December 2006.

The weather was prefect, neither to warm nor to cold. Smith could only smirk, as the man opposite him babbled about irrelevant issues. He was in a room, covered with non-animal product. The man he was visiting was said to the organization 'Help Earth' leader. Clearing his throat. He settled his hard gaze on the man; it took seconds before the middle-aged man halt his blabbering. Taking notice of the gaze. 'Did you not hear me! There is no such thing as CHEDUR, or what ever you call it. The idea of kids aged from 10-18 working as spies is ridiculous. The government would never allow such… an… an… What I'm trying to say is, there is never such a thing! And you want me to attack an assault base, that the government say is a training camp!' shaking his head, his hands rubbing his ache.

'It does sound a little stupid, doesn't it? Children being spies, I know this sounds a little foolish. Children who would ever thought, I mean you wouldn't suspect a kid for hacking into your computer in-front of you. You would just think that they were to stupid to do such a thing. CHERUB for that matters, trains them to be spy. Teaches everything there is to learn, a children's mind can adapt faster then an adult. Their brains are like sponges, able to absorb so much thing in so little time.'

The middle-aged man retained his shaking. 'I'm sorry but…' his eyes showing signs of doubt.

Smith laid his hand on the table. 'Listen, CHERUB exist and together we can stop them. Have they not ruined your plans in the past? Have they not destroyed 'Help Earth' plans? Do you not notice how a kid constantly halts your schemes? Have you?' his anger flashing for a brief moment subsiding just as fast as it came. The man sat emotionless, the chair whining under his weight.

'I do notice that children always stop 'Help Earth'.' He eyes shifting. 'How do I know your who you say you are? That you're a ex-CHERUB agent?'

Smith bared a grin. 'You will know when we have our revenge. They for ruining your plans and mine for… but before we get to comfortable, I have a present for you. The name of the agent that has constantly disrupted your plans, enjoy my welcome gift to you. His name is 'James Adams.' Smith ended the conversation. Risking one last look at the man. He nodded, strolling off into the sun.