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A loud thud echoed throughout the house of the Know-It-All brothers as Timo slammed a dusty, almost torn apart book onto the table. The book was something the Deku Tree had presented to the Kokiris many years, perhaps even centuries, ago where they could document any important events or information they thought would be useful. Turning to a particular page, he frowned then sighed.

"Kokiri law states that any member of the village is within their rights to challenge the leader to his position. However, I can never seem to beat him..."

"Are you still going on about that?" Somo asked his brother, sitting up from his slumped position in the chair opposite the table. Something like this would happen every few weeks, Timo would insist he was going to take Mido's place as leader of the village, only to lose in whatever event he proposed as the challenge.

"Yes! And I'll keep 'going on' about it until I've claimed my rightful place as leader!" Closing the book, the elder brother made his way to the door, ready to go and find Mido. This time he had the perfect idea for a challenge where no one would be able to beat him.

Outside of the house, the youngest brother, Remo, sat chatting to Fala who had been admiring him practising in the training grounds most of the day. Noticing Timo stomping down the hill from their house, he knew his brother was on a mission once again, one he would more than likely end up regretting.

"Do you think he'll beat Mido this time?" Fala asked, not sure who she would have preferred as their leader. Sure, Mido was known to be a bit of a bully, selfish, arrogant and a lot of other things but he did have the qualities of a leader on top. He was brave, could command attention and usually knew what to do when things went wrong. On the other hand, Timo was probably the smartest Kokiri in the village, he was also brave when he needed to be and could use a variety of weapons.

"I'm not gonna hold my breath," Remo shook his head. "C'mon, let's go watch."

Mido sat obliviously by the small pond on the centre of the village. Staring into the clear water, he watched his reflection ripple back and forth as he wondered if anything interesting would happen that day. Hearing a voice calling his name, he turned his head, only to smirk when he saw who it was.

"Hi Timo, what's up?" He asked, already having a good idea of what the boy wanted.

"I was wondering if you were up for a little challenge, nothing big, just for leadership and all that," Timo replied, folding his arms as he tried to look intimidating.

"Hmm, I dunno," Mido got to his feet, standing slightly shorter than his challenger. "I'm fed up of beating you."

By now a small group of Kokiris had gathered around the boys, all eager to see what new challenges Timo had thought of.

"Rest assured, this time I will win," Timo held out his hand.

Thinking for a moment, Mido nodded and returned the handshake, he wasn't one to turn down a challenge.

"There'll be a series of challenges, each testing a different skill. This will prove once and for all who could be the best, all-round leader." Timo explained, breaking the handshake.

"You know, this could be kinda fun, I want in too!" A female voice shouted from the back of the crowd. Pushing her way forward, Rela walked up to the boys and smiled.

"What! You are joking, right?" Timo growled, he hated when people made a joke of his challenges.

"No, I want to be in the challenge too," the girl insisted. "Is that a problem?"

"You can't challenge me to be leader!" Mido took Timo's side. "You're a girl!"

"What's wrong with being a girl?" Another voice asked. Joining Rela at the front, Saria awaited an answer.

"N-nothing," Mido swallowed, why did Saria have to get involved too? "But a girl has never been the leader, it's unheard of in Kokiri tradition!"

"I don't remember reading that it was against the rules in that old book," Saria folded her arms, not about to back down when Mido was making up rules to suit himself.

"Whatever." He huffed. "It takes a real man to lead, no offence girls but you're just not built for such a task."

"A real man?" Saria raised an eyebrow. "So are you filling in until a 'real man' appears?"

There was a chorus of laughter from the group causing Mido to become quite flustered, his face turning redder the more he tried not to get angry. She always had that effect on him, there wasn't anyone else in the village who could get under his skin in such a way. She may not have been as strong as him but Mido knew after Timo, Saria could have been his biggest threat to leadership, if she wanted. His only choice was to let Rela compete and to prove that she wouldn't be able to keep up with the boys.

"Fine, you can compete," he pointed at Rela. "Don't come crying to me when you lose is all."

"I'm in too," Saria wanted to see if she could match up to the 'men' of the village. Of course, she had no intention of taking over if somehow she did manage to win, it would just be some harmless fun.

"Ugh ok, but no one else!" Mido yelled before the whole group could challenge him.

"Great, this is so exciting!" Rela grinned, going off to prepare for the first challenge.

Stepping into her house, Saria dove under the bed, looking for whatever equipment she could find that might come in useful during the challenges. Fluttering out of one of her pockets before he got squashed, her fairy landed on the floor in front of her as she continued to search.

"You know, what you said to Mido was a little mean," he finally said.

"Huh? I guess so..." Saria remembered the look on Mido's face when she'd insulted him. "But he can be so unreasonable a lot of the time, someone had to say something."

"Maybe so but did you see his expression?"

"Yeah," Saria felt a pang of guilt serge through her chest but quickly pushed it aside when her hand hovered over her slingshot. Slipping the weapon into her belt, she made sure she had a good supply of deku seeds and nuts before checking her ocarina was securely in one of her pockets. "Let's go, they're probably waiting for me."

Most of the village was waiting in the training grounds for the events to begin. Forming a crowd around Mido, Timo and Rela, they dragged Saria into the midst of the excitement the moment she arrived on the scene.

Putting a hand on her twin's shoulder, Fala gave her an anxious look. She knew Rela was quite capable of most things the boys could do but she was also known to be careless and would often jump into things without fully thinking them through. The quieter twin had had no idea her sister was even considering challenging Mido to be the leader, she did wonder whether the girl even wanted to take up the position, perhaps she was doing it more for entertainment purposes than anything else.

