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The wedding was not very impressive, in Sakura opinions. Hell, anyone could see that, including the blonde spirit who followed the pink-haired woman and his best friend/rival/murderer on the way to their destination: a shrine somewhere in Konoha. The only living people there were Sasuke, Sakura, and Tsunade--who was there to make it official. The only one without a heartbeat or a pulse was Naruto, who kept muttering to himself about getting it over with. The thought that he could go somewhere else didn't pop up in his mind at all.

Sakura could tell Tsunade didn't like this union. The glances she would give to the raven-haired man beside her during her speech practically said, "Hurt her and you'll be executed." After the Godaime's speech, they both had to sign a document--one that would make forever husband and wife unless either one wanted a divorce. Sasuke then gave his new bride a small, quick peck on the cheek.

"IS THAT IT?!!! THAT'S ALL?!!!" Inner Sakura shouted.

Sakura herself was a bit upset. She wasn't expecting a long, passionate kiss...but just a simple kiss on the cheek? 'Clearly, he's not very romantic...'

"We're going to have to change that, won't we? When we get back to our house, we should just teach him how to properly kiss!"

'Eh?!' Her green eyes widened and a light tinge of red appeared on her cheeks. Sakura's new husband and her teacher looked at her as she stared off into space. After a few seconds, Sakura snapped out of her naughty fantasies and looked at Sasuke. "What are you looking at?"

"...Hn." Sasuke grunted. "Let's go back home. Now."

Inner Sakura began to giggle. "Ooooh!! He wants to get started early and it's not even 1:00, yet!"

'Quiet, you!!!' Sakura shouted mentally. She suddenly noticed that Sasuke was holding her wrist and griping it tightly.


"I'm coming, I'm coming." With one last look at Tsunade, two of them walked away from the shrine.

"I don't think I wanna follow them..." Naruto mumbled, despite the fact that he was walking right beside the thin-lipped Uchiha. "Who knows what they're gonna be doing."

Sakura stopped walking and turned her head to look up at Sasuke. "I just remembered: what about all my stuff back at my apartment? I can't just move in if the only things I have are what I'm wearing!"

". . ."

"Could we go over there to pick up what I need, Sasuke-kun?"


'This is it... They're moving in together...' Naruto thought sullenly. "I wish I had a sense of taste... I could use some ramen to sooth this pain...!"


When the last of Sakura's possessions had been carried over to the Uchiha Mansion, dinner was made (courtesy of Sakura), and the two had taken a shower, night had already fallen. To Sakura, their honeymoon was the same as the wedding--not what she had expected. The pink-haired woman was sure that Sasuke would try to make love to her on that night, but nothing happened. They hadn't done...anything, and while she was glad Sasuke wasn't quick to begin rebuilding his clan, she just couldn't get to sleep! She lay awake in bed for hours as she stared up at the ceiling.

'It's this house... It's so quiet and creepy... I don't know how Sasuke could withstand the silence!' Sakura thought as she stood up and pushed a stray, pink bang behind her ear. She wasn't used to this place yet. The only areas she had been in were the kitchen, the bathroom, Sasuke's old room and this one...the one his parents had slept in before know. Other than that, she hadn't seen the rest of the house. "Maybe a little stroll will help me." The pink-haired woman spoke softly. It was late, but maybe that would help her get to sleep a little faster. She glanced down at her husband's sleeping form and noted how he looked so peaceful when he slept.

Sasuke murmured something. Sakura's ears perked up as she focused a bit more on what he was saying. She blinked when he started to move around a bit, and before she knew it, the Uchiha had sat up, Sharingan eyes active with their wheels spinning around the pupil quickly. The wheels began to slow down. His red eyes changed back to his regular onyx ones as he looked up at his bride. "Sakura...? What are you doing?" He glanced at the clock on the dresser. It was going up to 12.

"Um... Nothing. Just going to the bathroom." The pink-haired woman noticed that he was beginning to rub his neck--and in the same area where Orochimaru's Curse Seal had been. "Is something wrong, Sasuke-kun? You look...pale." Not only that, but he was sweating and his breathing seemed labored. Did he have some sort of nightmare?

Sasuke frowned after he noticed Sakura was staring at him--or rather, at his neck--and stopped rubbing the area. "I'm fine. It's nothing." He saw Sakura gain a certain look in her eyes, and before he knew it, the pink-haired woman had walked out the door, telling him not to get out of bed.

