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This story is set in the first Hellsing OVA series: The one that includes Incognito. In this story werewolves have three forms: Humans, Werewolf (generally about 6 to 9 inches taller than their human form), and large wolf.

Have fun with this:


In the year 2066, the Hellsing Mansion's magnificent lobby lay empty. A thick layer of dust covered both the floor and the up and down stairs. The faint outlines of footprints were made over a decade ago. The armored windows allowed the glow of sunlight through their grimy panes. The massive double doors still guarded the entry.

Then shadows danced across one of the windows closest to the doors followed by a mighty impact against the doors. Dust shook off of the doors, but they didn't yield. The doors received a second impact followed by the sounds of cursing from the outside. One of the doorknobs turned and the right door quickly opened.

Through the door poured three individuals.

The first one was a six foot two inches tall, barrel-chested man. He was a hairy man with thick eyebrows. A beard covered most of his face and he was wearing skintight camouflage clothes. His brown mane was long and loose. His teeth held a short fat cigar butt. In his right hand was an ugly fat pug of a pistol and around his waist was a utility belt that carried an empty holster and an enormous silver colored dagger in a sheath.

Following him was a large wolf. It was three-foot tall at the shoulders and six-feet long. Most of its red fur was covered with the same type of camouflage clothes as the man's. It also has a belt with an empty holster and a dagger in a sheath. On its rear feet were black misshapen boots that match the shape of the creature's feet. Its front feet were bare. Two dark bloody bullet wounds marked its side and they slowly leaked.

Both the man and wolf had a badge sewn into their costumes. The writing on the badges was the words "Hellsing Security Agency".

A girl rode on the wolf's back. She was a skinny eleven year old with short blond hair, green eyes and wore a green jumper. Upon her belt hung a holstered small gun and a small pouch.

As the man started to shut the door, bullets impacted into its exterior. The door slammed shut.

As the girl leaped down to the ground, the wolf she was riding started to shrink. The wolf's bones cracked and snapped as it started to transform.

The girl asked, "Harry, is Mother ok?"

The man, Harry, replied with a slight growled, "Your mother won't go down today, young Miss Hellsing. We should worry about you."

Alice Hellsing stated, "Father will come."

The shape-changing wolf now stood on its hind legs as the clothes it was wearing also transformed. It became a young woman who was five-foot eight-inches tall. Her long hair was red, her eyes were green and she wore a one-piece camouflage uniform. Her two wounds were in her hip and in her abdomen.

She asked, "Harry! Where can we take Alice to?"

Harry said, "This old building is in ruins. I heard that parts of the old Hellsing building had collapsed. The goons outside are probably sending people behind this place. We will make our stand here."

Alice said, "I have a gun. Christine, you'll have to hide and heal yourself."

"No! You can't stay here", the former wolf Christine said. She glanced around and said, "Alice, go down those stairs and find some door to lock yourself behind. Call your father and tell him the situation."

Harry pulled out two grenades, "Hurry Kid. You can't be around when one of these babies go off."

Alice retreated, "Ok. Just be alright."

Harry and Christine nodded. Alice turned and ran down the stairs.

Christine asked, "How many were chasing us? Five?"

Harry replied, "There's eight of them."

Christine growled sourly, "Great: Two werewolves versus eight werewolves. Think we can win?"

"Only if they're idiots. You'll transform first. I'll monster-out too, when I run out of bullets."

The door shook as something impacted on it. Harry said, "They're idiots. One just ran into the door."

As Harry pulled the grenades' pins with his teeth, Christine smirked.

"Harry, didn't you run into the door twice before you figured out how to use the door knob?"

"Shut up, girl, and open the door!"

Christine turned the doorknob and opened the door partway. Staring dumbfounded were five tall individuals with dirty worn clothes, carrying guns.

One male next to the doors was holding a grenade and he was in the process of pulling the pin.

Harry said as he tossed the grenades, "Catch, idiots."

