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Raven looked around at her surroundings. She was on the Titan's rooftop. She was standing at the entrance to the door. She could see her teammates fighting off many huge vines. Among the vines was a man dressed in a one-piece green suit. He had spiky white hair and glowing green eyes. Held in one of the vines was a crying Terra.

"So Raven, do we have a deal?" the white-haired man asked.

"Raven! Get out of here!" ordered Robin, as he fought off a huge green vine using his bow staff. He threw out his bird-a-rang and it sliced a vine off easily.

Raven wanted desperately to help her friends, but she had no control over her body. It just stood rooted to the ground, disobeying her every command. She felt her body try to summon her powers, but to no avail.

Cyborg took out his new flame-phaser cannon and pointed it towards a vine and shot it, turning it into a black crisp hunk of ash which was blown away with the wind.

"That blast drained almost all of my power! I don't have enough for another one!" Cyborg replied, as he ran away from an onslaught of whipping vines.

"Get Raven out of here!" Robin said.

Cyborg ran towards Raven, but he was restrained by four vines, each wrapped around his robotic limbs.

Starfire's starbolts were working well against the vines, but as more vines headed in her direction, soon her limbs were restrained and she couldn't neither move nor summon her powers. "Robin!" she cried helplessly.

"Starfire!" he shouted back. He gave the vine he was attacking a final whack and turned towards her. Unfortunately he was also held back by many vines.

She looked around for Beastboy. He had been trying to free Terra in every animal form he knew possible, but his efforts were in vain. A bunch of vines also restrained him, tearing him away from the vines that held Terra.

"Let… Me… GO!" roared Beastboy.

"You won't get away with this, Vines!" Robin snarled.

"I'm afraid you won't get away either Robin, not until Raven agrees to come with me," the man said, "So Raven, do we have a deal?"

"No friend Raven, run, quick!"

"Don't listen to him Rae!" shouted Cyborg.

Raven felt herself say, "No,"

"Then your friends are of no use to me," he said, as the vines crushed them, one after another, their struggling stopped, "and I'll have to do this the hard way," he dropped their lifeless bodies to the ground and they landed with sickening "thuds", all except Terra.


It was noon and Starfire was on "watch Raven" duty when Raven sat up in bed gasping for air and clutching her throat.

"Cyborg! You must come quickly! Friend Raven… she…"

Cyborg was up before you could say "boo-yah", but not fast enough, for Raven had already slipped back into unconsciousness.


Raven found herself in a pitch black environment. The only thing visible was Terra.

"You must be wondering. What the hell am I doing here? Well, after you brought me back, I regained my memory. And I learnt a lot of things – a lot of things which was intentionally hidden from ME, and you KNOW I don't like that.

Oh yes, Raven. I remember my past, or should I say, our past AND future."

Terra's usually blue eyes were no longer blue. Instead, they were a mixture of crimson and orange. Her fangs extended noticeably. She hissed for a second before her looks changed back to normal.

Just then yet another vision hit her. She couldn't exactly tell what it was, but she could make out buildings, ice, snow and machines marching down roads flashing befor her eyes.

"Which reminds me," in a split second she was back in the pitch black environment with Terra, "the Brotherhood of Evil is coming back!" She giggled evilly, "A pity the others won't be around to see them take over the world," she fake-sniffed a little, "especially Beastboy. Well, enough small talk, I'm going to finish my job," she said as she hurled a boulder out of the darkness towards her.


"What's wrong with her Cyborg?" asked Starfire.

"Her fever is rising to a dangerous level!" Cyborg said as he frantically prepared the ice bath.


"Hello, Raven,"

That voice… it was so familiar…

"We meet again,"


"I've learnt more about your past too, Halfling. Or should I say, mixed breed?"


"Her fever is still rising!" said Cyborg, as he monitored Raven's steaming body via the computer. Beastboy and Robin were up and rushing around preparing yet another ice bath while Starfire helped to sponge her. Since she was a girl, it was only right that Starfire did the sponging.


"So Raven, do we have a deal?"

"No friend Raven, run, quick!"

"Don't listen to him Rae!" shouted Cyborg.

This time, Raven felt herself say, "Yes,"

"Very good…" Vines said as he placed all the other titans on the ground. They were still held down by the vines so they couldn't move, "Unfortunately, this is going to sting," he sniggered as a bunch of thorny vines headed her way.

As she held her last breath, out of the corner of her eye, she could see Terra smirk.


"Raven's fever has stopped rising," an exhausted Cyborg announced as he wiped sweat off his human brow, "but it's still rather high."