After a few seconds passed, the raven-haired man got out of bed, only to hear a cry of: "I said: stay in bed!!" from downstairs. As this amazed the Uchiha for a couple of minutes about this super hearing his new wife had obtained all of a sudden, Sakura walked back into the room and handed him a glass of water and two pills. "There. That should help you get to sleep."

Sasuke stared at the little white pills and arched an eyebrow. "What is this?"

"Those are sleeping pills. I usually have them for when I can't sleep." She admitted embarrassingly. Sakura had forgotten all about those pills until Sasuke had woken up, but when she was lying awake for hours, she didn't remember? 'I guess all this marriage excitement rattled up my brain...' "Well, go on! Drink it!" She flashed that pretty smile of her's. "I'd never be able to live with myself if something bad happened to you on our wedding night." She blinked when she realized Sasuke was already drinking down the water.

"Thank you..."

"You're welcome."

Afterwards, both went back to bed, able to sleep peacefully. When Sakura woke up the next morning, she found Sasuke was holding her closely to her body. He was breathing lightly and seemed to be at peace. Ignoring the idea of trying to slip out of his hold, the pink-haired medical ninja went back to sleep, forgetting that she still had to go to work and that Tsunade would be furious.


Months after Sasuke had gotten his ninja license back, Sakura was already 5 months pregnant and was allowed the right to not partake in any missions because of her condition. He'd actually gone up in the rankings very quickly. By the time he made 26, he was already going to take his jonin exams and Sakura started to get a bit depressed.

If Sasuke became a jonin, he would be away from her more often to go on missions. She normally would think nothing of this--think that it was necessary for a jonin, for she herself was one and knew what had to be sacrificed--but it was this child growing inside of her that made her a bit more emotional. Would he be here for their newborn son or daughter's birth? Would he die before that could actually happen? Would he be around to watch them grow up, or would their child grow up, never knowing their father?

"Get a hold of yourself, girlfriend!" Inner Sakura shouted as she was sleeping in bed one night. Her husband had gone away on a mission a few days ago, so that meant she was all alone in the empty mansion. "Sasuke wouldn't just leave you to raise his children all alone!! What kind of father would do that?!!"

"Right..." Sakura spoke softly. It was okay, since no one was there to think she was crazy for talking to herself. Besides...being alone in this big, old house for most of the day made the kunoichi have conversations with her inner self more often when Ino wasn't visiting. "It's not like he doesn't care about his children... Doesn't care about me..." She tried to ignore the fact that Sasuke had never said "I love you," or any variation of it, or even a sign that he had affection for her since they'd been married months ago. Sasuke was simply different. He'd been through so many things in his life--such painful, horrible things. She couldn't expect him to say "I love you," as easily or as much as she did to him.

She sat up and placed a hand on her swelling stomach. A small smile appeared on Sakura's face, the moonlight shining at her. She changed the mental subject to her developing baby. Would it be a boy or a girl? If it was a boy, she prayed that he wouldn't have pink hair. While the thought was cute, the boy would probably be teased. But if the boy looked anything like Sasuke did as a boy, the girl's would probably find him even more cute!

Sakura couldn't help but giggle. "That'd be a shocker!" She began to think about possible daughters as the door slid open. Her bright green eyes looked at the door and found her husband standing in the doorway. He had a couple of bandages on him. In one hand, Sasuke was carrying a bag that was, most likely, filled with his stained clothing.

"What are you doing up so late?" Were the first words that came out of the raven-haired chunin's mouth.

"I couldn't sleep. I got hungry a little while ago, but I just woke up again..." Was it really that late? She glanced out of the corner of her eye at the clock on the dresser. It was going up to 12:30.

"Is that good for the baby?" Sasuke asked her as he sat down on the side opposite to hers.

"It's not necessarily bad..." Sakura gave a small smile. 'At least he cares for our child.' "So, how was your mission?"

"Fine." As curt as usual.

"...I was lonely with you gone, you know. Ino came to visit, but when I'm stuck in this house by myself...I get depressed, for some reason." 'It's just the baby. Right?'

"Right!" Her inner self agreed. "It's just...the baby."

After a few moments of leaning back and staring at the covered bulge that was her child, the pink-haired woman noticed her husband was staring at her. "What are you looking at?"

"...Hn. Nothing." He lied down in the bed and inched a little closer to Sakura than he usually would. Just a little, though.



"Do you love me?" She asked her husband as she looked down at him. His back was turned to her, as though he didn't want her to see his expression.

"...What do you think?" He told her, and Sakura honestly didn't know what to think about that.


