Title: Just as Selfish

Author: Olecmoi

Summary: A nostalgic take on Remy and Rogues death by Vargas' blade.

Disclaimer: All recognized X-Men characters belong to Marvel. No money is being made.

AN: I'm a brand new author when it comes to FanFic so if you choose to review, constructive criticism is appreciated while flames are greatly discouraged.

She hears her name screamed. Not a yell of warning but an animal scream of fear and desperation. She doesn't have time to discover the source because she is staring into his eyes, her back slamming painfully into the ground as his weight comes down on her.

Her chest heaves and she finds she can't breath. A fire has been set.

He opens his mouth, a strangled gasp that sounds vaguely like her name is heard as blood trails down his chin. She wants to tell him he's bleeding but can't remember how to move tongue or how a word forms in her mouth.

She hears her name again, further away. It sounds like Kitty screaming; she doesn't care.

His eyes meet hers and her lips curl tentatively and she wonders why she does not tell him more often how incredibly beautiful he is.

The fire in her chest grows, spreading to her toes and head. It reminds her of when his hands roam over her body and when he tells her he wants to remember every curve. It's the same fire—yet so different. She's not sure how it can be so different while being the same but it is.

His ember pupils dilate and she sees something she has never seen before and she knows she won't be waking up to him tomorrow morning and she won't feel his breath on her ear as he murmurs sweet nothings in his jumbled Cajun French that would sound ridiculous coming from any other.

She knows.

And she knows that he knows.

She can't hear the battle any more.

Only their quick inhales and shaky exhales reach her ears and she finds it strange that she can't seem to stop gasping for oxygen.

The term "Fish out of water" has new meaning to her.

His breath is hot on her face and she can taste copper on her lips as blood from his chin forms a droplet and descended. She wants to watch it fall- the red drop that could have been rain if not for the color- but she can't take her eyes from his.

The only thing she wants is him.

His lips close- a painful swallow she can hear above their ragged inhales- then opens again.

Blood covers his teeth but does not stop him from saying her name and words- raggedly spit out- that she has heard him say time after time. He says them once more with earnest and desperation in between gasps and this time, she truly understands what he is saying.

She understands perfectly.

The blood on his teeth darkens with each word formed and within his ember and coal eyes, an ashy tear escapes to run down his angular cheekbone, burning a permanent path.

She wants to touch him but gravity has found a sole object to apprehend and the effort to move is too great.

She remembers how to move her tongue again and she tells him she is selfish. Selfish because she is glad they are together and because she could never have let him go.

He smiles.

He understands perfectly.

The fire consumes her body and she wonders if he can feel the heat too. His hair falls in his face and she can't see his eyes anymore.

It doesn't matter anyway because she can't keep her eyes open any longer.

She hears him murmur that he is glad that they are together too because he is just as selfish.