Christine slammed the door shut and the muffled sound of three explosions sounded. The left door was blown off of the doorway and it fell into the room.

Harry aimed his pistol as Christine started to grow. Her face became wolf-like as her nose and mouth extended into a snout and jaws. Muscles piled upon her frame as she pulled out her silver covered dagger from its sheath. She ended up well over six-feet tall.


Three werewolves snuck in through the backside of the manor. They came in via way of a second floor balcony.

The leader was a huge brown wolf, followed by a black haired man and a blond woman.

The man, David, said, "Remember, Vince, your primary target is the Hellsing girl. You will kill her while Sandy and I keep the other wolves off of your back."

The wolf growled, "I understand" in the tongue of the wolves.

As the group quietly advanced along the hallway, the distant sounds of three grenades detonating echoed. The three broke into a run.

Gunfire was heard as they exited the hall and came onto the top of stairs going down. The room they were in was a two story tall lobby with them being well above the actual floor. On floor below, two enemy werewolves were killing their friends and allies.

The enemy male tossed an empty pistol aside as he started to grow. Two bloody barely alive allies came at him through the doorway below.

The enemy red female just finished off her opponent with a thrust of a silver dagger to the heart.

Sandy howled, "Mark!"

As the red werewolf looked up, Sandy pulled her own silver dagger and leapt down at her foe. In mid air she started her change into werewolf form. Her last human words before the battle was, "Red! You're Dead!"

David commanded the wolf Vince, "Find and kill the child. If you don't then all our allies would have died for nothing."

He then leapt at the male enemy downstairs.


Alice ran down the stairs and into total darkness.

After stopping, she fumbled at the purse on her belt. Out of the bag she pulled a hand-size cylinder with a transparent ball on one end. It was her reading light. Alice thumbed a button and a beam of light came out of the ball. A rotation of a dial on it fanned the light out into a lamp.

Three explosions echoed from the lobby above.

She whispered, "Be safe, my friends."

Alice quickly went down the dusty stairs and came to a landing with a large barely opened steel door. The door hadn't moved in years. With the sounds of gunfire from the lobby, Alice tried to force the door open. It didn't move.

Alice then tried to squeeze herself through then gap between the door and the doorframe. It was tight. As she tried to wiggle herself through, the gunfire ceased.

An unfamiliar female voice screamed, "Mark!", followed by "Red! You're Dead!"

Alice was halfway through the doorway when she spotted the dark form of a giant wolf outlined by the light at the top of the stairs. She frantically tried to squirm the rest of her way through, but she was stuck.

The wolf, Vince, charged downs the stairs at his prey.

The light in Alice's far hand caused shadows to dance on the walls as she struggled. It was these shadows that caused Vince to misplace his paws as he ran. He slipped and tumbled down the stairs. His great body slammed into the door, opening the door slightly more.

Alice wiggled through, but not before the werewolf's flailing claws slashed her face.

Beyond the door was more stairs leading down. Her flashlight tumbled down the stairs to the floor below. She stumbled down the stairs as Vince tried to shoulder the door further open. He was too large to fit through the opening.

Alice gathered up the light while her blood dripped onto the floor. She put her left hand against the wound and squeaked in pain. She studied the room. In the room, there was a large wooden table, four chairs and three doorways out of the room.

Alice started for the one doorway across the room, but then a cold dread filled her. She tried to walk forward, but her legs refused to move. She turned to her left and ran for another doorway. She came into a short hallway with four doors: two on each side of the hall.

She turned to the first door to her right. It was the one that seem to be beckoning her. She ignored the arcane sealing scripts on the door that was written long ago in dried blood.

As she entered the room, images flooded into her mind.

Alice saw a scene that contained a platinum blond woman, in a man's suit, talking to a strawberry blond woman in a short skirt military uniform. The strawberry blond stared at the floor. Finally she looked up to reveal two red eyes. Her voiceless talking mouth revealed fangs.