When Sakura gave birth to her's and Sasuke's first child months later, it was one of the happiest moments of her life.


It was also one of the most painful moments in her life as well. The pink-haired jonin was cursing up a storm as she clutched her jonin husband's hand, unaware of the fact that she might be crushing his hand. If she was, Sasuke was trying very hard to make it seem like the pain is nothing.

"I see the head!" Shizune shouted over Sakura's shouting.

Naruto, who foolishly decided to stand behind/go through Shizune to find out what was going on, caught sight of what was going on between Sakura's legs. "HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!!!" His heart may have stopped beating if it wasn't for the fact that he didn't have a heart to beat anymore. So the blonde ghost settled with staring at the head of what would probably be the first in a big line of Uchiha children. It was a damn train wreck--he couldn't just look away after surviving seeing it for the first time.

"GODDAMIT, SASUKEEEEEEEE!!!!" Sakura shouted as her grip on her husband's hand increased in power. "YOU'RE NEVER GONNA TOUCH ME AGAIN, YOU BASTARD!!!" Of course, that would be wrong. Because she would have to go through the miracle of birth four more times. And, of course, Sasuke wouldn't have use of a hand for a week or two afterwards...

But, in the end--when the cursing from Sakura had died down, and Sasuke was holding his hand and surveying the damage she'd done to it, and Naruto was able to blink again, Uchiha Naota came into the world. Sakura was a little upset, though. "He looks just like you," She told her husband with a pout.

Sasuke blinked in confusion and looked down at the baby boy. "...And you can tell that how...?"

"He has your hair." Just a few raven-black strands. "He has your eyes." He could barely open them, but the pink-haired woman saw they were onyx-colored. "He scowls like you!"

The Uchiha head looked down at his son. He was frowning. Sasuke arched an eyebrow and was about to say something, when...


"But he's inherited his mother's loud voice!" Sasuke said, trying to speak above his son's wails.

"...What a happy moment...!" Naruto sniffled. A waterfall of tears streamed down his whiskered cheeks as Sakura tried to calm Naota down.

"Yeah, the miracle of birth will do that to ya." A familiar voice said beside him.

"AH!!" The blonde jumped a bit when he realized who was standing next to him. "Hey, Kaka-sensei! What're you doing here?"

"Just came by to see this 'beautiful' event." The silver-haired man's visible eye smiled. "How was the view?"

"It was horrible!!" Naruto shouted, ignoring the fact that his deceased sensei had seen him freak out. "I never knew babies were born like that!!"

"...Didn't Jiraiya-sama ever tell you about the birds and bees? The miracle of life?"

"Actually, all he did was talk to me about the sex. I kinda ignored it, though."

Kakashi sweatdropped. "Riiiight..." He glanced at the happy family, then looked back at Naruto. "Well, Naruto, you may be dead, but I'm going to tell you about the miracle of life." He whipped out a copy of a book that Naruto had never seen before called "Icha-Icha: The Bare Basics" and his eye smiled again. "Let's begin..."

"Dammit, I don't wanna hear about it like that, Kakashi-sensei!"


At the moment, 10 years after Sakura's first childbirth, they had four children: two sons named Naota (who acted similarly to his father) and Ichigo (who had no pink hair, but Ichigo's dark hair had tints of darkened red), and two daughters named Mai (who was the spitting image of her grandmother Mikoto) and Hikari (who was like a clone of Sakura's from her looks to her chakra control to her powerful punches), and were expecting a fifth, soon. In all, the Uchiha children had been born safe and healthy. ...Well, most...

"Uh-oh." Shizune said, halting in her work.

"'Uh-oh'? What 'uh-oh'?" Sasuke asked, looking at the dark-haired medic-nin while his wife gripped his hand. After going through this four times, he'd gotten used to the pain.

"The baby's stuck. Unless we do a C-section, it's going to suffocate."

The Uchiha head's eyes widened. C-section? Sakura had mentioned that once--a woman who was in labor needed one, otherwise the child would die. Afterwards, the woman died.

"It's sad to think that there's a slightly higher chance of the mother dying after a C-section," Sakura had told him. "I hope we never have to go through it."

"Well?" Shizune asked. "What's it going to be?"

"Do it!" Sakura panted as beads of sweat ran down her face.

Sasuke's eyes widened slightly. "What--?"

"DO IT, DAMMIT!!!" She screamed, as her grip on Sasuke's hand got even tighter. 'I don't want to lose this child!!!'

