So statements from me:

1) HATE just about everything 'mob' related they've done in GH.


b. Close to destroying Jason.

c. Sam now annoys me (she and Jason did soo well at the beginning)

d. They completely wasted Ric and Alcazar, why bring two GREAT actors onto the show to waste them?

2) Former Sonny and Brenda shipper. He's been destroyed, there's no saving him on the show. Maybe we could make this all some twisted dream and the past five years haven't happened and it's all been an after-life dream.

3) Former Jason and Carly shipper and while I (at the moment) don't hate Carly as much as I did for the past few years, there's no going back to what they once had.

4) That leaves only….

Yuppers this is a BRAZEN. Yes I'm aware I didn't finish my last, I was in peak hating GH mode (which is actually shocking since I continue to hate it, but I've been watching since I was 8 so I can't just walk away). This was meant to be a one shot deal, but at the rate that's going that would end up being waaay too long for me to write it if no one is going to like it. If you like this then reply. I'm thinking either 2 or 3 parts after these, which should be completed in about a two week period.

Timeline for the story…AU from somewhere after Jason and Sam split up, I was going to say before Jason and Liz slept together, but it was Brenda's room that inspired me to write this, so early September 2006.

Sidenote: If these first two parts don't mesh, I apologize, they're actually two different starts to the story, but it wasn't within me to actually scrap either.

Thanks for reading!

Jason's Penthouse-

The apartment was quiet. Too quiet. He never would have envisioned how accustomed he became to sound. It had been forced upon him in the beginning, but as the years passed he realized how much he'd miss it when it was gone.

All those empty nights and days when he'd been gone from Port Charles he'd craved the sound of Carly's whining, Michael's cries, the same breath he cursed Robin he would have given anything to be listening to her explain some oddity of human nature that he was expected to engage in or at least not condone in others.

One weak night had found him in front of her building in Paris, finger hovering over the buzzer ready to admit, 'You were right.'

Carly had betrayed him and he'd lost Michael forever, only forever had been his fault, he'd walked away from his son and by the time he came back, his son belonged to another man.

People seemed to believe a lot of things about him: that he didn't hold grudges, that he wasn't resentful…

They were wrong.

He didn't care how happy Sonny and Michael were with the arrangement; it didn't make it hurt any less like they always said it should.

It was just so quiet now. He had felt it before Sam left. When the ruckus Michael and Morgan would create would travel down the hallway or through open windows. Michael flinging open the door, Carly strolling in unannounced as if she lived there, Sonny with a short knock.

It had been too quite before Sam left, before he threw her out.

Now the silence pounded in his head just like all those lonely nights had before as he regretted his actions, wondering if he should have stayed, wondering about all the things he did wrong, he should have done sooner. He'd known who Carly was, he didn't know what he'd been expecting from her, she'd behaved just as she always had and always would, he had condemned her for being who she was.

After Liz he found he couldn't stay in the bed he'd shared with Sam; certainly not in the one she'd slept in on her own. He'd tried staying in Brenda's bed the night that immediately followed, but found the scent too strong. At four o'clock in the morning he'd found himself stripping off the sheets and shoving them into the wash.

He found himself remembering fights with Robin as he made the bed, 'I don't understand, why go through all that when you're just going to mess it up again?'

'Because you just do Jason,' she smiled as she tucked everything back in.

He thought about Brenda as he continued to lay awake that night. Thought about his words to Elizabeth as they lay in this very bed, she was never coming back, but just in case…

He looked at her things only faintly visible in the darkened room and found himself craving sound.

Thanks for reading this far, I hope you proceed to chapter 2.