Fan Girls and Soda Pop

Chapter 23: The Plan



Tsunade only stared at the blond haired boy that stared at her with horror. She shouldn't have told Naruto until Sakura was gone, but for some strange lack in judgment she did.

"How can Gaara marry Sakura-Chan!!? He wanted to marry Hinata!"

Tsunade only frowned. "Gaara chose her to be his wife, and I signed off on it."

Naruto let out a strange noise, before he ran out of the room, going to the one person that found the scroll. Tsunade merely frowned; she needed a vacation after this.


"Gaara's going to marry Sakura?" Kiba asked as his teammates walked with him. "How the hell did that happen? I mean come on we never get this fucking lucky. It's like we have a lucky angel or something."

Shino and Hinata merely stared at him, before Hinata turned to look at Shino.

"How did they even find that scroll?" she asked.

"We did hide it in a secure place." He answered back.

"Where?" Kiba asked now curious, "was it where Shino's heart once was, before he joined the ranks of the asshole undead."

Both Hinata and Shino simply stared at him, well Shino actually glared with hatred.

"The Uchiha compound, in some dresser or something…" Shino answered. Hinata nodded placing her hands in her pocket.

"So then someone found it, but it wasn't Sakura's name on the scroll." Hinata replied as shino nodded.

"Then whose name was on it…" at Hinata's and Shino's expressions Kiba understood. "Oh...then we have to thank whoever our miracle angel is."

Hinata and Shino looked at each other, there was only one person who would go that deep into the Uchiha compound, and have any motive to remove an annoyance.

"Sasuke." Shino answered.

Hinata only nodded, that sounded about right.



The Uchiha looked up from his cereal; there was someone he didn't want to talk to on the other side of the door.


The Uchiha poured himself some orange juice and patiently waited, he would never open that door.


"I'm not home." Sasuke answered, "Not home at all."

Outside Naruto was thinking that there had to be something wrong, there was no way that Gaara would choose Sakura. It was impossible, Naruto let out a sigh, there had be something else.

"Sakura's gonna marry Gaara!" Naruto screamed at that door. "We can't let this happen!"

While Naruto screamed, Sasuke simply left the kitchen to watch some TV.

"Sasuke!!" Naruto yelled as he hit his hand against the door.


"You think anyone will know that someone rewrote the scroll?" Kiba asked out of curiosity.

"Why would anyone believe this scroll to be false?" Shino responded, soon to be pleased when they were no longer anywhere near the sand.

"Well, Gaara knows what he wrote." Kiba reminded, as Akamaru agreed.

Wind picked up for a moment as the four of them stood there, Hinata looked at Shino waiting for him to come up with a plan of some type, Kiba and Akamaru looked around the area.

"This could bite us in our how Akamaru bit shino's ass." Kiba asked, "We gotta find Sasuke, and then figure out what the hell to do from there."

"It's kind of mean to lie." Hinata reminded, her teammates looked at her.

"Yeah, Gaara's going to marry Sakura...that's not nice to anyone." Kiba added as he attempted to lighten the mood.

Shino placed his hands in his pocket, this could either be good will or disaster waiting for them, and he disliked not knowing what to do next.

Gaara stared at the scroll, as he read and reread the scroll over and over again. This was not what he had remembered, he was certain that another's name had been there beside his signature.

He looked at his siblings and the one council member that had not been fast enough to escape Gaara's wrath.

"This document is official." The council member stated. "It contains the signatures of both the Hokage and the Kazekage, it is binding."

"Signatures can be faked." Temari added when her brother's sand swirled slightly. "Maybe it would be best to redo this...Incase..."

All of team 8 turned to look in the direction of the sand. All four feeling a sense of fear.


Gaara looked at her, "you're the Kazekage, if it's not what you wrote then change it..." his nonexistent eyebrow rose, at her suggestion.

"Girls do like power." Gaara added.

The council man stared at him, for a moment before Temari spoke.

"Tell the Hokeage that Gaara doesn't trust this document, he'll be in the leaf to rewrite the arrangement."

The council man nodded, he would write this letter out. "Is there anything else?"

"Bring Hinata here."

