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Naruto patted his now full stomach. Old man Hokage had just treated him to nearly ten bowls of ramen for a job well done in his academy classes. He had placed third overall and might have even placed first if only he had some of the help available to others for himself. Maybe I could ask old man Hokage about some extra help or something. He might even teach me himself before offering me his job! Hahaha, soon everyone will have to accept me! Yosh!

"Naruto-kun," the old man whispered gently, "if you don't mind, I would like to make a quick stop into the Uchiha district." He turned off into a small path that gradually got wider as it went and then slowed just enough to give his walking partner a moment to catch up.

Once Naruto had managed to make up the ground between himself and the elderly shinobi, both made for the Uchiha district. When they set foot just immediately into the grounds, both the aspiring shinobi and legendary nin heard a distant scream about one hundred paces away.

Not waiting for Naruto, Sarutobi – the legendary God of Shinobi- ran off towards the sounds of clashing metal and howling shrieks. Hopefully Naruto has enough sense to stay back. I just hope this isn't anything too dangerous.

Unfortunately for the elderly shinobi, Naruto did not in fact, have enough sense to stay put. "Damned old man, running off without me! What if he needs backup? What if he left me behind because he knew it would be something fun?" bellowed the young boy.

Naruto set off at a dead sprint in the direction of the racket, silently thanking the gods for his nearly limitless energy; he would need it if things were as bad as they sounded. Pumping his legs for all they were worth, he could only hope that he didn't miss out on his shot to show what he was made of. Old man better appreciate the things I end up having to deal with, just to help him.

The vision of what fell before him when he arrived left him in a state of shocked silence; there had only been two times when he had been more horrified in his career. The first had been eight years ago when the giant monster fox ripped his shinobi apart and the second had been when he discovered Orochimaru's vile experiments; that had certainly turned his stomach. But this, this might have even been worse. Orochimaru had never killed his own family.

Itachi – the former pride of the Uchiha clan – was running the blade of his ninjato through his mother when he caught the presence of the one man who could possibly challenge him in Konoha. It seems as though my father and a few others will have to be spared for the time being. He ripped the blade out with a meaty thunk and fixed his gaze on Konoha's Hokage. "It seems that I will be unavailable to bid my brother farewell," he smirked, "would you let him know that I am responsible for this."

There was a detached light in the young prodigy's eyes that set a cold, hard fury in the pit of the much older genius's stomache. To do this. Unthinkable. He would not allow this punk to get away with such an atrocity; he could not fail Konoha again. This time I WILL bring justice. I WILL be the flame burns those who would oppose it.

In the most composed voice he could muster, he ground out, "Uchiha Itachi, you are charged with high treason and genocide. For your crimes, there can be only one penance: Death! Prepare yourself!" He flew threw hand seals as rapidly as he ever remembered and prepared to launch a volley of molten projectiles upon the Uchiha prodigy, until he noticed the small blur racing towards his target. Fool boy! Run!

Naruto had never run faster in the entire span of his years. At first he ran because he truly believed he could protect his Hokage, but after tripping on a pile of blood soaked bodies, he ran so that his Hokage could protect him. This can't be happening! There's no way, who would do this? Is this what it really means to be Hokage? Am I such a coward?

He had fought back tears as quickly as they formed; it had quickly become a losing battle. If he could only find the old man, then everything would be alright, and he could forget everything he saw tonight. The buildings flashed past him in a blur. He didn't want to see anything more than he had to anyway.

Just when he thought that his endless stamina wasn't so endless anymore, he heard something. It rang clear through the silence of the night, and it was instantly recognizable. He had finally made it, now he was safe. Finally!

Standing in the middle of a cluster of buildings was the old man that the academy student had desperately searched for. He could only just make out what the old man was saying. "For your crimes, there can be only one penance: Death! Prepare yourself!"

He watched in rapt fascination as Sarutobi ran through a series of hand seals and then started in the direction of a young man. Naruto quickly caught on that the young boy covered in blood must be the bad guy; he didn't look very dangerous.

"Brother! What happened? What's going?" shrieked a young boy dashing towards Sarutobi's opponent. Naruto recognized him as Uchiha Sasuke, one of the two people who managed to score higher than him in their classes. He was running straight towards the killer! Naruto knew that he had to do something or his class mate would be in serious trouble. I guess I'll finally get to show what I'm made of…if only I could avoid this.

Itachi had been worried; even he wasn't guaranteed a win against someone like the Third Hokage. He would need to use a desperation move if he was to have any chance to escape.

"Brother! What happened? What's going on?" came a high pitched yelp that heading in his direction. It looks like Sasuke might not be such a disappointment after all, he mused.

He held his stance in case his opponent decided to exploit his momentary lapse in concentration, so long as Sasuke made it to him unhindered he would get out. Unfortunately, things would not end so neatly; just in front Sasuke, a shock of yellow hair appeared. Damn.

"Sasuke, listen to me! This guy is dangerous, run away!" Naruto shouted.

Itachi couldn't risk having Sasuke get away, he needed to act fast. He brought up his ninjato as quickly as he could and slashed it across Naruto's left eye. I can't kill him, but I need him out of the picture.

Naruto howled and fell out of the way. Sasuke was frozen in shock, he couldn't process that his brother had just killed one of his classmates and possibly his entire family. He didn't know what to do, so he did the only thing he could. He screamed, "Brother! Why? Why did you kill them all? Answer me! Brother!"

