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Sweet Blood: the council's request

Kaname was sitting in the office facing the wall behind his desk, waiting for (news/a letter) from the senate, though definitely not looking foreword to it. As Kaname stared at the wall situated in front of him, contemplating what stupidity the senate could possibly want now, there was a knock at the door. He didn't move. "Kaname?" came Ichijou's voice as he opened the door, "I have a message from the senate." He stepped into the room carrying a parchment envelope sealed with dark red wax stamped with the council's emblem.

Kaname kept facing the wall and reached behind him, over his head, to grab his mail as Ichijou handed it to him. Kaname took the envelope and tore it open sans letter opener because he simply did not have the patience to go find it.

Kuran Kaname:

We, the Senate, would like to show our gratitude for (paying attention) to our previous requests, yet we would also like to inform you of our need for an official record of your actions. If you could please give us some form of written report, we would greatly appreciate it.� Please be aware that, should you decide to not comply with our request, we will be forced to take action against your power at Cross Academy, and possibly even further. Also, we would like to ask for another favor of you, there are rumors about a Level E Class vampire that should be arriving tonight in the town which Cross Academy is situated outside of; it would be greatly appreciated if you could have this taken care of.

The Senate.

Ichijou had been rambling in the back ground while Kaname had been reading the letter. "What do you think Kaname?" What a bunch of annoying old men then senate is. They're like ticks, only much larger and communal. "Even though we have today off, you're still working; you never rest" said Ichijou as he closed the window.

"The senate is persisting in wanting reports..." Why did they bother doing this? It was so (pointless), these reports would never be read again. They would be placed in a cabinet or bookshelf, and sit there, discarded.

"...writing reports for those old men even though you don't want to... you're different form me. I read too much manga," Ichijou gave a yawn that could make anyone want to sleep, "and I'm sleepy during the day, of course." No matter how much Ichijou talked, the Class President was (dealing with) about the reports the senate had requested. "Anyway, Yuki is all right, the horse only kicked her in the butt."

"Oh," came a preoccupied response from Kaname, of course Yuki was fine, if something was truly harming her, he would be fully aware of it. Kaname just kept writing his uniform response to The Senate and their (idiotic/moronic) committee.

"Huh," Ichijou turned around surprised, amazed "no way! You must have been really worried about her. That was cold!" he pouted jokingly, giving Kaname puppy dog eyes. Kaname stared at Ichijou with an expression on his face as it to say that he doesn't care all that much. Ichijou smiled and began to walk towards the door. "Well, I'm off to read manga."

Ichijou couldn't leave quite yet. Kaname (needed) him to do (something) in accordance with the council. "Ichijou," Kaname began in a definitive voice as he was walking out the door. Kaname stared, waiting for him to turn around.

Ichijou soon turned around and looked at Kaname questioningly. When Kaname didn't say anything Ichijou messed his bangs and sighed, "what would you like me to do Kaname?" Ichijou looked at Kaname again, who finally began to speak.

"The council just informed me that once again there is a E class vampire that has escaped." You would think the pure bloods would be able to keep a tighter hold on them... "The council wants us to take care of him. Take Shiki with you."

"Yes Kaname" replied Ichijou and then he walked out of the room on his way to find Shiki. Kaname was relieved to have that order of business out of the way. Now for the reports...

To the Senate:

I am pleased to inform you that we will graciously take care of the class E vampire once again. Though I do not fully understand why you want them, the reports you have requested are enclosed. If you are in need of any more assistance regarding the area around Cross Academy please contact me before taking action being as it is best for all of our interests to keep uninvited vampires off of the school grounds.

-Kuran Kaname

Ichijou appeared in Kaname's office again later that day "The vampire has been taken care of" the council now has no reason to complain, and, more importantly, no reason to come at all near cross academy. "But there is one unexpected thing that happened. The vampire must have been attracted to her blood." Before he even knew what Ichijou was speaking of, he began to deny it. Yuki would not have been there, could not have been there. Headmaster cross would not have letter her visit the town because of the report on the vampire. Yes the headmaster could be aloof sometimes, but he wasn't stupid. "Zero and Yuki were there when we found it."

�The headmaster allowed her to go to the town even though there was a class E running about? The only thing that could possibly be the case is that he didn't know because the reports were usually sent on a need to know basis. The council did not like to admit when there was a problem. But Zero should have been able to sense the danger even before he knew there was a vampire. The fang would not be able to save Yuki from physical harm, it could only stop vampire's powers like Aido's ice and would only keep a vampire from biting her if she did not want them to, if she struggled. If she allows Zero to bite her, there isn't a thing Kaname could do about it. Kaname was overtaken by the chaos of his emotions. Zero should not even be alive. A class E vampire. Overall he would be better off dead. Truly, Kaname would have no qualms about killing Zero, he would actually enjoy it, quite a lot, to kill the one who harmed Yuki, to see the blood run out of Zero and onto the floor, pouring out, down the staircase where he bit Yuki, or across the ballroom floor, only to be found the next day to the horror of the entire student body. The vampire instinct in him wanted to take over, it wanted to get his revenge. Yet he couldn't kill Zero. As much as it annoyed him to admit it, he needed Zero, he needed him to be there to keep other vampires away from Yuki, though he apparently wasn't doing his job. It would also hurt Yuki, and the night class would cease to exist if the headmaster found out.�

Kaname reverted to his level headed tone. "Was Yuki hurt?"

There was a pause as a smile spread over Ichijou's face. "See! I knew you cared!" said Ichijou overly happy, teasing. Kaname glared at him, unamused; Ichijou quickly became serious again. "She is perfectly fine, except for the small cut that had initially attracted the vampire. Zero showed up to protect her. Thankfully to them, our job was much easier because the vampire was preoccupied as we approached it."

Kaname would have to watch Zero more carefully, he was getting lazy and was not on guard. Kaname would also have to see how loyal he is, and if there would be any reason not to allow him to keep protecting Yuki. But Kaname could not deny the fact that having Zero protecting Yuki was very convenient, yet Zero himself was dangerous. He was going to be a threat to Yuki weather or not Kaname was using him to protect him.

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