Her husband stared at her for a moment before looking at Shizune and nodding. The dark-haired medic told him to please go out into the waiting room, though Sasuke wanted to stay with his wife and she wanted the same. As he got outside, he noticed Ichigo was sleeping in a chair, his sister Mai leaning on him, and two year old Hikari was sleeping in Ino's lap. Naota, who had only made 10 a few months ago, was still awake, though his eyelids were getting droopy.

"How is she," Was the first thing Ino had asked Sasuke as she noticed him walking out of the delivery room. "Is she okay?"

"No..." The raven-haired man sat down on the seat next to Naota's. "They said she needs a C-section if the baby's gonna live."

Ino's eyes widened and Naota arched an eyebrow. "What's a C-section?"

"Um, you're too young to know what that is, Naota-kun." The blonde woman told the young boy. She ignored how he looked upset and simply stared at Sasuke. "She's really having a--"

"Yes." Sasuke was starting to get irritated. It was bad enough the child was born prematurely, now it and his wife were in danger of dying. The next few hours seemed much longer to the two adults. Naota had long since fallen asleep when Sasuke had finally told Ino to take the kids home.

"Are you sure?" The Yamanaka woman had asked him as she carried Hikari in her arms.

"We wanna stay here!" Mai whined.

"And what about Mom?" Ichigo yawned.

Naota wasn't saying anything, but he'd folded his arms across his chest and practically glared at his father, he simply glanced at him, unfazed.

"You three are supposed to be in bed already. And you two," Their father looked at Naota and Ichigo, "Have school tomorrow."

"Awww...!" Mai and Ichigo whined. When their father said something, it was final. No ifs, ands or buts on their side.

Half an hour passed after Ina had left with his children afterwards. The clock in the waiting room showed it was 10 minutes till 10:30. Sasuke kept praying that his wife and newborn child would both come out of this alive. A few minutes afterwards, Shizune walked out of the delivery room, still wearing a smock that was covered in blood. The Uchiha head looked at her expectantly, as if asking the medic if everything was all right.

Shizune smiled and told him, "Sakura-chan is all right. The surgery was a success. Oh, and congratulations, it's a boy--!" She didn't get to say more, as Sasuke had already walked past her. "Well, it's nice to see he's changed from how he was as a kid." She said as Naruto walked right through her, causing her to shiver a bit.

Sakura was lying in bed, sleeping. She deserved it well enough, considering the hell of a birth she was put through. Her face was drenched in sweat and she was breathing heavily. Deciding to give her rest, Sasuke instead went to look at newborn son, whom she was cradling in her arms even as she slept. The child was much smaller than their other children had been when they were born. But, then again, he was born months ahead of time.

"Sa-su-ke?" Sakura croaked out, still tired from the birth.

"Ssshhh..." The raven-haired man placed a hand on her forehead. "Rest."

"How's" She whispered.

"You're holding him."

"Oh... I forgot..." His pink-haired wife turned her head slightly to look at their baby boy. "We haven't named him yet."

"Name him after me! Name him after me!!!" Naruto shouted from beside Sasuke. He'd forgotten all about the fact that he couldn't be heard unless she was dreaming.

"We can do that tomorrow. You need to rest." Sasuke repeated. "You worried me too much for one night. Now...go to sleep."

"Sasukeeee..." Sakura whined, sounding a bit like a child. Sure, she was tired and it was nice to know she had worried Sasuke for once, but she wanted to name her son now. Call it being stubborn, but it was simply what she did. "...Zen."

"What?" Both the raven-haired Uchiha and the deceased blonde stared at her.

"Zen." Sakura repeated. "That's his name."

Sasuke blinked. "Zen?"

"Yes, Zen. Is there a problem with that?"

"...Hm." Translation: "No."

"Awww! I would've liked it if he was named 'Naruto'!" Naruto pouted as walked over to Sakura's bedside. "Zen's not such a bad name, but still..." He tried to tickle the baby with his finger, knowing by now that the child wouldn't feel.

Boy, was he wrong. Baby Zen squirmed around a bit and began to mewl in confusion, eyes still closed and his little hand trying to touch the reason for the cold sensation. The blonde spirit drew his hand back in time and began to stare at the little raven-haired child. "I thought the living weren't supposed to see or feel the dead!"

Sakura looked down at the moving baby boy in her arms and gave a small smile. "What's the matter, honey? Do you want to see Daddy?" Zen continued to squirm around a bit before he settled down and seemed to go back to sleep. "Ah, still tired, huh?" The pink-haired woman giggled before her husband placed his hand on her shoulder.