Over the past 8 strenuous hours, they had already given her an ice-bath 10 times, and given her medicine, but each time they did, the temperature would still continue to rise. Finally, the fever had stopped rising.

"What are we going to do?" said Beastboy.

"Wait for a miracle,"

"And I'm going to stay here," said Beastboy.

"But Beastboy," Starfire said.

"Try and make me leave," he challenged.

And so he remained there for the next few hours.


"I won't hurt you, Raven, not an amazing creature like you," Slade lunged for her, hissing menacingly.

Raven's eyes flew open. Her mind was in a whirl as she sat herself up.

Where am I? She thought. She looked around. The sight was familiar. Whitewash walls, medical equipment… She looked towards the Titan's Tower Infirmary clock, which read 3:00AM - wait...

Titan's Infirmary... No… she thought. Everything rushed back to her as she remembered the events of the past months, even the strange dreams… I should have been dead by now…

She looked beside her to find a figure with a mass of tousled dark green hair and lighter green skin. The steady rise and fall of his body indicated that he was sound asleep. Beastboy, she thought. She sighed softly and looked at her hands, they were bandaged, but not painful.

Something's not right. Why do I feel so… peaceful? Then she noticed her arms, which were not covered by the medical gown and gasped slightly. Under the dim light of the infirmary, her skin no longer had a grayish tint. They were still pale and fair, but they had a slight peach color to it.

This can't be… she thought. She decided to test her powers. Carefully and silently, using a lot of effort, she painfully sat up and dangled her legs at the side of the bed. Hung on the bed frame was a clean cloak. She reached over and wrapped herself in it and put her hood up as she shivered from the sudden cold. They must've known I'd like my cloak when I woke up, she thought.

Still seated on the side of the bed, she tried testing her powers on a nearby cup of water. Raven concentrated as she found her centre and focused on the cup. The cup merely trembled as she tried her best to bring it over. She leaned forward slightly.

"What have I done?" She asked herself as she recalled the dreams. Ah!" she screamed as she clutched her throbbing chest and fell to the floor. The cup of water fell to the floor. Luckily, it was made of plastic so it did not shatter upon impact with the ground.

This caused Beastboy to jump up from his sleep, "Holy bananas the monkeys are taking over the world – Oh my goodness Raven!" he jumped to her side as she continued to cough.

"Rae why did you are you okay what's the matter you shouldn't have - CYBORG!" he continued to stammer as he sat beside her, pressed his communicator and screamed for Cyborg.

Raven pulled herself away as she broke down into a coughing fit. She didn't want to be here, she didn't want to believe anything that just happened.

Those visions can't be true, your powers aren't working...

She continued to reject Beastboy's efforts to calm her down.

They're just nightmares, they're just nightmares...

However, she was too weak physically to push him away and she was soon overpowered by Beastboy, who knelt in front of her and placed his hands gently but firmly on her shoulders, preventing her from going anywhere. She struggled, but to no avail. During the short 6 months of her absence, he had certainly grown.

"Raven…" he said as he gently let down her hood and he gasped, "You're… you're…"

She cried even harder and tried to push him away.

Shit Beastboy you made her cry more, you loser, Beastboy thought and he cursed himself for being such an immature pinhead even after all the months that she had been away for.

He didn't let her go. Instead, he pulled her into a gently but firm embrace.

Raven gasped in shock when her body came into sudden physical contact with the changeling's warm body. Her body, which had been iced many times, burned at his touch.

She's cold... Just like the time when she comforted me... Beastboy thought.

Just then Cyborg came rushing in, still half asleep, "Where's the fire?"

Raven turned around to face him, still sobbing. As she did, so did Beastboy.

As soon as he saw her sitting up in bed, Cyborg immediately perked up and smiled, "Raven you're up! That's great!" Just then he noticed her human appearance. "What… what happened?" He rubbed his human eye to check if he was still dreaming.

Raven turned away and continued crying softly into Beastboy's shoulder.

What's wrong Raven, what's wrong? Wondered Beastboy

Nothing blew up, nothing flew through walls, nothing glowed black.


Chapter Preview:

"... Her demon DNA is a part of her, just like how mechanical parts are a part of me. Without her demon side, she'll… die..."


"But Beastboy… what if… I don't want to get them back?"


"What if I don't want to get my powers back? What if I want to remain like this?"

"But… "


"Titans! Trouble!" said Robin over their communicators. "On the rooftop!"

Rooftop? Raven thought, as she and Beastboy made their way to the roof. Please, don't let this be…


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