Chapter Thirteen

"Mama look Daddy and I made this boat." said Soda showing her when Mayor Nougat brought him back from a camping trip with him and his other brothers.

"Wow that looks great we'll have to get you some paint if you want." Sheriff Delicious said as she cleaned her rifle. Sweet Tooth Pete was suppose to be back by midday, and she was going to be ready for him.

"Great, I want to make it red." said Soda.

"Was he any trouble?" Sheriff Delicious asked Mayor Nougat when he came into the living room with his sons Luther, Junior, and Jack. Luther was a year younger than Soda.

"No, he was no trouble at all." Mayor Nougat replied.

"Where's Toffee?" Luther asked

"She's sleeping." Sheriff Delicious answered.

"Soda!" Pixie exclaimed. She came out of her room with Cacao and they hugged him. They had missed picking on him while he was away.

"Guys meet our sisters." Soda said. Pixie hugged Nougat before she followed the boys into her room she shared with Soda.

"No, I told her we'd be back tomorrow around midday in time for us to show her where to hide if there's a raid tomorrow." said Mayor Nougat. Sheriff Delicious nodded as she checked her gun once she felt they would work she put them out of reach of her children.

"Hmm...want something to drink or eat?"

"Yeah, Sugar water," said Mayor Nougat. They talked about the kids' health, and the new laws he'd passed. The conversation was simple, but there was tension between them. They checked on the children and found they were all fast asleep. They decided to let them sleep, and they chatted more about nothing in particular.

"So how come every time you leave town Delicious doesn't see Captain Super Stud?" Sheriff Delicious asked. Mayor Nougat said nothing and kissed her passionately. It had been so long since they had shared a kiss that communicated their love in such a way that neither could believe it. It had been two years and eight months since they made love. When Sheriff Delicious woke up Nougat wasn't in bed. She sat up and found him by the window, and she saw the sun just beginning to climb over the hills.

"You're up early," He commented.

"No, I always get up at dawn." She put his shirt on and stood up.

"I think we had better get the town up." Mayor Nougat replied. Sheiff Delicious looked out the window and saw the familiar cloud of Sweet Tooth Pete and his gang. They both hurriedly got dressed. They got the kids up and dressed.

"Soda take Toffee, Pixie you take Cacao, don't loose her," Sheriff Delicious said handing them each a child.

"Luther get Jack," ordered Mayor Nougat. He took all the children while she ran to the church and rang the bell frantically. The priest took over, so she could get her deputies situated. Every last one of her deputies were there with kids in tow and guns in hand. As everyone started to wake up the kids were taken to safety.

"Sweet Tooth Pete has returned!" Sheriff Delicious replied to their unasked questions loudly over the bell. They saddled their horse without further explanation and rode out to meet them.

"Smells like Sugar Town candy on them," said Deputy Strawberry short-cake sniffing the air as the wind blew strong gusts towards them.

"Our they galloping with a cloud of sugar from pixie stixs?" Deputy Angel Cake asked.

"Yes, those bastards!" Deputy Lick-a-stick shouted.

"No one kicks up sugar, but us!" Sheriff Delicious yelled as they all took aim.

"Got that right!" exclaimed Deputy Ding Dong. Sheriff Delicious took out her spyglass she wanted to be sure Sweet Tooth Pete got hit. When she looked and saw that their leader was not with them, and that in the entire group it wasn't even all of them. In fact there were only four.

"Two of you stay the rest of you back to the town and spread out, Sweet Tooth Pete and the rest of his gang aren't there." Sheriff Delicious turned her horse around and galloped towards the town. They followed as two remained. She galloped pass the ones stealing and towards the hiding spot of the children where she could here gun shots. She barely notice five Deputies take care of the thieves. She brought up her rifle and shot as she rode pass. The others followed suit, and bigger gun fight in sued. There were screams as the Sheriff and her Deputies traded off guns every now and than. One reloading and the other shooting.

"Let's go boys!" Sweet Tooth Pete yelled. He got on his horse and grabbed Cacao who had been dropped in the grass and was crying.

"NO!" Sheriff Delicious yelled. She jumped on her horse and went after him. Sheriff Delicious shot until she ran out of bullets, but she chased after them anyway. She reached for more bullets, but only found two. She took careful aim and shot him the shoulder. Instead of falling off his horse onto his back he merely threw Cacao to the side more so than dropped. Sheriff Delicious watched horrified as her baby's head came crashing down on a rock. Blood ran all the way down her pretty white dress. Sheriff Delicious stopped her horse and ran to Cacao not caring that they were getting away. She stared in disbelief barely touching Cacao, who was stiller than Sheriff Delicious had seen her.

The blood stained dress embedded itself in her mind as a constant reminder as she took in the head wound and the warm, red blood on her fingers. She didn't notice one of his men coming after her. He was a horrible shot, because he missed her and his bullet flew right into the side of Cacao's head spraying blood into her face and imbedding itself in the rock. Delicious fumbled for her gun with slippery fingers. She blew his head off as tears streamed down her face. She practically screamed with grief. Slowly she picked up Cacao's lifeless body holding her head close to her heart as if there was still a chance and all she had to do was make it back to town and keep her from loosing to much blood.

The men of the town took off their hats and bowed their head as she passed them first and than the women vomited and cried out for her loss. The children if they were close enough to see stared wide eyed. Mayor Nougat stood with all of his children and Margaret who wanted to kill Pixie and Soda, but kept her cool. They saw Sheriff Delicious and were shocked. She stopped in front of them. There was so much rage and grief that Mayor Nougat wondered if she was sane.

"I guess you got your wish you don't have to be a father to her after all." Sheriff Delicious said in a low voice that only he heard it and even possibly Margaret. She walked off towards the sugar shack followed by Pixie, Soda, and Toffee in Soda's arms.

"Good ridden to trash." Margaret said to him. Everyone seemed to be in a slump and worried about the Sheriff's health. No one had seen her in a few days and the body had to be stinking by now. The sugar shack wasn't even open like usual, but than when it seemed that perhaps the Sheriff had killed everyone in the sugar shack the funeral was announced it was taking place that day. Everyone attended the funeral, never before had a child been so brutally killed. Once the funeral was over Sheriff Delicious rounded up all her able deputies. She was going to kill Sweet Tooth Pete and rid everyone of him for good. After a few days she found his hide out and killed nearly everyone there. They saved one and found that Sweet Tooth Pete had gone back east to lick his wounds.

"Well tell Satan to expect Sweet Tooth Pete if he comes out west again, because I'm sending him straight to hell." Sheriff Delicious said before she shot him.