( A/N: This story is a collective effort between a talented group of writers at and myself. I felt this mission was special enough to be edited and re-written into a more reader friendly form for fan fiction. This is a prologue of sorts before the introduction chapter, to help readers understand the inner peril growing inside Windy.)

Windy, one of the most cosmopolitan cities in it's current state. 43 of the population are grey squirrels, 36 red, 10 are weasels, 9 are other, 2 are panthers.

Jan 5, 2003
A group of grey squirrel are dragging a red squirrel, William S. Redport, behind an alley. They beat him and take his wallet.

Jan 6, 2003
Redport reports to the police. They half-heartedly write down a few notes, and tell him that they will notify Allport upon their arrest. The officer at the time was also a grey squirrel.

Jan 8, 2003
The same group of grey squirrels gained knowledge that Redport went to the cops. They go to his home and proceed to smash the windows, egg his house, and spray paint over it.

The majority of the public will not know of these above events.

Feb 15, 2003.
The criminals have not been caught. They had continued to assault and terrorize Redport. All Redport has and could do was report, in vain, to the police. In the middle of the afternoon, Redport picks up a semi-automatic rifle and walks down Main Street of Windy, opening fire on all grey squirrels that he sees. 19 are killed, 6 are injured. Redport is arrested.

March 9, 2003.
Court finds Redport guilty on 19 charges of murder, and 6 charges of assault causing serious bodily harm, to be served consecutively. Defense claims a mistrial. All jury members were grey squirrels. Defense appeals to the Supreme Court of Windy.

April 11, 2003.
Supreme Court panel of Judges consists of 4 red squirrels, 3 grey squirrels, and 2 weasels. Redport found not guilty by reason of insanity. Prosecution appeals to the King of Windy.

April 30, 2003.
The King's assembly declares Conker's decision. Supreme Court's decision is upheld. Redport is institutionalized.

December 19, 2003.
Video footage of two grey squirrel officers severely beating a red squirrel. Investigation reveals the the red squirrel had done nothing wrong.

December 21, 2003.
Protests of racial profiling and police corruption. Majority of protesters are Red Squirrels, but some grey Squirrels join.

Feb 15, 2004.
One year anniversary of the tragic day. A 16 year old female grey squirrel is found raped and murdered by the river. A red squirrel is convicted based on loose evidence. He is beaten to death in prison.

Feb 29, 2004.
Red Squirrel History Museum is burned to the ground. The perpetrators are unknown. No effort is made to find out who they are, evidenced by lack of police activity and newspaper reports of the incident.

March 3, 2004.
Massive rally in front of police station. One grey officer fires one shot from his gun (he would later claim self-defense), killing a red squirrel. Major uproar leads to chaos. 2 grey officers are beaten to death, 3 others severely injured. 2 other red squirrels have been shot dead.

March 5, 2004.
The city of Windy is in complete segregation. Businesses refuse to service those of the opposite race (panthers, weasels, and other are exceptions), neighbors become enemies, schools throw students out for no real reason, public institutions deny service to certain individuals.

April 1, 2004.
A band of grey squirrels march in front of Conker's Palace, declaring "tyranny in the monarch". It escalates to violence; bottles smashed against the walls, the gates are almost knocked down. Sargent in charge of Conker's safety orders the termination of the threat. All protesters are killed.

Unknown to the public, the Sargent is later dismissed and imprisoned by Conker himself.
Present day: June, 2005.

After a year of civil war, Windy has been partially decimated, but most of it is still in tact.
The 99th Platoon have been called in. They're not miracle workers, but Windy needs all the help it can get. A guerrilla group of grey squirrels have held a secondary school hostage, threatening to detonate bombs to destroy the school if their demands are not met: the resignation of Conker and the agreement to install a political party of grey squirrels into power.