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Sam had a flash of a face and then nothing more. He paused in his stride, surprised by the brief vision.

Dean continued talking, not realizing his brother was no longer walking beside him. "I guess it'll be interesting to head back to Kansas again. There's nothing quite like the smell of cow manure while we trip down the old dysfunctional family lane-" He stopped and looked back to where Sam had paused. "Dude?"

"Yeah- Yeah I'm coming." He caught up with Dean, an odd expression on his face.

"You have another vision, Nostradamus?"

"Nah." Then he stopped walking again and looked at his brother in mild confusion. "Or, maybe?" He blew out a stream of air. "I don't know man. It was just weird."

"Weird like our usual kind of weird, or weird like... Michael Jackson?" He looked at Sam, a look of comprehension dawning across his features. "Although now that I think about it, maybe old MJ might just be a shapeshifter... We better get down to Neverland Ranch."

Sam couldn't help but snort at that one, but he returned to his vision. "It was just... I dunno. It was just such a quick image. And there was no pain for a change. It was almost like I was just remembering someone, but I know I've never met her before."

"Her? That's more like it. Was she hot?" Dean smiled wolfishly and Sam shook his head as if shocked at his brother's behaviour, despite the fact that this style of banter had long been their regular routine.

"I couldn't tell you. It was so fast I barely remember more than dark hair."

"Bummer. But I do like a brunette."

Sam looked at Dean, nonplussed. "Seems to me hair colour isn't really much of an issue for you, generally speaking."

Dean grinned wider. "You say that like it's a bad thing, man. I'm all for equal opportunity."

"Yeah, you're a real humanitarian."

"That's what the ladies tell me."

They climbed into the Impala, Sam still shaking his head and trying not to say anything to further encourage his delusional brother.

Danielle stared at the glass of water on the table in front of her as though transfixed, the sudden image of the dark haired young man still lingering in her brain.

"Are you listening to me? Hello?" Drew snapped her fingers annoyingly in Dani's face and she broke from her reverie with a frown.

"Yes, yes. I heard you. And I'm ready to go." She stood up and moved towards the front door. "I have been for about half an hour, in fact."

Drew looked at her sister's minimalist make-up job and conservative attire and smirked. "Well sorry, but it takes a little longer to achieve this look." She spread her hands wide as if she was introducing a product on The Price is Right. "And if you made a little more effort, you could look a little more appealing too, you know. Afterall, you have genetics on your side."

Dani barely acknowledged her twin's comments and opened the front door. "Mmm hmm. The driver's waiting, so...?"

Drew's perfectly coiffed hair barely moved as she shook her head with the usual disappointment and moved past her sister, walking down to the waiting car. As Dani closed the front door and followed, she voiced a question she was sure she already knew the answer to, but still hoped she'd be wrong for a change.

"So since when are you so interested in board meetings anyway?"

Drew flashed her usual predatory smile, one that made lesser men shrink back nervously. "Why, because I want to keep my eye on our money, of course."

Dani's heart sank. She never ceased to hope that one day her sister might actually develop into a socially conscious, caring individual who wanted to contribute to society, but the likelihood of that happening had grown dimmer and dimmer with each passing day. With Drew, the creed was greed, and ever since they'd come into control of their inheritance, she'd become less and less like the sister Dani had once known and more like Paris Hilton with an edge.

Actually, if Dani was honest with herself, this transformation of Drew had happened even earlier than that. Her sister's behaviour had taken a turn probably a year and half to two years ago. Just around the time that-

"And since when are you interested in what goes down anyway? As long as your Med school tuition is covered and we keep you in fresh running shoes, I thought you were content to stay away."

Dani instantly regretted ever having asked the question. She should have realized that things weren't going to change and that she and her sister were continuously growing further and further apart. She'd tried in the past to reach out to Drew, to make an effort to meet her halfway, but it seemed her sister had very little interest in reciprocating.

Despite being twins, they had never been particularly close. Drew had always needed to be the centre of attention, and constantly craved what Dani could only assume was the security of numbers, constantly surrounding herself with boyfriends and sycophantic friends. Dani on the other hand had sought out friends who could see her for more than a pretty face with a large wallet. And while she'd focused on her studies and sports in school, Drew had concentrated on honing her partying skills and ability to blow as much money randomly as possible. If their grandparents hadn't reined her in regularly, Dani was sure she would have cut through her yearly allowance in just a few short months.

