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"Damn bastard," Naruto cursed. His new sensei – the bastard, one eyed – Kakashi was a slave driver.

Kakashi had his blond trainee run as many laps around Konoha as possible, until he collapsed; he claimed it was to test Naruto's endurance and stamina, but Naruto secretly thought that his sensei was jealous of him and wanted to annoy him. He could keep his Sharingan open as long as he wanted to without hindrance, and Kakashi regularly lamented his ability copy that ability.

It was only the first meeting, but it left Naruto with little doubt as to just how harsh a taskmaster the legendary Copy Ninja of Konoha could be, and just how seriously he was taking Naruto's training. Naruto was supposed to be following in his footsteps after all, so he needed to be serious.

Ha, that's so cool. Konoha's Copy Ninja, Uzumaki Naruto! I could definitely get used to that! the blond thought cheerily.

It was something new for him, to be important and wanted, that is. In all of his life, he was just the tagalong, the one no one wanted, that boy – the one all of the kids were supposed to stay away from. Sure, he always enjoyed pranks, but Naruto never thought of himself as bad, or at least not that bad.

Thankfully, the meeting with Kyuubi a few nights before cleared things up. It didn't make it hurt any less; he didn't kill all of those people. Still, at least knowing was better than than not, or at least Naruto reasoned. After all, now that he knew why people hated him, maybe he could do something about it.

Hmmm, maybe Sakura-chan willl be really impressed now that I've this ultra cool eye and Kakashi-sensei is gonna teach me a bunch of incredible jutsu!

"Naruto! Get up!" Kakashi barked, effectively breaking Naruto out of his day dreams. "If you have enough time to sit down and day dream, you have enough time run laps! Get going!"

Hoping his sensei wouldn't hear, Naruto mumbled, "Bastard."

"I heard that."

Grumbling a bit more, Naruto started his laps, ruing the day he ever got that stupid eye. Like I'd ever wanna be some stupid Copy Ninja...

He collapsed on his bed, and he rubbed his growling stomach. He needed food, and he needed it fast!

By the end of Kakashi-bastard's training – more like torture – Naruto had run nearly two hundred laps and work on taijutsu forms for three hours straight. Luckily, Bastard-sensei let him use his Sharingan to copy the basic forms, so that was a bit easier than it could have been. But, even though he'd mastered the forms the moment his eye caught them, he was still forced to practice and practice and practice.

Considering how dumb he looks, you'd never guess he was such a hard ass. I bet his teacher never made him work this hard. Dammit, that's not a good attitude. If I wanna be Hokage and marry Sakura-chan, I need to work this hard. Doesn't mean I gotta like it though, Naruto mused.

Pushing himself up off of his bed and onto his feet, shuffled over to the kitchen table in his apartment and grabbed his keys. He decided that he was too tired to cook and ramen sounded like it would hit the spot.

Heh, ramen always sounds like it'll hit the spot.

When Naruto got outside and looked around, he noticed it was night time. The dark blanketed the entire village, and only the small shops lit by hanging lights that dotted the streets provided any semblance of illumination. It was beautiful. Though he'd only had it for a couple of days, Naruto could tell that it would be nights like this where he would most appreciate having the Sharingan; he could capture every glimmer, every whimsical shadow, every star in the clear night sky and store it away forever.

He thought that it would also be useful to help capture all of the great memories he was sure to have in the future, now that he was finally starting to find his place in the world.

Taking in all of the breathtaking surroundings and Konoha's incredible night sky, Naruto quickly lost track of time and arrived at Ichiraku ramen before he knew it. Ichiraku...Naruto couldn't help but marvel at the irony. Ichiraku meant "one comfort" and he often wanted to ask if they knew just how true that was for him especially.

It was true that Naruto often sought out the wonderful food of Ichiraku ramen, but the reality of the situation was that he really came here for the people. It wasn't the ingredients or some secret recipe that made the food so wonderful; it was old man Teuchi and his daughter Ayame, who accepted him so easily, that made it memorable.

Even after the worst of days, old man Teuchi and Ayame never had anything less than a warm smile and enthusiastic greeting to welcome him. In truth, without those two, ramen would just be boiled noodles, and what had survived of Naruto's optimism throughout the years would have been dust in the wind.

Getting the old cook's attention, he hollered out, "Hey old man! One pork ramen!"

"Oh? Only one? Did that crazy eye of yours somehow sap your love of my world renowned cooking?" the only man joked.

"Dad...leave him alone. Can't you tell he's had a rough day?"

