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This story is set in the first Hellsing OVA series: The one that includes Incognito. In this story werewolves have three forms: Human, Werewolf (generally about 6 to 9 inches taller than their human form), and large wolf.

Also all conversations spoke in the werewolves' language will be in Bold lettering and thoughts will be in Italics.

Once again, my thanks to Chaos Sparda in beta reading and correcting this chapter. ^_^

A Hellsing lorry drove through the night. Seras and Harry were in its cab. Since the vampiress was still woozy from her blood drinking binge, Harry the werewolf was doing driving, while smoking one of his fat cigars. His massive frame was large even when compared to other werewolves. Because of his wounds, he couldn't switch to his weaker human form, which would result in a quick death. Heck, his spine had only just reconnected when the elderly Integra had ordered him into the driver's seat. So here he was, hunched over a tiny, human-size steering wheel in a cab that was too small for him. Still, he didn't complain. His vehicle was carrying a new Hellsing member who was dying, and he was commanded to make the attempt to drive David to Hellsing Security Agency's headquarters. There was only a slim chance that the wounded werewolf in the lorry's covered back section would survive this trip.

"I've messed up," said the vampiress in the passenger seat. Seras was sulking. Her mind hadn't cleared itself enough of her blood-drunk state to really start strongly berating herself. It was clear enough to feel regret. She asked, "Don't you think that I buggered everything up, Harry? David might not survive because of me..."

Harry gave out a huge, werewolf-sized sigh. "Mistress, we went against very strong opposition. I'm surprised that we all didn't end up in a vampire's stomach. You saved both Christine and Sandy. You thought that you were keeping David from dying when you injected your blood into his veins."

"But I poisoned him, Harry! He was too healthy when I gave him my blood. Now our bloods are fighting it out within him and it's hurting him...I'm hurting him...I'm killing him... "

"Seras, we coming up to the Westminster guard post. You'll have to do the talking."

Harry slowed the lorry as it approached a Westminster guard post. Of the dozen guards at this outpost, only two were on the road stopping traffic, while three maintained semi-hidden sniper positions; the rest were slacking off. Since the battle noise from the area south of Westminster had ceased, the guards had shifted over to a more relaxed state. Sure, there was plenty of radio traffic going on, but none of it was directed at this outpost.

The Hellsing vehicle came to a stop and the Westminster guard Neil stepped up to the driver's side. Both the driver's and passenger's windows were open. The vehicle's windshield was destroyed in the earlier Buckingham Palace battle.

Neil knew of only one cigar-smoking, brown-furred werewolf and that was Hellsing's Harry. He looked over the damaged state of the lorry along with the blood covered state of the werewolf's uniform and asked, "How much action did you see? Did you kick those bastards out of Southern Westminster?"

From the passenger seat, Seras responded, "I'm sorry, Sir, but Master Sergeant Harry is too wounded to survive a change into his human self. We did see too much action, though. We have one of our wounded in the back. Please let us through."

Neil peered into the cab. His scrutinizing eyes caught a glimpse of Seras's red eyes before she hid them behind her shaded glasses by turning her head.

The shocked guard just stood there for a few second, and then he tried to put on a relaxed face. "Hey, you're the Hellsing sunshine vampire. A while back you saved the life of a friend of my cousin's brother-in-law."

Seras brighten a little. "Thank you, Mister. Can we leave now?"

"In just a second. What happened to your other two vehicles? Three Hellsing lorries entered here. I have to account for them to my superiors."

Seras sighed. "The first two lorries were fakes. They brought in the enemy who were impersonating us. They were going to kill the King. He's fine, but a lot of people are dead."

"How do I know that you're not imposters?"

"Because the imposters can't do this..."

Parts of Seras' body dissolved into ravens which flew out of the shattered windshield. As the man watched, the vampiress' body shrank as more of the birds boiled off of her flesh. Finally, she had completely evaporated, and the last raven flew off.

The scared stiff guard frantically hand signaled Harry to pass though the checkpoint and to drive away.

One of the guards further away from the vehicle asked, "What happened, Neil? Why did the Hellsing people release a bunch of birds? ...Damn, you looks like you've seen a ghost!"

Neil responded, "No. Worse."

Seras flew high above the Hellsing lorry and she was relieved when it began to move again. The vampiress didn't really care to rejoin the vehicle, too much guilt there. Flying as a flock of ravens took her mind away from the last battle. But even here, Seras had no privacy.

"Change into something else, you brainless ditz! You're trying to piss me off on purpose!"

That was the demoness. Neither the demoness or the angel enjoyed this method of flight and that fact was being made known with no uncertainty.

Seras retorted, "You didn't complain the last couple of times."

"That's because you were going to kill someone or you were so drunk that I didn't notice this annoying state. Having one's body scattered into dozens of flying rodents is a form of torture, bird-brain."

"Well, I don't care! I'm staying like this. I'll just watch for any enemies and clear them from the lorry's path. So bugger off!"

"May I make a suggestion?" That was the angel.

"WHAT?" both Seras and the demoness demanded.

"Since the trashy, ill-mannered succubus-"

The demoness interrupted with, "Sweet! You're so Sweet!"

The angel continued, "-and I don't really prefer this irritating, uncomfortable mode of aerial excursion, may I suggest that you reform yourself as a winged, single-body vampire. It will bring peace to your mind."

Seras piped up, "I refuse. I like flying this way." After the bird-brain comment, Seras wasn't interested in making the demoness any more comfortable.

The demoness had a few choice words to say. "You pig-headed, pig-faced, brains-infested-with-undead-zombie-worms, slutty little virgin!"

The vampiress was so insulted that she almost couldn't respond. "You... You... Shut Up!"

"I win," was the demoness' declaration since Seras had no proper retort.

"May I make another suggestion?" The angel broke in. She really didn't want to hear anymore of this.

Again, both Seras and the succubus demanded, "What?"

"What if I relieve the suffering of the wolfie in the vehicle's trailer section?"

Seras paused a bit and then exclaimed, "Great Idea! I really like it!"

The demoness added, "Sure, the pee-brain Halo Head can spread around her stinking blessings, and I can add a few of my finest curses."

Seras' response was immediate. "No! No Curses!"

