I was tired, I was hung-over, I was grumpy and the last thing I really wanted to be doing was attending an order meeting, yet I still went. Of course I wouldn't be hung-over if it weren't for Harry and Ron who decided that I'd be a good drinking buddy, I'd have to thank them later…


I snapped to attention.

"Yes?" Bill chuckled at my lack of attention.

"I have an assignment for you" He laughed, handing me a sheet of paper. I took it, my cheeks burning red from the embarrassment of being caught out.

My eyes scanned the sheet. It was an address and a name.

"What's this?" I asked, afraid that he might have already mentioned it.

"That is the address of the hotel you are to stay at, and as for the name, that's the name your going to use while there" I couldn't tell if he was serious or not.

"What do you mean?" I tried. Bill wouldn't keep up a joke if there was business to be done.

"It is to our knowledge that a large convention for purebloods is being held in a hotel located in France" Bill said.

"And…?" I really was getting sick of the lack of information.

"And any death-eater would definitely not miss the chance to prove that their blood is worth more then everyone else's"

"So you want me to go and try and catch as many death-eaters as possible?" That plan was stupid, but I didn't want to be rude and say so.

"Not quite, I don't want you to catch, I want you to lure, and it's only one death-eater, not as many as possible"

"Ok, tell me who and what I need to do" I was more relieved at this plan, it seemed reasonable.

"We need him to want to see you after the convention, so we can arrest him without there being 100 death-eaters supporting him. I'm not asking you to gain his trust, that could take months, no, I think the most affective way will be to seduce him, apparently he's quite the ladies man" Bill's voice sounded a tad repulsed as he spoke.

I was momentarily in shock.

"You want me to sleep with some death-eater!?" I roared.

"Not some death-eater, the Death-eater, and you don't necessarily have to sleep with him…"

I put my head in my hands for a moment before looking at him again.

"And do tell who this death-eater is?" Bill hesitated.


"Spit it out"

"D-Draco Malfoy"

The information hit me so heavily I was sure I should have fainted.

"Please be joking" I whispered.

"It's no joke, it's quite vital that we catch him" Bill said, going out of his way not to make eye contact with me.

"Well someone else will have to do it, he knows what I look like, god, and I wouldn't put it past him to know the scent of 'tainted' blood" I said desperately.

Bill frowned.

"Your blood is not tainted Hermione, and you may not know it, but you are unrecognizable from your school days, you have matured, you are more beautiful then a lot of the pureblood woman, which will make your assignment easier" Bill said, smiling warmly at me.

In any other circumstance, I would have loved such a compliment, but as it were…

"Is there anything else Bill?" I asked in an irritated tone.

"Yes, it's always good to keep track of what's the go with the death-eaters, try to spy on whatever meetings they might have" Bill said.

"Sure thing" I muttered. Bill gave me a sympathetic look.

"I'm really sorry to do this to you, but we are desperate"

"I just can't wait for the war to be over" I sighed, rubbing my temples. He nodded in agreement.

"You can tell Harry and Ron of the assignment if you wish" Bill said, starting to pack away unrelated paperwork.

Oh yippee, I had the chance to tell Harry and Ron of this assignment, which made the whole situation a lot better. Not.

"You will leave tomorrow and you will be staying there for two weeks" Bill said. "I will check on you every Wednesday and Sunday nights, make sure you are in your hotel room at eleven" I nodded, at least I would have some good company for a bit while I was there.

I stood up and excused myself, it was time to tell Harry and Ron.

"Hermione!" I turned back around to face Bill. "Good luck with Harry and Ron" I smiled mischievously, but that smile soon faded as the thought of Harry's and Ron's reactions seeped its way into my head.

"Hey Hermione" Ron grinned as I entered Harry's room.

"Hey" I whispered. Ron and Harry exchanged glances.

"Hermione…what's wrong?" Harry asked, standing up and engulfing me in a hug. God I loved Harry sometimes.

"I just got given my assignment" I said miserably. Ok, so I was over-acting a tad more then was really needed, but I needed Harry and Ron to understand that I wasn't happy about it either and I wouldn't be doing it if I didn't think it was completely necessary.

"What was it?" Ron asked curiously.

"I have to pretend to be a pureblood for two weeks at a convention" I sighed.

"Well that's not all that bad" Ron said soothingly.