And then they'd turned 21 and were entitled to more access to their inheritance: the ongoing revenues and assets of their late father's highly successful engineering firm. While Dani was sure that Drew would blow through her share quickly, her twin had surprised her by becoming strangely business-oriented, taking a particularly keen interest in the accounting side of things. While she was more of a partier and an attention-seeker than ever, she'd become harder and almost mercenary, especially when it came to money.

Dani had thought the two of them couldn't have been more different while they were growing up, but clearly she was wrong. Dani hardly recognized this woman as her sister anymore. And so she stayed away.

She'd gone away to university. And then she's gone even further away to Med school. She was halfway through the program and had a life in Boston, which included a lot of really wonderful friends... and even a boyfriend who seemed poised to ask her to marry him. She never discussed any of this with her sister however. Whenever she returned to New Mexico, it was always the same gameplan: Get in, get whatever needs doing done and then get out again. She just wanted to avoid any figurative bloodshed and get back to her real life.

"Dani, are you sleeping with your eyes open? I asked you a question."

"Sorry, what?"

"I said, how long are you staying this time?"

"Um, not long. Just long enough to sign whatever needs signing this time and then I'm heading back to Boston."

"Yearning for Harvard, are we? Or maybe just Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome?"

Dani looked at her sister with surprise and was rewarded with Drew's usual superior sneer. "What, like I didn't know about him? Come on, Dani. Give me some credit."

"How did you-"

"How do you think?" Drew gave her an impatient sigh. "Just because you're in denial about what we can do doesn't mean I am."

Dani looked out the car window at the storefronts they drove past. "I don't ignore it. I just don't see any reason to discuss it."

Drew took a moment to lower the opaque, soundproof glass between them and the driver and then she turned to Dani. "Does your boyfriend know about your little gift then? I'm going to take a guess and say no."

"There's no need for him to know. It's not like it has anything to do with-"

"Oh come on, Dani. Admit it: You're just worried Mr. Right would think you were some kind of freak. Or worse- a nutjob."

"Whatever, Drew. Whatever. You're right of course. You always are, aren't you? So let's just drop this now, alright?"


Dani looked up, surprised by her sister's tone... and then even more surprised by the almost compassionate look on Drew's face. Could this be the moment when they finally start to chip away at the wall of ice that had grown between them?

"Dani, I know we... I know we don't see eye-to-eye on things anymore. Not that we ever did." Drew exhaled slowly, as if gathering her thoughts. "And I know when it got worse between us. It started when we started... being able to see things."

She nodded slowly. "Yeah, I think you're right. It's like it put a gap between us."

"I know it did. And I know you were scared about what was happening to us. I think you still are, aren't you?"

Dani said nothing, waiting for her sister to continue.

"Well, all I'm saying is... you don't have to keep running away from it. From us... from me. I think... I think I can teach you things, Dani. If you let me, that is. I don't think you have any idea what you're capable of. What we're capable of... together.

Confused, Dani turned in her seat to look straight at her sister. "What are you talking about?"

"I can do much more than read the occasional mood swing from people, or catch the odd vision of things to come. I can do a lot more Dani, and so could you. With the proper training."

Drew's eyes were starting to take on a zealous glow and it made Dani more than a little nervous. "Drew, what are you talking about?"

"All I'm saying is, when someone wise once said 'you make your own destiny', I'm beginning to see what he meant by it."

"I'm not sure I want to hear anymore of this-"

"Goddamn it, Dani! When are you going to grow up and learn that we have the power to get what we want? I can take mom and dad's inheritance and make us gazillionaires if I wanted to, and so could you. I need you to snap out of this good-girl mentality and listen to me for a change! You want to make a difference in this world, future Dr. Archer? Well together, we could make a big difference. We could take charge of things."

The car stopped and they heard the driver get out of the front seat. Dani didn't wait for him to open her door and climbed quickly from the car. She looked back in at her sister. "You've finally lost it, Drew. Completely outer limits. I'm going inside this building, I'm signing the acquisition papers and then I'm flying back home. You can rule the world all by yourself, OK? I don't want any part of whatever insane scheme you think it is you've thought up."

As her sister moved quickly into the building, Drew frowned as the driver took her arm and helped her from the car. She was disappointed, but only mildly so.

"That's really too bad, Dani. But it's your loss."