CH 4: Confidant

-Las Vegas Crime Lab

After hearing what tyler had to say, Grissom studied the teen. "I have to say, if I hadn't seen you use your powers myself, I would have never believed you." Tyler shifted uneasily and just sort of nodded. "Will Greg be alright?"

"I'm not sure. He will probably be fine. Knowing Chase, Greg was just a warning. If he wanted Greg dead, he'd be dead by now." Tyler stared off for a couple of seconds. "I would like to see him."

Not even a minute later, the door to Grissom's office opened and Nick walked in. "Hey Griss, I'm going to go see how... What's he doing here?" Nick asked as he saw Tyler.

"He has decided to help us on our case. He just filled me out on everything." Grissom paused. "You were just going to see Greg weren't you?"

"Yeah." Nick replied.

"Would you mind taking Tyler with you? He want's to see how Greg is doing. While you are together, Tyler can fill you in on what's going on." Tyler was about to protest but Grissom stopped him with his peircing blue eyes. "Nick deserves to know."

Tyler nodded slowly in responce. Nick watched Tyler, the teen hadn't changed much since the night before. He was still very nervous and jumpy. "Let's go then." Nick said to Tyler, Tyler followed obediantly. They were silent for most of the drive to the hospital, then Nick broke the silence. "You know who did this don't you?"

"Yes." Tyler said quietly. "But you're going to have to wait for me to tell you."

"Why? Nick questioned.

"Because in order for you to believe me, I need to show you something. And I would rather not show you while you are driving. Just wait untill we get to Greg's hospital room." Tyler explained.


As Tyler and Nick entered the room, they stared at the unconcious figure in front of them. Tyler then looked back at Nick. "How long have you two been together?"

"Wha-what?" Nick asked, startled by Tyler's question. "How did you know that we are together?"

"It's the way you acted last night. I could tell that you were desperate. And just now, the way you were staring at him." Tyler let out a sigh. "Let's just say that I know that stare oh to well."

"Who?" Nick questioned.

"Reid. The annoying blonde punk."

Nick chuckled. "You have a weird taste in men, though he is kind of cute."

"We've been friends since we were small kids. I'm the only one that knows the real Reid, outside he's an annoying punk but inside he is so sweet and in a way fragile." Tyler let out another deep sigh. "But we're not here to talk about Reid, I'm going to tell you everything. You're actually the only one I wanted to tell, but your boss seemed to be putting things together faster than anyone ever has, and I didn't want him thinking this was my fault."

Tyler mover over to Greg's side and stared at the older man's delicate features. All the while we was wondering why Chase would choose him. He glanced up at Nick... here goes nothing. "Nick... do you believe in magic?" He grinned at Nick's expression, then launched into his story.

-CSI parking lot

Caleb drove Sara to the Crime Lab and dropped her off. He could tell that she probably didn't fully believe his story, which would be expected. He was about to drive off, when he spotted Pogue getting off of a motorcycle with a strawberry blonde and walking towards the building.

"Pogue." He called across the parking lot. Both Pogue and Cathrine turnned around. Pogue said something to her and waved Caleb over. "What are you doing here?" Caleb asked as he got over to Pogue.

"Well, I-- Wait a minute, what are you doing here?" Pogue eyed his friend. "You told someone didn't you?"

"Apparently you did too." Caleb said jesturing to Cathrine.

"Who did you tell?" Cathrine asked.

"Her name is Sara." Caleb replied.

"I'll make sure she keeps your secret safe then." Cathrine said sweetly and went into the building.

"Why did you tell her?" Caleb asked.

"I almost got her killed." Pogue said nervously. "What about you?"

"She was getting ganged up on by a bunch of guys, so without thinking, I started flashing my powers."

"Dude, you're getting careless." Pogue said as he began headding for his rental motorcycle. He then stopped and remembered he needed to get something from Cathrine, and he went back to the building.

"Where are you going?" Caleb asked.

"I forgot to get Cathrines car keys. I told her I was going to fix her car for her."

"I'm comming with you." Caleb said and the boys went into the building in search for Cathrine.

When they found her, she was in the break room talking to a black guy who was sitting next to... "Reid?" Pogue questioned.

Reid looked over to where the voice came from and saw both Caleb and Pogue, 'Oh shit' was plastered all over his face. "W-what are you guys doing here?" Reid asked nervously. Cathrine and Warrick looked in the diection of the two boys.

"Do you need anything Pogue?" Cathrine asked.

"Oh yeah, I forgot to get your car keys from you." He said.

"That might be important." She said humorously as she dug the keys from her pocket.

Caleb eyed Reid as Pogue grabbed Cathrines keys. "What are you doing here?" Caleb asked Reid.

"Me and my new buddy were just talking about... things." Reid said.