Of course there was a demonic objection, "Hey! It's only fair that I can throw out a few curses since the lice-infected angel can fart out her blessings all over the place."

Seras was firm. "I said No Curses! My friend is not to be cursed."

"You can't stop me, Grave-Tart."

"Sure, I can. Angel, you have control of my body now!"

Seras dragged the succubus away from the real world and into her own mental one.

The angel said with more than a little bit of alarm, "Hey! Wait! I can't control all these little bodies! Help!"

The black-furred David laid uneasily on the right bench is the lorry's trailer section. His camouflage Hellsing uniform was mutilated with various holes, gashes and rips in its fabric. Add to that a gallon of blood to cover both the werewolf and his clothes, and it all tallied up to make him a dreadful mess. His half-closed eyes didn't focus on anything and every time the lorry hit a bump, the wolfman let out a semi-conscious groan.

The blond werewolf, Sandy, was seated on the bench opposite David. Worry was etched upon her furry face as she steadied the dying David to keep him from rolling off of his bench.

Sandy was hurt, angry and disgusted. "Why couldn't we take David to the human hospital?" she thought. "David was wounded saving their damnable king. Damn that Integra! She was the one who sent David back to Hellsing's headquarters. I don't care if she said that the human doctors will probably not treat him. David is dying NOW! Humans think that they are too good to be with werewolves. Damn that Christine! This is somehow her fault!. I-"

Sandy was interrupted by the lorry coming to a stop.

"Damn everyone to Hell! What are we stopping for?"

Sandy started to turn toward the back with every intention of exiting the vehicle and threatening whoever was responsible for this outrage. David had stopped groaning.

"David?" asked Sandy.

Then she noticed that he was still breathing. His breathing was still strained, but with the motion of the lorry gone, his twitching had ceased and he looked a bit more at ease.

Sandy stared at David features with sad eyes. Voices of some strange man and Seras came from outside of the vehicle. She ignored them and continued to drink in the sight of David resting. She leaned over and affectionately touched the bit of her nose to that of the male werewolf. Then she moved her nose to the side of his snout and gave him a lick.

"David," she thought. "When you were awake, I'd never have dared to kiss you before, and now...and now I do so with you senseless. What a coward I am."

The vehicle lunged and was moving again. David started to restlessly stir and a groan escaped him.

"Don't worry, David. Everything will be all right. We'll be at the doctors shortly."

Then something hit the roof over Sandy from the outside. Before she could puzzle out this newest outrage, the roof and walls resounded with the sounds of some external source pounding them. A few ravens flew over the tailgate and into the back of the lorry. The birds' flight was totally out of control.

One raven smacked into Sandy's shoulder, three plowed into the floor, and four plastered themselves on the interior walls. The lorry brakes squealed as the vehicle came to an abrupt stop. David let out a yell filled with agony.

Sandy's first reaction was to slice one of the offending birds apart with her claws. This was followed by her demanding, "What kind of Seras shit is going on?"

Then came the sound of Harry opening the cab's door, followed by his muttering as he noisily stomped around to the back of the lorry. There were three black feathers tangled in the fur of his face, and four ravens, two birds dangling from each of his fists.

Harry sourly said, "Reform in here, Mistress... And don't fly drunk again."

He tossed the four ravens over the tailgate and onto the floor. The birds lost their shape as they flowed together. The ones pasted against lorry's ceiling and walls turns into goo and flowed towards the gathering mass. More birds unsteadily flew in from outside to join into the reforming Seras, along with more streamers of dark fluids oozed in over the tailgate.

The collected black substance extended vertically until it reached human height. Seras' facial features and hair faded into existence to cap the mass and then rest of it transformed into the body of the vampiress.

The newly recreated vampiress' first words were, "Darn! I really don't like doing that... Please, excuse my foul language."

Sandy practically growled out, "Go away. You've caused enough pain to poor David."

Harry could only see the back of the vampiress' head and he already knew that Seras wasn't here. He guessed, "Miss, are you one of the creatures... people that we freed from the Tower of London?"

The angel-possessed vampiress, "I wouldn't consider my current state as being 'freed', unless you have some strange definition of that word."

Sandy wasn't amused. "Another one of Seras' spirits. Like I said, leave. Harry, get the god damn lorry moving."

"You shouldn't use the Lord's name in vain," was the angel's response. "Beside, I have some healing abilities and I believe that David may require my assistance."

"What?" was Sandy's perplexed word. This news caught her by surprise. Then she noticed that Harry's head respectfully declined. She asked, "Hey! Are you Seras' spirit that regrew that paladin bitch's arm?"

Harry cut in, "Sandy. Don't use foul words in front of this one!"

The angel replied, "Yes, I regenerated Sarafina's arm. And please don't refer to me as one of the vampiress' spirits. My situation is...a little more complicated than that."

Sandy cut to her immediate concern. "Well, don't stand there looking dumb. Sit your fat human behind over here and heal David!"

Harry warned, "Sandy."

"What? I didn't say any foul words."

The angel sighed and sat next to Sandy, while facing the prone David. She held her hands over him with her palms facing down. A golden glow enveloped her hands and a wide-eyed Sandy scooted away. Sandy caught a glimpse of brown eyes behind the vampiress' dark glasses instead of the normal red ones.

The blond werewolf blathered out in a nervous panic, "You're not going to grow another arm on him. Having three arms is not good."

Harry growled, "Sandy, be quiet and let her work. We all know that you're worried about him, but pestering the healer in not a good thing. OK?"

Sandy nodded.

The angel had her brown eyes half closed as she worked. She quietly said, "This wolfman's life is nearing its end...I'll try to clear out the vampire's blood and change him back to being a normal werewolf. He will not be an undead infected creature like you two are. I imagine that Seras will not be pleased."

Seras dragged the sputtering demoness into her mental world and settled on a street within her main city.

The succubus twisted out of Seras' grip and said with exasperation, "OK! OK! You win this one."

Seras was partially relieved with this, while she still had the urge to have a spat. It would have taken her thoughts away from David's condition. She asked, "Why give up?"

The demoness just stared at Seras for a bit.

Seras finally asked, "What?

The demoness frowned and explained, "Every time Halo Head and I fight against you, a little bit more of our essence is absorbed by you. I don't plan to permanently stay encased in your flesh."

