonsense. Slowly Kumiko calmed down and rested against him, falling asleep only moments later. Yami smiled another wry smile, and tightened his hold on her.

"You're the only one I have left now," he whispered softly, clenching his eyes to hold back that tears that wanted to fall from them once more. Kumiko shifted in his arms and snuggled into him, a small smile gracing her lips. Yami stared for a second, before laying down on the bed with Kumiko still safely in his arms. "I won't let anything happen to you, I promise." He sniffed, before pulling the cover over himself and Kumiko. No, he wouldn't let anything happen to his little sister; his little angel. He drifted off into a restless sleep, nightmares plaguing his mind constantly, while hugging Kumiko to him as if she were a lifeline… a lifeline to keeping his sanity.

Yoru rushed down the stairs, trying to think of something that would break the door to Yami's room down. He rushed into to the living room, knocking all kind of things to the ground in his haste and anger. Not that he cared; he just wanted something to get into that brat's room so he could finally get rid of him.

Yoru searched the room, and upon not finding anything raced to the kitchen. He couldn't find anything that he thought would work, and it only fuelled his anger further. With a cry of frustration, he kicked a chair that had already fallen over. The place looked like a war zone, but he couldn't care less.

A sudden source of light and heat made him turn around. A huge ball of fire – though it was purple-black fire surprisingly - had appeared out of nowhere, lighting up the room more than the lamps could ever do and producing heat the furnace could never rival. Yoru's eyes widened and he fell back in shock and fright. His anger was momentarily forgotten and he just stared, too stunned to do anything.

Slowly the ball of fire became smaller and seemed to take some sort of shape, until the fire disappeared, leaving the form of a human-like person behind. The man had long silver-grey hair and crimson-red eyes that held a dangerous gleam to them. He wore Egyptian-type robes that could only be fit for royalty, as a crown with a strange eye-like symbol adorned his head.

The strange thing about the man was though, that there were some obvious differences between this man, and a human being.

For one, the man had two leathery black wings on his back. The wings were folded, but Yoru could easily tell that they would be big when spread completely. The second feature that was different, were the two claws instead of hands at the end of the man's arms. As Yoru looked up to the man's face, he could see the man smirking at his shocked form, sharp demonic teeth shimmering in the artificial light.

Yoru's eyes widened to an almost impossible size. He must've gone insane or something because it was impossible for a creature like this to really be standing in front of him. A… demon? No, this couldn't be real.

The demonic man's smirk widened, amusement showing in the crimson depths of his eyes. He chuckled, making Yoru jump slightly at the sound. "Don't worry, Atemu-san. I'm not here to hurt you."

Yoru shook his head and pinched himself to make sure this was all real. Sadly enough, he could feel the stinging pain quite clearly, so obviously this wasn't a dream. 'Then I really must've gone insane…' he thought, looking the other man in the eye as if to prove that the man wasn't real.

The demon merely rolled his eyes for a second, before stepping closer to Yoru. The man automatically tried to crawl away again in reflex, but the demon was in no mood for 'cat-and-mouse' games today; he had business to discuss.

"I am not here to hurt you, but to make a deal with you. What would you say if I could give you wealth, fortune, and power." Yoru's eyes lit up with greed. Power? Fortune? Never mind him being insane, this sounded good.

Yoru finally came out of his stupor and stood up, looking at the demon in front of him with interest. If he was really going insane, then he might as well have a nice fantasy world to live in. Sure, he was standing in front of a demon that could easily rip him apart, and he was scared to death, but so far the demon hadn't done anything… yet anyway.

"I see you're interested," the demon smirked again, "My name is Aknunkanon, overlord of demons which basically means I hold all the power in Hell. I can give you anything you want," For a second he glanced at the dead body of Kireira still laying on the ground, "including a way to not go to prison for killing her."

Yoru listened very carefully and suddenly realized that he would indeed get arrested for killing Kireira unless he had an alibi of some sort. Well if this demon could get him out of that, he'd gladly accept. Yoru knew however, that there just had to be a catch. Nothing was free in this world, so he doubted a demon would come up to help out of the goodness of his heart.

"What's the price?" he asked slowly, keeping his eyes on the man in front of him.

"Ah, nothing much really," Aknunkanon slowly walked away from Yoru to stop at the door leading to the hallway. The door was still open and crying could be heard coming from upstairs. Aknunkanon turned back and pointed up, "I want you son."

Yoru frowned. What would a demon want with that brat son of his? He was a wimp, useless, and got in your way. And now this demon wanted the kid? Well fine by him; good riddance to bad rubbish.

"Is that all? You want the brat?" Yoru gave the demon a suspicious look but the other just laughed.

"That's the greatest part of it, yes. You see, I don't want him yet, I want him when he becomes 18. The second condition to my little proposal is that he has to be distrustful about the world so he will be easy to sway to my side." Aknunkanon glanced to the top of the stairs again. The crying had stopped, but he could still feel grief and sadness radiating off the room. Good, the more hurt Yami became because of Yoru, the more he would come to hate the man. Hate was something very easily manipulated and he could use that when he would make Yami a deal on the other's eighteenth birthday. Revenge was such a sweet thing.

He looked back at Yoru who was frowning, obviously thinking about what he had just said. Aknunkanon waited patiently, already knowing what the man's answer would be anyway. He could easily see the greed shining in the man's soul, and he would never pass a chance like this. Besides, the man had killed his wife without the tiniest bit of regret, even enjoying doing it. A conscience wouldn't stop him either.

"That's all? No wanting my soul after I die? Just that brat? Why?" Aknunkanon nodded. Ha, the man's soul was his anyway. There would be no way for someone like him to ever get into Heaven. Hell would be the only place Yoru would be going to after death. So why bother asking that for a price? No, Yami was much more important to him. Though he wasn't quite ready to tell why he wanted the boy so much.

"Why I want him is of no concern to you. Let's just say he's important to me. Now do we have a deal?" Aknunkanon held out his hand. If Yoru would shake it, the deal would be permanent. Magic would see to it that the deal would be kept no matter what. Even he, the overlord of the demons, could not break a deal that was made in this manner.

Yoru hesitated for a second, before taking the demon's hand and shaking it. Shadowy magic shot around their hands, making Yoru want to jerk back. The demdon's grip however was too strong and he couldn't do anything. Pain shot through his hand for a second before the magic disappeared, taking the pain with it.

"This deal cannot be broken. The one that does will perish a most painful death," Aknunkanon spoke as he released Yoru's hand. He stepped back and looked Yoru straight in the eyes for one last time, "I'll see you in nine years, Atemu-san," the fire ball that had appeared to bring Aknunkanon appeared around him again, before disappearing in a flash. Yoru stood stunned for a moment again, before shaking his head to clear his thoughts.

He glanced to the hallway and smirked, "It seems you just became my ticket to fortune kid." His smirk widened as he started to think of ways to make Yami distrustful to the world, and easy to lure into a deal with the devil. One thing was for sure; the next nine years wouldn't be pleasant for Yami.

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