"Oh, you wound me my most beautiful flower of a daughter? Can't you tell I'm concerned; our number one customer only ordered one bowl!" said Teuchi.

Naruto rolled his eyes. They were always like that, but it made him feel just a little more normal, and he loved them for it. "Hey! You didn't let me finish my order. I want one pork to start, and I'll take a couple miso after that."

"That's more like it! Speaking of which, how are you feeling? I mean, it's only been a couple of days, how are you holding up, kiddo?"

Naruto raised an eyebrow, "I'm doing fine, why? Have you heard something?"

"Well, it's just that eye of yours has gotten a lot of attention, and not all of it is good."

Ayame broke in, " Dad, don't scare him! Naruto, listen, just please be careful. There are a lot of mean people in this world, and the Uchiha bloodline is very valuable."

"I know, I've already had the talk. But don't worry you guys, the old man's got people watching out for me, and Kakashi-sensei said that in a few months that I'll be good enough to be a genin. Although, I'm not graduating for a few years."

"Alright then, Naruto-kun, but like Ayame said, keep an eye out.," said the old man, " Bah! Enough of this serious stuff, what's new?"

And so it went, for the next few hours Naruto described every event of the last few days in vivid details. From the time he valiantly saved Sasuke-kun's life, to his awakening and Fugaku-sama's deal and Bastard-sensei's training, nothing was left out.

Naruto got himself out of bed and stretched, which he desperately needed after a night of blissful recuperation. His night at Ichiraku was a godsend, and it helped him take his mind off of just how sore he was.

He was hungry, but he decided to skip breakfast since Fugaku-sama invited him for lunch and said that they had some very important stuff to do regarding clan rituals and stuff; Naruto wasn't very good with that kind of stuff, since he never had a clan to worry about before. He also mentioned that after the rituals Naruto might be a bit queasy, so breakfast was out for sure.

Naruto grabbed a pair of blue shorts and a bright orange shirt out of his closet and threw them on, They weren't particularly fancy or high end, but he liked them, and he wasn't gonna dress up for anything unless they told him ahead of time. He just hoped Fugaku-sama wouldn't be too upset, in the event that he was expected to dress to impress.

Running out of his apartment, he stumbled and nearly landed on his face. He would have, but a large hand caught the back of his shirt in a firm grasp and lifted him to his feet.

"Woah there, Naruto," said a deep voice. "I realize that I mentioned the meeting and subsequent rituals were important, but you still have quite a bit of time to get there."

Fugaku-sama was a man of medium height and build, with a stern face and dark charcoal eyes. His shoulder length was tucked behind his ear in a tidy, clean look; he liked everything in its proper place, even himself and his appearance. His dark blue Konoha standard issue uniform was perfectly pressed and the Uchiha Police Corps. Logo on the sleeve was bright and clean and even his jounin vest was spotless, despite blood soaked smears that covered it only days before. He definitely made for an impressive sight.

Right beside Fugaku-sama was Sasuke-kun, his son. He was a small boy of average height, with fair skin and charcoal eyes. His most noticeable feature was his jet black hair, that Naruto secretly thought resembled a duck's rear end. He had to supress a fit of giggles at that.

Sasuke scowled lightly, "What's so funny, Naruto-kun?"

Naruto brought his hand up to the back of his head as a nervous habit. He said, "Ah, nothing. I was just thinking about how I'm gonna get Kakashi-sensei back for making me run all of those laps yesterday"

"Hmph...hahaha. What are you gonna do?" Sasuke tried to act dignified, but he ended up not being able to conceal his amusement. Naruto knew that he found his pranks as fun and exciting as Naruto himself did.

Despite the slight twitch of his lips, Fugaku reprimanded them, "Naruto, you should display the characteristics we expect of the Uchiha clan, even if you're not officially one. You are still representing us. And you, Sasuke, I'm glad that you're finally starting to feel better."

Fugaku ruffled Sasuke's hair. Naruto felt a pang of jealousy stab through his chest. He too was glad that Sasuke-kun was starting to become more like himself, but just once, he too would like to have a father figure ruffle his hair. At least, he felt that way until Fugaku did just that; then, he just wanted Fugaku-sama to keep treating him like that forever.

Naruto looked over at Sasuke who was sporting a sincere smile. He was finally starting to find some peace; Naruto was happy for him.

"So, what exactly is going to happen at this, uh, ceremony?" asked Naruto.

"You'll just have to wait and see, Naruto-kun, but I think both you and Sasuke will be pleased."

Naruto whined,"Eh? Not even a clue?"

"No, let's get moving. Nice shirt by the way"

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