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Summary: This is a gift to rentaholic00.

Collins and Angel walked hand in hand down Avenue B. Today was their two year anniversary, and Collins said he had something special planned.

The night's air felt good as it brushed against Angel's cheeks. Her black hair blowing softly as it framed her flawless face.

"Where are we going, baby?" Angel asked as she allowed Collins to guide her.

"You'll see," he replied.

"I can't really see with this blindfold covering my eyes."

Collins just laughed. He hoped she would like what he had planned, even though he knew Angel would appreciate anything he did for her.

"Baby! Come on, I want to know," she said as she formed her lips into a pout.

"That pout doesn't work as well without your beautiful eyes."

Angel could feel her face growing hot. She knew she should be used to him giving her compliments like that, but knowing it was their two-year anniversary changed things for her.

The two lovers continued their walk for a minute until Collins suddenly stopped.

"Baby, why'd you stop?"

"Because we're here."

Ooo… where are they?

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