"That's not the bad part…I have to seduce Draco Malfoy" I closed my eyes, afraid to look them in the eyes.

"WHAT!?" I heard Ron roar. Once again he was letting his temper get the better of him; nothing new there.

"WHAT THE FUCK WAS BILL THINKING!?" Ron's roars were getting ever so irritating now.

"He was thinking what was good for the order. The information I can obtain will help us greatly with the downfall of Voldemort Ron" I said calmly. I had already learnt that it was asking for a fight if you yelled back at Ron.

"Well you're not doing it! It's much too dangerous" Ron looked murderous.

"Ron, you are not going to stop me from this assignment, I want to help the order in whatever way possible"

"Hermione" Both Ron and I looked at Harry, hoping he were on our side. "If it were any other mission I would let you go with a 'be careful', but seducing Malfoy? It's way too dangerous. He is capable of killing you; I wouldn't even put it past him to rape you. I just…don't want to put you at that type of risk" I looked at him with disbelief.

"I appreciate your concern by I can take care of myself" I said. I wasn't being stubborn, I was being truthful, whether or not I could take care of myself was yet to be seen, but I believed I could, and my self-belief meant more to me at that moment then their concern which was mainly made up of fear and rage.


"I'm doing this assignment" The tension in the room was incredibly high. Finally Ron let out a yell of rage and left the room, slamming the door on his way out. Harry and I glared at each other for quite some time before I too left the room.

I hated fighting with Harry. Ron wasn't so bad to fight with, to be honest I'd grown accustomed to fighting with Ron, but Harry only fought if there was logic in the argument. The problem was we were both so determined to have our way. I loved Harry and I understood that he just wanted to make my life as safe as possible for me, but I wanted to actually control my life, was that too much to ask?

"Hermione, wait!" I whipped around. Harry was running towards me. Oh God, he wasn't going to start another argument was he? He stopped in front of me.

"Hermione…" He seemed to struggle with the words. "I…just wanted…to apologize, I know you can handle anything that comes your way, God, you're smarter then most people I know. It's just…I can't help but be concerned about you" My sober face faded and was replaced with a smile. I hugged him.

"Thank you Harry" I said. We stayed like that for a few more moments before pulling away from each other. "This doesn't mean I'm not doing it" I said, pushing him playfully. He grinned and gathered me up in his arms.

"Put me down Harry!" I laughed, trying to struggle free.

"Absolutely not, you need to build up your strength, God knows you'll need it in case you want to punch out a few 'purebloods'" Harry said, a mischievous glint in his eye.

"I shall do no such thing Mr. Potter, I have a pureblood reputation to keep up" I said, mimicking Malfoy. He laughed. He carried me down the stairs and into the kitchen.

"Don't be stupid Bill! Of course there is some else for the job, you just don't want to look harder!"

"RON!" Harry let me down immediately. I stormed over to Ron and Bill. "There is no one else for the job, I am doing it, and nothing you say will change that!" Ron's eyes were over-whelmed with rage.

"Ron, she is leaving tomorrow, no matter what, so I suggest you just give it a rest. What she is going to do for us is vital and I won't have you making trouble" Bill's voice was unusually angry. Ron looked around at everyone before admitting defeat.

"Fine, but is anything goes wrong, don't stick around, leave" Ron said, trying to stare me down.

"I will be well prepared in the case that something does go wrong" I said definitely.

"You better be" Was all Ron said before he once again left the room. Bill shook his head as if ashamed by his little brother.

"Sometimes I'm not sure having him in the order is all that wise" Bill muttered. Harry and I both looked at him incredulously.

"I'm not saying he doesn't have a respected place in the order, I'm just saying, one day that anger will be a downfall to a mission and a step back to defeating Voldemort" Bill said quickly.

"Don't worry, I know what you mean mate, but the order wouldn't be the same without him" Harry said, staring at the door Ron had just left through.

"Let's just hope that Voldemort will be defeated before Ron ever has that chance" I said, trying to sound as hopeful as possible. I heard Bill snort.

"Anyway, enough about Ron; When did you plan on telling me that you were leaving tomorrow?" Harry asked, raising his eyebrows.

"Uh…Tomorrow, before I left…possibly" I said innocently, not meeting his gaze.

"Oh…Well…why so late?" He asked.

