OK, I think there should be more Vampire Knight fan fiction, so I have decided to write one. Oh and sorry to all the people that I told that this would be up a week ago, I got a horrible cold and I've been almost constantly sleeping for over a week now.

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Sweet Blood: prologue

Kaname wanted to kill Zero. He wanted to go up to him and punch his face in. Slit his throat and let all his blood spill out over the wood and carpet that covered the floor; let it drip down the stairs one at a time. He had done something unforgivable. He had damaged Yuki. He had robbed Yuki. Zero had done what so many vampires had done before him: he had mercilessly dunk the blood of a human, a beautiful young girl, and had almost killed her in the process. It's dispicable, disgusting, monstrous. "You have been reduced to a blood-thirsty beast, Zero Kiryu," said Kaname, and then in a whisper he added "and I let it happen."

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