Appearances Can Deceive.


'Reality Bites'

Hello everyone! Well here it is my first NaruHina fanfic. This took me a very long time to think of. You know the plot and everything. So please if you flame make it constructive criticism. Thank you.

Anyway in my fic there may be a few characters you may or may not know. Don't worry if there is someone I'm not sure you'll know I will give a description. So should we get to it?

Uzuki Yugao- Not much is known about Yugao. In fact she only appears at least once or twice in the anime. And I'm not sure if she even makes an appearance in the manga. So there is no better candidate for my story. No one knows much about her besides she is an ANBU member and Hayate Gekko was her lover.

Hayate Gekko- Hayate was in fact the examiner of the preliminary third portion of the Chunin exams. He wasn't in the healthiest condition then. But anyway Hayate was as you know Yugao's lover. But he was also killed by Baki

Baki- Baki was Gaara, Temari, and Kunkuros sensei during the Chunnin exams. He was also the one who killed Hayate after discovering him eavesdropping on a conversation regarding the attack on Kohnohagakure to gain the sounds trust.

Well that's about it. On to the story!!

Yugao sat at the edge of the river staring down at the ripples the rain made as it beat down. Today was the anniversary of Hayate's death. A stray tear slid down her cheek to plummet into the water below. She swore that day; the day the sand had attacked, to avenge his death. Get even with Baki, by killing the poor excuse of a human being, but she couldn't. Kohnohagakure and Sunagakure were now allies. So if she were to manage and kill the bastard for taking Hayate's life. She would jeopardize the peace treaty. She just couldn't do that.

Yugao was about to break out into fresh tears when she heard someone else's sobs over the steady beat of the rain. It sounded like a small child. Quickly, she grabbed her ANBU mask and snuck to the source just a mile or so down the river.

A small girl was hugging her knees to her chest and crying her eyes out as the rain fell harder around her. Yugao knew she should just leave, give the girl some time alone.

'I-I can't do that.' Yugao appeared a few feet away beside the distraught girl. "What's wrong?"

The girls head snapped up so fast Yugao thought she might have broken it. "Are you ok kid?"

She stared at Yugao for a minute but didn't answer biting her bottom lip as if she was struggling with her inner self on whether or not to speak. Finally she turned her head away as she spoke. "N-no I'm fine, thank you."

Yugao frowned. It was obvious she wasn't ok. What reason would a little girl have to be sitting out in the rain crying if she was "fine". "Listen, you don't have to tell me whats wrong if you don't want to ok. But I don't think you should be out here in the rain. Why don't you come to my house and I'll make you something nice to eat?"

The girl brushed her indigo bangs back from her face to get a good look at the ANBU standing beside her. 'Can I trust her...I-I don't know…' "N-no I'm fine. I j-just want to be a-alone."

Yugao could see the hesitation, and her best guess was because she was ANBU the girl was hesitant. ANBU weren't exactly the most non-threatening people you could meet. Reaching up she slid her mask to the side of her head revealing her smiling face. "Really, I'm not going to bite! Besides…" Her voice drifted off a bit as she stared back at the water. "No one wants to be alone."

Yugao took a deep sigh and steady her nerves, when the girl didn't respond. "I'm making sweet beans. Are you sure you want to miss it. I make the absolute best." She held her right hand up into the air. "I swear! Ha-ha"

She couldn't help but smile at the woman. She was trying so hard to get her out of the rain, and….sweet beans was her favorite. Slowly the girl got to her feet. "M-my name is Hyuuga Hinata." Her voice was barely a whisper, but Yugao caught it.

"Nice to meet you Hinata-Chan. My name is Uzuki Yugao. Well, shall we get going?" Hinata smiled ever so slightly and nodded her head letting Yugao lead the way.

Yugao's house was by no means small, though still no where near the size of the Hyuuga Household. Hinata felt it was the perfect size, and it seemed welcoming and cozy enough on the outside. She was sure the inside would be just as nice….wow was she wrong.

Yugao slid open the front door and lead Hinata through the hall into what Hinata supposed was the kitchen. Yugao flipped the switch, lighting the room to reveal a very hectic looking kitchen.

Boxes that read fragile were scattered all about. On the floor the countertops, the table, some were even open, and half unpacked. As if Yugao had at least made an attempt to unpack, but then failed miserably. Hinata didn't say anything as Yugao looked over to her.