"...What happens if you are absorbed?"

"I don't know. Ask your master."

There was silence again.

Then Seras' frame shook. Something was wrong and for some unknown reason, a vampiric fury was boiling in her mind. "What's happening?" she whispered.

"Oh?" The demoness was taking interest in the Hellsing agent's discomfort. "Is some one attacking you from outside? Is that divine, feather-brain moron getting your body shot up?"

"No! Yes! Maybe..." said Seras as she tried to sort things out. "Outside", she thought. "The problem is outside."

She started to fly upwards and out of the inner world, but her undead rage finally overwhelmed her human side. Then she knew the source of her rage. The angel was destroying her vampiric blood within one of her possessions: David.

"Damn that Angel," shouted Seras as she vanished from the sights of the spirits within her.

The succubus smirked. "Oh, Angel-Girl is going to get a thrashing...I'd better be somewhere else."

In the real world, the angel-controlled Seras continued her healing blessing upon the unconscious werewolf. David was semi-conscious and restless a few seconds ago, but now, he was breathing regularly and had relaxed into deep sleep.

"Is he going to be alright? He's looking better. Is he going to be alright?" asked a nervously hopeful Sandy. "Answer Me!"

The angel's face turned to Sandy and said with a comforting smile, "Put your worries at ease. Your friend will recover completely. He is quite the fighter-"

Then everything went wrong. The beautiful smile was replace by an open-mouthed grimace that was filled with dagger-like teeth that made no pretense at being human-like. A red glow shined through Seras' shaded glasses. The vampiress snapped her teeth at the air and snarled out, "Mine! My body! Mine! And my servant,too!"

The red glow dimmed slightly and the angel using Seras' voice argued, "NO, Seras! I'm not going to allow you to harm this one any further!"

Again the red glow surged brightly again. "NO! Go away! Leave my Body! He's Mine!"

Sandy lunged forward into the vampiress in an attempt to shove the undead monster away from David.

Seras snapped, "SIT, GIRL!"

Suddenly Sandy had an overpowering urge to follow the command. It was insulting being ordered around as if she was a mere pet dog. She shook as she fought the compulsion. Her muscles attempted to complete the command, but her need to save David from this monstrous pack-leader allowed her to finally break free of the humiliating command.

But Sandy was too late.

Seras had already sunk her fangs into David's throat, and he was weakly thrashing around. His hands tried to push the vampiress away, but they lacked the strength to do so. He weakly groaned again, and then he pushed harder. His groan strengthened into a growl.

Sandy grabbed the back of Seras' neck and a shoulder. She frantically tried to figure out how to remove those fangs from David's neck without tearing out the male werewolf's throat.

From the other side of Seras, Harry reached out over the tailgate and gripped the vampiress' other shoulder. He asked, "Are you going to kill one of your slaves, Mistress?"

The word "slave" generated the effect that Harry hoped for. Seras released her fangs, turned her face toward the Master Sergeant and hissed, "Slaves! I have No Slaves!"

Sandy shoved while Harry pulled and Seras was sent over the tailgate and out of the lorry.

Seras shook off Harry's hand and bared her fangs. "Do Not Interfere!" were her words.

Headlights shined in silhouette around the front of the lorry shown that at least one more vehicle was approaching.

Harry pointed out the obvious, "Mistress, we have guests coming. They may be Mr. Hellsing's troops along with a doctor."

Seras jerked her head around to look back into the lorry's covered back. David was starting to sit up.

The vampiress remarked quietly, "He has drawn on my power...My blood has won..."

Harry observed the recovering werewolf and observed, "So, David is now like Christine, Sandy, and me. He's one of your blood-bound servants."

Seras nodded absentmindedly as her eyes' red glow diminished. Her berserk rage was ebbing. "Yes... I'm sorry for snapping at you, Harry. Sometimes I go a little crazy... My vampire side "

"Don't be concerned about it, Mistress. We've all had a bad night."

"Thanks. And thanks for watching over me. Now I have to apologize to David and Sandy. Especially to David..."

Integra surveyed the scene as she took a drag on her cigarette. She was standing in Buckingham Palace's interior courtyard next to the tunnel that she had earlier invaded the palace through. There were seven wounded survivors found so far. Two were sittings up while the rest were prone. Two of the downed ones were the Hellsing cyborgs. King Stephen "Stevie" Steward was attempting to bind the wounds of one of the people laying on the ground. Acting under Integra's orders, Paladiness Sarafina was expertly working on another one. Her mad grin was gone, replaced by a frown of total concentration.

Then from one of the side doorways, a man's voice cried out, "Please! Let me go! I haven't done anything to you...For God's sake, please don't eat me!"

Out of the doorway, Christine, in her huge red werewolf form, carried a weeping man in her arms. She quickly walked over to where the King was treating the wounded while keeping her distance from the paladiness. The red werewolf gently laid the man on the ground. Three of the wounded let out panicky groans and words with Christine so close to them.

As Christine turned back toward the doorway she had just come through, Stephen asked, "Where's Tammy, Wolfie-girl?"

Christine turned to face the King as she shrank to her human size and shape. With a human voice, she answered, "Lady Thomasina Gibson is tending a woman with a broken back, Mister King Sir."

"Ah see, girl. Get back tae work."

"Yes, Sir, Mr. King Sir."

Christine charged back toward the the doorway that she had used earlier. With every step, she grew taller as she resumed her werewolf form.

"Hey, Auld Granny," called out King Steward as he checked the first-aid kit for more bandages. "That wolfie is such a friendly monster. Ah am tempted tae give the lassie a scratch behind her ear."

Integra let out a puff of cigarette smoke. She considered that thought for a bit before answering, "Of all of the Hellsing's wolves, Christine is probably the only one who will permit and enjoy such treatment, Your Royal Highness."

"Where is the big red vampire?"

"He watching for any enemy troops, Your Majesty. If Alucard is not creating a fuss, then we have nothing to worry about."

Then Integra heard the sound of muffled footsteps in the tunnel near her. Integra listened to see if Alucard was laughing, and his laughter was not to be heard. Therefore, those in the tunnel were not an immediate threat to Integra.

Integra called out, "You who are entering Buckingham Palace, the enemies to the Crown have been dealt with and His Royal Highness is unharmed. You people will send in your medical crew, for we have wounded here."