"A Monster", Alice thought.

The other woman closed the door and the strawberry blond fell to a sitting position on the floor.

Alice stumbled as the images left her mind.

Using her light she scanned the room. The place was a mess. A chair and table were smashed. A seven-foot by three-foot box lay on the floor. It had a seam that split it into top and bottom halves. There was a vertical pole attached at each of the box's four corners. If there were a mattress there, it would have looked like a bed with four corner posts. The only thing that was designed on the box's top was a large white cross. At the foot of the cross, the box was a gaping hole broken into it.

Alice turned to leave the room, when the sounds of battling werewolves became louder. A crash and groaning hinges from the stairway's door caused Alice to stop. She quickly shut the door and grabbed a table leg to prop against it.

Then she saw all the scratch marks where something tried to dig through the door with his/her/its fingers.

As she backed away, blood still dripping down the front of her face, she pulled out her cell phone like device. She flipped it open and frantically dialed a number.

A heavily breathing male responded, "Richard Hellsing here."

"Daddy! I'm in the cellar of the old manor. The werewolves are just outside the door. They're killing Christine and Harry! Mother is gone!"

"Alice! We've been tracking you! We're almost there! Find someplace the wolves can't reach! Daddy will be there."

"Daddy, there is only a large box in here."

"We can see the manor now. Can you get inside the box?"


"Then do it. Do you still have the gun I gave you, Alice?"

Roaring sounds of werewolves fighting increased and then there was an impact on the door.

Alice said, "Yes, Daddy", as she ran to the base of the box and crawled into hole. It smelled bad inside the box… Very bad it was.

She moved further into the box away from the hole. She was on a mattress covered in sheets. Something was under those sheets: an unmoving something.

Her light revealed the shrunken face of a corpse. It's long white hair suggested that this person might have been female once.

"Ugh! Daddy", she said to the phone, "I'm in giant coffin with a dead woman."

"Alice, we are nearing the back side of the manor."

The sound of the room's door crashing open penetrated the coffin. Alice scooted to the small space at the top of the coffin. Her bleeding face spread blood onto the sheets and onto the corpse.

There was the sound of paws trotting across floor. It stopped and was replaced by the sound of the wood of the coffin creaking as something pressed on it.

Alice held she breath. She held it until she noticed the corpse had a red eye and it was looking at her. She screamed.


Today was not Vince's day.

In his wolf form, he was trying to shoulder the frozen stairway door open when Sandy and the red werewolf, in combat, tumbled down the stairs. Each one of them was trying to slash at the other while holding onto the wrist of the other's dagger hand. Jaws trying to search out the other's throat while biting mostly shoulders.

Vince growled out in the tongue of the wolves, "Crap", as they impacted into him.

The door shuddered and then sprung opened. The three rolled down the stairs together and onto the floor.

In the melee, Vince received several new cuts and a bite. Blood was on his fur and hands. He rolled away from the two battling females and sniffed the air. The scent of human blood was barely perceptible over that of the werewolves.

He padded after the scent through the darkness until he plowed head first into a door. He used his nose to feel out the doorway and then pressed against the door. The door held. The wolf shove harder and suddenly the door gave way.

The wolf padded into the room. Light pour out of an opening at the base of a huge box that was in the room. Vince thought: It must be the Hellsing child's lamp.

He transformed into the werewolf form. He could feel the rage of this form course through his body. He reached out and put his clawed handed on top of the box and pressed down hard. The box creaked. Suddenly a child's scream was heard from within the box.

He towered over the box as he plunged his hand through the top of the coffin.

His hand searched inside of the box with the screaming continuing. Vince grabbed something briefly and stopped. It did not feel like a child…

The werewolf started to pull back his hand. Vince's hand was suddenly grabbed and pulled further into the coffin. Vince growled. There was the sickening sound of bones cracking followed by Vince's howl of pain and anger.