"I know, I know. I'll go to sleep."

"No... I wanted to say..." Sasuke paused to find the right words. "...I'm glad nothing happened to you during the surgery. I'm glad you're alright." He didn't look glad to his wife, but that was probably the closest she was going to get. The raven-haired man placed a kiss on her forehead and Sakura felt a feeling of happiness well up inside of her.

'Sasuke...' She closed her eyes mumbled something under her breath, hoping that he didn't hear her.


Naruto hated the guys upstairs. He still didn't know what was going to happen to him, but they sure kept him waiting a long time--over 50 years to be exact. Since then, he'd seen close friends of his grow older, their children grow up and their children's children, had been to their funerals and...and... "I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!" He jumped off of the roof of the building he was lying down on and landed on the ground. He began to walk to the hospital, walking through people several people as he did. And why was the blonde ghost upset? Besides the Higher-Ups seemingly forgetting about him?

Sakura was ill. Very ill. And likely God, he couldn't even think about it!! Not his Sakura-chan! She was too resilient! Or at least...that's what he wanted to think. True, with time, reputation would increase but skill and health would decrease. And, unfortunately, the same could be said for Sasuke and Sakura. It's just...with all the missions Sasuke came through severely injured, he thought the bastard would be the one to go first. A part of the blonde wondered if the thought wasn't because he still loved her--even though she couldn't love him from beyond the grave.

Before Naruto knew it, he was in the hospital, standing in front of the door of Sakura's room. He hesitated to go into the room. He still didn't want to face the fact that Sakura would most likely die. 'Why'd she have to be stubborn? Why didn't she go to the hospital when she knew she was sick? Or try to figure out something to counter it? She was smart enough to do that!' The blonde turned his head to see half of the Uchiha children--no longer children, but strong shinobi of Konoha with children of their own. Naota had been there for a couple of hours supporting his father before he had to go back to work--being the captain of an ANBU squad was not an easy task. Ichigo was on a mission somewhere in Fire Country, and probably didn't know about his mother being in the hospital. His wife was there, though, with their two twin boys a while ago. Mai was sitting in a chair, a baby in her arms and her husband Haseo sitting next to her with an arm around her shoulders. Between work and filing, Hikari would be the one there the most since she worked in the Konoha Hospital. Whenever she walked into that room, it wasn't just to check up on her mother, but on her father as well.

From the moment Sakura had become ill, Sasuke refused to leave her side. It took Hikari and a group of doctors and nurses to tell him he couldn't stay the entire night. And even though he left, he'd come back the next day and stay there until visiting hours were over. He hardly ate, making his daughters worry about his health. No wonder Mai and Hikari tried to check in on him when he wasn't visiting the hospital. It was only right. They wouldn't want their father to get ill just after their mother.

And where was Zen? The child whom Naruto would call his favorite because he reminded him a bit of himself--wanting to be different from his older brothers and sisters, acknowledged for doing good work without being compared to them or his parents, wanting to become a great ninja simply to prove to his parents that he was not a fragile and sickly boy? Well...he was dead. That's what everyone thought. He went MIA on an S-class mission--his very first one, just months before the birth of his second son. His body was nowhere to be found, so they simply assumed that he was now dead and the enemy had managed to capture a Sharingan-less Uchiha. Come to think of it, Sakura got sick months after Zen was presumed dead. She had cried so much and was filled with so much grief...perhaps it was the loss of her baby boy that partly caused her to get sick.

Biting his lower lip, Naruto walked into the room and observed the sight in front of him. It was the same as before--Sasuke sitting by Sakura's bedside, occasionally muttering something that was probably meant for his wife's ears and holding her hand. The both of them had aged, and no longer looked like the Sasuke and Sakura he knew in his childhood. Hair now silver-gray, bones brittle and one of them had failing eyesight while the other could probably die at any moment.

Naruto almost felt sorry for Sasuke. If it was possible, the blonde would think he hadn't actually fallen in love with the ill woman until years into their marriage. Now he was going to lose her to an illness--to death.

"Crap... Why'd you guys have to leave me down here to see this?" Naruto muttered as he shoved his hands into his pockets and walked to the bedside opposite to Sasuke. "Seeing my friends die...dead or alive, it still hurts like hell..."

"Sakura..." He heard Sasuke speak softly as his grip on the woman's hand lessened. His hand made its way towards her hair--faded pink and gray streaked--and pushed some stray strands of hair out of her face. The old Uchiha stared at her, not saying anything more. His face was unreadable, but his eyes weren't. From the way he was looking at Sakura, Naruto could tell he didn't want her to die as much as he did. Maybe he really did love her now.