Five Westminster guardsmen erupted from the tunnel with their rifles aimed to cover different areas of the courtyard.

Integra took another drag on her cigarette and commanded them, "Hurry up! Bring anyone with first-aid knowledge here without delay. And if you see a red, female werewolf, don't shoot her. She is one of ours."

Then Sarafina started to sing. This was the first time anyone here heard her utter a single sound. The sad words were not understood by those present because she sang in Greek. But the words she sang belonged to a song called "The quiet evenings". The translation of the song went like this:

"Even if you go away
to travel all around the world
you will always be mine
and together we will always be

And I won't miss you

cause my soul will be

the song of the desert

that will follow you

The quiet evenings,

Athens will light

like a big ship

where you will also be.

And you won't miss me

cause my soul will be

the song of the desert

that will follow you

The quiet evenings,

the train of my life

will pass full of lights

where you will also be.

And you won't miss me

cause my soul will be

the song of the desert

that will follow you."

Integra muttered, "What brought that on?"

Deep within her own mind, Seras stood in a huge chamber with a dome ceiling. Gold trim was all over the place. The place was meant to impress by showing the trappings of wealth. She thought, "What was I thinking when I created this place for the Foggs? It is atrocious."

The former chipped vampire Lord Irving Fogg appeared in front of Seras and bowed. The tall, slender man wore a dark gray suit which went well with his short, black hair and dark eyes. He was definitely a handsome man. He was also the mayor of Seras' main spirit city, and she allowed him a lot of leeway in the use of her powers. It irked her that he was still twice married with no divorces.

Seras asked, "Are the newcomers ready?"

"Yes, Seras. I freed all the spirits trapped within the vampiress Delilah, and the ensuing melee has created a bit of a ruckus. Shall I summon the newcomers here, My Lady?"

Seras nodded.

Irving Fogg walked up to Seras' right side and turned to face the same direction as she. He summoned Seras' most recent meals with a brief look of concentration.

Delilah, Vika and Landon appeared before the pair. Delilah was merely a pile of bloody body parts, A gravely wounded Landon was still attempting to claw an opponent who was no longer within reach, and Vika stood there mostly unwounded except her decapitated werewolf head laid at her feet.

Seras puzzled that there was three instead of two. "Is the male the missile launching wolf from outside of Buckingham Place?"

Vika's eyes rowed around to take in the scene. She asked with a note of uncertainty, "Hey...Can someone help me with this? Put my head back on my shoulders?...Is there a doctor around here?"

The werewolf, Landon, stared at the headless Vika. "What? What the hell is going on here?" Then his eyes came to rest upon the pile of body parts. In that mess, there were strands of auburn hair.

Landon walked up to the remains and solemnly remarked, "Delilah? Is that you? I always knew that you would end up this way." He studied the mess and then he said sternly at Seras and Lord Fogg. "You will probably dearly pay for this. You blokes killed Delilah's Hunter, and his father is Major Hunter. The Major is the right-hand man of Lord Wescott, and he'll be coming after you bastards."

The male werewolf touched the pile of flesh. Delilah's voice emitted forth, "Hey! Who's out there! Don't touch me!"

Landon and the body-less Vika's eyes went wide.

Seras whispered to Fogg, "How can she still talk? You couldn't speak when you were torn apart."

Lord Fogg said with a pained expression, "Please don't remind of that time. My guess is that at least one of these three is more powerful than I was at the time of my death. Quite possibly, they were being groomed for a higher position of command or power."

Seras nodded. Then she reassembled the newcomers while not changing her expression and without a single gesture.

Landon gave out a surprised bark upon losing his wounds, and Vika almost fell over when her head appeared back on top of her shoulders.

The auburn-haired Delilah was in a skimpy outfit that had an expensive trash look. Her scanning eyes quickly caught sight of Seras. "YOU!" accused Delilah.

"Yes, it's me," said Seras is a bored voice.

Vika said with trepidation, "Luke! Luke! I can't contact Luke!"

Landon noted with shock, "Neither can I! And I can't talk to my chips! Someone stole my chips!"

Delilah voiced her disgust, "We're the losers here. Losers don't have chips cause they're dead. Isn't that right, Hellsing tramp?"

"You got that right in one guess," remarked Seras.

Then Seras allowed her eyes to focus on the programmed commands that influenced Southwark agents actions and lives. The implanted orders looked like semi-transparent scars that floated around the newcomers. Of course the victims of these post-hypnotic commands weren't even aware that those mental scars were there. Seras dissolved the commands on all three newcomers with a single wave of her hand.

Irving Fogg remarked, "Nicely done. It would take me five minutes to clear that number of scars."

Seras smiled and two of the newcomers dropped to the ground. They were gasping with tears streaming out of their eyes as their uncontrolled selves realized the number of horrific acts that they had committed in their lives as chipped creatures.

Only Vika seem unaffected. She only remarked, "Oh? That's interesting."

Seras was appalled. "Oh? Is 'Oh That's Interesting' all that you can say? Don't you fell guilty about what crimes you did as a chipped monster?"

Vika shook her head 'No'. "Not really. Any bad things I did was the fault of my former master; Not me. So I'm not really responsible for all the killings that I did...Ha, even before I was chipped, my friends used to say that I didn't know good from bad. But being good is only a matter of perspective. If you win then you're good, and if you lose then the other guys are bad."

Seras frowned and observed, "You probably don't have a moral fiber in your entire body."

Delilah hissed out, "Seras Victoria, I want my revenge...against that bastard Wescott..."

Seras studied the vampiress who had once impersonated her. "If you truly wish to act against Wescott and his army, then you can start by teaching me your fighting moves. They're impressive."

"Sure. By the way, how did you Hellsing blokes find out about our raid?"

"Countess Bathory told me."

"What? That beauty-crazed witch betrayed us? Why?"

"... Bathory said that she is going to consume me, and she wanted both Vika and you as part of the package."

"THAT-" Delilah let out a stream of profanities and general vilification of the Countess' character.

Delilah's cussing was still going on three minutes later when Seras left her mental world.