Pain. Unbearable pain. Nothing else existed but pain. Naruto could feel the world slipping away from his grasp. I suppose this is what it means to be Hokage. To die for others, I hope Sasuke is okay.

The world in front of him vanished into an onyx blanket. He realized that he was no longer in pain, and it dawned on him that he was dead. He laughed ruefully," This sucks. You'd think there'd be something when you die. Anything would be better, anything."

An unearthly growl rumbled from behind him; the force was enough to knock him over. The formerly aspiring shinobi got up and turned around to find a set of bars that belonged to a cage bigger than he could have ever imagined. Across the middle of the bars was a thin strip of paper that was inked with a single word on it: Seal. Behind the bars and the small strip of paper, he could vaguely see the outline of something much, much bigger than himself. First that crazy murderer and now this, I didn't think I did anything to deserve a place in Hell.

"Relax brat, you're not in Hell," snarled the shadowy behemoth, "rather, you're in my domain. I am great Fox of Nine Tails, and I am your resident."

"What the hell do you mean, resident?!?" Naruto got up and pointed angrily at the great beast. Having enough of miserable events he was thrust in the middle of he charged on in a fury, "You can't be the Kyuubi! It's dead! The Fourth Hokage of Konoha killed it eight years ago!"

"Don't be so sure brat; I'm not that easy to kill. I was sealed into your body eight years ago by the Fourth Hokage of Konoha, and thus, I am your resident," roared the monstrous fox. "The reason you are here is because you were inflicted with a mortal wound. I am the only thing that stands between your death and life."

Naruto could only sit in disbelief. Sealed in me? That explains a lot, but then, why hasn't the old man said anything? Why haven't I felt it before now? I have so many questions… "Hey fox! What do you mean that only you stand between me and death? And, why haven't I felt your presence before?"

"My chakra is able to stem the bleeding from your injuries and ultimately mend them, but because of the seal I am limited in what I can actively do about it. The seal is a safe guard that keeps me from escaping and it also prevents me from flooding you with my chakra and will only allow my chakra to escape when you are in mortal danger. To put it simply, when you're in danger or feel that you are in danger, the seal will slip just enough to let my chakra escape," explained the Kyuubi.

Naruto got up and moved closer to gates and in an act of impulsiveness ripped the seal completely off the cage. With tears in his eyes, he wailed, "I don't want to die yet! Do anything that you can to save me! Please!"

The Kyuubi was not easily surprised, but the small child's desperation and subsequent destruction of his chakra seal certainly surprised it. He didn't particularly care for the boy, but he could certainly relate with that willingness to do anything necessary for self preservation. He would help the brat, but only because it would ensure his survival; even though he removed a seal, the kid did not and can not remove the primary seal that held him. But, with this small improvement, his chakra could reach the boy whenever he wanted.

Just because he respected the boy didn't mean he wouldn't have some fun toying with him. Snarling he exploded, "Petulant child! Don't be reckless, that could've killed us both! I already assured your survival without you doing something to endanger us! Do not be so eager for my help, it will not come free!" That ought to teach the kid some patience.

"Luckily, that seal you removed will actually help us. You can now access my chakra at your beck and call, but don't think that means it comes free of consequence. If you try drawing too much of my chakra or too often, it will destroy you! I suppose that I will have to provide aid in the use of my chakra, so you will return to me as soon as you are able. For now, however, rest; you will need it," the large monster fox bid him fare well and stalked to the inner recesses of his cave.

Why? I wonder little brother, could you handle the truth? I suppose we'll find out.
Itachi smirked, "Foolish little brother did you hone-.." The murderous prodigy was interrupted mid speech by the twenty inches of metal sticking through his ribs. He hacked up blood and slumped to the ground, no longer able to support his own weight. Who? Ah, I see.

"Sasuke, go inside. I will come for you and explain everything shortly," Uchiha Fugaku commanded gently. Rather than moving towards his home, Sasuke fainted. Fugaku could only shake his head; his son had been through too much this day. Fugaku himself was sick and could hardly force down the bile rising in his throat. He had just killed his child; the same child that killed his wife and most of his relative.

Clearing his throat, the Third Hokage started, "Fugaku-san, I hate to bother after such a troubling night, but as you can see, Naruto-kun has just been gravely injured protecting Sasuke. He no longer has an eye in his left eye socket, and I am sure that you can understand what I am sug-…"

"Do it," Fugaku's voice trembled, "this man is not my son. See to it that Naruto makes use of his gift from the Uchiha clan; I will see to it that Sasuke makes use of the gift that Naruto has given to him, he will live live." Fugaku started towards the prone form of his now sole son, but stopped halfway. "I cannot care for him, but perhaps I can instruct him on how to use it, if there is no one else. Also, I would like to personally thank him for saving my son…." With that, he scooped up Sasuke and walked off in search of survivors.

It seems that Konoha will have another Copy Ninja soon; perhaps Kakashi would be up for mentoring Naruto-kun. Sarutobi stood up with a sigh and sent a messenger bird to the nearest ANBU squads and medic-nin. He quickly plucked Itachi's left eye from its socket before Itachi finally passed over and started the implant procedure himself…

"Naruto, even though Itachi was a criminal, I hope that you are able to use his power to protect those you love….grow strong Naruto-kun, Konoha will need you," chuckled the old man in spite of himself.

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