A/N: It's this years Christmas fic for me and if you read True Evil then this takes place in the same universe. If you haven't it's a mixture of my two fanfics Quest of Kings and the Biju Biju Fruit... here's the crew members in short bios...

Fox D. Naruto: Luffy's younger brother, unofficial co-captain, clone user, Jinchuriki of the Kyubi no Yoko and eater of the Biju Biju Fruit Model: Kyubi...

Kyubi no Yoko: Fox demon sealed into Naruto, some what perverted.

Zatch Bell: Luffy's mamodo partner... has lighting powers

Uchiha Sasuke: Zoro's former bounty hunting partner.

Kolulu: Zoro's mamodo partner, transforms into a monster version of herself and also attacks with claws.

Sakura: Nami's former thievery partner and girl from Cocoyashi, one of the ship's assiant doctors.

Inner Sakura: Sakura's other self... only Ino (see below), Kyubi and for some reason Luffy knows about her existence.

Tia: Nami's mamodo partner, has defensive spells

Kiba: Usopp's younger brother that looks nothing like him, acts nothing like him and enjoys fighting.

Akamaru: Kiba's pet dog

Yuki: Usopp's mamodo partner... has snow and ice powers

Ino: Former waitress at Barite and assiant chef, ate the Soul Soul Fruit

Kanchome: Sanji's mamodo partner, has transformation powers

Hinata: Luffy and Naruto's childhood friend, she has a huge crush on Naruto but is too shy to admit it... Naruto does like her back...

Ponygon: Chopper's horse like mamodo partner, real name's Schneider but can only say "Meru Meru Mei", has armor powers.

Brago: Robin's mamodo partner, is the only teenaged mamodo on the ship and has gravity powers.

Kaya: Yes... that Kaya, joined because mamodo battle... now one of Doctor assistants.

Nya: Kaya's cat like mamodo partner, her power aren't very consistent and can't be classified.

If you want more details check out True Evil, also if you had read True Evil this is not the Sequel I was planning… just some story I had to write.

Disclaimer: I don't own One Piece, Naruto or Zatch Bell... if I did... then... um... Merry Christmas!

Zatch: It's still November...

Me: Um... (runs away)

Christmas Time!

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: What's Christmas?

Nami sighed, it was December and they were at a winter island where the Log Pose had already set… however their captain and… his younger brother were begging her to stay for most of the month…. Luffy wasn't so bad for begging… what was worse was Naruto who transformed into a 5 year old version of him self… and he even spoke with a lisp.

"Pwease Nami!" said Naruto.

"Fine…" grumbled Nami.

"Yay!" said the D brothers giving each other high fives as Naruto changed back to being a 14 year old.

"Kit… you reached a whole new low…" said Kyubi.

"So what! Christmas on a Winter Island!" thought Naruto.

The two ran outside where most of the mamodos, as well as Usopp, Chopper, Kaya, Kiba and Akamaru were having a snow ball fight.

"Good news we're staying for the month!" said Luffy.

"All right!" said Usopp.

"It perfect for the holidays!" said Chopper.

"It is…" said Kaya.

"Holidays?" asked Zatch.

"Yeah it's Christmas time!" said Naruto.

"Christmas time?" said the mamodos.

"I guess they don't have Christmas in the mamodo world…" said Kaya.

"Yeah…" said Luffy then music began to play in the background… "Christmas..." sang Luffy but a snowball hit him in the face… it was thrown by Sasuke.

"I thought we agreed after Usopp and Kiba joined that you would never… ever… ever sing…" said Sasuke.

"Oh yeah…" said Luffy.

"If you guys want to know what Christmas is I'll explain…" said Usopp who began to explain Christmas to the mamodo children.

Sometime later…

Usopp held an ice pack to his forehead, while Chopper was checking on him. Luffy, Naruto, Kiba, Akamaru, Kaya and Sasuke were also in the room.

"Okay… I think they have the wrong idea about Santa…" said Usopp.

"And you pretty much told the truth this time…" said Kiba.

Sanji came in holding his forehead…

"You opened the door to the rear storage didn't you?" asked Kiba.

"What's with them… why did Kanchome "Oh my god it's Santa!" and Kolulu hit me with a base ball bat?" said Sanji.

"Because my brother here tried to explain Christmas to them…" said Kiba.

"And he told them that Santa is some sort of monster?" asked Sanji.

"Of course not!" yelled Usopp.

"He told them the truth this time…" said Kiba.

"But somehow… they assumed Santa is an evil monster…" said Kaya.

Brago came in nursing a similar wound to Sanji… exit being a mamodo his was healing quickly, "Can someone tell me why Kolulu yelled "It's Santa!" and Ponygon hit me with a baseball bat?" he asked.

"Usopp told them about Christmas and somehow they assumed that Santa is a monster…" said Sasuke like it was nothing.

Brago shrugged, he had read about Christmas and it things in Robin's books.

Sakura, Hinata and Robin came in to the room...

"Can someone tell us why the mamodos think Santa is a monster..." said Sakura.

"Who knows…" said Kyubi.

"I think it's best if we find Zoro and Nami so we can straiten it all out…" said Kiba.

"T-they might listen to the book keepers…" said Hinata.

Later after finding Nami and Zoro…

Luffy opened the door and Zatch waked him in the head with a baseball bat, fortunately he was unaffected.

"Oh sorry Luffy… I thought you were Santa!" said the blonde mamodo.

"Nope it's just me!" said Luffy.

"We need to tell more about Santa…" said Nami.

Sometime later with a meeting with almost all members…

"And so Santa gives presents to all the good boys and girls…" said Nami with a sigh.

"So he's a good guy…" said Zatch.

"For the last time… yes!" said Zoro.

Those who watched this wondered how they assumed this… Tia and Kolulu… they are from it… Kanchome and Yuki… maybe… Zatch… oh yeah… Nya and Ponygon… ask Chopper.

"So you don't question he trespasses in to a house?" asked Tia.

Everyone sweatdroped…

"Nope…" said Luffy.

"He isn't a killer robot?" asked Kanchome.

"Killer robot?" asked Sanji confused.

"He's your partner…" said Zoro.

"So he's not mamodo?" asked Zatch.

"That makes more sense than killer robot…" said Kiba with a sweat drop.

"He's a good guy and that's it!" said Zoro.

"Okay…" said all 7 mamodos.

All other members sighed,

"That was interesting…" said Kyubi.

And that's how the mamodos learned about Christmas.

Next Time: The Straw Hats remember past Christmas... from Usopp's lies of fighting the Grinch to Luffy getting kidnapped by an abdominal snowman watch various pasts Christmas.