Eric walked into the locker room looking a little weary and tired. Speed was sitting on the locker room bench, pulling on a pair of work shoes. Speed chuckled at the sight of Eric. He knew that two days ago when Calleigh was looking for a place to stay, Eric had nearly knocked him down trying to be the first to offer his place to her. Calleigh's apartment was being fumigated and she was homeless for three or four days. Speed had simply smiled and backed off when Eric jumped at the chance to host Calleigh. He knew that for some time now Eric had been in love with his coworker, and if Speed wasn't imagining things he could swear that Calleigh harbored some kind of feelings for Eric too.

Looking at Eric's ragged appearance, there hadn't been a lot of sleeping the night before. Speed laughed outright at Eric, shaking his head.

"Man, you look awful." Speed stated dryly. "Get a lot of sleep last night, man?"

"Whatever, Speed." Eric shot back. "I didn't get much sleep last night."

"You go, man." Speed cheered.

"I wish." Eric said with an air of exhaustion. "You know Calleigh's sick right?"

"So you played a little doctor last night?" Speed asked, interrupting. Eric sighed, rubbed the back of his neck and hung his head. A small grin spread across his lips, but then faded.

"Like I said, I wish. No man, I know she's sick and everything, but I needed earplugs at one time last night. It was like the foghorn was right inside my bedroom." Eric said. He was obviously tired and bothered. Eric was usually grumpy without a good night's sleep.

"Calleigh snores? Who would have thought that? I didn't think she had any flaws." Speed said with a chuckle. "What did you do man?"

"I just kept piling the pillows one on top of the other. After three, it was more like coffee grinder sound rather than a foghorn. I don't know if I can last another two nights with her, man. I know it's just because she's sick, but stil..."

Speed stood up, having tied his shoes while listening to his friend, and patted Eric on the shoulder.

"I feel for you man. Either hope that she gets better soon, or invest in some earplugs." Speed said choked up with laughter.

"I'm glad you find this funny." Eric said gloomily. As Speed walked away from Eric, Eric could hear his laughter echoing off of the lockers. Eric was opening his locker when Calleigh rounded the corner from behind Eric and the lockers.

"Hey Eric." Calleigh said. Her voice sounded a little strange, and Eric could tell that she was still sick and congested. However, Calleigh smiled through it all. "Thanks again for letting me stay at your place."

"No problem. I'll pick up something for us to eat tonight when we both finish. How are you feeling?" Eric asked.

"Okay." Calleigh said with a sniffle and then a throaty cough. "Well, I'm due in the ballistics lab. See you later."

Calleigh walked out of the lab, and Eric was left staring at her as she walked away from him. Even sick, he knew that he could be completely in love with her if she gave him a chance.