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Chapter 26: Epologe (I know i can't spell)


I turly couldn't belive that the fight was over. I kept getting asked what would happen to me now. I offen asked myself the same question. But I was more worried about my new friends. The friends I fought side by side with. In case your wondering what happened, here you go.

Spyro and Spyra stayed together and played. Just like brother and sister. Spyro no longer had the worries of being the purple dragon of ledgen. He lived his life as a normal dragon with his sister and father. Spyro and Ignitus offten say that Spyra is the spitting image of her mother. I agree with that statement.

Hunter and Bianca stayed with them and just hung out with eachother. Peace remained in the Dragon Realms. Sparx was with them 24/7. They just hung out like they did in the old days. Before this mess with the Twin Princess started.

As for John, he stayed in the Human Sanctuary with me. I just found it kind of weird. A few months ago I was just a normal schoolgirl who was always late to school and getting into trouble. Now, I'm the princess and ruler of a realm. I've always wondered if I would see my friend Melody again. I went from a girl who didn't have many friends, to a girl with alot more friends. To them, I'm still Jasmine Kara Casablancas. To others, I'm fully Jasmine Jade Kara Casablancas, but to alot, I'm just Princess Jade of the Human Sanctuary.

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