The council man nodded, as he looked at the two siblings that didn't seem to love that idea. Once Gaara was gone, his siblings looked at each other.

"I'll go get Hinata; you can deal with her teammates." Temari started.

"No, you deal with her teammates and I'll get Hinata." Kankuro amended.

The two glared at each other for a moment, before concluding to use the age old tradition of decision making, rock-paper-scissors.


"Did you sense that?" Hinata asked as she hugged herself. Shino placed a hand on her shoulder.

"The worst has to pass..." he reminded her.

"You know what I do when I'm scared." Kiba started only to stop when both teammates glared at him with annoyance. "I shut up and sing in my head."

Sasuke was glaring at the TV, something was wrong. He could feel it in his bones, he needed to do something but he was unsure as to what. He simply knew that something bad was going to happen, something that would ruin his plan.


Sakura sat on her bed, simply wondering.

She had always believed that one day she would marry Sasuke. Only that day was now obviously never going to happen. Instead in one month she was to be off to sand to learn how to adjust to her new husband and life.

She shivered as she suppressed a sob, this wasn't what she wanted. Yet she had agreed to it, because it was something that she could never escape from. This decision was final.


The pink haired ninja's head snapped up to look at her window. There using charka to keep his grip was Naruto.


He smiled at her, still clinging to the window.

"Can you let me in?" Naruto asked, she nodded and walked slowly over to the window. Naruto smiled as she opened the window, she with much practice smiled one of her own, even if she didn't feel like smiling. "How you doing?"

She shook her head. "I don't understand this...why...why is my name on that scroll?" she asked one of the few people that knew the red haired psychotic she was to marry.

"I don't know, but I can talk to Gaara, maybe get him and Hinata back together again." Naruto offered her.

Sakura looked at him, pleading that he did just that. "I don't want to marry Gaara..." she whispered as tears started to fall. "I don't."

Driven by the instinct to comfort a teammate and many romantic moments that he himself had imagined, the blond nin hugged her.

He would admit that he liked this, she was hugging him. Crying, but she was hugging him.

Maybe, Gaara had done this to prove a point, that having Naruto interfere between him and Hinata would result in Gaara interfering with Naruto's special someone. Then again, that would give Hinata a chance to run the hell away.

That might have been what happened when he had stopped by to apologize, Hinata had attempted to leave and Gaara had done something. That was why Gaara looked so angry when Naruto arrived, and why Hinata was "asleep" in Gaara's arms.


It was Akamaru who noticed it first, the strange gusts of wind that grew stronger the closer they reached to him and his pups. He looked at them, the oldest pup was thinking as he cleaned his glasses. His middle pup was humming some song that Akamaru never cared for and his little baby pup was looking between the older pups.

Though he couldn't deny it there was a certain smell to the wind, it was faint, almost as if someone was attempting to mask it. he growled slightly, sending out a warning to whoever it was, he didn't want this thing near his pups, especially not now, they were vulnerable again.

Kiba blinked, Akamaru was growling at something. It drew all their attentions to the direction that Akamaru was facing.

"What is that...?" Hinata asked, as she moved behind the more intimidating teammate. The wind was picking up; it was faster now, picking up sand that seemed intent on stinging and blinding them.

"It's not a natural wind, someone must be behind it." Shino announced as he turned his body slightly, allowing her more cover behind him.

"Yeah, but the only one we know who can use wind and sand is attacks is Gaara and his psychotic sister!" Kiba yelled to Shino.

"But Gaara granted us safe passage." Hinata reminded her voice was muffled by Shino's jacket.

"Yeah and he never changes his mind." Kiba reminded, bring his sleeve up to protect his eyes as he kneeled beside Akamaru using his body as a shield against the bizarre sand storm.

"He did change his mind." A voice on the wind announced. "We bring Hinata back and send you two home, or you two can come with us."

Kiba and Akamaru heard it first, there was a clacking of some kind, like wood being moved and hit together in a rapid movement. Then it happened something exploded out of the sand behind them.