Within the the palace's courtyard, Christine laid down the last of the wounded survivors amongst the others being doctored. Newly arrived doctors and two medics worked upon those dying with the goal of saving their lives. A strangely calm Sarafina worked with a first aid kit upon an unconscious woman's mangled leg. A lorry and a jeep were parked next to wounded with their hoods opened. A mechanic had run wires connecting the vehicles' batteries to the four downed cyborgs. Power flowing through those lines kept the cyborg's life supporting pumps and circuits active.

Most of the newly arrived guards had filtered throughout the palace and onto the grounds that surrounded it. Six of them were stationed in the courtyard. Two of them kept wary eyes on Christine, while the rest ignored the well-known friendly red werewolf.

Christine, having completed her task and not wanting to get in the way of the medics, decided to turn her attention to one of her favorite targets: Integra. Fussing over the elderly Hellsing is a duty that she really took pleasure in.

In the palace's White Drawing Room, King Steward, Integra, and Lady Thomasina 'Tammy' Gibson were in the middle of a meeting. The room was a long white reception room that was dominated by two long golden sofas that sat parallel to each other in the center of the room. At one end of the walkway between the two sofas sat a comfortable chair with a fireplace behind it. There was some fresh blood on the floor, but there was less blood here than there was in some other parts of the palace.

King Stephen Steward sat in the chair. His bathrobe was replaced by a white, button-up, long sleeved shirt and a pair of well-worn, blue trousers. To his left sat Lady Gibson on one sofa. The brown-haired lady wore a green dress. Integra sat to the King's right on the other sofa. Of course, she was wearing a dark gray business suit that was lightly splattered with gore from the last battle. Her cane laid on the sofa next to her.

These three were in the middle of a conversion.

Integra was tensed. She demanded, "Explain to me further! Am I to understand that the King is only a figurehead?"

The King agreed, "It was a surprise tae me, as well. Ah dinnae come here tae become a puppet."

Tammy explained, "The Round Table has ruled Westminster ever since we had to...eliminate the last king."

The elderly Hellsing was shocked. "Eliminate the King? The Round Table can't eliminate the Royal Highest! They are the loyal servants of the Crown! Killing the King is simply not done! The Round Table should be executed for treason!"

Before Tammy could respond, the King cut in. "Auld Granny, even up in Dundee we heard that there was a madman ruling Westminster. Dinnae blame Tammy that the murderous galoot ended up deid. Conceited Gowk."

Integra frowned. She asked. "Gowk?"

The King explained, "It means fool; stupid."

Lady Gibson added, "The previous king wasn't of noble birth. He had seized the Crown because of political infighting within the Round Table. The man squandered the treasury on parties, had people executed for minor offenses and wasted men lives on useless battles. His last order was to send the combined Westminster army and guard west, cross country, to seize the port side city Swansea. He wanted an estate with a view of the ocean. If the Round Table allowed that order to be acted upon, then Westminster would have been defenseless. This city would have fallen to enemy forces and our people would have been turned into vampire cocktails. For the good of Westminster, we had to execute the prior king."

Integra stewed over this as the King's cell phone beeped. He said, "Excuse me, lassies," as he flipped open the phone.

The King answered the call with, "King Stevie here. What can the top dog of nobility do for ye?"

Integra's teeth ground upon this. It was so improper. Then both Integra and Tammy noticed the Hellsing werewolf Christine was peeping into the room through the doorway at the far end of the room.

Tammy said in a quiet urgent voice, "Miss Hellsing, please tell your beastly girl to leave."

The red werewolf lightly pranced into room and headed to the open area behind Integra's sofa. In one hand she carried a wash cloth, in the other a water bottle.

Integra was not pleased that this mothering pest had appeared. "Shoo. Shoo. Be off with you," she said to the advancing werewolf.

King Steward looked concerned, but not panicky, as he continued his side of the conversion. "Hey, Mr. Ma. Dinnae be so formal. Just call me Stevie. How is yur niece?"

Tammy whispered to Integra about the approaching werewolf, "Is she dangerous?"

Integra grumbled, "Only to my dignity."

Christine came to a stop behind the elderly Hellsing and wetted her wash cloth.

Integra hissed, "Don't you dare!"

The King spoke solemnly into the phone, "Yes, Mr. Ma. We had a raid at my home. Most of the staff are deid. People and friends Ah was just talking to were torn apart, shot, and became food for stinking vampires. Auld Granny saved my skin...Ah mean Inty Hellsing. She and her monsters killed all the damnable fiends. They even had help from a Vatican paladiness."

Christine reached over with the wash cloth, which Integra tried to lean to avoid, but the werewolf started to clean the bits and drips of gore off off the elderly Hellsing's clothes. Integra grabbed her cane and whacked the side of the werewolf's head. Christine only whined slightly as she continued to clean Integra's clothes.

Integra snapped, "Christine! You will leave immediately for Richard's place. I will be staying here, tonight."

Christine whined out some words in the werewolf language, but no one here understood what was said.

Stephen Steward said to the phone, "Yes. Mr. Ma. Ah am in no danger."

The werewolf stopped cleaning and stood behind Integra with an undecided look on her furry face.

Integra frowned. "Christine, you will do what I have ordered. Some of Westminster's finest will be guarding the palace tonight, so I'm in no danger. Tell Richard that I will be speaking with the Round Table tomorrow."

Christine meekly growled out a few more words before she turned and headed out of the room.

Tammy observed, "The wolf-woman seems to be dedicated to you."

Integra groused, "Damn Pest!"

Out in the palace's courtyard, Sarafina was kneeling and bandaging the last unconscious man's forehead. She worked expertly with a serene look on her face. The doctor in a light gray guard's uniform tiredly walked over and looked over the wounded man. He said, "Please rest, Lady Paladin. I'll take care of this patient now."

Sarafina's facial expression froze. Muscles twitched at the corners of her mouth as her eyes became unfocused. Slowly she straightened out to a standing position.

The doctor asked, "Miss Paladin, is there something wrong?"

A overly wide smile spread across Sarafina's face as the calmness in her eyes was replaced with a fanatic's stare. She gave the unconscious man a hard kick to his side before she headed off to the palace's interior. The doctor was speechless.

One of the medics grumbled, "Damn crazy paladins."

Male 19266 ran through the white painted hallways. This human being wore a loose, plastic, white garment that looked like someone cut a neck hole in a large sheet, draped it over the man's frame and then tied it tight around his waist using a cheaply made belt.

