Crossed Verses

Chapter: 2. Rescue Mission

Fandom: Bones/Firefly

Prompt: #002 Middles

Notes: Written for crossovers100.

"So, Simon," Booth said reluctantly. "Where do we go from here?" His gaze fell over the nervous man as he offered him control of their situation. Brennan's grateful smile didn't escape his notice. At least he got something out of letting the guy take over.

"Um...well, I need to get to my sister. She's being held in a room near here," Simon explained, gesturing to a small square in the middle of a map that he'd pulled from his pocket that resembled a building. "And then - "

"Wait a minute," Zach interrupted. "Why don't you just tell us how to get out of here? Wouldn't that be easier for all of us?" He scratched his head in confusion, unknowingly receiving an 'as-if-you-would-ask-that' stare from Hodgins.

Angela shook her head wearily, moving past Hodgins and pulling Zach to the side. "Let's just go with it for now, okay, Zach?" she whispered. "Simon may be the only one who can help us get out of here and work out what's going on." She paused.

"And I really don't like how we all woke up with no memory of how we got here in the first place. I don't want to stick around to see who put us here!" A worried expression crossed her face and she wrapped her arms around herself in a self-preserving stance.

Hodgins offered her a grim smile and patted her on the shoulder as Zach nodded his approval beside her and fell silent.

"So?" Brennan prompted Simon again. "What were you about to say?" She caught his eyes and wordlessly encouraged him on. Things were a little too strange for her liking and she just wanted out. She wanted to be back in the safety of the lab at the Jeffersonian, where she was comfortable and knew what was going on.

She didn't like the feeling of having no control whatsoever over what was happening to her and her friends. It was overwhelmingly familiar to the period of time she had spent worrying over her identity when she had learned that she was not whom she had thought she was and that she didn't know her parents at all. She had been lost and broken. She'd had no control.

And she was feeling much the same now as she was then. Moving closer to Booth for some much needed emotional support, although she'd never admit it even to herself, she listened as Simon continued.

"As I was saying, my sister is in a room not far from here. I need to get in and out without being noticed. That means you'll have to meet me outside." He held out his map again and pointed to an area off to the side from the main building. It looked vaguely like an airport landing pad.

"You'll have to go out through this door," he explained, gesturing behind himself, "take a left down the hall and then turn right. The exit is straight ahead from there and you'll come out of the building right next to the rendezvous point. Is that clear?" He looked to Booth and then Brennan for confirmation and when they nodded, responded with a weak smile.

"Okay, good. I'll meet you there in about half an hour. If I'm not back by then…just leave me." He shook off the protests as Angela argued that they wouldn't leave him and his sister alone and repeated himself. "If I'm not back, just go."

Glancing at his watch, he nodded resolutely and began to move towards the beckoning door just as Booth reached out and grabbed him by the wrist. "How do we know you're not the one who did this to us? You told us you didn't do it, but that proves nothing. All we have is your word." He glanced over at the others and then turned back to the squirming man in front of him. "How do we know if we can trust you?"

Simon shrugged out of Booth's grip and shook his head wearily. "You can't know. My word will have to be enough." He stared defiantly back at him for a moment, before stating rather calmly, "I'm going now. I need to find my sister."

Booth nodded and let his hand drop to his side, moving to the side to allow Simon to pass him by. He watched solemnly as the man left the room and then turned back to Brennan, Angela, Hodgins and Zach, whom were all glancing around nervously and wondering what they had gotten themselves into.

Booth relayed it to himself aloud, putting everyone's thoughts out into the open. "We've just made an alliance with a man who's trying to kidnap someone from this building. We've got no idea how we got here and I think…I think we may have just gotten ourselves on the wrong side of the law."

He sighed heavily and turned to Brennan. "I think that just about sums it up, don't you?"

"Just about," Brennan replied grimly. She walked over to the bed she had woken up in originally and slumped down on it, once again surveyed their surroundings. Booth watched her, noticing the thoughtful expression surfacing. "We should've asked more about this place," she told him, in answer to his questioning stare.

"There's something more going on here than we know. I just know it!" She ran her tongue over her lips and rubbed at her eyes. She had only just woken up, yet she felt so tired all of a sudden. "Let's…let's just get out of here," she said wearily.