"I'll be alright," Rela assured her sister. She knew Fala worried a lot but there was no need, she didn't intend to put herself in any danger, well, nothing too dangerous anyway.

"Right, listen up!" Timo's voice shouted over the noise. "The first challenge will be a test of agility. Since a leader needs to be able to move fast whilst still being able to pay attention to what's around him-um, or her, I've created an obstacle course around the village," he pointed down the hill towards Mido's house where four flags were placed on the roof. "There are a number of flags placed throughout the course, to complete it successfully, you not only have to come first but also must collect all of your flags."

"Agility? Mido should be good at this," Rela smirked. "All that running from the big scary monsters in the woods."

"Very funny," Mido grit his teeth, making his way to the starting line. "Let's get on with this."

As soon as they were told to begin, all four darted down the hill towards the first flag.

Shoving his way into the lead, Mido knew exactly how he would get on to the roof of his house without having to take up valuable time clambering up the cliffs. Taking out a deku stick, he held it vertically in front of himself and just before reaching the house, shoved it into the ground, letting it propel him into the air before it snapped in two. Grasping at the edge of his roof, he pulled himself up to grab his flag then leapt off towards the next one.

Running close behind, Timo arrived at the house, wondering how he could get up to the flag. Climbing up the wall of vines seemed like the best option even though it would take him more time than he wanted to waste. Turning around, he got a shock when he saw Saria take a running jump, right for him!

"Sorry!" She exclaimed, using his shoulders as a spring board to get up to the roof.

Noticing his flag was near the edge of the roof, he rammed his whole body into the wall, causing the flag, as well as Rela's to tumble to the ground.

"Thanks!" Rela snatched up her flag before he had a chance to get ahead of her.

Arriving at the stepping stones, Mido saw the flags placed on the final stone, how easy it would be! Picking up his own flag, he smiled to himself when he got a brilliant idea. Quickly grabbing the other flags, he chucked them into the pond and dashed off in the direction of the shop, hoping no one had noticed what he'd just done.

Reaching the pond not far behind the mischievous current leader, Saria frowned when she saw the flags in the water. It wouldn't be a good idea to dive in and get soaking wet, surely that would slow her down for the rest of the race. Back tracking to the grass at the side of the water, she searched through the bushes in the hopes that a long enough vine would be amongst them.

Taking the chance to overtake Saria, Timo shrugged at the flags in the water before diving in without a second thought. He wasn't going to spend time attempting to stay dry when Mido was getting further and further ahead.

Also rushing past Saria, Rela hesitated for a moment before diving in to retrieve her own flag. However, it didn't bother the green-haired girl that she was falling so far behind. Finding what she had been looking for, she used the vine to guide the flag close enough for her to reach without needing to go for a little swim.

At the front of the runners, Mido rounded the back of the Twins' house then made his way onto the ramp which connected to Saria's house. Spotting the final flags at the end of the wooden bridge, he grinned, this would be his first victory. Hearing footsteps behind, he turned to see a soaking Timo and Rela slowly catching up to him.

"Don't think you've won yet!" Timo shouted. Picking up his pace, he winced when he lost his balance on the wet grass beneath his boots. His clothes had been dripping so much he hadn't realised how slippery the earth had become. Tumbling to the floor with a thud, he groaned, watching Rela and Saria run ahead.

Making her way onto the ramp before Saria, Rela was sure she could at least get second place. However, her wet clothes were becoming so heavy that the faster she tried to run the more they dragged her backwards. Stopping to take a breather, she regretted it when Saria squeezed past, hurrying up to the bridge faster than she'd seen the girl move in a long time.

He was certain he had won, there was no way anyone would catch him now, Mido sniggered collecting the last of his flags. He was just about to jump from the bridge when he saw Saria appear at the other end. Taking out her slingshot, she smiled at him before sending a barrage of seeds right in his direction.

"Ow! Hey, you cheater!" He yelled, jumping from the bridge to avoid the attack.

"Well, I'm not the only one," Saria grinned, diving down after him. "I'm sure those flags weren't in the water when we started."

"Not like you can prove it," Mido replied, dashing off towards the finish line. It was now a straight run to the finish, whoever got there first would win the challenge.

"Here they come!" Rem shouted from the top of the hill. He watched eagerly as Mido and Saria ran towards them, Mido slightly in the lead.

He was less than an inch in front of her, she had to take over him somehow, but how? Realising she didn't have any other option, Saria did the first thing that came to mind and leapt onto his back, sliding her arms around his neck she he couldn't throw her off.

"That won't work!" Mido huffed. He'd win this race, even if she was latched onto him!

Being pulled up the hill by a determined Mido, Saria was preparing to jump off and over his head just as they neared the finish. But what she wasn't expecting is what happened next. Instead of simply trying to run forward, Mido got close enough to the end then threw his whole body forward, causing them both to fall over. Stretching out an arm, he smiled as it went over the finish.

"The winner is Mido!" Somo announced, helping them to their feet.

"That was a cheap trick," Saria mumbled.

"And I bet you're jealous you didn't think of it," Mido grinned, watching his name being added to the scoreboard.

Rela managed to claim third place while a disappointed Timo squelched over the finish line in last place. The first challenge may have been over but there were plenty more opportunities for the losers to bring themselves up to first place. Would Mido be able to keep winning them all?