Shino moved as fast as he could while pushing her behind him, it was like a horror movie, he saw the monster but he was powerless against it. Kiba and Akamaru let out a yell when wooden limbs wrapped around them, lifting them in the air. Shino attempted to cut the strings with his bugs, but the hindrance of his teammate that clung to him, and the worry of her safety seemed to cut his effectiveness in half.

Then he felt it, the hands that clung to his jacket were ripped off, he turned, seeing her in the same predicament as Kiba. "Shino-kun!" she yelled as she struggled against the puppet, unlike Kiba and Akamaru's captor, she was being moved towards the source of the wind.

"Shino, what the hell you waiting for, use those damn charka bugs and cut the fucking strings!!" Kiba screamed as the puppet captor shook him.

Shino looked at his vulgar teammate before setting himself to the task; his bugs would search for the strings and the puppet master. He reminded himself that they would be safe, this wasn't an attack to kill them, simply a kidnap and a reminder of who the stronger party was.

Hinata was stills struggling, she needed to activate her blood limit but her fear, the wind, the sand and the movement of her puppet captor seemed to be preventing that. She closed her eyes and the wind seemed to be now directed at her face. It wasn't as strong as the ones that had been striking them earlier, she should have been grateful for that.

"I can't activate my Byakugan!" Hinata yelled.

"Shino this is getting really fucking annoying!!" Kiba yelled as he attempted to at least cause some damage to the puppet. "The sand is getting in my mouth!!"

Temari waited for her brother's puppet to fully pull her younger brothers obsession to her. There was no doubt this was going to be an easy fight, but it was still annoying. The blond sand nin smiled as Hinata was pulled out and dropped quite rudely at her feet.

"Now let's try this again, you come with me and Kankuro and I will leave your teammates alone." Temari offered once more, the smaller girl nodded slightly.

"y-you promise..." she whispered.

"To the best of my ability." The female sand nin promised.


"AHH gravity!!" Kiba yelled when he was released and dropped to the floor. The sand was not a cushion to his fall. "My ass...I think I broke my ass!"

Shino blinked in confusion, his bugs had rushed back to him when the puppets suddenly dove into the sand. The puppet master was further away then they had anticipated. Shino turned to look in the direction Hinata had been, the wind had died down and the puppets disappeared into the sand.

"Hinata are you..." shino stopped talking; this caused Kiba to turn too. There was no Hinata, just empty desert.


She was going to have bruises; she looked at Gaara's sister who seemed to have no problem dragging her to her brother's office.

"Can I at least know why?" she asked timidly.

"Gaara thinks the scrolls a fake, so you two are going to write a new one." Temari answered, as she effortlessly dragged Hinata.

Hinata swallowed, this was not looking good. Soon Temari stopped and pushed Hinata into the room, before leaving in a hurry.

She turned around, to see Temari's rapidly vanishing form. It was a ruse to stop herself from seeing the other person in the room with her. Though it seemed ineffective when she heard him walking towards her. She turned slowly to see the red head staring at her with suspicion.

"It was a fake."

Hinata bit her bottom lip as she brought her hands up in a proactive gesture.

"A very professionally done fake."

He walked closer to her, knowing she was attempting to keep herself from backing down.

"Shino's idea, but someone else forged it."

She shook her head slightly, "N-No...That's not..." she stopped when he was almost pressed against her, she wanted to back up but that wouldn't save her. Sand was moving around her, she nearly screamed when it violently struck the wall behind her.


More sand struck the wall behind her; she closed her eyes as she shook her head. "We didn't do anything to it..." the next wave of sand hit the wall harder; she knew it had left a deep indent. More waves hit the wall, leaving her shaking before him, hugging herself with her eyes shut as she fought the urge to cry out.

"Gaara..." the voice cut through his anger as he turned to see his brother escorting the council man, who was slightly shaking before him.

"The document…Y-y-you wanted me to draft it now." the council man asked.

Gaara stared at him for a minute before grabbing Hinata and dragging her by the arm to the desk. Kankuro remained in the doorway, as he nudged the council to follow Gaara to the desk.

The council man approached the desk, where Gaara now sat with the Hyuga that seemed to be tied to the chair with ropes of sand.

"begin." He announced coldly.

The council man placed the blank scroll on the table before them as he started to write the marriage contract.