Chapter 1: Fan Girls and Soda Pop.

Kiba was confused, that was a generally stated fact. First off, he had the fan girl, who could be considered a borderline stalker; second Hinata was jealous of the fan girl. Kiba frowned as he waited for the fan girl to exit the store so they could go to the movies. He wasn't going to go but seeing the disapproving frown that crossed faintly across Hinata's face Kiba had to say yes.

He was still irritated at her for turning him down. They had gone on dates as friends for three years till Naruto returned. Kiba crossed his arms and glared at the floor. Then when he had finally developed enough courage and planned the perfect night to ask her to be his girlfriend, he already considered her his girlfriend but having her say it would confirm it, and she had turned him down, because Naruto had paid attention to her, so she thought she had a chance.

She didn't and he had told her that. She had just stood up and left him there in the restaurant and two hours later he had received the annoying "what did I tell you" phone call from Shino. Kiba snickered, Shino could be considered as Hinata's girlfriend.

"Are you ready?" the girl asked him as she exited the store. "Kiba-kun?" she asked.

"What? Yeah I am." Kiba answered. The fan girl smiled at her and wrapped her arms around his arm. Kiba frowned; it wasn't that much fun unless Hinata was here to watch.

Shino would never understand his teammates, and as things progressed he realized that he never would want to. Especially once puberty hit Kiba hard with a bat, Shino really didn't care to know them. At the moment he was watching his normally silent and shy teammate pace the length of his room. She had been doing this for 30 minutes, and had been acting strange for 3 weeks, 2days, 7 hours, 15 minutes and 23 seconds. Not that he was counting. The real reason behind her strange behavior was Kiba's fan girl. Hinata looked at Shino who was still staring at her, waiting for her to answer the question he had asked 30 minutes ago. She frowned and stopped pacing.

"I'm not jealous Shino-kun." Hinata answered irritated. Shino said nothing knowing that she was going to say more. "I don't care that she kissed him and he let her. I don't really!" Shino stared at her, disbelieving that she was telling the truth.

At first Shino had been amused that Kiba had a stalker, and then he had become annoyed because Kiba was being Kiba and using the fan girl to upset Hinata. At first Kiba had been avoiding his fan girl at all cost, but when he started to notice that Hinata was reacting, or becoming jealous as Kiba had told him while he smiled widely. Kiba started acknowledging the stalker, Kiba's smile growing at every frown and glare that crossed Hinata's face.

"Hinata sit down." Shino commanded. Hinata did sit down beside him. "Maybe you should talk to Kiba about this." Hinata stared at Shino wide eyed.

"There is nothing to talk about, beside that girl is with him." Shino noticed the venomous tone Hinata used on the word girl, and sighed. He was no longer amused at the situation.

"He's trying to annoy you." Shino informed Hinata. "Just ignore him." Hinata nodded, that was a good idea, she was would ignore Kiba. She smiled brightly at Shino putting her hand on his.

"Let's go see a movie Shino-kun." Hinata stated as she stood pulling Shino along, he sighed understanding that he was now going to be used to play Kiba's game. Shino had the urge to sigh but refrained. She was his teammate and he did prefer her over Kiba, so maybe being used to make Kiba jealous would be slightly, just slightly amusing.

Shino said nothing as he walked with Hinata, she was holding his hand. As they neared the theater Shino noticed Kiba and the fan girl. Hinata just smiled, even when Kiba noticed them and glared at Shino.

"Hello Kiba." Shino said.

"Hi! Are you guys going to watch the movie with us?" the fan girl asked, smiling brightly from her spot beside Kiba.

"We are." Shino answered, tensing when Hinata wrapped her arms around his arm. Kiba's eye twitched as Hinata smiled sweetly at Shino. Kiba frowned as Shino's ears reddened; Hinata's response was to smile at Kiba.

Kiba had stopped paying attention to his date before the movie even started. Hinata and Shino sat two rows in front of them. Kiba frowned, Hinata was spending more time with Shino, sure they spent time together before but now, she was playing his game, using Shino to make him jealous and it was working. To make matters worse Shino was actually enjoying the attention, so Shino was happy. If Shino was happy then the whole world order had gone to hell.

Kiba looked at the girl; he had forgotten her name again. She was resting her head on his shoulder. It didn't feel as nice as when Hinata did it, he frowned again as he stared at Shino and Hinata. The fan girl looked up at him and smiled. He smiled back at her and returned to staring at the screen uninterested in the movie. Hinata had her head on Shino's shoulder, and Shino had an arm around her shoulder, Hinata had placed it there earlier before the lights went out. Kiba threw some popcorn at Hinata; she turned and frowned at him. Even in the dark he could see her.

"Ignore him." Shino reminded her. Hinata smiled at Shino, and snuggled against him. Shino felt his ears redden even more, and then he frowned when the popcorn bag hit him on the back of the head. His ear blush fading, "Just ignore him." Shino repeated annoyed.

"Poor Shino-kun." She cooed softly, knowing that Kiba was listening. She shifted in her chair, moving so she could examine where the popcorn bag had struck him. Her fingers tangling in his hair, she smiled at him, the soft smile usually saved for Kiba. Shino stared at her his ears reddening, this was more physical contact than he had ever received from her that did not involve tending to his wounds and he was unsure how to deal with this.

"Hinata, you do realize that Kiba is watching." Shino reminded her.

"Just ignore him." she told him with that she rested her head on his shoulder, placing her hand on his. Shino tried to pay attention to the movie, he really did try but from Kiba glaring at him and Hinata touching him it was hard.

"They look cute together." The fan girl whispered to Kiba. "Are they dating?"

"No!" Kiba answered loudly, horrified at the very thought.

"Are you sure?" the fan girl asked watching his reaction.

"Yes!" Kiba yelled loudly.

Shino turned as did the other eight people in the theater who glared at Kiba. Who turned and made eye contact with Shino.

"Kiba is not pleased." Shino whispered to Hinata.

"Ignore him." Hinata told him softly. Silently rejoicing in her victory.