She expected it. The kitchen was a mess; she just couldn't bring herself to unpack anything after Hayate passed. This was supposed to be there new home. 'They would live the rest of their lives out here and have children.' That was Hayate's declaration the moment he saw the house. But that would never happen.

Surprisingly Hinata didn't say anything about the boxes and gave Yugao a reassuring smile. "Well Miss Hyuuga this is it. If ya think this is bad you should see the rest of the house. Ha-ha." Yugao cleared off the table and motioned for Hinata to sit.

"So, Hinata…Why were you out in the rain?" Yugao asked as she searched the boxes and finally found what she wanted then took to the task of cooking.

Hinata stared down at the table and her fingers met in a vigorous battle as usual. "I-." Her stupid stutter. Why won't it just stop? She took another deep breath "My father and I had a disagreement."

Yugao turned to face Hinata "That happens a lot doesn't it?"

Hinata nodded. "I k-know he's only hard on m-me because he cares. B-but I d-don't feel……good enough…" Yugao wanted to comfort the girl but Hinata kept on. "I try to do my best. Really. Kurenai-sensai's taught me a lot. I-It just doesn't seem like I'm doing any better…I'm failing everyone."

"You can only fail someone if you give up." Yugao took out two plates and sat one in front of Hinata. Then moving to take a seat across the table.

Hinata sat there for a long while and just stared at her food. Then smiled and looked up at Yugao. "Thank you very much, Uzuki-san. It looks delicious."

Yugao smiled and for the first time felt….at ease. Something that rarely happened any more, know that Hayate wasn't around to make her laugh. There was something about this girl that she couldn't get out of her mind. She would be very powerful, she could tell that now. Maybe even ANBU material. Hinata had great potential; she just needed someone to bring it out.

Yugao let out a small laugh. 'She probably doesn't even realize she hadn't stuttered at all in that thank you.'

"Hinata, what would think if I were to teach you?"

Hinata stopped eating and looked wide eyed at Yugao. Was she serious? A chance to be taught by an ANBU member was like a dream come true.

Yugao broke through her thoughts "Of course you would still resume training with your team. Teams are always important. I'll take over teaching you more advanced levels of Justus. We'll work on everything from your perspective of yourself, which I can tell is low, to advancing your self both physically and mentally. We may even move on to assigning you an animal for a summoning jutsu."

Hinata nodded vigorously "Hai Uzuki-Sensei."

Yugao laughed. 'Uzuki-Sensei, that sounds great.' "We'll start training tomorrow. I'll walk you back home when you're done eating."

Hinata's face fell like a bomb as she nodded solemnly.

'She doesn't want to go home? Huh?' "Or you could stay here. I'll call your father and explain the situation. There's a spare room up the stairs to the left. You can make yourself comfortable. I'll be going to bed soon myself."

Hinata nodded and stood. Bowing to hide the smile playing across her lips. "Hai"

Hinata walked quickly to the spare room and peered inside. There wasn't much to it. A bed, a dresser, and a night stand. It looked like heaven to her though. She spread her arms and fell backward onto the bed. Then pulled out a folded picture from her pocket, holding it up to get a better look.

Naruto stared at the camera through his slited eyes and goofy smile, standing very close beside a very embarrassed red faced looking Hinata. He had taken a picture of himself with everyone, and made copies to give out before leaving, claiming it would help them to remember him until he returned.

She sighed and put the picture back into a pocket of her jacket. She missed him so much. It's only been a few months since he left with Jiraya-Sannin on the 2 and a half year training mission, but she already missed him. She just felt so alone know.

Inner Hinata: "You're to dependant on him. You think the only time you can be happy is when he's around, that's not true. He'll always be special, but you can't depend on him forever…it makes you seem weak. If you're going to become stronger, you have to give into reality. He'll always be a friend but nothing more…"

Hinata took a steadying breath then crawled under the covers. Pulling them up to her chin and giving into the darkness of sleep, for what seemed the first time in a long time.

There it is hope you liked it. Reviews would be very much appreciated. Constructive criticism is also nice.

And yes I know, Naruto was not in this chapter. It's because this is just the prologue. Think about it. If I just started off with Hinata not crushing on Naruto you would be confused wouldn't you? Well this is just basically telling why she's giving up on Naruto as anything more than a friend.

Smart choice, right? Wrong. Ha-ha. I'm an extreme NaruHina tard! There's no way I'd let Hina-chan go with anyone but Naruto-kun……..or maybe I will. Not sure yet .