Male 19266 didn't have a single hair on his body and to most people, he would have appeared to be handsome. In this unfamiliar hallway, he streaked past signs that he didn't know the meaning of. He was never taught to read. In fact, he didn't know how to speak, except for the words "Yes" and "No," which he had figured out on his own. Understanding the written and spoken words was not one of his functions. He was bred for something else. He was raised on a farm well south of London. He was raised to be food.

An eerie laughter came from far behind him. The unseen voice switched to continuous chuckling and a female scream pierced the air. The chuckling stopped.

Male 19266 ran past doors without trying to open them. He didn't know how to use a doorknob. He ran past a door with an exit sign above it. He could not have known how close he was to freedom.

He ran past the body of one of the werewolves who had raised him. Its head was on one side of the hall, the rest of the body was on the other. Not a trace of blood was to be seen.

Male 19266 rounded a corner and spotted an open doorway. He bolted for it and came into an office with three desks and eight bookcases within it. The human scampered under the closest desk and shivered in his hiding place. Then he closed his eyes. He didn't have long to wait.

There was a brief sound of laughter, and then there was silence again. Male 19266 tried to make himself even smaller. He continued to quiver. There was no noise for a minute. Slowly, he opened his eyes.

Suddenly, the desk was shredded by two long ribbon-like strips of purple magical force. The man hoarsely screamed as he scrambled to one side. A large, dull gray hand reached down and clamped down on the back of the man's neck.

Male 19266 was held before this large fur-less werewolf. Purple designs covered parts of this creature's gray body. What dominated its face was not only its fangs, but also its wide open red left eye which contrasted with the normal looking green right eye.

Fangs bit down on an unprotected throat, and the man's cries turned into a gurgling sound.

A man's voice asked from behind the creature, "Are you enjoying yourself, Lieutenant Incognito?"

Incognito's green eye swerved to get a glance at the intruder, but he continued to feed on his latest meal.

The intruder leaned over to get a better view of Incognito's feeding. The person was a blond young man with cat-like ears on the top of his head. He wore the gray World War Two uniform of the German Army. His insignias indicated him to have the rank of Warrant Officer. In his right hand, the man held onto the handle of a small, dark-brown carrying case.

"Schrodinger," was the name that Incognito spoke with werewolf vocal cords that were never meant to speak human words.

"Ya," agreed the cat-man with a smile, but his eyes were closely watching Incognito. "I thought that you vere dead und buried. You haf come back, Wampire Incognito. The Major haf taken an interest in you."

"So?" leered out the half vampire/half werewolf as he dropped the drained body of Male 19266.

"The Major vishes to use your talents to vage war upon the human varriors."

Incognito lost his leer and became grim. "And?"

Schrodinger held the case flat by his left arm and with his right hand. He unlatched it. The case's lid opened to reveal six chips laying upon red felt. Each chip had dozens of wires attached to them.

"The Doc vants you to accepts these," said the cat-man.

"No need. Have Demon Set inside me."

"Ya, but it vas Doc's idea to bind you vith Set. Vhat new crazy ideas does Doc haf planned for you? Don't you vant to know?"

Incognito studied the chips as he considered his future. Then his leer returned. He asked, "Painful? Are these painful?"

"Vhat the Doc said ist these chips are many times more painful than your original chips."

Incognito held out his arm with the fleshly side up before Schrodinger.

The six chips stirred. Their wires moved and acted as legs for the chips. With their wires, each one of them reached out from the case to Incognito's arm. They climbed, one-by-one, onto Incognito's arm and then moved like spiders up the arm. Two settled on his head, one on each shoulder, and the other two crawled down to his waist. Then the wires began to burrow into Incognito's flesh.

The half vampire/half werewolf threw his head back and screamed with agony. This continued louder as the chips were pulled into his skin's holes.

Schrodinger watched this with a dreamy smile on his face. He whispered, "Enjoy, Wampire. Enjoy."

Next morning, Seras walked the empty, debris-filled street heading east, away from the Hellsing Security Agency's Headquarters. She weaved between the trees growing through the pavement and was careful not to step on the flowering Lobelia. Following the vampiress were two very unhappy werewolves: Christine and Sandy. The two ladies were dressed in camouflage Hellsing uniforms and on each of their belts was a sheathed daggers and a holstered pistol. Both she-wolves were giving each other the silent treatment, except to the occasional growl to warn the other to maintain her distance.

Seras reached a clearing where the asphalt was mostly unbroken. "This looks good. We'll stop here."

Sandy asked with a note of uncertainty, "Pack-Leader, I thought that we might be hunting foes out here. Did you get David's approval for this trip?"

Before Seras could respond, Christine quickly sniped, "Seras asking for permission from one of her followers? Can you say 'ridiculous'?"

Sandy replied with more than a little bit of anger, "Males lead! They make the decisions!"

Christine started growling.

Seras cut in, "Ladies! I brought you two here for a reason!"

Both werewolves turned their furious stares upon the vampiress.

Seras nervously said, "This looks like a good place for some combat. Christine and Sandy, you two will be fighting-"

Christine interrupted with joy before Seras could finish the sentence with the important word "me".

The red werewolf almost purred, "Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!"

Sandy then observed, "Pack-Leader, you are wise. I approve of this."

Seras brightened up, "You think so? Thank you."

Christine exclaimed, "Oh, Leader, you made me so happy that I could kiss you!"

Seras responded, "I'm glad."

Sandy muttered, "You'll only get a hug from me."

Christine and Sandy's eyes locked again with hostility. They both slowly reached for the pistols on their belts with the intent of filling each other full of holes.

Seras interrupted, "Not yet! We'll be using the pistols later."

Both werewolves froze. Neither of them moved.

Seras re-iterated, "The pistols are to be used later."

Slowly Christine pulled her hand away from her gun and Sandy echoed Christine's movements.

Christine said sourly, "The guns will be used later... This will be interesting." Then she smiled, "Yes, I can imagine all kinds of painful things I can inflict."

Sandy retorted, "My knowledge of killing far exceeds your, lapdog."

Seras became nervous. "Let's not get too creative."

The werewolves reached for the daggers on their belts. Growling was emitted from both their throats.