"So you couldn't stop me if you had wanted to" I replied truthfully, this time looking him straight in the eyes. His eyebrows were raised and there was the smallest hint of a grin on his face.

"You're not mad at me, are you?" I asked.

"I can't be mad at you! You're about to leave for two weeks! The last thing I need is you telling all your pureblood friends how bad-tempered I am" He said.

"Yes, because I'll definitely have enough pureblood friends to complain to" I murmured, rolling my eyes. Bill looked at me curiously.

"What makes you think that you won't be popular among them?" He asked.

"I don't know, they'll be wearing richer things then I own, they will think I'm some pathetic excuse for a pureblood I suppose" I replied uncertainly. Bill smiled.

"Glad to see you gave that a thought, but don't worry, Justin Harper, one of our new members owns a clothing shop. Now, I was just going to go and get some dresses for you to take, but if you want to come you are more then welcome, God knows I'm hopeless enough when it comes to clothes shopping anyway" Bill hinted. I sighed.

"I'll just get my bag. Care to join us Harry?"

"Yeah sure" I smiled and ran up the stairs. It wasn't even a minute before I was back downstairs, a handbag swinging from my arm.

"Let's get it over with" I said miserably. I never was one to like shopping that much, well, at least clothes shopping.

"Wow Hermione, your enthusiasm is astounding" Bill said sarcastically while Harry chuckled. I rolled my eyes and pushed them out of the front doors.

"Sooo…How are we getting there?" Harry asked, looking around the street.

"Driving" Bill said simply.

"Wait…Do you know how to drive?" I asked cautiously.

"Not a clue" I felt my mouth open in shock. "But luckily I'm not the one driving" Bill flashed me a grin before tossing a pair of keys in the air towards me. I reached my hand out to grab them, but in that same instant I heard the familiar clink as they landed on the ground. I lent down and picked them up, I could feel the heat in my cheeks as they turned red.

"Where's the car?" I asked, my eyes scanning the three cars in the street.

"Right there" Bill said, pointing his finger at a black jaguar in front of us.

"No. Absolutely not" I argued trying to force the keys back into Bill's hands.

"Why not 'Mione? You're the only one of us with a muggle license!" Harry argued.

"I can't drive that. The only car I've ever driven was at so old you couldn't even tell what kind of car it was!" I tried to argue.

"Well then, either one of us could drive or we could just take an illegal portkey, either way, we'll probably get into trouble with the law, and with your assignment tomorrow, we don't want that" Bill said, trying to turn the puppy eyes on me.

"FINE" I yelled out in irritation. "But if anything happens to it I'm holding you responsible"

"Sure thing 'Mione" Bill laughed. I glared at him.

We all piled into the car and I very nervously started it. On the Brightside the car was an automatic, so I didn't have to worry about what gear I was in the entire way.

"Ok, here goes nothing" I whispered as I took off.

As soon as I had stopped the car Bill and Harry were out. I had warned them…Though I must say, even though it was devastating, it had gone better then I had imagined. I had had to have swerved a number of cars for fear of hitting them; I had even started shaking so badly that I had knocked the steering wheel placing us in the way of on-coming traffic. But I had gotten us out of everything unscathed, and the car didn't even have a scratch on it.

"Wimps…" I muttered as I passed the two men who managed to force grins on their pale faces.

"I personally thought it went excellent" I said, leading them through the leaky cauldron and out into the stone courtyard. I heard Harry snort from behind me.

"Well I didn't see you driving now did I?" I hissed. Harry opened his mouth to reply but was distracted as the wall opened up onto Diagon Alley.

Bill led the way through Diagon alley, flicking through shoppers as he went.

"Bill, where is the shop? We're nearly at the end of Diagon Alley" Harry said.

"There's a back alley to Diagon alley. Only the purebloods use it really and that's exactly why we're going there" Bill said.

"How come we don't know about it?" I asked curiously.

"It's only meant to be known among purebloods, and believe me; the purebloods have threatened a great many people to keep it secret. They're not very happy that we Weasley's are purebloods because we don't care much for their threats. Fortunately for them we don't really care to tell people about it either" Bill explained. I nodded.

"Bizarre" I heard Harry murmur.

Finally Bill changed direction and we passed by crates and through narrow alleys until finally we turned again and came to a street that looked overly respectable. There were of course snobby looking people all around.