"...Sa...suke..." Her eyes opened slowly. They no longer held the sparkle they had when she was a girl, nor the happy look that was in them before this accursed sickness took its hold on her. "...You look horrible."

Sasuke's eyes narrowed a bit. "You're one to talk."

She smiled the only way Naruto knew she could smile and stared at him for a while. "Sasuke... Are you going to be okay?"

The retired shinobi arched an eyebrow. "Okay?"

"When I...die?"

He began to frown. You didn't have to look at his eyes to see he was upset. "Sakura, you are not going to die."

Sakura's smile disappeared and she took a breath. "I mean it. Could you at least promise something for me?"


"Keep living after I die..." The retired kunoichi smiled again. "Please? Do it for me..." She started to cough and covered her mouth. Her once bright emerald-colored eyes stared into his onyx ones.

"You're not going to die." It may have been his stubbornness talking, but Sasuke honestly didn't want her die. Like Naruto, he thought he would go before her. He almost didn't know why he was upset at this--he had probably seen people die over a hundred times. So why was the thought of losing Sakura so frightening? 'I don't want to be alone, again...

Sakura frowned. "Don't be stubborn!" She coughed again and Sasuke's eyes widened, as did Naruto's. "I'm sure Hikari-chan's told you about it... I could probably die any day now." The old woman began to sit up with some difficulty, only to be assisted by her husband. Since when did such simple movement become hard for her? "But if it makes you feel any better, I'm afraid, too. I... I don't want to die, but I can't help it. I can't change it."

Sasuke was silent. Naruto's eyes reflected sadness. She was going to die. And both of them were powerless to stop that from happening.

"Sasuke...I have something I want to ask you."


"Do you love me?"

His eyebrows furrowed. "Why are you asking such a stupid question?" 'And at a time like this?'

"Because you've never said it once during our marriage."

"...What do you think--?"

"I want to hear something from you. In your words." His wife laid back down and continued to stare at him. "Please... I just want to know before I die."

"...Yes. I love you. With all my heart and soul." Sasuke took her hand and held it. "And...I don't want you leave me."

She started to smile again. "There. Was that so hard?"

The door suddenly opened and Hikari walked into the room. "Visiting hours are over, Dad. It's time for you to go home."

"Hn." He looked at his daughter from the corner of his eye and grabbed the cane that was resting next to Sakura's bedside before standing up. "Good night," He told her before stepping out of the room, knowing very well that his daughter would want to walk him home.

"How are you holding up, Mom?" The pink-haired woman asked.

"I'm fine. Just a little tired."

"...Alright... Good night." And with that, she left and closed the door.

Sakura closed her eyes, feeling bad about not telling her daughter about the pains in her chest; about not telling Sasuke that Naruto had been coming into her dreams since the day before they married. But she was just glad to know that her husband loved her--even if it happened during their marriage.

She passed away on that night, and Naruto was there to see it...


"So, now what do we do? Just...stay here...?"

"We're waiting for Sasuke."

"But, Kakashi-sensei! Who knows how long it'll take that bastard to die? He's so stubborn that he'll probably live up to 100!"

"NARUTO!!! Don't you dare call Sasuke a bastard!!"

"OW!! But, Sakura-chan, it's true!!"

"Hmph!" Sakura folded her arms across her chest as she, Kakashi, and Naruto stood in the Uchiha Mansion, looking at the sleeping Sasuke. All three ghosts looked the same as they did when Sasuke had been brought back to Konoha. She wondered how he'd react when he found out she was dead?

"Don't worry, Sakura. I'm sure we won't be waiting long..." Kakashi reassured the deceased kunoichi with a wave of his hand.

"That doesn't make me feel any better, sensei!!!"

Sasuke opened his eyes and sat up. He rubbed the spot where the Orochimaru's cursed seal had been, causing Sakura to frown.

"I knew he was still having those phantom pains! He lied to me!"

"Hn..." The Uchiha looked to the side where his dead team was standing. Naruto and Sakura jumped a bit, ready to tell him it was all just a dream when he muttered, "I'm getting old... I'm starting to hear things..." He went back to sleep, somewhat more serene as the deceased members of Team 7 looked at him.

"...I guess I can wait a few more years for us to be together again." Naruto said as he placed his hands behind his head.

"Yeah..." Sakura walked over to Sasuke and stroked his cheek. "We'll be together again soon, Sasuke-kun..."

The End


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