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Stormy blue eyes blinked open, still a bit bloodshot from the several mini breakdowns he had had during the night last night. Rubbing his eyes with a tan hand, he sighed and stretched. Standing up on shaky legs he leaned against the wall next to his best friend's hospital room. He could hear very faint voices coming from the room, however, he figured it was just the T.V. Running a hand through his loose navy hair, he removed the hair tie from his wrist and secured his hair back into it's normal pony tail.

Walking away from Max's room for the first time since he arrived, he paused slightly, glancing over his shoulder at the closed door before once again starting to walk.

//I can't face him. Not now, at least. I'm too afraid of his reaction. Sure, I was brave enough to sneak into his room while the nurses were making their rounds and the guard was on break, but I can't do it now that he's awake. //

Reaching up he brushed his bangs out of his eyes.

//Come to think of it, I think I left my hat in there. Damnit. Now he's going to think I did something to him while he was asleep or something. I can't do anything right anymore can I? I'm just a fucking screw up. I can't believe I was so stupid. Why'd I have to try and show off Thursday night//


Hearing the sound of his name Tyson's head snapped up, seeing Rick and Michael only a few feet ahead of him. Taking a step back, he looked at the two Americans warily.

//Shit. Now I'm fixing to get my ass kicked. //


Michael frowned, taking in the navy haired teen's appearance. Tyson's eyes were clouded with sadness and one of his eyes was still slightly dark from the black eye he had received in the drunken fight with Kai only two days earlier. The bags under his eyes were evidence that he had hardly gotten any sleep the night before and he wore a very un-Tyson like frown upon his lips.

Seeing Tyson in this state even had Rick the slightest bit concerned, though he clearly didn't show it.

"You look like you've been run over by a truck…several times."

Tyson winced at the statement and Michael elbowed Rick in the ribs.

Rick, obviously not feeling the jab, merely blinked down at Michael.

"What? He does."

Michael rolled his eyes.

"What Rick means to say is, you don't look so good. Are you feeling okay? Did you get any sleep last night?"

Tyson nodded slightly, still wary of the American bladers.

"Yeah. I slept for a few hours this morning. I'll be fine."

Shifting his weight slightly, he rubbed his arm nervously and looked at the floor.

"Listen…about what happened…I didn't mean to do it. I really didn't. I'd never purposely hurt him…not ever. I'd take it all back if I could, but I can't, no matter how hard I wish for it. I know you probably hate me for it and he probably does too, but I seriously did not mean to do it. I was…just being an idiot. It was all just one big horrible mistake."

Wiping his eyes free of the tears that were threatening to spill over, he looked at Rick and Michael expectantly, fearing their reaction.

Michael frowned. He didn't want to just immediately forgive Tyson for everything, but Tyson just seemed so sincere. It was hard not to forgive him. Michael sighed and took his hat off, running his fingers through his hair before putting it back on facing forwards this time. Looking down for a moment he look back over at Tyson.

"I…can't forgive you for what you did to Max just yet, but…I know you didn't mean to do it. It was an accident, and like Kai said, you aren't the only one to blame."

Looking from Michael to Tyson, Rick nodded in agreement.

"But if you ever, purposely hurt him, Granger, there will be hell to pay, understand? Me and the kid may not have been close during the tournament at first, but his cuteness just grew on me."

Seeing the slightly scared expression on Tyson's face, Michael snickered.

"Come on. I know you haven't had anything to eat in awhile. I'm sure you're starving."

Tyson bit his lip and nodded.

"Yeah, I am."

Slinging an arm around Tyson's shoulder's comfortingly, Michael walked with Tyson to the hospital café, Rick right on Michael's heels, looking a bit jealous at the attention he was giving the navy haired teen.

For the first time since arriving at the hospital, Tyson smiled. Things were definitely starting to look up.


Kai sat on the steps leading up to the hospital, watching it pour rain merely feet away. Running a hand through his hair, the bluenette sighed. Why would Rei do this to him? How could he? He had given him all his trust and his love, and yet, he had thrown it all away for Lee. Lee! How could Rei choose Lee over him? Lee was obviously a complete bastard, while Kai at least had somewhat of a heart. Kai knew he was far better looking than Lee and he obviously treated Rei much better than Lee did.