"Ok Hermione, until we make it to the shop it would be wise to cover your face as best you can, we don't want anyone seeing you with us, these people are possibly going to the convention and we can't have them blowing your cover" I nodded and moved my hair so that it was covering a percentage of my face, I then went behind Harry and grabbed onto his shirt so I wouldn't fall over or walk into anything.

We began to follow Bill again. My nerves were growing so much, what if someone recognized me as the girl clinging on to Harry Potter when I was at the convention? That would be horrible. Not only would I have no hope of seducing Malfoy but I would probably be killed on the spot. My thoughts were interrupted as I walked into Harry.

"Why have we stopped?" I asked in a hushed voice.

"Because we're here, Bill has just gone to tell Justin so he can close the store, a guarantee that no purebloods can enter while you're in there" Harry whispered back. I nodded. We waited for a moment before Bill came out followed by a few customers that appeared to be angry about being kicked out.

"You can come in now" Bill said. I obeyed immediately. I hated the feeling that someone was going to see me.

As soon as I was inside I tucked my hair behind my ears and looked around.

"Nice" I complimented, looking around at the exquisite shop. "Do tell how an order member managed to afford this?"

"He's a pureblood, he has an entire fortune locked away somewhere" Bill said simply.

"Oh" I murmured. Bill walked over to a couple of racks full of casual –or casual as far as purebloods were concerned- clothes.

"We will need a fair amount of casual outfits" Bill said. I nodded and started to flick in-between racks. Malfoy had always dressed with style; Pansy had always dressed like a complete tart. I picked up a black silk skirt that was tight and went down to my knees. I picked up a tight white blouse that would look good with it.

"This may just work yet…" I murmured as I picked up another outfit.

"Having fun?" Bill asked. I whipped around to see him grinning at the large pile of clothes.

"Quite" I grinned back.

"Well good, because I think you have quite enough clothes now, onto formal wear" He seemed to be enjoying the thought of me choosing formal wear.

"Fine by me" I smirked, trying to make the smirk as Malfoy like as possible.

"Nice" He complimented. "Now, do you want me to hold your clothes while you choose formal wear?"

"It'd be much appreciated, though…I think you might need Harry's help…" I laughed. He agreed.

I walked over to the formal wear. I didn't mind this shopping thing; it was quite interesting when you weren't paying for anything.

"Now…" I murmured, running my hand through the dresses. I had already gathered that I would need a fair few formal dresses, possibly one for every night. So that's exactly how many I got. I made sure to get a large percentage of dresses in the colours green and black; be more convincing, a true Gryffindor would never wear more green then red, and that's why wearing those dresses was going to kill me, but I was going to do it anyway. I walked back over to Bill, 12 dresses in hand.

"So, do I get to choose a whole heap of shoes as well?" I teased.

"Of course" Bill grinned.

"You are going to regret that…" I murmured as I walked over to the shoes. I heard him mutter something to Harry.

Ok so I lied when I said he was going to regret allowing me access to shoes. I took five minutes at the most and only took a few more shoes then I needed.

"Hermione, you don't seem to share Ginny's passion of shoe shopping" Harry teased.

"Clothes are much more interesting" I defended. "Now, is there anything else I will need?"

"But of course! Hand-bags, hair accessories, make-up, perfume, jewelry, swimwear and…ah…well…u-under…garments" Bill said, a blush creeping up on him.

I laughed at his struggle with the last part.

"Don't worry Bill, off to the silken bra and panties section I go" I said, laughing as he turned completely red and looked down at the ground. He was such a courteous man; it was quite funny in some cases, handsome in others.

Bra shopping was more fun then I had ever imagined it. You'd never catch me saying it out loud, but purebloods with money had taste. It only took a little longer then the shoes had, but I was satisfied with my choices.

"Done with that lot" I said, throwing half the undergarments on Bill's pile of clothes and the other half on Harry's. It was cute when they blushed.

Before long I had gotten everything I needed and we exited the shop. Once again I had to hide behind Harry while he made our way back towards Diagon Alley.

"Ok, now while we are here, there is one more stop we need to make" Bill said.

"Where…?" Harry asked cautiously. I was given the impression that he'd scream if he had to put up with any more shopping.

"Fred and George's shop of course" Bill said.

"Why would need to go-" I started but Bill cut me off.

