Yes, that's really the end. A good writer knows when to stop.

Thank you all for reading and sticking all the way through such a sad story. If you'd like to read one that's a little more uplifting, You might try The Past Comes Back to Bite You.

It begins with the same premise – Edward didn't come back the way he did in New Moon. Charlie couldn't stop Renée from taking Bella to Florida with her when Bella was catatonic. Bella married and had a child – the life Edward wanted for her. Then her husband died and Charlie was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Bella and her daughter move to Forks to take care of him. Edward passes through, brooding, and runs into Bella's daughter and is taken by surprise. The daughter complicates things considerably – especially since she has a crush on Edward, but Edward has always and will always love Bella.

You'll have to type out "fanfiction" before the .net for the link to work.