So why did Rei choose Lee over him? What did Lee have that Kai didn't?

Growling softly, Kai stood up, beginning to pace. First Max almost killing himself and now his boyfriend was cheating on him.

Frowning softly, Kai stopped pacing, looking out at the rain.

//Wait. Rei wasn't cheating on me. He would have been cheating on Lee. So why did Lee say what he did? Something just doesn't add up… //


Hearing his name Kai turned around, frowning at the trio walking towards him. Rei ran towards Kai, Tala and Bryan staying behind, their fingers still intertwined.

Seeing Rei's puffy, blood shot eyes, Kai's frown deepened.


Rei stopped in front of Kai, looking up at him with sad eyes.

"Kai…I'm so sorry. I tried to pull away, I really did, but Lee was too strong. He came on to me when I went to get something to eat. I wasn't cheating on you, I swear it!"

Kai looked down at the neko-jin beauty, seeing a new batch of tears shinning in his eyes. Crimson eyes shifted their gaze to the ground.


"Kai, don't be stubborn! He's telling thing the truth!"

Kai looked up and over at Tala.

Bryan nodded in agreement.

"He really is Kai. He was a fricken wreak when he bumped into me in the hall. He isn't cheating on you. Lee's just a bastard. Now quit being an idiot."

Kai glared slightly at the last comment and looked back down at Rei, seeing the tears now flowing down Rei's cheeks. Kai frowned and pulled the neko-jin close, wiping the tears away.

"I'm sorry Rei. I…I was afraid that I lost you. Plus I guess I just took all my frustration out on you when I shouldn't have. Things are just so crazy right now."

Rei smiled slightly and snuggled into Kai's chest.

"I know they are Kai, but I think everything's going to be just fine."

Looking back at Bryan and Tala, Rei's smile widened.

Blinking, Kai followed Rei's line of sight and smirked at his two best friends.

"Took you two long enough."

Tala merely blushed while Bryan glared playfully at Kai.

"Whatever Kai. Come on. Let's go inside before we get fried by lightning."

Tala rolled his eyes.

"We're standing under a shelter, you idiot."

"And? It could still happen…"

The conversation faded out as the two Russians went back inside the hospital, headed toward the café. Watching them leave, Rei giggled softly and Kai shook his head.

Leaning up, Rei pecked Kai softly on the lips, blushing slightly afterwards.

"I love you, Kai. Always remember that. I'd never willingly cheat on you."

Smiling faintly, Kai entwined his fingers with Rei and kissed the back of his hand.

"I love you too. Now come on. Let's go join the others at the café. I'm sure everyone's probably up and there by now."

Rei nodded and proceeded to walk with Kai to the café, but stopped suddenly in his tracks.

"I can't believe I forgot to tell you this, but Tala found Gabriel."

Kai looked at Rei in shock.



Ocean blue eyes blinked back tears that soon rolled down pale cheeks. Max looked up at his brother in complete shock. He couldn't believe this was happening.

//This…this can't be real! Gabriel's dead. I saw him lying in a pool of his own blood! I saw his casket being lowered into the ground! I visit his grave every time I'm in New York! Mom never let me see inside the casket, but she said he was in there! Did…did she lie to me for all these years? Am I seeing his ghost? What's going on here//

"You…you can't be real. Mom said you were dead!"

Gabriel frowned. His grandparents had told him about his mother. Neither of them had liked the American woman, so hardly any of the information had been positive.

"Maxie…she lied to you. I've been living with our grandparents this whole time."

Max's eyes widened and more tears began to spill from them.

"But…how did you survive? Th-there was so much blood…"

Gabriel frowned and sat down on Max's bed, pulling the now sobbing teen close. Stroking his hair to calm him, Gabriel held him close.

"The boys got scared and called an ambulance after you ran off. The next thing I knew, I was lying in a hospital bed two weeks later with no memory of my past. The only thing I remembered was you. That's when our grandparents took me in and helped me eventually regain my memory."

