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This Is It



This was it, the moment she had been waiting for, for what seemed a lifetime. After six years of denial and ignoring it, then add the months since they left Hogwarts to help Harry, this was it. They had been ignoring it on purpose for the last few months, it would only complicate what they were doing. She knew he felt the way she did, it had become so very obvious to her, and more than likely, everyone around them. It had all been leading up to this, every touch, all the words they exchanged, and the looks that they shared, it was all for this. This one perfect, wonderful, and quite scary moment. When it would either make everything absolutely perfect, or ruin it completely.

There was a party downstairs, but she couldn't face it. It was over, everything they had been working towards had been achieved. Voldemort was gone, and they were celebrating. She was happy, beyond happy that it was all over at last. She would finally be able to begin to have a normal life, or as close to normal as life in the Wizarding world would be. But instead of being downstairs sharing in the festivities, she was in her room at The Burrow, nervous as all hell. She tried to read, but ended up putting the book aside hardly a moment later. Even with a Silencing charm she wouldn't be able to sleep, her nerves were a mess, and her heart was racing a million times an hour.

She had just started to think that maybe she should go downstairs, and just have a glass of Butterbeer, try to relax a little. When there was a knock on the door, and it opened, and he came in.

"Hey," he said quietly.

"Hi," she answered, playing a little with the hem of her shirt as she sat on the edge of her bed. "How's the party?"

"It's fine," Ron smiled, "Fairly jolly they are, everyone is pretty much smashed by now."

"But you aren't?"

"Don't really feel like drinking much," he whispered, sitting down beside her, she could feel the warmth of him sitting so close to her.

"Why not?" She asked.

"Other things I'd rather do," he said, moving a little closer.

"Oh," she whispered. "Can I ask what?"

"Absolutely." She looked up and he was looking right at her, "Can I show you?"


Before she knew it, his slightly rough hand, was pressing against her cheek gently, and he tilted her head up slightly, and his lips were against hers. He didn't push anything, and pulled back a moment later.

"I see," she smiled sheepishly, "Maybe you should show me again, I didn't get it all that time."

"Of course," he smiled back, "I'd hate for you not to understand."

She quickly came to realise she had nothing to worry about, it all just fell right into place. This was it, and it was perfect. Absolutely perfect. More than she ever dreamed it could possible be.


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