"I'll tell you when we get there 'Mione"

I walked more hurriedly from that point. The bastard had made me curious. I was the first to enter the joke shop owned by the Weasley twins…then again I was the only person not drowning in shopping bags…

"Good day Hermione" Fred or George said from behind me. I jumped and turned around.

"Oh –I looked at the name tag- Fred It's just you" I said in relief.

"Fred? Oh! No, we swapped name tags for the hell of it" George grinned.

"Real mature" I said, rolling my eyes.

Bill and Harry entered the shop. George walked over to Bill and looked in one of the bags.

"I…ah…see that you decided to finally show your true colours?" He snickered as he lifted a thong out of the bag.

"I believe that that's not yours" Bill said, snatching it back and shoving it in the bag.

"No need to get over-protective Bill, I'm not interested in your underwear" George smirked.

"Very funny Fred, but its Hermione's, it's for her mission" He said.

"As I just explained to dear Hermione, I am George, Fred and I must have mixed up name tags this morning" George said, acting as though he were disgusted that his own brother could not tell the difference between the two of them. "And I really must compliment Hermione on her taste in the undergarment department" George said, giving me a wink. I felt myself blush.

"Back to the point" Bill said, he sounded irritated. "Hermione needs things for her mission" I looked at Bill questioningly.

"Fred and George have started making new private inventions for the orders use, some things are stuff they have on the shelf except enhanced, like…extra-sensitive, recording extendable ears" Bill explained.

"Sounds handy" I complimented.

"Thank you" George said, flashing a toothy grin. Bill rolled his eyes.

"Hermione will be keeping track what a pureblood is doing, so she's pretty much spying. Got anything she can use?" Bill asked.

"Of course we do" George said as if it were the most obvious thing. "Follow me" We did so. He led us into the back room, closing the curtain that hung in the doorway to the main shop.

"Ah, wondered where you had got to Fred" George said as we spotted the other Weasley twin lying on one of the couches.

"Just resting" Fred said lazily before paying attention to Harry, Bill and I. He jumped off the couch.

"Harry mate, been a long time!" He grinned, shaking Harry's hand, causing Harry to drop half a dozen bags. He did the same to Bill.

"Ah, Hermione" He said, taking my hand in his and bringing it to his lips. "Always a pleasure to see you"

"Suck up" I laughed, pulling my hand out of his.

"I'm offended that you would think I didn't mean that" Fred said, pouting slightly. I rolled her eyes.

"Fred!" George snapped. "Stop trying to flatter Hermione and start getting out anything handy for spying from the order supplies"

"Yes sir" Fred muttered as he left the room.

"Terribly sorry about that miss" George sighed, putting an arm around my shoulders. "It's just that, with the business, we haven't had much love in our lives"

"I can see that" I laughed, pushing his arm off of me and walking over to Bill and Harry who looked anything but impressed by the twin's display of affection towards me. Fred soon returned with a large box of items.

"Ok, you got the multi-talented extendable ears you've been told about, mini camera and screens with the option of recording. Disguise cameras, very handy, just tell it to be something and it becomes it, for example…a rose" The camera turned into a rose and Fred handed it to me.

"Very nice" I said, commanding it to turn back into a camera.

"Now, you've also got a compact that is an identification computer, has every single detail on record about the person and as for the rest, I'm sure you will figure it out" Fred winked. I once again found myself rolling my eyes.

"Ok thanks guys" Bill said, picking up the box. "Say, do you have the flu network connected?"

"Nah, sorry mate" George said.

Both Bill and Harry shuddered.

"Face my driving like men" I said, rolling my eyes at their behavior.

"This proves that you need real men in your lives 'Mione" Fred said.

"We can help you there" George joined in.

"Goodbye boys" I said, taking a percentage of bags from Bill so he could carry the box properly.

"Nice seeing you" Harry said, following me as I began to leave the shop.

"Yes, nice seeing you" Bill said. You'd be a fool if you thought he meant it.

We made our way back up to the leaky cauldron then out to the car. We loaded the bags and the box into the car and all hopped in. Bill and Harry buckled their seatbelts rapidly.

Then we headed back to 12 Grimauld Place, which –over the years- had become home to Harry, Ron and I. I'm glad to say that I only had to swerve out of the way of one truck the entire time.

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