Seras interrupted again, "We'll be using the daggers later. Not now, but before the pistols are to be used."

Christine was not happy. "Leader, you are certainly creative. I can't wait to see what kind of plans that you have in mind."

Sandy snapped at Christine, "Claws and Fangs, Red?"

Christine agreed, "Claws and Fangs, Blondie."

Claws extended out of their finger tips and both bared their teeth. Muscles prepared for the lunges that will begin the combat between the two.

"WAIT!" demanded Seras. "You two aren't suppose to be fighting each other! You're suppose to be fighting me."

Sandy turned and stomped off to one side in frustration. She ranted, "I don't believe it! Scatter- brained vampire! This is why the males make the decisions!"

Christine looked intently at Seras. The red werewolf was furious, but she asked in a quiet controlled voice, "Why, Leader?"

"It's because I want to learn the fighting moves of the people I ate at Buckingham Palace. They're willing to teach me, but I need you two to practice with."

Sandy demanded, "And WHY do you need to do THAT? To kill any of your enemies, all you have to do is turn into black goo and send out those tentacle things to spear them to death."

Seras sighed. "Let me explain. It was sixty years ago when I first met Paladin Anderson, and I was helpless against him. He used a magic based off of holy scriptures to seal away my master's and mine vampiric powers. Pistols had some effect on Anderson, but it was Sir Integer Hellsing who stopped the rampaging paladin. I never want to feel that helpless again. Please, both of you two, please help me train so that I can fight a powerful paladin and survive."

Sandy growled at Christine, "You and I will have a 'talk' later." Then she addressed her pack-leader, "I will assist you in this endeavor. You can inform Red that her amateurish assistance is not required and that she can leave."

"What?" squawked Christine. "Leader, I am more than happy to help you train. And I'll correct any flubs that dumb old Blondie will introduce into your training regiment."

With that, the two she-wolves glared at each other again.

But Seras didn't take note of this. She happily exclaimed, "Great! Thank you both. It will be cool to be somersaulting while I'm firing my guns. Let's practice that move first."

"No," disagreed Sandy. "You should work on less complicated moves first."

Christine added, "I agree. This is the only time that Yellow Fur has made any sense at all."

Buzz, Buzz went the phone.


"Hello? This is Christine of HSA. That's Hellsing Security Agency."

"Christine, this is Richard. I need to talk with Seras immediately."

"Sure, Boss. As soon as stupid Blondie puts Seras' head back on her shoulders, I'll put her on the phone."

"... I shouldn't ask, but what is going on there?"

Then Christine was heard shouting at someone in her area, "Hey Blondie! Stop fighting! The Boss wants to talk with the Leader."

There was the sounds of Sandy speaking in werewolf language. Richard didn't even try to make sense out of it.

Christine spoke into the phone again and answered Richard's question, "Nothing is happening. Seras just had a little training accident. Here's Seras.

Seras' voice spoke out, "Hello, Mr. Hellsing."

"Hello, Seras. Mr. Ma has contacted us and requested your services. He must know if you will accept his mission within the next ten minutes. Time is critical. This can be a dangerous mission and-"

Seras interrupted, "I accept it, Mr. Hellsing."

"What? You don't even know what the mission is."

"That's true, but your great aunt, Integra, never checked with my opinions before sending us out on hazardous missions. Thanks for asking."

"... I understand. Can you be in my office in fifteen minutes?"

"Yes, Mr. Hellsing. I'll be there."

Seras closed the cell phone and handed back to Christine. Since Sandy was next to the pair, Christine had already reverted back to her half woman/half wolf form.

"Coward," growled Sandy.

Seras was becoming concerned. "I know that you two dislike each other. Is there anything else that I should know?"

Christine quickly answered, "Nope. We're just having normal werewolf social reactions."

Sandy found agreement with what Christine had just said. Wanting to rip out the red werewolf's throat was, as far as she was concerned, a normal werewolf reaction. She added her agreement, "It is as Red said. What is occurring is what is to be expected."

"Hmm," Seras wasn't completely convinced. "We're going back to the headquarters. I have to check in with Mr. Hellsing."

Sandy suggested, "Why don't you go ahead of us? I'm sure that Richard wants you to see him as soon as possible."

"No," said Seras. "I think that you ladies should switch to your wolf forms and run back to base. I'll be flying right behind you. That way, I'm sure that you two ladies will not have any accidents occurring between the two of you."

"Darn," groused Christine.

Richard sat behind his desk with his cyborg wife, Gwen, seated next to him. Another three chairs were positioned in front of the desk. They were in the process of discussing Mr. Ma's request when there was a knock on the office door.

"Enter," commanded Richard.

From the outside of the office, a guard opened the door and allowed two persons of Asian lineage into the room. One was a short-haired young man in a dark suit. His slight frown hinted that he was displeased about being disarmed before being allowed in the office. The other was a young woman with waist-length, straight hair and she was wearing a beige business suit. Her facial features remained neutral.

"Please, sit down," requested Richard. "You must have been pulling up into my driveway when you called me... Where's Mr. Ma? Aren't you two his bodyguards?"

The man responded, "You are mistaken, Mr. Hellsing. We are not the honorable Mr. Ma's bodyguards. He requires none. I am Mr. Ito and the Miss Yip is the honorable lady next to me. We are students of the wise Mr. Ma."

Richard nodded his head. "Mr. Ito. Miss Yip. You already know my wife: Gwen Hellsing. The person you are interested in, Senior Officer Seras Victoria, will be here shortly." Then his voice became a little strained. "Since you two were already sent here by Mr. Ma well before he called me, I gather that he assumes that I will automatically give in to his requested mission. Mr. Ito, Miss Yip, it peeves me that anyone would assume that he can order me and my people around."

As Mr. Ito's frown deepened, Miss Yip spoke for the first time in broken English. "You are... not right... No order."

"What? Please explain," requested Mr. Hellsing.

Mr. Ito took over the conversation. "Mr. Hellsing. With this mission, we are short of time. If you refuse Mr. Ma's request, the mission will become mine to complete."

Richard paused to consider their words and then sighed. "Mr. Ito, I apologize for my assumptions. Please-"

Richard Hellsing was interrupted by the desk's phone ringing.

