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Chapter 5: New Years Bet

Christmas has come and gone, so did Hinata's birthday which was the 27th, it was New Year's Eve… it was time to say talk about the new years resulting… you know that thing to better yourself but it usually fails… for example Nami's was to be less greedy, Hinata's was to finally stand up to her cousin, Luffy, Naruto and Zatch's were to eat less (it wasn't their choice… the others made them that resolution)… however this story involves Zoro and Sanji, Zoro's was to finally give up booze and Sanji was to quit smoking…

"Oh really… you think I'll snap first?" said Sanji.

"Yes… that's because you'll go though withdrawal, while I'll just become a recovering alcoholic…" said Zoro.

"Oh really, I heard that all recovering alcoholics are cowards… you think you can become a coward?" asked Sanji.

"Fine then… let's see who can last longer…" said Zoro.

"Fine then…" said Sanji.

Nami, Sakura, Ino and Tia were watching this.

"Can't they stop fighting for once…" sighed Sakura.

"That's the one thing I agree wit you forehead… I wonder who will snap first…" said Ino.

Berry signs appeared in Nami's eyes, "I have an idea…"

"What?" asked Tia.

"You'll see…" said Nami.

She gathered the rest… and implanted her plan.

"We just saw Sanji and Zoro fight over their New Years resolutions…" said Nami.

"Really?" asked Luffy.

"Yeah and I came up with an idea…" said Nami.

"We're going to bet on who will snap first with Sanji and Zoro right?" said Naruto.

"How did you know?" asked Nami.

"It was only a matter of time that you would have us bet which was would snap first…" said Naruto.

Nami stared at Naruto, "Kyubi… don't tell him stuff like…"

"Damn it!" yelled Kyubi.

"So who's in?" asked Nami.

"I'm in…" said most of the crew with the exception of younger mamodos, Robin and Kaya.

Sasuke, Naruto, Luffy, Chopper and Sakura all bet that Zoro would snap first…

Ino, Usopp, Brago, Hinata and Kiba all bet that Sanji would snap first…

Day 1:

Sanji just kicked Luffy, Naruto and Zatch out of the galley… it was harder than usual…

"That hurt!" whined Zatch.

"More than usual…" said Naruto.

"You guys all right?" asked Zoro in a kind way.

"Yeah we're fine…" said Luffy.

"you sure…" said Zoro.

"Yeah…" said Naruto with his eye twitching.

"Okay then…" said Zoro walking off.

"It begins…" said Kyubi.

Day 2:

"Sanji…" said Nami.

"WHAT?" yelled Sanji.

"Never mind…" said Nami.

She walked over to where Sakura, Kaya and Robin were sitting, all of them were reading books they had gotten for Christmas.

"What is it?" asked Sakura.

"Sanji yelled me…" said Nami.

"He's just a little irritable for not smoking in two days…" said Robin.

"A little?" asked Sakura raising an eyebrow.

"Why did they have to make a bet?" asked Nami.

"But you are making money off it… right?" asked Kaya with a sweat drop.

"I know…" said Nami.

At the mast…

"Nya!" called Yuki.

Nya was curtly stuck on one the sail posts.

"Meow!" cried Nya (Translation: This was such a bad idea!)

"How did she get up there again?" asked Tia.

"I forgot…" said Kolulu.

"What's going on?" asked Zoro.

"Nya's stuck up there…" said Yuki.

"I'll get here down…" said Zoro.

Not too long later…

Usopp was crying at the state of the ship… Zoro had cut down the mast and well… nearly destroyed

"Sorry…" said Zoro sheepishly, "That's okay right?"

"I think Zoro's broken…" said Kolulu with a sweat drop.

Day 5:

The Straw Hats were fighting another pirate crew… Zoro was just talking to his opponent.

"You're Roronoa Zoro… and you don't want to fight me?" asked his pant.

"Yeah… that's okay… right?" asked Zoro.

"But... the stories… unless… you're a recovering alcoholic?" asked his opponent.

"Yeah… New Years Resolution…" said Zoro.

"Oh… you know… I'm just to going try my luck with him…" said Zoro's opponent pointing to Sanji who was beating the crap out of the others.

"Take this you ass wipes!" yelled Sanji to the men he was thrashing.

"What does as wipe mean?" asked Kanchome to Kaya.

"Please don't' ask again…" said Kaya.

Day 15:

Everyone was eating dinner in the Galley but Zoro and Sanji were fighting… well sort of…

"Shut up! Just shut up! What do you mean there's now point in fighting like this!" yelled Sanji.

"There's no point… in fact we're just fighting pointlessly…" said Zoro.

"I'll pointless you!" said Sanji.

"You'll pointless me? What is that supposed to be? A threat?" said Zoro.

Sanji was about to kick him but suddenly his body faltered which was good thing… it meant that Ino possessed Sanji for the time being… the Ino possessed Sanji moved her back to the ground.

"That will shut him up for now…" said the Ino possessed Sanji, "Though I do hate it to be in his body after he stopped smoking for a while…"

"I take it this isn't the first time he did this…" said Tia.

"Nope… it was his New Years Resolution 5 years, 3 years ago and last year… back on the Baratie he beat up more clients than usual…" said the Ino possessed Sanji.

Day 26:

"That's it!" yelled Sanji, "I need a cigarette! Ino!"

Ino fop the past 26 days held his cigarettes…

"Okay…" said Ino who said "Looks like you lost the bet!"

"So what!" yelled Sanji, "Just give the damn cigarette…"

HE smoked it and he began to relax a bit.

"I'll be back… I have to indoor some people about something…" said Ino.

Later after Ino, Usopp, Brago, Hinata and Kiba got their prize money… Sanji diced to inform that Zoro won the bet.

"You know… I don't' really care… I like being booze free…" said Zoro.

"So you like being a sissy nice helpful who hates fighting?" asked Sanji.

Zoro tired to come up with a response, "Who wants to booze me up!" yelled Zoro.

The End

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