Max sniffled softly and snuggled into his brother's chest.

"Why didn't you ever come find me?"

"Grandmother wouldn't allow it. She said that if it was our fate to meet again, we would. She was right. I just wish she would have known about the feisty redhead that lead me to you. Perhaps then I would have been a little more patient."

Max blinked.

"Tala helped you find me?"

Gabriel nodded.

"Yeah, he did. You've got good friends Maxie. It's a plus that they're all good looking."

Max smiled faintly.

"You hit on him, didn't you?"

Gabriel grinned.

"Of course. Too bad he's taken. That Bryan guy's a lucky bastard. He's possessive as hell though. I thought he was going to kick my ass for just looking at Tala."

Max giggled softly.

"He's like that with everyone when it comes to Tala."

Gabriel smiled.

"I can tell," he paused, looking at his baby brother curiously, turning serious, "Maxie, why did you do this to yourself?"

Max frowned and looked down at his lap.

"We…we went to a club Thursday night. One of my friend's grandfather's owned it and we decided to go out and just have a little fun. Well, my best friend got really drunk…and…"

Max trailed off, wiping his eyes. He didn't want to retell it again, and from the look on Gabriel's face, he knew exactly what happened.

Gabriel pulled his little brother even closer, holding him tighter.

"Maxie…I'm so sorry. But…why didn't you just talk it out with him?"

Max frowned, suddenly wondering the same thing.

"I…I don't know. I just felt so depressed, like there was nothing left for me. I've never felt that way in my life before then. It was so scary. I don't know why I did why I did. I think it was because I stopped taking my pills."

Gabriel frowned deeply.


Max nodded.

"Yeah, my pills. They're anti-depressants. Mom put me on them after your 'death'. I stopped taking them after my team captain found out about them."

Gabriel cursed under his breath at their mother's incompetence.

"She should have never put you on those pills Max. You were way too young for those. I'm glad you stopped taking them, really. They're not good for people your age. They're the reason you're like this. Promise me you won't ever take them again."

Max smiled sweetly.

"I don't need them anymore. You're back."

//Everything's going to be okay now. Gabriel's really here. He's actually here. He's the only family besides my step-dad I need. Mom's lied to me for the last time. I don't think I'll ever trust her again. //

Gabriel smirked and ruffled Max's hair.

"Yeah, I'm back. And I don't plan on leaving you like that again."

//He's still the same sweet little kid I remember. Besides getting older, he hasn't changed a bit. Not even after what his best friend did. If his best friend was that sleeping navy haired kid sleeping beside the door, he obviously cares a lot for Max and definitely regrets what he did. Judging from the bags under his eyes, that was the only sleep he's gotten since Max was brought here. //

Sighing happily, Max looked around the room. His eyes widened considerably when his gaze landed upon Tyson's treasured cap sitting harmlessly in the chair beside the bed.

//He was in here//

Reaching over he picked up the hat and turned it over in his hands before putting it in his lap.

Smiling knowingly, Gabriel picked up the hat, only to have it snatched away from him.

"He's been in here hasn't he?"

Max shrugged, a slight pink tint to his cheeks. The way Gabriel had said that was just…odd. He made it sound like he actually liked Tyson in a boyfriend material type way. But…he didn't…did he?

"Yeah, I guess. This is his favorite hat. He must have forgot it."

"Listen Max, I know he hurt you…but…you should talk to him. You know he wouldn't intentionally hurt you. If he would, he wouldn't be your friend now would he?"

Max smiled slightly.

"I guess you're right."

Gabriel grinned and lightly poked Max in the ribs, making him squeal softly.

"And you know what they say, 'Best friends make the best lovers'"

Max blushed and glared mockingly at his big brother.

"Oh shut up."

Max smiled. Things were going uphill, and fast. He had gotten his brother back, Tala and Bryan had gotten together, and he was finally coming out of his depression.

Outside, the sun began to shine through the rain, creating the most spectacular rainbow.


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