A/N: So this is going to be a series of one-shots about the Kokiri basically, some will be longer than others, some will have Link in, some may not, you get the idea.

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Angry storm clouds billowed over the raging land of Hyrule as a bitter wind whistled through the trees of the mysterious Kokiri Forest. The whole kingdom was in the midst of a great war, the only race not involved in the battle were the children of the forest: the Kokiri. These peaceful elves were unaware of the harsh reality going on in the outside world; under the protection of the Great Deku Tree they lived happily together in their village nestled amongst the trees.

A group of three girls slowly made their way out of a small tree stump house. The one in front was slightly taller than the two behind, she wore the traditional female Kokiri tunic, brown boots and matching belt. Bowing her head and folding her arms, she fought against the wind as it blew her blonde bunches in all directions. Fado was a pleasant fun-loving pretty girl, although sometimes she could be a bit of a gossip.

"Are you sure this is a good idea Fado?" Fala, one of the twins shouted at her back. Both twins also wore the standard Kokiri tunic and were totally identical in appearance with their strawberry-blonde shoulder length hair and curious blue eyes. Those who knew them better though could easily tell them apart by their different personalities. Fala was the level-headed sensible one who enjoyed spending time chatting with her friends, relaxing in their tiny house and living a generally quiet life. On the other hand, Rela, her sister was more of a prankster, she loved playing jokes on the other children and exploring as far as she dared around the forest. Overall, the twins were good friends to have, each of their personalities bounced off the other making them an interesting duo.

"It's just a mild breeze!" Fado yelled as she covered her sapphire eyes to block flying leaves smacking her face. "Besides, seeing Mido make a fool of himself telling stories is always funny."

"Hehe, yeah, last time Mido was a riot." Rela giggled at the memories of Mido's awful storytelling. "Let's call in on Saria to see if she wants to come, she always tells the best stories."

Agreeing, the trio ducked behind Saria's house in a failed attempt to avoid the wind. Edging their way along the back wall of the house, they cautiously poked their heads around the side to check for any loose logs that could crash into them. Scurrying over to the front door, they pushed aside the curtain Saria had put up to prevent strong gusts entering her house.

Inside was pitch black, none of them could see a single thing.

"Is she in?" Fala whispered whilst holding her hair in place.

"Saria, are you home?" Fado asked the silent room, there was no reply.

"What are you doing?" A voice questioned behind them.

"We're looking for- Oh, Saria!" Rela nearly jumped out of her tunic when she saw the green-haired girl, an amused smile on her face.

"For me?" Saria finished her sentence, pushing past the girls, she strolled into her house carrying a basket of fruit. Unlike the other girls, Saria wore slightly different clothing, a dark green long-sleeved turtleneck under a lighter green sleeveless top along with green shorts, boots and belt, her whole image radiated the colour green, apart from her deep blue eyes. Everyone in the village liked her, it was difficult not to, she had a kind, welcoming aura surrounding her always willing to help anyone in need. Not only that, but she was also one of the bravest Kokiri, however, unlike some of the boys, she didn't like to show off. It was true that most of the children were friendly with Saria, although some of the girls became jealous of the obvious attention she received and ignored from a few of the boys, even with all that, they'd sometimes see her sitting on top of her house staring into the sky with a lost look on her face like a part of her was missing, a part that no Kokiri had managed to fill yet, not even Mido who would never give up trying to earn her complete trust.

"Will you come to the story night?" Fado asked as the three girls entered the house after Saria. Each week, the Kokiri held a story night where they took turns to tell different stories to a group of whoever wanted to go. Tonight's theme would be scary stories hosted in the Know-It-All Brothers' house.

"Sure, listening to Mido self-inserting himself as the hero in everything is always an evening well spent." Saria grinned. Placing the basket on the table, a light blue orb with wings fluttered out of the fruit, setting himself on the table, he yawned.

"We went through that wind to get this stuff, I want some before we go." Nori, Saria's fairy insisted, his blue glow creating the only light in the room, since they would be leaving soon there was no point lighting anything else.

"Fine, only a few." Saria mumbled taking out a handful of purple berries, putting them on the table she watched her fairy pick one up to munch on. The others' fairies who had been hiding until then, quickly joined Nori for the mini feast.

A small group of Kokiri gathered in the Know-It-All Brothers' house that night. The room was lit with a magically powered lantern that the Deku Tree had given them, all the tables and chairs had been moved to the side so the centre of the room was clear.

Waiting by the door, the youngest of the brothers, Remo, or Rem as he liked to be called greeted the girls as they arrived.

Timo, the eldest, sat lazily leaning his elbow on the back table waiting impatiently for the group to hurry up and get inside.

