A/N: This story was originally written as an exercise in trying to subvert tropes. At the time of its writing, many of the OCs that were running around the fandom were obsessed with Freddy, they wound up with him in the end and they were all gorgeous with angst as their primary character trait. After a while, I got to thinking it'd be fun to try not to play into those tropes. Its original intention was to be a slow, realistic-ish descent into obsession. I have no idea if I think it succeeded, but it was fun, at any rate.

Wednesday, August 2nd

New house, new state, new diary!

Alright, so maybe using an exclamation point in that last sentence was overkill, but I have to at least pretend to be excited, don't I?

Besides, maybe if I pretend hard enough, I'll actually get excited. Anything is worth a shot at this point.

Now, don't get me wrong, it's not that I dislike Ohio or anything, I just liked Michigan better. If mom didn't have to move for work, I would have refused to leave.

I guess I should be thankful, though. After all, at least we're still pretty close. It could have been much, much worse. We could have had to move to New York or someplace equally ooky.

At least this way I've got a little hope that some of my friends from MI can come down to visit me sometime. I mean, they won't, but at least they've got the option, right?

And the new house is nice, if a little suburby to my tastes. I think that's the one problem I've got with Springwood so far. Everything about it just screams 'Small Town'. You know they're actually got a drive-in theatre here? And it's still operational. I thought those went out with disco.

I got to meet our new neighbors today when we pulled up to the house too. It seems that both families (the Smiths and the Jones' if you can believe that) on either side of us moved in around the same time last year. That seems to be something of a trend on Elm Street. Everyone who lives here hasn't been here very long.

Angela (lives at 1426) told me that a couple of years back there was just a rash of people who decided to move all of the sudden. A bunch of them left when the old power plant went under and was shut down, she said. I guess they must've lost their jobs and couldn't find new ones in town.

Yikes. I'm yawning and it isn't even five o'clock yet. I've got a load of unpacking to do still, so I'll pick up later.

Thursday, August 10th

Eight days in the new house and I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever get everything unpacked. I'm living in a sea of cardboard and bubble paper that seems to be getting deeper and deeper instead of smaller like it's supposed to.

I have accomplished something, though. All my books are unpacked and set up in their proper places in my bookshelf (if you can call two of those blue milk crates stacked on top of each other a bookshelf).

I have to admit, it's nice to have a bedroom that's this big. It's twice the size of my old one, and it doesn't feel like the walls are closing in anymore. There's only one problem, it's cold. Well, not the whole room, just one corner is cold. Like, refrigeration unit cold. I think there must be some kind of draft coming from the window on that wall.

Mom said she's going to call a contractor to come take a look at it, but I told her not to bother. I'll just hang up some heavy duty curtains, that should take care of the problem quite nicely. Plus, it's an excuse to get some new curtains. My old strawberry colored ones just aren't cutting it anymore, so we're going to drive up to the mall (can you believe the nearest mall is thirty miles away? How do these people live?) next week when everything's unpacked and pick up some stuff for the house and some new school clothes for me.

My last really good pair of jeans managed to get one of the knees torn out when I snagged them on the door of the U-Haul, so that's one thing I've gotta get. Maybe I can convince mom to buy me a cell phone finally too...after all, we're in a strange place and I don't know anyone here. Anything could happen.

Wow, I just glanced at the clock, it's almost three...I should hit the sack.

Friday, August 18th

Ran into the cutest guy at the mall today.

No, literally...ran into him. I wasn't looking where I was going (staring at a window display and walking at the same time, actually) and I slammed into him. I spilled my extra large Orange Julius all over both of us.

And my shopping bags.

And his.

And all over the floor.

I've never been so mortified in my entire life.

After I babbled at him for a couple of minutes (I have no idea what exactly I was saying, but I'm pretty sure I was apologizing again and again) I turned eight different shades of red and fled.

I'm now hiding out in the car in the parking lot, waiting for mom to finish her shopping. I hope she hurries up, I want to get out of here!

Oh God, I just had a horrible thought. If he comes out of the mall, I'm going to have to duck down in the floorboard to avoid being seen. I am SUCH a spaz!

I don't think this is a good omen for the upcoming school year, do you?

God, please don't let me make an idiot of myself. The last thing I need is a reputation for being a spastic idiot.

I mean, I am a spastic idiot, but that doesn't mean the rest of the world has to know, right?

Yeah, it can be our little secret.

And the day had begun so well too!

I found some really great clothes and I actually convinced mom to get me a cell phone. It's not a really expensive one or anything, but it serves it's purpose and I've got a bright purple face plate for it. Plus I picked up all my school supplies and stuff, so I'm pretty happy aside from the whole Orange Julius spillage debacle.

School starts September first, and I'm just praying it's not a complete disaster. But the way things are going, that might be setting the bar a bit too high.

Mom's here, pick up later.