"You told him didn't you?" Caleb asked.

"So what if I did?" Reid asked.

"Don't worry about it, Caleb and I let it slip too." Pogue said.

"And we won't say a thing to anyone." Sara said from the doorway.

A few minutes later, Grissom came to the room. "What are all of you doing in here?" He asked. Everyone kind of shifed glances round, hoping someone would come up with and excuse. Then Grissom smiled knowingly. "You don't have to keep it a secret, I already know."

"You know? How?" Caleb asked.

"Your friend Tyler came to me and told me everything." Grissom explained.

"And where is he now?" Caleb asked.

"He is with Nick visiting Greg in the hospital. They are probably talking about what you all know right now." Grissom said. "In a way I'm glad you all know, now I don't have to keep this case a secret."

"No." Caleb said. "You can't take this on as a case. If you pry too much Chase will kill you. He is capable of killing some one without batting an eyelash, and he dosn't even have to be in the same room as the person."

"I am aware of the risk. Tyler told me about what he is capable of, and I've read about all of you. But something you must know, once I've become interested in something, I won't easily let it go."

Caleb exhaled deeply. "Just don't get yourself killed ok."

"I'd like to say the same for you. How do you plan on protecting Tyler?"

"The same way we did it last time." Caleb said.

"One thing you notice when studying murderers Mr. Danvers, is that they usualy get better and more skilled at what they do. Your pal Chase might be more of a chalange for you this time. You're going to need my help."

-hospital- Tyler

"I have to admit, that is pretty unbelievable." Nick said. "You realize that I'm going t need proof that you have powers right?"

"I figured as much." Tyler said. He looked over at Greg; the older man has been in a vegetable like state since he got there. Then Tyler got an Idea. "Nick, if you'll allow me, I want to try using on Greg. But before you say anything, there are risks. He already has massive amounts of power coursing through his body. I can feel it from here. My powers may only make it worse, but I could be wrong."

"If there is a possibility of it helping him, then do it." Nick said.

Tyler put his hands over Greg's chest, his eyes went black, and he started letting his powers serge through Greg. As his powers swept through Greg, another power, a darker one, came out. It whirled around Tyler making his hair and clothes flutter about. Nick watched everything in awe. After a while, Tyler started to feel his power draining, and he felt feint. Nick noticed this and pulled Tyler back from Greg. Tyler let himself fall back in Nick's strong arms, trying to not pass out.

"You shouldn't over exert yourself like that Tyler." Nick said as he set Tyler down. "Are you ok?" Tyler nodded. "Will he be ok?"

"He should be fine." Tyler said softly. "From what I could tell, I was pushing out Chase's power, and my guess is that is what was keeping him unconscious." Tyler explained. "I guess that was Chase's demented way of getting my attention."

Nick gave Tyler a sympathetic look. He knew what not knowing weather you were going to die felt like. This kid was only seventeen; he shouldn't have to be going through this. "Tyler, if you need any help with this Chase guy, you let me know, and I will do what I can to help you."

"Thanks Nick, but you can't and I don't want you to get involved in this. Chase will kill you if you get involved, just look at what he's done to Greg. He has already killed three people; two of which were his parents. He attempted to kill Caleb, Pogue, Sarah, and Kate. I don't want you to get hurt because of me."

Nick was about to say something when a groan escaped Greg's throat. Both Nick and Tyler shifted their attention to Greg. Greg sort of shifted in his deep sleep, but went still again soon after. "I think he might wake up soon." Nick said. "Thank you Tyler, but just know, my offer to help you still stands. I'm going to go back to work now, I'd appreciate it if you'd watch over him for me."

"Sure." Tyler said.

"And I want you to get some rest, you look exhausted."

"You sound like my mom." Tyler said with a grin.

"Call me when he wakes up." Nick said giving Tyler his cell phone number, and then left the room.

-Crime lab

Caleb and the rest of the covenant stopped what they were doing as they felt a large wave of power. The CSI's gave them all questioning stares. "What's up?" Warrick asked.

"Someone was just using, and they were using a lot." Caleb said.

"Was it Chase?" Cathrine asked.

"No." Reid said. "It felt more like Tyler." Everyone looked at Reid, even the other two covenant members.

"Why would Tyler use?" Pogue asked.

"Are you sure it was him?" Caleb asked.

"Yeah." Reid said. "I know the differance between Tyler and Chase's powers."

"Do you think he ran into Chase?" Pogue asked.

"Don't you think we would have felt Chase use by now?" Reid asked.

"I don't know, let's go cheak on him anyway." Caleb said, he then looked over at Grissom. "What hospital is Greg staying in?"

"I think I'll just take you myself." Grissom said. "I've been meaning to cheak on Greg, and if Nick is hurt I want to make sure he wasn't injured too badly."

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