Richard said quickly as he reached for the phone, "Excuse me. This call may be in reference to Seras Victoria."

He picked up the phone and this was Richard's side of the conversion. "Hello, Mr. Hellsing here... The female vampire is in the building. Good...She's chasing Christine and some other werewolf in their giant wolf forms, Well, tell them to stop... They're well passed you... It looks like they are in a race?"

A faint rumbling and shouts filtered into the room from outside the door. The volume grew.

Gwenllian grumbled, "Stupid werewolves." Then she requested loudly, "Mr. Ito, Miss Yip, please come to this side of the desk."

Mr. Ito and Miss Yip exchanged uncertain glances, but as the volume of noise increased, they quickly retreated around the desk.

A man's voice called from outside. "Stop! The door isn't big enough for the two of you!"

There was a crash and the door shuddered. A wide vertical crack appeared in the center of the door and the crack went from the floor to door's top. Bits of red and blond fur showed through a gap in the crack near the floor. And then there was silence.

Mr. Ito demanded, "What is happening?"

Richard explained, "What has happened is that I require another door."

Gwen said sourly, "Reason number 17 on why I hate werewolves: They are competitive to the point of being stupid."

The door then shook from some unseen struggle on its other side.

Seras voice called out, "Stop that, you two! And change into something that can actually fit through the doorway."

The split opened with half the door swinging open on its hinges while the other half fell to the floor. A gigantic blond wolf tumbled into the room follow by a red one plunging in.

Richard shouted, "Christine! Sandy! Behave yourselves!"

Sandy growled out, "I won the race, Traitoress!"

Christine quietly said with a deadly tone, "You cheated, Child Killer."

Seras stepped into the room and commanded, "Sandy, go to my left. Christine, you'll be on my right."

Slowly the two giant wolves warily walked to their assigned places.

Mr. Ito asked in a controlled voice, "What was that about?"

Richard frowned, "It about how these two lady werewolves will have deductions taken out of their next paycheck to pay for my door."

Both werewolves growled out something.

Richard looked at Seras and asked, "Translate please."

"Christine says that it's not her fault; Sandy doesn't know what a paycheck is, but if it belongs to her, then you can't deduct anything from it."

"Can we get back to the issue of the mission," asked Mr. Ito. Both of Mr. Ma's agents were carefully watching the vampiress and the two wolves.

"Yes," agreed Richard. "Seras, about four hours ago, there was a major air battle over Ireland. One of the jets from the Indian aircraft carrier Kamaraj got separated from the rest of its fighter group. The damaged plane was flying towards London, but a missile from Europe destroyed it. We are getting transponder signals from the pilot and co-pilot. We don't know if they are either dead or alive, but they are located well to the west of here."

Seras simply asked, "When do I leave?"

A male voice called out from behind Seras, "You mean: When do WE leave?"

Seras turned to see David standing behind her. The wolf-man was already shifting his shape to look completely human. The dark-haired man stated, "Seras, I will be accompanying you on any new missions."

Sandy quickly added, "I'm going too, Pack Leader."

Christine added, "Leader, count me in. I'll go get Harry."

David suggested, "Christine, maybe you and Harry should remain here. You work so well with the humans. Some say that you two are almost human."

Sandy snickered at the insulting comment.

Christine was annoyed. "Humph! I'm going to tell Harry that you said that!" And with that said, she retreated out of the room.

Mr. Ito asked of Seras, "Then there will be a group of your monsters going on the mission?"

Mr. Hellsing objected, "Don't call my agents monsters. Be civil."

Seras only said, "Yes, it will be a group."

Mr. Ito stared at Seras for a bit before he reached into his jacket's pocket and removed to two small disk-like objects. These silvery-blue devices had a small red slider switches on their edges.

Mr. Ito explained, "These are tracking devices. Each of the Indian cyborgs have a locating beacon built into their bodies. Please bring them back alive or find out if they are dead. You must start the mission in the next twenty minutes."

He handed the devices to Mrs. Hellsing. He really didn't want to come anywhere near the vampiress or the blond werewolf.

Richard said, "Fine. Seras, I'll have three lorries take you as far as Birmingham. With three well armed vehicles, I doubt that any raiders will attack you. Past Birmingham, there's nothing but wild-lands. You have to go on foot after that."

A wide fang-filled smile covered Seras' face. She saluted and said, "Yes, Sir."

The vampiress turned and left with David following. Sandy gave everyone in the room a glance and gave out a werewolf's equivalent of a "Humph!" She turned and trotted out of the room.

Mr. Ito turned to the Hellsing and said, "With your...people agreeing to take the mission, Mr. Ma will deposit one-third of your Tower Of London bounty into your credit service, along with the money you have earned from the Buckingham Palace cleanup activity."

"One third," Gwenllian objected. "Why only one-third?"

Mr. Ito explained, "There are people within my government who do not desire to make any payments to an organization that employs monsters. Mr. Ma is taking a risk to pay you anything at all. He is planning to pay you another third of the Tower Of London bounty if you can successfully retrieve the pilots alive. If you continue to execute missions for us, Mr. Ma will figure out some way to deliver to you the last third of your bounty."

As Seras walked away from Richard's office with David and Sandy in tow, David said with a serious tone, "Pack Leader, you will take a couple of minute to talk with me. Sandy, leave us for a bit and don't go anywhere near Christine."

"But, David," complained Sandy.

David, being an alpha male, merely said, "Do as I say, Sandy. My talk with the Pack-Leader won't last long."

Sandy nodded her huge wolf head before changing her shape to that of a normal human. She stared at David for a second and then walked away.

Seras said, "I can guess what this talk will be about. Come with me."

Seras walked through the makeshift corridors to her room with David following. Once in the her room, David closed the door.

Seras started out, "David, I'm sorry, so sorry, that I bit you. All the blood I had been drinking rushed to my head. I thought that you were dying..."

"Seras! I was regenerating! The wounds I had were survivable. Now I feel your mental grip on my mind, and I can draw on your dark powers to heal even faster. You've turned me from being a normal werewolf into a monster! If you hadn't saved Sandy's life, I would be tearing you apart right now, Pack Leader."

"David-" Seras started.

David interrupted, "Say nothing else. It's time to go on your lousy, cyborg-saving mission."