Somo, the middle brother busied himself by laying out deku nut and seed snacks on the tables.

All three brothers wore the usual male Kokiri tunic, green boots and green caps. Each had thick bushy orange hair that totally covered their eyes making many of the children wonder how they could see a thing. They were highly respected throughout the village, especially Timo, who would often challenge the authority of Mido making him the Kokiri leader's biggest rival.

"Hurry up, I'm freezing my butt off out here!" Mido, the self-proclaimed leader of the village shouted from outside the house. Most of the Kokiri didn't like Mido that much, he was bossy, arrogant, self obsessed, the list of negatives could easily go on. However, underneath all of that, he did have a softer side, usually only shown to impress Saria which never seemed to work for him. He was also one of the bravest Kokiri, a strong sign of an 'alpha male' even if it was overshadowed by his shallow personality.

"Impatient as ever aren't you Mido." Saria came up by the side of him as they waited to go in.

"S-Saria." Mido stammered, running a hand through his messy red hair, he looked down at the grassy floor. If Saria had been male, she would have been the freckle-faced boy's strongest rival by far, many Kokiri referred to her as an unofficial leader when they thought he wasn't listening. If it had been anyone else, he would've pounded their face in by now to prove his strength, but Saria was too nice to ever act on anything said in the village and, her being a girl meant Mido wouldn't dare use brute force if she had challenged him. It was plain to everyone that he had a serious crush on her, the number of times he'd tried to impress her were countless.

When they were all finally inside, Timo stood to begin the evening. Before he could get a word out, Mido shoved him harshly out of the way.

"I'm the boss so I'll be going first, any objections?" His beady blue eyes leered at the others who remained perfectly still, arguing with Mido was like arguing with a tree. "Right, so there was this handsome leader guy…"

Ten minutes later

"Then out of nowhere this giant blue blob appeared!"

"Let me guess, it had teeth just like the deku scrub, octorok and talking blade of grass." Rem rolled his eyes causing Fala to giggle while Somo appeared to be half asleep.

"This story isn't even scary." Rela shook Somo who was next to her awake. "Let someone else have a go, someone like Saria."

Hearing Saria's name, Mido couldn't refuse, as much as he wanted to tell them all to shut up.

"Alright, Saria your turn." He handed the lantern to her as she took to the centre floor. Taking a breath, she pondered over what to tell them, all eyes were fixed intently on the girl.

"It was a dark stormy night," she held the lantern close to her face stopping the light spreading across the room. "The wind howled loudly over a small woodland village as a group of kids sat huddled in their tree stump home. They spoke of a legend, a legend that had been passed down through generations of their village. The tale told of an awful beast that would roam the woods at the edge of the village, however, this wasn't any ordinary monster, it was rumoured to have the body of a boy, but the head of a wolfos." She paused to see the startled reactions of the group. "Rumour also told that anyone who dared enter the forbidden woods became the monster's next meal, leaving only the torn corpse which would twist into an ugly lifeless being. Children who peered into the woods could see the beings beckoning for them to come closer, those who dared, never returned."

Rela gulped as she gripped her sister's arm who was also a little scared.

"Sometimes," Saria continued the story. "The beast would journey into the village to surprise its victims by innocently knocking on their doors."

Suddenly, there was a knock at the Know-It-All Brothers' new wooden door, the girls and even some of the boys screamed in terror.

"I-I'll answer it." Rem cautiously opened the door to reveal Domi, the boy who ran the Kokiri shop.

"Sorry I'm late." He smiled that goofy smile typical of him. Domi was shorter than most of the Kokiri, dark brown hair sat in a clump on top of his chubby head.

"I-it's ok." Rem glanced around outside before shutting the door once more.

Clearing her throat, Saria waited for Domi to find a seat then carried on. "When the beast was lucky enough, a child would open their door…." She moved slowly backwards towards the table. "And then…the beast would…."

Everyone leaned forward eager to hear what the monster would do.

"Pounce!" Saria yelled, grabbing a deku nut at the same time, she tossed it on the floor causing the room to erupt in a series of screams. Placing the lantern on the table, she started laughing, the expressions on their faces were priceless.

"I think we better head home." Fado whispered, eyes darting anxiously between her friends.

"Y-yeah." Fala stood from the bed she'd been sitting on. "What if the….monster….gets us though!"

"It was just a story." Saria placed a hand on her shoulder. "I'll be going now even if none of you are." Opening the door, she stepped out into the now rainy night. Glancing up, she saw a brilliant flash of orange light in the sky. Something big was going on in the outside world, she wished she knew what it was.